What is Freedom of Speech? Communist Q&A Episode 3

hello you scapegoat and welcome to communist Q&A episode 3 now this episode is going to be a little bit different than my previous to and discipline I'm going to answer more questions but also give shorter answers as opposed to hi did my other Q&A but is where I only answered a handful of questions but gave pretty long answers I want you to let me know what you think about this format is it good is it bad should I go back to giving longer answers or should I stick with this leave a comment down below and let me know now then let's get to it the following questions are all from my You Tube video ask a communist anything Daniel Weber on YouTube asks what specific economic system would you advocate for in a modern socialist state to start off about 20% of workplaces should be cooperatives owned and controlled by the workers themselves 80 percent should be controlled by the state which in turn needs to be democratic and continuously working toward converging more and more of the state-owned industries into cooperatives the melon man asks I've heard many people say that the u.s. dissolves actually state capitalist do you agree with us no I'd use the term state socialist Bob Knight asks what's your opinion on left comms what's your opinion on left people left comms will be given the right to complain about what other people are doing when they start doing something themselves I don't go on laptop or fever Chrome asks three questions firstly isn't it better to work within the mainstream listening party search you've change even if it's only a minor or a forum isn't that better than nothing especially in the current political environment where communist parties are more than marginalised it depends on the country coming this pressure and marginalize everywhere secondly they ask these on brexit the EU and French presidential elections the EU is bad and so the French presidential candidates lastly they ask favourite revolution the future one uncom asks do you believe communism can be individualistic yeah I guess I'm not really a fan of the whole individualism versus collectivism debate I don't think it's going anywhere and it's ultimately pointless at least when you're talking about politics I guess if you're really into philosophy then sure whatever but I really don't think it matters Josh P asks opinion on doctor wolf and his democracy at work project critical Simon Decker Lin Luce asked two questions firstly what are your views on Sweden's immigration policies the last 20 years has been too generous or has it been too strict literally abolish all borders secondly they asked is there any chance of revolution in Western countries considering how the Western working class benefit from the exploitation of poor countries yes 67% of young Greek people would join in an uprising against the state sixty five percent of young Italians 63 percent of young Spaniards 61 percent of the French youth 59 percent of young checks etc etc I think the millennial generation born between 1980 and 2000 have good potential of revolting against the state Union socialist asks honest opinion on the original idea of how full Kemet was supposed to function the idea was basically just to turn Sweden into a welfare state in which quote no one would be left behind but eventually it was scrapped because it was too socialistic for a political party which fuckin dares call itself socialist to this day I fucking hate the Social Democrats so much Sani Sanger asks how in a communist society do you prevent someone from gaining power and reversing what has been created I would turn that question on its head how would a single individual gain enough power and influence to change the entire world from across less moneyless stateless society into a capitalist society that would be like someone today reversing capitalism back into the mode of slave based economies like in ancient Rome is it possible I guess but it's not exactly a fear that we have adman go asks what is your opinion on anti far anti far is not an organization if you buy an anti-fog go outside and say you're anti far your as much anti far as anyone else if you stab a dude and die fast at that dude and by far is just a bunch of loosely connected people who all have their own motivations for doing what they're doing I can't support or be against and I far because there is no such thing it's all just people who do shit for their own reasons there is no organization there's no political party called an tyfa there's just people who say that they are anti feh if your question is what is my opinion on anti-fascism I wholeheartedly support anti-fascism but I can't say that I support anti far because there is no such thing as a collective anti far John Graham asks why should an individual be entitled to the labor of another individual without their consent I completely agree John Graham why should a capitalist be entitled to the labor of his workers I mean a worker doesn't consent to work because if they don't work then they don't get paid and if they don't have money than these starve to death and just because you choose doing something over literally dying that doesn't mean you're doing that thing voluntarily labour is entitled to all that it creates eat the rich I'm glad we agree John Graham Morgan Bronson asks hi I'm Anne Anne calm so we're in agreement about a lot of things I am however against the state on principle I think power corrupts some workers are more capable of directing their workplaces than any outside planner I've got some syndicalist sympathies as well do you agree with such uses of authority transition state and economy etc and if so how do you justify them as legitimate if the workers are capable of directing their own workplaces then why not their entire industries and why not their neighborhoods one of their cities one other counties one other nations and look at that you have a state blitzkrieg man ask three questions firstly as if are leftist how'd you justify the curbing of rights such as free speech as seen with the outcomes and anti-fur I mean I'm neither an calm nor anti father okay carry on to bring about your ideal form of political organization just leave me through these thought process freedom of speech has always and will always be limited you're not allowed to yell fire in a crowded building if you don't see a fire because it would cause mass panic any Stampede the thing is we don't call this limiting freedom of speech in the West because we are free and democratic that we call it unlawful communications it is unlawful to threaten any person with the intent to obtain a pecuniary advantage or to compel the person to act against their will this type of threat constitutes the crime of extortion for example Colorado law states that any person who communicates threats to another person with the intention thereby to obtain anything of value or any acquittance advantage or immunity is guilty of extortion nineteen American states have laws against terrorizing or making terroristic threats some Saints have enacted anti-stalking those threatening to harm the President of the United States and using the u.s. mail to transmit threatening communications or federal offenses libel and slander also illegal a person who defamed the good name and reputation of another may be sued for damages my point is if it's illegal to threaten to kill a single individual and it's even more illegal to threaten to kill the president why isn't it illegal to threaten to kill all Jews there are around 13 to 14 million Jews in the world that should be at least 13 million causes of unlawful threat I'm not sure how many life sentences that would be but it would be a lot fascists literally want to kill people secondly they ask and what sort of historical societies whether they be socialist or not does your movement or ideology see an example of how a socialist society would work or be brought about the youtuber called sexism six sixes six six is how the fuck do you pronounce your name anyway that YouTube made a video about this and it's really good in Asia watcher lastly they asked also if you wouldn't mind explaining why socialist states like Venezuela or in successful is it because they're really state capitalist and if so how does happen while a socialist party in power Venezuelan still has a large capitalistic economy they haven't even gotten to the point where they would be called state capitalist yes a socialist party is in power but that doesn't automatically mean that the me has fully transitioned into a socialist economy the reason why Venezuela isn't doing well right now is because the United States and Saudi Arabia dropped oil prices and Venezuela's economy is largely dependent on oil Uruguay Ecuador and Bolivia or other countries in South America which follow pretty much the same ideology which Venezuela does but they are doing just fine in fact Uruguay is doing fantastically well but you never see liberals talking about them do you now it's always Venezuela I wonder why Daniel audit Azam asked two questions firstly what do you see as the biggest obstacle for Marxism the United States of America every time socialism is attempted even if through elections the CIA performs coos or sends weapons to terrorists or encourages the u.s. to full out go to war secondly they ask what is your thoughts on centralist and to compromise in conversations between communism capitalism liberalism etc it depends on what it is that we're compromising on when I can compromise on state ownership or if small to medium sized private enterprise should be allowed to exist but I won't compromise on democracy or anything if a fascist tells you that he's going to kill 13 billion Jews if he gets elected you don't try to bargain with him and ask him to only kill six and a half million Jews you fucking kill him Jaya buts V and I'm sorry if I pronounced that wrongly asked two questions firstly do you consider your Marxism to be more Hegelian influenced in the tradition of Marxist humanism or more spine is it influenced in the tradition of officer foster mouths and the priests Marxists I like Hegel I've always enjoyed his ideas even though it takes me like two days to understand a single page of what is written I also think that you get a lot more out of reading Marx if you read Hegel beforehand secondly they ask what is your opinion about reviving Marxism by incorporating things like religion / theology and national folklore into its theory it's fine as long as you don't start revising Marxist theory I talked briefly about Christian communism at my last Q&A so check that out mr. lollipop six three eight asks who is your favorite and least favorite besides Pol Pot I don't even consider him a communist or leftist communist leader favorites hmm least favorite Kimmel song capitalist HK accion autonomic at the Lisbon asks this flag is a macron what is it for what it stands it is my personal fag consisting of a single red star with the black outline in the center of a horizontally striped background that alternates assured white assure the red star symbolizes socialism the black outline represents the defense of revolution the to assure stripes represent the future technology and advancement as the white stripe represents a design for peace I dislike flags it's the short answer to that question Martin Yevgeny asks what is the incentive structure in a socialist-slash-communist economy to replace a successful capitalist incentive of personal gain the economics of the future is somewhat different you see money doesn't exist in the 24th century no money you don't get pay their position of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives we work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity you Tamar's Roma asks did your parents raise you have the communist or did you come to that conclusion by yourself my parents are both Social Democrats and so my sister's so maybe my family conservative a liberal as far as I'm aware I am the only communist in my family house trona asks how can he cause of a communist when you likely do not live as he Communist would I asked specifically because so many people in faster flowing that left its flags now sees China etc that weren't and I don't want future historians to call you a capitalist when your version of communism fails that no true socialist meme has to stop at some point right oh okay the Nazis called themselves socialists in order to garner support from the working class but Hitler him said said that capitalism was the only economic order that could work I personally don't use they're not true socialism arguments lots I personally believe that the USSR China Vietnam Cuba allows our socialist and countries like Nepal and Bolivia are well on their way toward becoming socialist when asking yourself if your country is for reals socialist ask yourself what is the dominating type of ownership of the means of production if private its capitalist if public its state capitalist or state socialist depending on if the general populace have democratic control over the state if collective its socialist it really is not more difficult than that yes different socialists have different opinions on if the users or what socialism and really it all depends on and really that all depends on personal opinion but my personal opinion is done he uses or was socialist and so I don't really use that not true socialism argument our sinan asks who would win the Soviet Union or a book about economics the users are actually had a positive GDP growth throughout its existence the socialist revolution turned a feudal monarchy without electricity into an industrialized electrified economic superpower in about twenty years which guaranteed housing and work for every citizen if you're talking about the economic calculation problem which states that it's impossible for a planned economy to sustain itself I already talked about that in a previous Q&A video and I gave quite a lengthy answer so check that out Paden Allen asks is the freedom to own personal property not land right is self-ownership you right yes Aaron space asks thoughts on Rosa Luxemburg and general Luxembourg ISM I like Chris Rock smug and her contributions to social theory but Luxembourg ISM as an ideology doesn't really exist in the real world it's only an Internet unfortunately engine asks what made you become a communist what personal moment may you realize that you want to become a communist because you don't like this and that I laughed the Social Democrats because they were bureaucratic and didn't really seem to care about human suffering and I left the Left Party hey-hey because they were all middle-class white kids who were afraid to hold demonstrations in poor black neighborhoods because they thought it would be dangerous whilst at the same time jerking themselves up for being the most progressive and anti-racist party in Sweden the Communists were the only ones left on the left so to speak and the white was even more bureaucratic racist and empathetic to human suffering than the Social Democrats so I signed up to join the revolutionary communist youth on their website and I've been there ever since sir 20th has Goodman asked seven different questions so I'm gonna speed run the ship are you happy with the collapse at the center left such as the Socialist Party in France and partially Democrats in America no do you think Trump will also that'll be good for the left giving means sharing competence no what is your opinion on the rise of far-right in places such as Hungary it's bad do you think the Soviet Union install themself has led to divisive people failing communism as equal if not worse than fascism in Italy what do you think that is the medium various national governments the latter if a communist state were to be started since the America but eventually the opinion of Kosovo ruling against communism rising that's presenting statistic of mysterious reform direction back in the capital society you don't see people today wanting to bring back fatalism considering the champ has been elected president Britain is eternally popular the person of Turkey now super many players have been molested women aft is gaining in Germany what do you think about the current state of the world it makes me sad when do you think the community in Germany hardly gets anywhere considering the East German population its advocacy East Germans fear communism coming backwards because of something else so majority of former East Germans miss living in East Germany and the Left Party is the most popular in the East yeah Esquire asks two questions firstly do you think communists large socialists should celebrate marriage equality Lenin said it's easier to organize people more democratic societies does marriage equality make society more democratic from me Leninist perspective for religious reproducing bourgeois values as a man who likes ma'am I believe that giving LGBTI plus people the opportunity to live American dream is just reproducing the hegemonic bourgeois culture while I'm all for abolishing family marriage monogamous standards I can't feel so happy about marriage equality I don't think laws or the state should have anything to do with marriage but if straight people are allowed to do something then queer people should also be allowed to do it lest we repeat segregation secondly the ask is being queer eminent in Marxism unlike most contemporary feminist I don't think Marxism is gender blind I think is gender less what are your thoughts on this I don't think there's a consistent Marches opinion on this I think different markets will need different ideas about it I personally think that gender is indeed a social construct that will eventually wither away as equality it achieved Russia good asks why you dislike Putin because he's our conservative Mehran Nathanael asks what is your view on the ideas of Murray Bookchin the verge of a revolution and suppress the movement I don't really like Bookchin Butler Java and this appears to mean its policy circle Alex mn asks pancakes waffles waffles Alexandre coalfield asks are you trapped I think I do identify more as a woman than a man and I am currently seeing a therapist debated that is everything that we have time for important thing if you have any more questions be sure to watch my other Q&A videos and also check out my website socialism 101.com this video was recorded quite hastily so I do apologize if I got something wrong also special announcement this Friday May 6 2017 I'll be doing a livestream at 8 p.m. European time that's 7 p.m. bridges down your time and something else wherever you live I'm going to be playing some hearts of wine for chatting with friends drink some beers and it will just just be a good time it will just just be nice nice to hang out and chill all the hosted right here on this channel and I would really love it if you guys showed up thank you for watching and I'll see you next time shall we still be slaves and work for wages it is outrageous has been for ages oldest earth by right belongs to toilers and not to spoilers of Liberty the master class is small but they have lots of gone when we unite to gain now right if they resist will use our might there is no middle ground this fight must be one realm to victory for Liberty yeah passes marching on

  1. you make good arguments, but i am very wary of limiting speech.
    who draws the lines? why do they deserve that power?

  2. What are your opinions on Stalin and Mao. They killed millions of people. Would you justify this. If so, how?

  3. Sorry, but as a german I have to say something about your citation on 16:47: First, this is the "Spiegel" – a known left wing outlet. Second, even if it were true that most east germans felt that life was better under communism that doesn´t make it true. (Although most numbers I found are much lower) Nostalgia plays a role, and yes, "not everything was bad in the DDR". As long as you were a normal citizen, and showed the right disposition, you could live a relatively normal life. Scarce, but probably simpler and in some ways easier than today. Still, the economic failure cannot be denied – even today they have not catched up (after the west spent millions for support, and still does). Neither can the crimes of the STASI be denied. The stories about waiting 10 years for your car or hours for your bread are known to everyone in germany. I mean, they built a fucking wall to keep them from fleeing to west germany. People died trying to escape from there…

    By the way, east germany today is particularly known as a strong hold for the neo-nazi scene. The reason is most likely the same as for their nostalgia for communism: High unemployment and a weak economy.

  4. but I love working for big corporation like Google, amazon , Microsoft etc. ,my friends work there and the work environment is very good with lots of benefits. The salary these organizations pay is very high.

  5. Abolish money! Abolish religions! Abolish family! Support eugenics and collective nursery, thus raising children under communism and collectivity. Be subsistent to ones location. From one according to ones ability to each according to ones need. Common people. Common system. Common aims. That is how communism may be like. It is when people let go their egoes, and when one sacrifies for their children and a better future. Just look at how unorganised, egoists and messy we are.

  6. 8:25. The pronunciation of Xexiizy is like "EX-easy". I never would have figured it out either; I heard it pronounced. I can understand the host's frustration with this name.

  7. I have to pray for this guy who make the English subtitles.

    This guy knows how to make people smile

  8. When you say worker cooperatives, do you mean owned by the community yet worker run or owned privately by the workers?

  9. You seem to be a nice guy dispite being a communist…. soo, as a respectful capitalist im just going to be neutral/friendly to you.

  10. So it's similar in sweden and germany with the social democrates, like the older one in germany say "wer hat uns verraten, die sozial Demokraten"

  11. It would be very hard for any one American to kill every Jew. To threaten one person with death, or harm would be very possible for the one person to go through with said threat. If a racist said they are going to kill every Jewish person on Earth, I wouldn't be worried. If they said they were going to kill a room full of Jewish people, I would be worried, because that is something the person would be able to do. I am not sure if I am wording this in a clear manor, or not, but the laws in place regarding threats to individuals, or terrorist acts make seance. Then again, I'm not a silly communist.

  12. If the pre-condition for a country to be called "State-Socialist" is democratic control of the state, then how can you claim the USSR was socialist?

    In effect, each Premier was very nearly a monarch, with the country as his own collective private property.

  13. Ate you familiar with Portugal politics? What's your opinion on it ? And what do u think about Bernie Sanders?

  14. Saying capitalist labor is voluntary because they're choosing to work for money and not starve to death is like saying that slavery is voluntary because they choose to work for their master and not get shot.

  15. Individualism vs Collectivism

    "I don't care."

    And that is why you don't understand why Capitalism is better. What is the point of living in a society where everyone is equal? If everyone is equal than what is there to accomplish or strive for? And no, a society cannot be based around a lack of an incentive for the individual in favor of the advancement of humans as a whole. Why wouldn't the individuals then just rely on their peers to do all the advancing?

    And freedom of speech is not that complicated. Shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre is a call to action. Extortion is a call to action. Calls to action are limited. A threat must be deemed legitimate for it to be punishable. In other words, the threat must have a reasonable possibility of being carried out. A fascist "threatening" to kill millions of Jews does not have a reasonable possibility of being carried out. And classic communist logic of then sliding that down to "fascists" in general. Okay, communism has killed far more people than fascism, so whose to say that you shouldn't be killed for your ideas as well? Your ideas are threatening the well being of billions of people. Oh, that's right, liberals are protecting your rights.

  16. I live in Venezuela and always have. Yes, the reason our economy is a tragedy is partly because of the oil prices, but also and mainly because the government didn't invest or strengthen in agriculture or other sectors that could make us economically independent (see Chomsky on this, he explains it fairly well). Also, they stole a SHIT TON of money.

  17. Pls make longer answers again, and do more streams, I would love to hang out

    I would like to begin reading Luxembourg, Lenin, Marx
    Which books would u recommend to begin with?

  18. Hey comrade, I have a few questions to you.
    -what do you think about uniting more nations into one sectarian country that does not prefer an etnicity over another?
    -do you belive extremist feminists are ruining the left's image?

  19. I get that the industrial power of the Soviet Union increased dramatically with the application of central planning, but I have a hard time feeling that this was exactly socialist, since it doesn't seem to have been especially democratic. How can these single-party nations, often possessing cults of personality about their leaders, be considered democratic enough to be qualify as genuinely socialist? In the cases where this might be or have been passed off as a "transition state", how are these expected to not hunker down on their effectively unlimited power for as long as possible, without some form of high-level democratic check on the state's authority? Or without an education system that isn't built on a firehose of government propaganda (regardless of whether capitalist countries do the same)? Or without the ability to just leave (freedom of movement has been notoriously poor in a large number of these states)?

    I also have gripes with the people who were worked to death or starved to death in during a number of the advancement phases of the U.S.S.R. and China. Namely, one of the major ideas in Maoism is purportedly that the ideal revolutionary class is the peasantry. Yet, in Mao's "Great Leap Forward", it does not appear that much concern was given to the well-being of the peasantry, and instead industrialization was pushed forward with such disregard for the needs of the peasants that a rather large number of them starved to death when the agricultural infrastructure became overwhelmed and the administration decided that properly feeding the people making the food was not particularly important. (They didn't appear to have had much ownership of the fruits of their own labour, really.) And even now, rural Chinese farming communities still seem to have rather poor access to education. They don't appear to have gotten anything out of these "revolution" they were purportedly the centre of.

    What I'm getting at with all that is: what is the justification for allowing "Maoism" to be a valid communist ideology when the person for which it was named and from which it originated caused more harm to the very class he touted as the force for Chinese revolution than to any other? He kinda seems like he was full of shit, to be honest. Wouldn't that risk disqualifying his entire branch of communist ideology and methodology as the hot air of a demagogue? I really don't get how this problem is avoidable.

  20. Question, why do you think such a system would even be feasible to implement in the current political climate? Capitalism was clearly scared shitless by the ideas of Karl Marx, so they cemented the system such that it couldn't be destroyed. Russia was easy to overthrow due to its severely weakened state during WW1. On the other hand, Germanys Spartacist uprising was squashed (later putting Hitler in power to add insult). Of course, you can't forget about figures like Pinochet or the Contras, Thatchers destruction of the Labour Party, McCarthyism, ect. Even if a general rising were to occur, it likely wouldn't last. War is no longer a series of decisive battles, it is a drawn out system of front lines, logistics, disease, air supremacy and artillery. Even if you razed the Capitol, the state itself extends deep beyond the big city. Just look at the failed Turkish coup, Erdogan escaped and continued managing his country from abroad, crushing the coup.

  21. Why do communists on the internet seem to hate social democrats more than any other liberal? yeah they are still capitalist but they at least seem to have the most in common with the left in general. My country (Canada) has no viable communist party but many caucus with the NDP (social dems basically).

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