What is Estonian E-citizenship? | #OneMinuteNomad

Johnny be asked what exactly is Estonian esit essentia p' I'm Andrew Henderson this is one minute nomad I'm not going to bury the lede there is no such thing as Estonian esit essentia p– what Estonia does have as an e residents program and so this brings up a common mistake that people make which is a residence permit is the ability to live in a country citizenship is being a citizen of the country generally obtained through living in that country and being naturalized that's when you get a passport but Estonia's a residence program is neither it is a digital identification program designed to give you an ID card to where you can digitally open an Estonian company or open a bank account it allows you to do business with Estonia because they're trying to be a pro-business country but it does not allow you to live there and it certainly does not allow you any of the privileges of citizenship such as having a passport or being able to travel in fact none of the things that it offers are guaranteed it's simply an ID program for doing business you

  1. More than a year ago I got an e-residence card, which never worked. Unless you are an IT expert do not even try it, it does not work with many commonly used browsers (e.g., it does not work with Safari), it is incompatible with a lot of things and the instructions for installing and using it could not be more complicated. In other words, you are trying to run away from the bureaucracy of your jurisdiction only to be engulfed in the quagmire of e-bureaucracy.

  2. only 1 minute to explain? it really deserve more time. but for more info you need to consult with some Estonian I guess. feel free to PM me.

  3. Your channel is growing so well !! Good idea to produce / one minute nomade/ i like the format. Congrats.

  4. E-residency is a complete joke right now. You can't open a corporate bank account in any major Estonian based bank, except LHV, which don't even have USD accounts! They promote Transferwise and Holvi as an alternative to traditional bank account, but as of now those fintech banks have vivid limitations in terms of transfer volumes if planning long-term. Unless they finally launch Digital Nomad Visa and let e-residents become real residents, this program is doomed to stall in it's progress.

  5. That's all true. But if you are an EU citizen already and want to run a business from Estonia it is very convenient to have one it's only 100€. And in this circumstances you can live there (Estonia) if you want or run a business remotely from your home country.

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