What is Communism (Teaser)

tell you as simply and seriously as I know how communism is a lying dirty shrewd godless murderous determined as J Edgar Hoover says a criminal conspiracy I'm choosing these words deliberately as I travel around I still have people say why are you so hard on communist they're just another political party like any other and the poor minority at that and so misunderstood well we don't want the misunderstood and that's why we're making this film and that's why I say they are lying dirty screwed godless murderous determined and it is not an American political party like any other it's an outlaw organization taking its orders and instructions from another government to do everything possible to destroy our government it's an international criminal conspiracy in years to come if democracy falls historians are going to look back on this time of which we are now living and they're going to say how could any free and intelligent people living in a country like America let a gang of bitches outsiders come in and take over well of course the only answer would be that most Americans didn't realize or couldn't be leave until it was too late that communist are what they are that's why I want to analyze those 369 words and if you'll follow me I'll guarantee that

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