1.  The day has come for the barn to be raised,by siblings in arms from all reaches and ways. They come with thier tools of conscience,propreity,and expertise,to assist the proprietor with whatever he needs. For the promise of pie and a humble squaredance, with utmost expediency the work would commence. They would divide themselves up,these soldiers of toil ,gladly pursuing thier best place of employ. Some would lay plans and some would swing mallet,with little more want than to sweeten thier palete. The process went on with truth and great purpose, each to his own with remarkable oneness. When the time had come to commend this great deed the pies were too few to supply the great need. So the workers and admin of this once happy crew,shrugged it all off and said," pfft,what else is friggin new". The landowner said ,"if all will pitch in just a tiny bit more, I be back in a flash with more pies from grandaddy's store". So he held out the pie tin where the spare change would be led and each worker noticed that he seemed fairly well fed. He returned with the pies at a discounted kip,but kept the remainder and called it profit….

     what's the difference between a capitalist Lizard and a rock?…..a rock is warmer

  2. WOW, there are so many assholes in there! before you use North Korea or Cuba as the evidence of communism is a failure, just ask yourself, are NK or Cuba doing communism in a right way? 

  3. … που ειναι και η λαθος χρηση του ορου.
    Ο φασισμος ειναι ιδεολογια.Οσα πολιτευματα υιοθετουν την φασιστικη ιδεολογια τα λεμε φασιστικα, αναφερομενοι στην … ιδεολογια των κυβερνωντων.

    Ο Οργουελ αναφερεται σε αυτο που λεω και εγω, οτι η λεξη φασιστας χρησιμοποιειται απερισκεπτα με ο,τι εννοια καβλωσει του καθενος.

  4. και με ποια φραση ειπα πως "οτι εγινε θα ξαναγινοταν"?

    Το που θα φτασει καποιος για να "τον σκοτωσει ο κομμουνιστης σε περιοδο πολεμου", εξαρταται απο την πειθαρχια και την ηθικη των στρατιωτων, οι οποιοι οντας κομμουνιστες θα πρεπει να ειναι ανωτερη των σημερινων.

    Κατα τα αλλα δεν ξερω γιατι κανεις σαν λυσσασμενη κοτα.Γινεσαι ιδιου επιπεδου ηθικος σταυροφορος για τις ακροτητες των Ελληνων αραγε; Μαλλον οχι.

    Ο φασισμος εχει εναν ορισμο, και σημαινει κατι, δεν μπορεις να λες τον καθενα φασιστα

  5. Ναι, επειδη ο Μαρξ δεν υποστηριζει την φυσικη εξοντωση ως στρατηγικη επαναστασης, ουτε ομως ειναι πασιφιστης.
    Ο σκοπος αγιαζει τα μεσα, επι ορθολογικων συνθηκων ομως.

    Αν καποιος δεν συμμορφωνεται στους (κομμουνιστικους πλεον) νομους, τοτε θα υποστει και τις προβλεπομενες απο αυτους ποινες.Εφοσον ειμεθα προοδευτικοι ανθρωποι εμεις οι κομμουνισται, αμφιβαλλω πως θα υπαρχει θανατικη ποινη σε μη πολεμικες συνθηκες.

    Δεν ξερω τι εννοεις με "ορια κομμουνισμου".

  6. Καταπιεζεται το δικαιωμα στην ιδιοκτησια και μονο, απο αυτα π λες.

    Aυτο το quote δεν ειναι του Μαρξ, αλλα λεγεται πως ειναι του Λενιν.Αναφερεται στο οτι οι καπιταλιστες εφοσον εχουν τα μεσα παραγωγης, τα μεσα καταστροφης τους παραγονται και πουλουνται απο αυτους.

  7. Επισης ο κομμουνισμος και ο σοσιαλισμος ως μεταβατικη περιοδος κατα Μαρξ εχουμε την δικτατορια του προλεταριατου. Με απλα λογια η αστικη ταξη ασκησε δικτατορια εναντια στην Φεδουαρχια και τους ευγενεις αφενταδες και μετα ασκησε δικτατορια στην εργατικη ταξη. Επομενως το μονο που μενει ειναι η εργατικη ταξη να ασκησει δικτατορια εναντια στην αστικη ταξη και να διεκδικησει αυτα που για αιωνες κλεβουν οι ολιγαρχες, την υπεραξιας της.

  8. Αγαπητε τα εχεις λιγο μπερδεμενα. το αντιθετο του ολοκληρωτικου καπιταλσιμου ειναι ο κομμουνισμος. Οπως επισης ο κομμουνισμος ειναι το τελικο σταδιο του σοσιαλισμου. Ο σοσιαλισμος ειναι η μεταβατικη περιοδος προς τον κομμουνισμο. Επισης οταν μιλαμε για ΕΣΣΔ μιλαμε για υπαρκτο σοσιαλισμο και οχι κομμουνισμο. Σοσιαλισμος σημαινει τα μεσα παραγωγης πλουτου ειναι κρατικα και κοινωνικοποιημενα. Διευκρινηση: Η ιδιωτικη περιουσια δεν καταργειται αλλα μονο η ιδιωτικη περιουσια που παραγει πλουτο.

  9. Πριν μιλησεις για τον Μαρξ καλο ειναι να τον διαβασεις. Πουθενα δεν ειπε οτι καποιος πρεπει να πεθανει επειδη πιστευει σε κατι.

  10. τουναντιον, αναφερω στο βιντεο βασικα χαρακτηριστικα του καπιταλισμου, χωρις τα οποια δεν εχουμε καπιταλισμο.

    Ο 'σοσιαλισμος' που λες εσυ ειναι η σοσιαλδημοκρατια.
    Στις ευφυως οργανωμενες κοινωνιες, ελευθεριες που βλαπτουν το συλλογικο συμφερον καταπιεζονται, οπως γινεται και σημερα, περιορισμενα ομως, για το συμφερον μιας χουφτας ζωων.

  11. ρε φιλε μπραβο για την καλη δουλεια που εχεις κανει. υπαρχει περιπτωση να μπορεις να βαλεις και ελληνικους υποτιτλους ωστε να μπορουμε να τα κανουμε share και αλλου? (για τους ελληνες που δεν γνωριζουν αγγλικα το λεω)

  12. So lets say that you out of 100 thousand people get the chance to be rich. The rest of the people will, though, strugle and work their asses off for every damn day of their lifes and still they won't be able to make a living. Yes Capitalism is better than communism FOR YOU THE RICH INDIVIDUAL. the millions of dead people were caused by the capitalists that wished to catalyze the communist/socialist societies. So before you call someone a "dumb shit" look at the mirror. You might find one there.

  13. Correction: the "elite" own 120-130% of the worlds (the peoples') wealth.
    The fact that you call them "faggots" and that you critisize them for their sexual preferences simply makes YOU the arrogant and misinformed individual you seem to debate against. Being a homosexual is completely normal and its a part of our nature. Almost all animals have homosexuals.

  14. How can you talk about ignorance when you're the living proof of what's wrong with the world. Want caring? Want humanity? Well then stop judging people for their sexual orientation. How could ever someone categorize homosexuals with witches and satanists. We're in 2013 and people are still homophobic.As for what you said about women, you must be one of those misogynic sexist fucks. Communism is not about discrimination or conservatism. Unlike your parents, you're not fighting for a moral society

  15. Communism will never florish in America.. Ofcourse not. Look at your mess…. You say that communism has always led to war? Hah.. The only communistic "war" you know of, is USSR's REVOLUTION, agianst the ruthless and cruel monarchs, whom USA , Brittain and many other western countries ASSISTED during the revolution. Still the people won and threw the monarchs out and lived all as equals..
    Now, let's talk about wars caused from capitalists.. Or maybe wars that werent caused by them.. NONE.

  16. You're a demented person who has a serious antisemitic hang up. I'm not sure what life experience did this to you but you need to seriously seek some psychiatric attention bud.

  17. I stand corrected. We are #7 thanks to Ovomit. However I at least was in the top 10. Japan isn't even in the top ten moron. The #1 richest country according to Forbes magazine is Qatar. We use to be #1 and after Romney is elected, we will be again. Provided we vote out as many progressive dumbocrats as we can and have controll of all 3 branches.

  18. Kill a few million more? See. As proven, communism ALWAYS leads to death. I'll fight you on a battlefield in my own country my friend. You can take that to the bank. Communism will NEVER take hold and florish in America pal. Do me a favor and take a long walk on a short pier.

  19. Hey dumb fuck. What makes capitalism better is the fact that you DON'T have to be the guy working all your life. That in a TRUE capitalist system, everyone has the chance to become rich. Communism cannot and will not EVER work. As soon as dumb shits like you and all the college brainwashed morons realize this, the sooner we can stop killing mass amounts of people every hundred years or so. It amazes me that this is actually happening in America. If you don't like capitalism, MOVE TO NORTH KOREA!

  20. If you are using "slave labor" then you are not practicing "true" capitalism. Slave labor is a dictatorial system. True capitalism is a "free" system. What you are describing is a crony capitalist system. Again, true capitalism is based on "free" markets where businesses compete for the consumers business by offering the best costs. However, for capitalism to work properly, the parties involved must be moral and just men. Because the current system is corrupt doesn't mean you turn to communism.

  21. Communism & Capitalism both benefit The J E W, using a Central bank & Fiat debt Money. Neither are based on Sound Money.
    Communism uses Gentiles (aka political dissidents for practicing religion) as Slave laborers, capitalism does so overseas with Slave laborers.
    A 2 sided J E W Coin.

    An old woman asks DDR party leader whether Karl Marx was a worker or a scientist. He says a worker. The woman replies, "If he was a scientist he would have tested his theories on rats first.”

  22. first, america isn't the richest country in the world, Japan is, one Japanese Yen worth at least 10000 dollars. second, Social-Democratic countries such as Sweden have the happiest citizens on earth, plus capitalism is used since the middle ages, it is primitive.

  23. I can answer that moron. In a TRUE capitalist system, you have competition. If a person opens a business to sell say cars and he's the only one selling it, he can charge anything he wants and if you need a car, you are forced to buy it. That's NOT capitalism. That's a monopoly and is illegal in a capitalist system. So a guy opens a car dealer and sells his cars for a lot of money. Another individual sees this and opens a car dealership and sells cheaper, forcing the other guy to lower the price.

  24. You have a warped view taught to you. Here's the thing. There will never be equality in wealth. Once you can wrap your brain around that, then maybe you'll stop being jealous of people who have worked harder than you have to be successful. Capitalism allows a schmuck like you to be successful if you have the work ethics to do it. You come up with an idea that you can sell and you bust your ass to sell it, you can succeed. In communism you're forced to be a brick in a brick wall.

  25. Let me tell you a story: I live in America. We are the richest country in the world (not as much as before thanks to Ovomit) but we still are the richest THANKS TO CAPITALISM!! The loss of freedom is happening from the Marxists, socialists who have infiltrated our highest levels in our country. TRUE Capitalism in a righteous people, will cause prosperity and riches. So danvar249, grow a fucking brain!!!! Show me another country that doesn't oppress their people as successful as America jackass!!

  26. Whe was in Cambodia, he was put in a camp. They "in the name of communism" had all the food put together and you got a very small portion of it. Well one day his 6 year old son was hungry and took an apple. He was caught. To teach the people that this will not be tollarated, the guards took him and his family outside and told him they planned on shooting his son in the head and if he reacts or makes a sound, they would kill all his children. THAT's what communism becomes!!!

  27. If communism isn't bad, then name ONE example where it worked. Communism goes against the human condition and for it to work, a "dictator" must enforce it. That's why it fails miserably. The reason why it ALWAYS leads to oppression is because the human condition works through incentive, creativity, FREEDOM!!! For communism to work, all people have to accept their "station" in life. Their is no incentive, no creativity. Oh and tell my Cambodian friend that communism isn't bad. cont…

  28. It bans private property in means of production, not personal belongings.
    If total power corrupts, then what's to stop an individual in the system you advocate from becoming too powerful (which dominates today).
    If you had done your homework, you'd see why the self proclaimed communist states are not in fact communist.

  29. This liberty you describe is individualist.Because we are not apex predators in the jungle, establishing a society like this leads to the breach of liberty of others, as we observe today as well.
    Do you have any countermeasures to that?
    The communist ones are collective liberty (or freedom), is a set of rules to safeguard the above injustices inherent in the system you advocate.

  30. (Capitalism went well in Norway/Sweden/Finland and there is reason that it is still present in China). The only bad thing can be specific execution of said system (U.S. capitalism or Russian communism).

  31. Also, communism itself wasn't ever bad. Just Russian execution of it was bad. I mean Russia had already violent history, due to their leaders like Ivan IV. How you would think they would do it right? Maybe Lenin would, but Stalin went in and fucked everything up.

    It didn't help that most of other communist countries was founded and therefore controlled by USSR.

    Communism as a system isn't bad, just as capitalism isn't 1/2

  32. The demand argument you make is equivalent to the mud pie argument.
    When i say labor, i mean socially useful labor.Any product of such labor is socially useful and acceptable,thus there is demand (assuming production follows a planned quota,according to the social demand).

    Work for wage trade is mutually beneficial in the same way a slaves works so as not to be killed is mutually beneficial.The slave lives, the slave owner gets free work.

  33. You are assuming stuff (things traded for units of work) has an inherent value; value given to the stuff is based on construction time, materials used, and education level of builder. With this assumption, the workers deserve all the money. However, stuff is "valueless" without a demand. Trade (even trading work for wages) is never a zero-sum game as both parties advance otherwise the trade would not take place. With this said, Trade makes value. Hard to explain theory of value in 500 charac

  34. FINALLY!!!!
    finnally someone who understands.
    communism and socialism isn't dictatorships!!!!
    They are the complete opposite of these.
    Facism is dictatorship.
    Capitalism is Wrong from these reasons:
    1. Capitalism has bean used since the middle ages!!! it is an ancient type of rule.
    2. In capitalism people starve just because they don't have money and nobody cares about the poor.
    3. In communism people get TV and Computer with fast internet connection for free.

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