1. Asshole everyone knows some benefits and some loss deserve in our life you can't say that to communist government

  2. Abe bhootni ke pandit sabse bade nithale to tm ho baithe baithe mandir ka khate ho.. or logo ko dharam or jaati me batt kar rakhte ho
    Sabse phle communisum ko dhang se phad to le ya chutiyo ki tarha kuch bhi bhook raha hai…

  3. Government should never invest public money in business and enterprises for revenue generation. Socialism failed because extreme socialist government want control everything in the country. Government job is to create laws and regulations and implement it on the ground. They can earn revenue by taxing the businessman and give small and medium loans to people for self employment(to start their own startup, small business.. Etc) Extreme capitalism(crony capitalism) is bad because they only give loans to big business but extreme socialism is even worst than crony capitalism.

  4. @Abhishek Shukla

    Saale tum newspaper padtha hey kya ,kerala india kaa sabse number 1 state hey….tumko kya malum hey kerala ka communism ka bareh mehm….

    Kerala state s d 100% literacy state in india
    100% electrified state india
    Lowest infant death state in india
    D best human resources state in india
    Kerala has No religious war like any north indian state.
    U can eat wat ever u want in kerala.No one will come to home and kill u.
    The well responsive police force in india.
    The best human index state of india.
    Lot more to say….all of it wont fit here..

  5. I agree communism is good policy. But before getting in to community or politics let us consider the importent facts like ambition and interests of a each individual. Like some one interested in seccussful life and other one is interested in satisfactory life. In this conflict of interest how communism can force that perticular community to adopt it? Is it not a big question?.

  6. सर मुझे आज तक कम्युनिजम क्या है ये समज नही आता था लेकिन आपने बहुत ही अच्छी तरह से इसको समझा दिया. बहुत ही घटिया आयडियालॉजी है‌ ये कम्युनिझम.

  7. INDIA is way too too too too tolerant, if it would have even an inch of communist then these bastards would have been jails or hanged

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