1. Its crazy how people think socialism and capitalism can't be used collectively to combat the ills of capitalism. Pretty much the nordic model

  2. Although you people are clearly at least a little biased towards Swedens way of running things, I find your videos describing these various government type to be as fair and accurate as they can be. I would say keep it up, but I think you have run out of government types, so I hope you have and retain this quality in your other videos.

  3. When one asked himself which political and economic theory is best, you should ask yourself how do people vote with they're feet. Do South Koreans escape to the north or the other way around? Do do west Berliners escape to eastern Berlin or the other way around? Do Americans escape to Cuba or the other way around? I think we should acknowledge the thousands of people whom risked they're lives to escaping communism to have a better live for them and they're children. Even to this day people from countries regions such as Eastern Europe are voting with they're feet because of the damage communism has caused them. This is why Eastern Europeans migrate to Western Europe and not the other way around. I could go on and on with such examples. I would be more than happy to debate this topic with anyone in the comments.

  4. We need just make More capitalism successful and more equally to poor people is possible in UAE they have banks of food and they give free food and not alcohol drinks to homeless people. USA need this model of social equality to poor people!!!!! Right now

  5. 0:49 "You don't have to work the fields anymore. Instead, you can pay people to do that for you." Basically, someone still has to do the back-breaking work, work which is absolutely necessary. There's nothing wrong with this method as long as the worker is paid enough money to make a decent living, but it's obvious that the one paying the wages will try and pay as little as possible. What happens to the workers when a machine is invented to work the field 10 times faster than all the workers? This should be seen as a positive thing, freeing the worker from the back-breaking work, but instead the worker now has no means of making a living.

  6. Capitalism is a pure failure in itself. And so it is the root to all evil. It builds on a persons greed and that easily leads to corruption because of that very thing and quick and easy money. You can agree or not agree, but Capitalism is the biggest threat to world peace today.

  7. Capitalism creates poverty? Yeah, because Cuba and other socialist nations are doing so well right now. Socialism is the idea of making everyone poor and miserable.

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