1. Yep America didn't become the richest country in the world by way of socialism! It became that way because of freedom!! Less government=freedom!

  2. Universally loved and hated… isn't this an oxymoron? If it is universally loved, that means nobody hates it. If it is universally hated, nobody loves it. Therefore, it cannot be loved and hated universally.

  3. When you cant have a place to live if you dont have money then youve CROSSED A LINE you need the get back on your side of it

  4. Well, you know what I love capitalism. There is no equal. Stop dreaming and living in your fantasy world. There would never be equal because humans are greedy and selfish.

  5. everyone has the same chance to be rich in capitalism,

    its based on your dedication and willingness to success

    but sadly not many people realize this concept,

    there are many poor or middle class become a billionaire,

    even if you live in a shithole, you have a chance to become rich if you really want it so bad,

    your hard work owned by you alone, and not owned by the government

    yet, people always find an excuse to justify their poor life with capitalism fault,

    you guys not having a problem with capitalism, you just waiting for someone to give you charity

  6. Capitalism and Communsim need each other to survive. If capitalism relied too much on the "the more money you have, the more power you have system" then it would fail, become corrupt and eventually not be capitalist anymore and so it needs Communism to create a form of equality to stop corruption while to stop Communsim from turning the workforce into identical workers with no free will, it needs individualism from something like capitalism. All ideologies need another ideology to survive.

  7. in 1750 britain created the steam engine. america adopted it and made the train and railroads also steam ships which made trade 1,000x faster. also they created factories, which for the first time a machine can do 10,000,000 man hours with in a day. production surpassed slave production for the first time IN HISTORY. for the last 10,000 years. America made new classes and the old feudel society went away because AMERICA created capitalism. communism say why money? we have the factories. give those to the government so everyone gets stuff for free! but debt is the only way to motivate a man. a large bag of money creates desire to do stuff. thats why it sounds good in theory but only leads to corruption and just doesnt work. go republican because the democratic party are just communist.. they want a one party government and theyll brainwash you to belive you need them to give up your freedom. once you give that up say by to religion cuz you are the states agenda. thats why our founding fathers broke off of britain because they were taxing our industrial millionairs MILLIONS and so pur industrial millionairs with their finaced armies had enough and broke off of britain and created the constitution and bill of rights. also plato and sacretes are amazing figure. look into their philosophies the look at the liberalterian.. you be a republican if you agree with them because they CREATED THE REPUBLIC

  8. "Maybe they're both right"…
    1. In the communist video yoy never talk about the criticism of communism and agree that they might have a point.
    2. You didn't say anything about how Capitalism have increased global economics since the early 19th century (in 1820, when we slowly went from Merchantilistic system to Capitalism, 84% of the world lived in extreme poverty, and today only 9% does).

    It's okay for me if yoy have a bias for Socialism and are somehow against Capitalism. But then you should just be honest about it and don't act like you're neutral.

  9. What you commies in these comment sections dont understand is that unavoidablly capitalism will lead to a class division BUT WHY IS THAT BAD. The result of this is actually that the general trend for living conditions for EVERYONE in society goes up. Just because people are richer than you doesnt mean the system is broken, it means its working, and as a result of a competitive free market the standard of living and wealth of the nation goes up. This is the observable trend in pretty much every nation that has a free market.

  10. am i the only one triggered they put a pic of russia and said peasants then put a pic of england and said serfs. lol

  11. saying capitalism is about businesses being privately owned is a roundabout way of saying capitalism's more truthful and straight to the point definition: capital is the unpaid (stolen) wages of the working class, instead given disproportionately to the owners of the business, known as capitalists

    one of capitalists greatest terrible achievements (of which it has many) is tricking its victims into believing it is not at its very heart a rigged game. even in somewhat socialist canada, where i went to school, capitalism is taught with an incomplete and irresponsible definition of it somehow bring open-ended and allowing for fairness and a meritocracy, as though it is a viable and equally moral alternative to more socialist systems. there are minor differences to systems like feudalism in how things appear on the surface but the core of the capitalism's workings remain even since older civilizations. it is survival of the fittest, or more realistically, the most ruthless, unfeeling, and cruel, who are willing to subdue their morality in order to take advantage of those below them, in order to gain further from the lower classes' labour. but we all know this as a much simpler phrase that we've heard all our lives: the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

  12. I love capitalism, because I'm not lazy. Only drug addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally ill hate capitalism

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