What is Anarchy? Russian Anarchism and Samurai Code of Honor

they always say energy is a chaos this ugly Pharaon obliged the artist he obliged the artist to change the face of something perfect it was the line and the artist was obliged to turn a perfect line into something ridiculous and this is the history of human society this ugly Pharaoh was the first fair too far to the first fathom the fathom from Swan Lake the White Swan is the Christianity this beautiful girl she is the FINA the science the art and the philosophy the truth and she's enslaved by fatum the Black Swan is a daughter of the photo and she is enslaved by him too but she finally she finally shows the prince but he must be stronger and defeat this photon energy is right of the strongest but in the human society the strongest are the most honorable intelligent and talented people because this way human society works much better and everybody is happy and there is much more freedom USA was born with his anarchist principles but American spirit is getting suffocated in Rand Margaret Mitchell Jack London Mark Twain so energy means complete freedom a paradise where everybody is free and happy freedom is much more than just quality because freedom includes the quality but in a very high level of human of human development of human progress I would say energy is much more possible than communism because it's very simple the best people must feed where they feed the work only for the best the work for everybody but I already you already understand what I mean the best politicians the best businessman always system I spoke about in my videos the real democracy was possible 2000 years ago with 10 machines making them balls going around at the same time and every citizen if a number but it wasn't possible because we don't want the people to decide they don't want the Parliament formed by people democracy is just an illusion this is why Friedrich Nietzsche doesn't like this democracy he says that these people hate the rich but they want to be rich they are gonna be bad they are in some rise we aren't over man honor is everything for the older man and samurai samurai is just a branch and he must be prepared to be cut off he must be prepared to die this samurais they are perfect for the government and they must know the philosophy the truth they must be formed in art free division Raskolnikov is not another man he is just stupid slave enslaved by Christianity Napoleon is not an over man at all this establishment these Buddhist people we have the everywhere they say lies they danced on tariffs over Toronto Toronto ah he's with bad people his people who got power and always scare only about money pure basu pure bazooka from world peace he dances trantel for a tarantula and Anatole Kuragin he makes rebellion he is much better than him pierre bazooka is ugly he is weak he's stupid and Anatole is a good person but everybody says his bed he's like red Butler and red Butler's gun before wind American we honor kists the sailors who discovered America we have gone between American because there is no freedom and you say anymore the running man American the one who doesn't meet anybody he doesn't meet nothing the Atlas of a rant he doesn't meet nobody but everybody disturbs him because we hate him we danced until summer is a free man he's not a servant you know why American because he is getting bored and he doesn't listen to his own ah and remember one thing the bridge can be planted and there is gonna be not a tree only one Samurai American only one Samurai only one over me only one Atlas only one red Butler but he is gone before wind American I will be gone and remember one thing they came for me they wanted to kill me because I save his truth and they already came for you America they already came for you Beast is the point you

  1. Да а в Барселоне в июле 2014 я запомнил Машу потому что она русская девушка, чарующей красоты. Где то пару месяцев назад я допер, что спецслужбы заманить эту девушку могли только каким-нибудь враньем об психоанализе, НО ЭТО ДЕВУШКА ЗВОНИЛА БЫ СВОЕЙ МАМЕ И ПАПЕ И ПОСЫЛАЛА БЫ СООБЩЕНИЯ КАЖДЫЕ 5 ИЛИ 10 МИНУТ. И В ЦЕНТРЕ ВАЛЕНСИИ ЕЙ никто никогда ничего не сделает. А еще то что у девушек очень развит инстинкт самосохранения И С НЕЙ НИЧЕГО ПЛОХОГО НЕ СЛУЧИЛОСЬ. А ЕСЛИ СЛУЧИЛОСЬ, ТО ФСШНО ЦРУШНО АНГЛИЙСКАЯ МРАЗЬ С ПРИВКУСОМ МОНАРХИИ, Я ВАС ВСЕХ ВЫРЕЖУ. И даже не я, но вам будет полный пиздец. А замечательная красивая Маша, голос которой я слышу благодаря ЧИПУ В МОЕЙ ШЕЕ, она просто жертва ублюдков, которых Я РАЗДАВЛЮ. Не забывайте о том что У ЦРУ, МИ6 И ФСБ УЖЕ ДАВНО РАЗРАБОТАННЫ ОЧЕНЬ ТОНКИЕ МЕТОДЫ ПЫТОК. С помощью разных электроволн или той же НАНОТЕХНОЛОГИИ, или чипы или ЯД И ГАЛЛЮЦИНОГЕННЫЕ. Просто не надо бояться и их шаткой СИСТЕМЕ ПРИЙДЕТ ПИЗДЕЦ.

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