1. I like the tricky yet smart questions asked by the moderator. since this video is of 2017 something new came in 2018 and would like to mention here. As the Indian representative panelist talked about Aadhar Card now it is not of the same importance as tried to met it. There was huge complaint against it , then lately the apex court of India gave the verdict that Aadhar is not mandatory for anything except paying your income tax and for kind information, only 1 % of Indians pay income tax. So, Aadhar has become almost valueless. It is taking some time ( because of bureaucratic mindset) then Aadhar will be abolished from software . Second, entire Asia is not under Hethrow airport. As the Indian representative panelist said , other hubs shoould be and can be used for air traffic instead of propagating Hethrow.

  2. Bombs are a death sentence on people that have not committed crimes worthy of that penalty. Defending oil and coal companies is worse than defending the tabacco companies. They are smoking the world out like a group of chain smokers in a nonventilated room

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