What If the Soviet Union Reunited Today?

The year is 2017 and in November of this year it will mark the 100th anniversary of the Communist revolution in Russia the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 but what would the world be like if the USSR reunited today? What would the Soviet Union look like if it existed today in? 2017 to begin let’s think about what countries today used to be a part of the Soviet Union if the soviet union Reunited today it would completely encompass the countries of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova Lithuania Latvia, Estonia Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kazakhstan and Tajikistan this obviously would make the modern Soviet Union a very large country since Russia Alone has more land area than the entire service area of pluto together the Soviet Union would be bigger than Australia Antarctica, South America The Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean which makes the Soviet Union larger than three continents two oceans and one former planet there are 11 time zones that would go through the USSR So that means that if it was noon here in this part of the country it would be 11pm over here on the other side of the country the soviets population would be a very large 294,837,000 people which would place the soviet Union in fourth place in terms of population Behind the United States this is interesting because the soviet population in 1991 was almost the same as it would be now at 293,048,000 people which shows just how greatly the population in the region has been stagnant recently the American population at the same time in 1991 was 248 Million Seven hundred ten thousand people which was smaller than the soviets But in the time since the American population has greatly increased to nearly 319 million people a majority of the people living inside the USSR would be ethnic Russians at about forty six percent of the population With sizeable minorities of Ukrainians who specs and over a hundred other ethnic groups? Russian would be the dominant language of the state just as it was during the soviet times as [fifty-eight] [percent] of the population would be cave full of speaking and understanding it Russian would likely be the sole official language within the Country and a return to Communism would have to take place in order for a true recreation of the soviet Union to be Possible the Communist party of the soviet Union would be the sole legal political party within the country and would possess a Monopoly on power a return to state-sponsored Atheism would be enforced where believers would be free to practice their faith in Private or in designated religious buildings But all public displays of religion outside of these designated areas would be forbidden Despite this however the Soviet Union would still have a very large religious Population with only twelve percent of the modern population claiming to be atheists or non-religious Fifty-Four percent would be Orthodox Christians another three percent catholic Twenty-Four percent Sunni Muslims three percent Shia Muslims and a final four percent of multitude of other diverse religions the Capital City would be located in Moscow the present capital of Russia and the Largest city of the Modern soviet Union to add [up] to the top five largest cities in the country we would add st. Petersburg which would be renamed back to Leningrad as well as Kiev, Tashkent, and Minsk the Soviet economy would be pretty large at 2.03 4 trillion U.S Dollars placing it as the eighth largest economy in the world Russia currently is the 12th largest world economy So the Soviet Union would jump ahead of countries like South Korea and Canada but remain stuck behind India and France the GDP per Capita inside the country would be fairly low at just six thousand eight hundred ninety nine dollars per person which would place the USSR. All the way down at 76th place ahead of Bulgaria but behind China this somewhat large economy would however Greatly support the soviet military with a budget of [eighty] point four billion us dollars the fourth largest budget in the world behind Saudi Arabia China and the United States what the soviets would lack in funds however they would make up for in sheer? size with a Force of 1 million four hundred Thirty-six thousand active Duty Soldiers the second highest number in the world behind China But the uSSR would have an additional two million eight hundred Eighty-four thousand Soldiers placed in reserves giving the soviet military of potential size of four million three hundred twenty thousand soldiers in the event Mobilization a force almost as large as the entire population of New zealand a fully mobilized Soviet military would be about the same size as a fully mobilized Chinese military and would be Forty-two percent larger than a mobilized American military the soviets would also possess the largest nuclear Arsenal in the World with 7300 Warheads compared to just 6970 American Warheads in addition The uSSr would be by far the largest oil-Producing country in the world outpacing both saudi Arabia and the United States with a production of 12 million nine hundred sixty-six thousand barrels of oil every day if we get a little more Ambitious with this and decide to add all of the former territory that once belonged to the older Russian empire into the modern soviet Union some interesting things begin to happen To do this we would add all of finland a very large chunk of poland including the capital Warsaw and all of Alaska Doing this would raise the soviet population up to 313 million four hundred ninety six thousand people which would be nearly equal to the united states her GDP would be dramatically increased 22.5 for one Trillion u.s. Dollars now placing the usSr as the world’s sixth largest economy ahead of both India and France but still remaining behind the United Kingdom and Germany The Added land would make the super soviet union about the same size as the mongol Empire was at its height the difference in size between the two empires would only be an area about the size of Montenegro all things considered the soviet union likely wouldn’t quite be the superpower that it once was It would have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world the second largest Conventional military in the world and would be the world’s largest producer of oil but would be shackled by a struggling economy and a stagnant Population Growth the United States and nato would almost certainly be hostile to a resurgent soviet Union So the USSR would have to seek a lies elsewhere in Asia and Africa It would likely be the cause for resuming the cold war or the start of a cold war two that could have global consequences? the soviet Union’s Berry Geography would likely Determine how she would interact in the Modern [world] the Soviet Union’s expansion was partially moved to spread the socialist revolution But it was also a bid to protect moscow you. See every bit of Russia’s border is protected with geography except for here This is the Northern European plain a flat 300 mile wide stretch of land that funnels an invading western European army right up to the gates of Moscow By gaining influence in Eastern European countries the uSSR was able to create a zone of buffer states between Moscow and western Europe Not only is the russia of today weakened by its lack [of] buffer States But it is also condemned by its geography because it has no ice-free deepwater ports with direct access to [a] notion that means it’s hugely expensive to ship Russian goods out of the country and their navy can’t properly function without the permission of nato countries and allies I Talk about all this in much more detail in my video over at wendover productions. 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  1. Socialism has failed every time it has been tried. It is impossible to work as a government. Idiots keep thinking that they can get something for free. Never gonna happen.

  2. Mericans: what if soviet union reunited-
    Literally every country that used to be a part of soviet union: * pulls out a gun * dont you think about it

  3. Who tf cares about the timezones, the 10 examples of the population, the 10 examples of how big it is, the ethnicities etc. Talk about the politics, the diplomatic relations, how its changed etc.

  4. then in that case Soviet Union should reunited today. long live Kurdistan in turkey iraq and syria in middle East – west Asia.

  5. Ебаный бред. Откуда эти тупые цифры, автор? Ну а хотя что ещё ожидать от вас – людей, которые на протяжении всей своей жизни относятся плохо к истории России, выставляя её слабой и тоталитарным адом, а особенно это касается советского периода.
    Да и вообще что ожидать, смотря подобные видео? Разве что плод воображений автора.

  6. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Nobelprize winner and himself victim of the Bolshevikparty in Gulag.

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred, they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media in the hands of the perpetrators.”

    “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”
    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  7. Дрисливые красножепые маразматики. Коммунячье ГОВНО.

  8. nauseous idea. you forgot to mention how many millions of the citizens would be tortured and murdered. you clearly have no idea how awful was this empire and russia still remains.

  9. they want to control the world and be smaller so less noticeable to world while ruling americans and europeans.

  10. If this actually happens:
    The Soviet Union has Reunited which enraged America who punished them severely.

  11. Russia alone has that Nuclear Power, just like the "would-be Soviet Union", the Rankings in Economy are off and the "not ice free ports" is worked on with a fleet of Icebreakers to create the Northern Passage from West to East of Russia

  12. So many mistakes. First -In USSR never was a communism. Second – now in all exUSSR rise religions power; it will be very religional coutry.

  13. Difference being that 10% of American is for America were as USSR well 90% would be behind the policy and all for Mother Russia!

  14. Очень интересно наблюдать за иностранцами,которые пишут про Советский Союз.

  15. 苏联解体对俄国是个坏事,从一流国家降到了二流国家,但对世界上其他国家,比如说中国,是好事,减轻了他们的安全压力。

  16. I feel America couldn’t be as hostile to the USSR because of its huge Oil Production.
    I feel like if this were to occur like the second option of Alaska and the others getting wrapped up, then America could be persuaded into trading big money for substantial amounts of Oil, giving the USSR more money to help keep its economy in a balance. And with how much oil it’s producing, it could probably help power some other countries too that would be able to offer a good chunk of money. That’s my personal belief anyway

  17. It would be beautiful, we'd finally have someone to help us beat back the returning neo-nazis and opposé american imperialism

  18. Georgia and Baltic countries will not inter Soviet union but others will make good non traitor union slava Soviet union

  19. Welp if Soviet Union was reunited then Iran is going get kicked in the ass again

  20. Usa's history: If not Gorbochov, we're all dead.
    Russia's history: Fuck Gorbochov. He is Fucking stupid capitalist.

  21. Lmao 2 trillion is a large economy ? The state of Texas and California BOTH have GDPs pushing 2 trillion alone.

    Russia today is a paper tiger, when they were forced to foot the bill for the other former satellites, they would be even worse off. This video seriously overlooks just how far the Russian military has fallen since the the 1980s.

  22. if money still exists in a reunited soviet union, it is not communist. if it were truly communist, it would have no money, as the goal of communism is a stateless moneyless society

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