What if ROBLOX established COMMUNISM?

communists roblox let's give it a try roebucks would stop existing and get a place to if tips since Roe bucks is a purchasable currency and that would be unequal all the robots unit would be turned into ticks and be shared to every single row blog stand for an equal share everyone would always have the same tips currency if someone gets tips everyone else gets tix since the game has so many players and a lot of them are inactive players with over one month of inactivity would get their accounts deleted every single player that gets its account deleted will have all their tips taken away to be shared in equal parts to the rest of the active robber log sins new English dude items would stop existing and so would the builder's club memberships if your membership was cancelled you would get your money back many players would quit Rock logs because of the removal of trading and limited items many other would be happy to know that tips came back but what roblox did has spread a lot of controversy in the community all games that are created will now be property of Rob logs if the game has any sort of economy and shall be shared in equal parts to any player that has played the game not only will that games be property of Rob logs but also would every other thing owned by a loser there would also be many anti-communist propaganda in the game since many people are sure that this would destroy your logs as a whole and might be games like boo that break gulick life and communist city would be created some cafes may even stop serving food as a form of protest on how communism would miss Rock logs up so badly but Rob logs wouldn't stay quiet the rock logs Terms of Service would change to have the people follow the rules of the new communist roblox any sort of infringement towards communism would get some sort of glamour in this school like it would be forced to make communist propaganda games in my blogs and wouldn't be allowed to play for certain time if you do not do is all that you get by PE Bank negative criticism towards or blogs would skyrocket to new and never seen the four levels rogues would also get sued by a lot of users or angry parents for forcing child labour for communist propaganda in an online video game Edmonds would now be forced to use these hats and the verified hat for ah blogs would now be worse since the roblox economy significantly fell and many players started quitting roblox and also because of roblox losing many sponsors due to what had happened recently roblox wouldn't get enough money to sustain the site communism had ruin roblox and narrow blogs will have to find a way to save their own company you

  1. yes roblox should be communist so tix would be shared to us
    Thats what i like if its communism
    Edit:*goes further into the video*
    alright nvm

  2. I think roblox fandom is dying lol…probably that’s why you have a little views… 🙁

  3. Sanitäter

    btw communism is overrated lol it ruined my country which is why it's poor and going through poverty rn

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