What Happens When You Vote in Socialists?  VENEZUELA

hey folks it's Patriot nurse today I'm gonna tell you what happens when you entertain socialists so unless you're living under a rock right now you probably know that Venezuela's in the dark like literally figuratively spiritually in the dark the reason for this is because the good people the good conservative people in Venezuela allowed socialists in the mid-90s to continue to talk and to have their platforms and ultimately they won the democratic elections and so with Hugo Chavez who came in Hugo kind of like open the way in our recent memory for socialism to really take over Venezuela is a very rich country from a natural resource standpoint you know they're not inherently impoverished they don't inherently lack technology or they know how to use it but what happened was Hugo got in there and he said you know we're gonna level the playing field you know bring the utopian socialist whatever into ours our modern state of Venezuela and so after him of course came Maduro who is their current dictator slash fearless leader now but here's the thing guys these people in Venezuela now who are in the dark who have no electricity no water their food is about to run out like their refrigerator will perish herbal food that stuff's gonna go within 24 hours okay so what's happening is based on the reports that I'm getting I'm sure some of you actually probably a family and friends in Venezuela what I'm getting at this point is that people are on the verge of running out of water right now there are already countless people dead that have died in hospitals or that have died not being able to get anywhere their public services are of course shut down you know what what shell of them was operational to begin with this is the same country that imprisoned Baker's and blamed Baker's for the bread shortage just a little while back but folks I want to take you down memory lane for a moment here and I want you to see if you can spot any connections with the way in which socialism manifested and the horrors that came with it in Venezuela and are currently being perpetrated by the Socialists in Venezuela what you see which similarities you can draw to in Venezuela with our current democratic socialist element here in the United States I have a couple of factoids here that kind of stuck out to me as a nurse when I was reviewing the the statistics on for instance infant mortality maternal mortality overall Hospital mortality rates check this out so all this stuff started with Chavez of course you know in the 90s but in 2014 9 percent of doctors surveyed said that their hospitals had only 7 percent of the necessary supplies I guess this was an aggregate like an average but that's let me say that again 9 out of 10 of these doctors said that their hospitals were functioning on less than 10% supply base that is unfathomable to me as a nurse that means you have you were running 90 percent low on linens 90 percent low on IV fluids 90 percent low on IV palms and polls and all that stuff forget it so it's little surprise then in 2015 one third of patients who are admitted to their hospitals died let us remember that universal health care was one of the great promises of socialism and you know kind of getting its foothold there in Venezuela universal health care right everybody will be treated fairly and equitably yeah equitably sucky in 2015 half of all operating rooms were non-functional half of all operating rooms are non-functional this would include by the way your cesarean sections this would include things like you know total hip totally replacements per gift that you're not getting that Venezuela are you kidding me that's a joke simple things like you know standard surgeries general surgeries half of them are not happening because 50% of your ORS are shut down in 2060 this is what kind of hit home to me here although the Democrats nowadays wouldn't care about infant mortality per se because they're all for it and subsidizing it but infant mortality increased in 2016 by 30 percent a 30 percent increase in the amount of babies that died after they were born what really got me though was in 2016 aside from the babies the maternal mortality rate increased 65 percent this year infant mortality increased another 50 percent all of this of course on the heels all these great promises of the it's gonna be a better place right better place for us all a fairer future right Prairie of the workingman so you see these levels here of involvement you've got these promises these empty promises that come when people are given a platform when these socialists are given a platform to speak and then the populous numbed in their conscience or out of their mind with greed when it comes right down to it they want other people's stuff socialism appeals to people who either will not achieve on their own can't achieve because they're too freakin lazy or people who are inherently jealous and covetous of their neighbors stuff they want the government with the government's guns and the government's methods for compelling people using force they want the government to serve as a middleman for taking their neighbors stuff and putting it into their pockets that's who socialism appeals to so when we when we are hearing these arguments being made as intelligent thinking rational individuals who typically tend to be either conservative or at least constitutionally libertarian minded we got to remember that socialism appeals to the lowest common denominator of humanity and the most base wicked and vile people that the world knows so this is what happens when socialism gets in folks it starves people of their basic human needs all couching it in the greater good I hope it was helpful for y'all today if you enjoyed the video please subscribe to me patriot nurse and you can also support me on patreon if you haven't even donated a dollar yet maybe consider doing that guys and I really appreciate those of you that do your donations keep the videos coming so make your way on over there if you have an a really appreciate y'all hope you have a wonderful weekend guys for now let's Patriot nurse I enough I'll see y'all later [Applause]

  1. Now I know you're a typical Fox News wind-up doll. People want to be more like Denmark and Norway not Venezuela.

  2. Powerful message! And we could also point out that one of the promises of Hitler's Nazis was free universal healthcare. (As well as strict gun control!)

  3. Good essay.

  4. The first thing socialist will do is take away your guns and then your vote, your free speech, then your land and individuality. Game over. My biggest struggle is educating my kids of the dangers of socialism and communism. The new generation has bought into the Bernie Sanders socialism as the solution. They say 'why do you need a gun and doesn't everyone need education and healthcare?' Maybe ThePatriotNurse can help couch the conversation. Kids always push away parents wisdom until it is too late. We are at the brink of losing your democratic republic. I wonder how the military will respond?

  5. You are a realist just like Ben Shapiro; facts are facts but until it slaps the Liberals in the face they won't wake up until it's too late!!!

  6. The government cannot give something to someone without first taking it away from someone else! The government doesn't produce anything.
    The government isn't the solution to the oroblem, the government IS the problem.
    Keep your powder dry.

  7. Fighting for universal access to health, college and worker's benefits is not socialism. It's the social contract between a democratic society and its citizens. Typical militia mentality.

  8. Socialism works really well for some people, but not for the other 99.9%. The happy socialists are at the very top of the elitist heap, and the rest of us are expendable trash. I’m old, but will fight socialism tooth and nail until I die.

  9. I grew up in West Berlin East Germany from the early 1950's until 1963 when we moved to Bavaria and lived there until 1966. You do not want any form of socialist or communist Government. I saw the town of Berlin cut up into sections and my neighbor friends that i played with were unfortunate in that they lived on the wrong side of the street that the Russians took over and all the people were taken out into a field and executed. I never saw my friends again. Years later when I was in the United States Army I was stationed in Ramstein I went back to Berlin but I had no luck finding the people that I grew up that vanished

  10. I think this is funny. Are you against socialism? I suggest you leave the United States because we are socialist and have been since we were founded. Do you like our police and fire department? Yup that is right all our emergency services are socialist in design. The road system we have in the United States is socialist best not drive on them. Social security and medicare best not use them. Yup they are socialist. How do you like child labor laws? Best get your 12 year old out of our socialist school system and get them a job because child labor laws are government interfering in free market. There are many socialist countries in the world as a matter of fact almost every country on the planet are socialist in some manner. Here is what you will never see a pure capitalistic country.

  11. This is my concern with Tulsi Gabbard, I like her but she is too cozy with Bernie Sanders. I dont think the U.S is headed towards this now that Trump is in office although I dont always agree with him. I know hes got this election in the bag, despite the media calling him a retard all the time. Next in line will be Tulsi, with the election after that, and I like her a lot but she's too cozy with big government for my taste I'm curious to see what's next.

  12. Socialist you will never be nothing but socialist you Damn well are not an American nor will you ever

  13. As a Nurse you should be aware that Biology affects everything. Venezuela being a Country with a 80-ish average IQ very likely contributes a great deal to the sorry state that country is in. That said, of course Socialism too is going to be problematic in a "low IQ", low social trust Society, if you can even call the set of Humans living in that area a "Society". Haiti manages to be absolute S*** without Socialism. So do El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Belize, pretty much all of Subsaharan Africa, and of course some of the more "african" parts of the USA. Detroit, St. Louis, Washington DC, Baltimore and Flint come to mind. And increasingly Minneapolis too. So yes, I am against Socialism, but how bad and immediate its effects are , depends very heavily on the underlying "people".

  14. People without adequate health care are for socialist healthcare. They erroneously think their healthcare will improve.

  15. People that live in glass houses what countries should not throw stones until you live in that country Venezuela I don't believe you've been there and it's been more crimes committed by the United States under capitalism conjoined with the military industrial complex twin rich the people at the top stealing oil and just about any resource we can take and leaving in its wake thousands of soldiers men and women broken and forgotten so let's get our stories correct.

  16. Under Hugo, Venezuela owned its own Central Bank… Now the f**** bank cartel has infected the country and has taken control of the Venezuelan Central Bank… W tried to take Hugo out… Hugo sent the hit squad back in body bags…

  17. It's not a matter of socialism,its a matter of getting our moneys worth!!!! Why not make a list patriot ha nurse kinda like the commie scare n its blacklisted folk!

  18. I work in the middle of section 8 housing. Many have better furniture, better clothes, better cars, and eat better than I do working 11 hours a day and being taxed so they can sit around and get fat. It’s depressing

  19. That's a Dictatorship….Lol!!…Socialism is what it was based on but the people lost power years ago….Its supposedly a Republic and a 2 party system…but its not….that country is basically a dictatorship…..We already have Socialism in the U.S. Social security, Social benefits paid to POLITICIANS!!….any kind of government program….You people don't want Socialism….Its already been here folks!!…..lol!!….I mean if you want you can keep bitching about Socialism and we can take your Social security and Medicare away when you get 62….That's Socialist progams!!😂

  20. This incredibly stupid ad about the Trump administration, HSS and Medicare Part B all over YouTube. It is fine example of Leftist hypocrisy. Why? Because the entirety of Social Security, including all of Medicare and Medicaid are very obvious examples of blatant Socialism.

  21. The Mueller report references The Washington Post, CNN and The New York Times over 300 times when establishing Trump’s inappropriate behavior. Trump has been lying all along about “fake news”, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. From the very beginning, Trump has made his way in the world by lying.

  22. Capitalists make the money that Socialists promise to give to everyone. When the money runs out Communism takes over and promises to fix everything. By the time people figure out that Communism isn't working, they realize that they are now living under a Totalitarian Regime and they have nothing!

  23. Norman Thomas, a Socialist himself, who ran in 1948, predicted that Socialism would succeed in this country if through the channel of the Democratic Party, he knew that the message itself, such as it is, wouldn't get through as originally intended, but if disguised in "Democratic progressive language ", it would appeal to the masses, & emerge victorious.

  24. Socialism exploits the concerns of the oppressed peoples, most people that the ideology of Socialism appeals to, are not necessarily bad people, they are misguided, they long for deliverance from their misery, & like a snake oil salesman, Socialism promises a panacea that realistically cannot be delivered by them.

  25. Fascism is the 3d way, Fascism stresses the unity of labor & capital for the benefit of the corporate state which benefits the people.

  26. Fascism is much better. Fascist countries were more prosperous than Communist ones, no one starved under Fascism, many starve under Communism.

  27. Socialism is the false prophet, it might have good intentions, but, ironically said by Karl Marx "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions ".

  28. Venezuela was once a very prosperous nation until a coup led by a Military regime of Socialists by the Chavezites.

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