What happens when you take a Communist car to Missouri?

so I had to take this Trabant that was clearly not a stolen Ford Taurus I have a Trabant it's a 1981 Trabant if you're not familiar with what a Trabant is it's a it's an East German car during the Eastern Bloc during the communist regime and it was basically the only car you could get in East Germany and they made three million of these things there was there was some other East German cars like the Varberg but the turbot was the most prolific of all of them two-stroke engine air-cooled simple as possible it weighs like 1,300 pounds it's front-wheel drive that's not very interesting it has cotton body panels so the body panels are made of cotton fiber reinforced with resin and they could stamp these out at pretty high capacity and they didn't have to use steel so that was something that add to the lightness and it's recycled but it doesn't burn I mean it burns but it's toxic when it does burn so they can't get rid of these things anyway I own one of them a lot of people asked me how did I get it but that's not really the interesting side of the story because I just was bought off eBay and then went down and get it interesting side of the story was how I registered it because a lot of import cars people think you're gonna have problems with it like the 25 year import law or something of that nature but this one had different issues so in Missouri there is a law in the books that says to get a title transferred for an out-of-state title for a car you just bought you have to have a safety inspection first before you get the title not before you drive it before you get the title I think it's only for certain years but it applied to me in the Trabant so this car I just trailered from Florida had no familiarity with from a different economic climate from a different time period from different everything I had no familiarity with this car and no one else in the area did either I had to get a safety inspection on it wasn't in the best shape so it had some fading and stuff but none of that matters for the safety inspection what mattered for the safety inspection was crucial things like I couldn't get it to properly when I could get it to run properly it backfired the blinkers didn't work this car has a six volt electrical system even though was made in 1981 so the grounds are really important and the blinkers they worked but they were the really dim you couldn't see them even if the lights were off and like the Sun was blocked out by Dyson Sphere or something the main problem is everything's for 12 volts so if I want to jump the car if I want to charge the car I had to get a special six volt battery charger I need to get a special six volt battery tender to keep this thing topped up and jumping and I just jump it with a 12 volt battery jumper and keep everything off like the lights and everything because it makes it start rather exuberantly if I start it with a 12 volt battery turbines made after 1984 and I think even during 1984 they were all 12 volts but it took him a while from 1963 to 1984 they were all six volts but when they when they convert these cars to 12 volts they leave the starter the 6 volt starter in there because it just spins faster as long as you don't sit there and crank it for a minute then it's fine and there were stuff that didn't exist like reversing lights it doesn't have reversing lights and I thought it might be a problem in the safety inspection if he goes to try these things that don't exist like the blinkers they don't auto cancel when you turn the wheel you have to manually turn them off the front-right break one of the wheel cylinders in there was leaking so the brakes worked they would bring you to a stop but if you tried to stop with too much exuberance this is the front right wheel would lock up which was fun and it would fellow he was gonna send the car spinning and add some other issues too but I thought you know what screw it I want the title but first I I bought some new windshield wipers because you know crucial thing for the ridiculous safety inspections so I just took it to a safety inspection to see what would happen I took it in the morning and then the afternoon I got a call and he said sure but passed what why so I went there and I talked to him about this car turns out he was too afraid to touch anything so usually during a safety inspection we'll take it for a short drive and that's about it for the drivability test of the car you didn't do that he was just too afraid to drive it so I guess they just put the car in a lift and spun the wheels and press the brake pedal to see if the brakes worked oh the headlights didn't work for the safety inspection what happened was there's some little parking light bulbs in the headlights and that worked to my advantage so when you turn the knob it looks like the headlights are on it's not until night you realize that those aren't headlights so he passed the safety inspection and I drove it back home after that it was only like a quarter of a mile it was running on one cylinder during the safety inspection there's no way he could have possibly driven it because a Trabant on two cylinders is slow a Trabant on one cylinder it only has two cylinders a Trabant a one cylinder is just bicycles can outrun you easily I had to rev the snot out of it and then slowly release the clutch to even move so I know he didn't drive it and this experience with safety inspections in Missouri really explains why you see one out of every four cars driving around st. Louis on for spares and a bumper flapping in the wind and a windshield that's been smashed in by probably a pedestrian they hit after a couple of weeks I got a letter from the DMV I thought it would be my new title it wasn't my new title it was a notice that there was a problem with my title it came up matching a stolen vehicle so I had to take this Trabant that was clearly not a stolen Ford Taurus because the VIN is so short on it that it was a partial match with an actual stolen cars VIN so I had to trailer this Trabant that wasn't licensed yet to the sate of the Highway Patrol safety inspection station so they could look at it take a bunch of pictures and send it to their higher up somewhere to show that it's not a Ford Taurus that was an easy inspection for them so I got it running I have I've had it for several years now I don't really drive it much anymore because it's a 26 horsepower car in traffic it doesn't really bode well for anyone's safety my own especially but anyone else around because they're all looking at the car and not watch they're going or they're running into it from behind so I don't drive it very much anymore that and this is just a pain to get out because there's a problem with the engine well now the engine has holes in the side of the cylinders because it was running lean for so long it blew holes in the backs of the cylinder walls so I need to fix that next but before that even before that I didn't drive very much because it's just such a pain to get out I bought it on eBay for 3 grand I probably spent $100 in inspection related fees like windshield wipers I've probably spent over $1,000 in parts on it and God knows how much labor I put into it because I've put a lot of a lot of work into this piece of crap because that's what I like to do and now it's probably worth 5 grand I don't know it's pretty much can't depreciate any more at all so I'm I'm in it yeah profit shrewd negotiation starts with finding the right car and the best way to do that is with Auto Tempest comm Auto tempest allows you to compare the results from Craigslist nationally with all the top listing sites so visit Auto tempest comm today and see where your next dream car is hi

  1. 5000 for a trabant ? Fck me in 2007 we bought 2 one for spares for about 150 dollars and then broke it in half :))

  2. Trabant was clearly NOT the only car you could obtain in East Germany. You could get Russian cars as well, ZAZes, GAZes, VAZes, as well as Moskviches and Zastavas were available to the public. Of course there were certain rules to keep when buying a car during the Socialist years, but you were free to get all kinds of cars made in the Eastern Block. Please get your facts straight before uttering bullshit made of never-quite-understood and half-baked stories about the Evil Communistic System. Americans don't know jack-shit about other parts of the world and you just proved it.

  3. Here in VA you can get a safety inspection done at any licensed shop for a couple hundred bucks and they'll never even look at it.

  4. Wow, you have a Trabant that's certified and on the road? While I saw many of them years ago in Eastern Europe, especially in former East Germany, I've only ever seen one here on this side of the Atlantic. It's on display at the RM Classics car museum near Chatham, Ontario.

  5. Where do you get your inspections??? I LIVE in Missouri, and they have NEVER taken my car for a "inspection" drive..Maybe they would if you had them do work on it, but still.

  6. The result of a democracy under communism. Such a fine auto compared to a free Republic market Mercedes or BMW.

  7. Funny story. But you gotta understand that here in Europe we all drive such cars after WW2, building up Europe, 2CV, VW Beetle, Mini,  with the same issue`s as you describe when they aged. Our fifty's were on mopeds and in the sixties cars appered to public. By the way, people in the old DDR had to wait 15 years before they could drive their Trabant after buying!!

  8. To even suggest a f***ing Trabant is better than Wartburg sends me into a fit of rage!!
    *angrily slams his Moskwich's driver side door *

  9. Trabant was an 1960's car and they didn't change much. It was the car, that most people could pay – the price was about 20 month incomes.

  10. I think Wartburg was their export car. People drove Trabants. I recall seeing Wartbugs in Finland but never Trabants though they also were imported i the 60s.

  11. A special 6 volt charger? Please!
    6, 12 and 24 are all normal. Any decent auto shop will have a single charger than you can switch between all of those voltages.
    I have one, my father has one, work has one…

  12. talk about bringing back some memories. I was stationed in Germany when the wall fell and suddenly the roads were full of Trabants and Wartburgs. Someone wrote into the Stars and Stripes newspaper that it was a last ditch attempt by the Russians to win the cold war by flooding the autobahns with these cars thereby giving the West Germans massive heart attacks trying to drive around them!

  13. My uncle's Trabant is over 50 years old and he's still using it as a regular car its his first but not last car 😃

  14. Legally you only need to register commercial vehicles. You only need a drivers lic for a tractor.
    THATS how you "get away" with nothing. Because its all a nothing.

  15. There is a Czechoslovak group which used this car and fiat 126 on a road trip across Africa and South America 😀 – https://youtu.be/u6OPaqSmO9s

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