What Does Socialism Mean to You?

showers what is the new is a new member
of the Seattle City Council and a member of the Socialist Party Seattle dot gov slash Council is the
website and shallow welcome to the program thank
you for having me thank you for joining us I tell us what
is a socialist the in your mind also showed his maker small but important direction I’m not a
member of the Socialist Party am a member of socialist alternative okay gracious a nationwide organization
%uh for social and economic justice activist and a simple way of understanding
socialism is that socialism is always be of organizing
society such that are it is possible to use P abundant
resources natural and technological in order to deliver a very high standard
of living to all human beings in an
environmentally sustainable way and the best way to understand that is
to see what we have today under capitalism where enormous voters
being generated but the goal of this system is to
maximize their returns for a very small group of individuals at
the very top you know the the most lead and the rest of us
struggle with star are really rapidly a be creating standards of living in
absolutely agree and a I a L I’d like to reduce that to
actual policy considerations how do we do that first though you mentioned the group
that you’re a member of iight I should have had that written
down I’m sorry I don’t you wanna give me their website for that as well absolutely it is WWW dot socialist alternative .org and I would invite all your listeners to visit our website and you know you are
at a very good question we know concretely what does that mean and I
would like to start by a giving a very light example you know
that we ran our campaign calling for a fifteen dollar an hour
minimum wage in Seattle we know that the shove fifteen dollar
initiative in SeaTac a neighboring city a.m. you
know where the International Airport exist i has just passed fifteen dollars an
hour there’s a huge momentum all around the nation and to that end we are organizing
grassroots effort in Seattle and we are launching area big grassroots campaign in Seattle called 15 now .org so if people want to
go to 15 now .org still find information and we are you know we are their organizing
and really want a people from all over the country to be involved in different
ways but especially people from Seattle and
I’m you know are socialist fight for think
Dad most people most working people who
support a living wage healthcare a decent standard of living safe neighborhoods %uh a good
environment nutritious food everything bird what make would make socialist
different and what sets us apart into understanding but Bush’s fault in order to win any of these things you
have to go against the power of corporations
against a super wealthy and so you have to be willing tube steak
the site you know you have to say yes if I
am to really fight for these things for my fellow workers for my you know
for my family and friends then that means that I am going to go
against the power big business and the way to do that the
bed most effective way to do that is to do it in an organized way so you know
not only unions in the labor movement but even
unorganized workers people in the community can come together and bring all your strength together
until you have a laser sharp focus on winning any of these demands the other
thing that sets it apart is that we don’t just fight for these
reforms read when while we are fighting for
these reforms Rio but be careful to tell everybody around us deadlock real fight for these reforms we
may be successful getting them but the fact is that capitalism the way
to work these reforms will be snatched away from
us you know in the next generation will be facing the same
issues look at how often women are having to fight for this same
rights over and over again reproductive rights this is what capitalism does so we need
not to not only to fight for major reforms we
also need to fight to change the system and yeah I’m I’m with you what what are
the you know with the the guiding the
organizing principles for socialist alternative go and why
socialist alternative as opposed to the traditional Socialist Party or or
any of the socialist organizations that are left over from from you know them the last century I think it is important for shoval are
for four hours in socialist alternative to recognize that it is not enough to have are you know a
few hundred people that you know that I agree with you and then you going to meetings with them a new
pre should acquire no I’m force tasked and the most important
tasks is to go out into the community to go out among working people fast food
workers child care workers everywhere that people are struggling to
stay afloat from the race to the bottom and talk to
them about the need for them to get organized we don’t do all workers were making more
than 15 and tell them look it important for you to be in
solidarity with work low-wage workers can join the fight for
15 because otherwise we r all going to end
up at the very bottom and so the way do are you know where to get organized is
to be in solidarity with each other and what socialist
alternative does is v organized within our communities
within our neighborhood wherever we are so one really good
example is are in all our branches in Minneapolis
Seattle Boston in Bellingham in washington re more are an integral part of the Occupy
movement we don’t are isolate ourselves or reject other
people’s movement other are actions because they are not
socialist we believe that there’s a lot more we have in
common than our differences and the most important
thing we have to raise that socialist alternative has been
saying is dead working people not only need to come of
in action and then when these are fun but are you came to a
realization that ultimately we have to fight for a new
political alternative the democratic and republican and failed us the two-party system is
not working for us rigby frustrated with the political
dysfunction so it’s time to get organized and have are own candidates have our own
organizations and I independent of the parties very well said and as soon as
the Thom Hartmann program Sharma so on and the socialist
alternative .org is the website new member the Seattle City Council
thank you for joining us thank you very much I’m

  1. One of the things is not problems with Socialism is the ideological diversity of the philosophy. There are Marxist Socialists who want to nationalize the economy to turn it over for the central government to run. Very few countries still practice that economic system.

    There are Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialists. Who are in favor of a certain level of Capitalism. As long as it comes with a substantial welfare state to provide the basic human services that people need to live well. As well as a safety net for people who fall through the cracks of the Capitalist economic system. 

  2. Am I missing something? What does capitalism have to do with reproductive rights? Seriously, I don't get that connection.

  3. Socialism provides sage neighborhoods? Why are the neighborhoods receiving the most gov't assistance also the most violent?

  4. What does capitalism  have to do with reproductive health? With out capitalism you'd be doing abortions with spoons in a log cabin. 

  5. Kathy Kelly- I was going to explain to you how capitalism does nothing for you and that you are confusing capitalism with free enterprise. Though after seeing more of your comments I decided it would be more productive to explain economics to my cat. So instead I'll say WAKE UP! Or at least take the time to inform yourself how things work.

  6. Socialism to me means putting people into categories like rich/poor gay/not-gay black/white men/woman and treating them differently biased on the category they belong to. It means forcing the poor to work to remain poor because they will never become rich and having the rich remain rich because they will always be rich. Gay people will always remain gay their entire lives and non-gay people will be non-gay their entire lives blacks always black-whites ect ect.. a person is born into their group in their "socialist community" and will remain there forever. 

  7. " Workers "  will be wiped out by technology sometime later in this century. This has been happening since the end of WWII.  I wonder if Ms Sawant has ever heard of the Soviet Buran Space Shuttle ?

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