1. Zwei Personen kamen und baten mir an, ihnen zu folgen unter ihres gleichen zu leben, sie gaben mir Nahrung und Haim und leisen mich wahrnehmen u. verstehen was, wie, warum sie so taten und da ich nun unter ihres gleichen war – geliebt, wahrgenommen, versorgt, intigriert – und verstanden hat, sie handeln zum Wohl Aller, da war sie dann auf einmal, die Lust selbiges zu tun.

  2. Social justice requires a social consciousness. Egypt has inspired the people of the world to peacefully demand and collectively persue a more just society.


  3. Social Justice needs to include Human Rights for all on a level playing field. The
    Haves do not want to give to the Have Nots. There must be a productive pathway
    for those willing to make an effort for economic reasons. For me a mandate is to be found in the words of the Messiah Jesus (Isa in Arabic) in Matthew 25 : 31 – 41 in the Holy Bible (Injeel).

  4. Social justice: businesses of today recognizing the work of all the society in the past and, thus, reallocating money of their profits in every one hands. Less beautifull words and more effective laws and facts. This is the moment to demand a global basic income guarantee like a layer for de human rights.

  5. La justicia social es obligación de todos y cada uno de nosotros, es el garante de una mejor calidad de vida para todos, es garantizar que cada cual tenga lo que está acorde con sus características y necesidades. Justicia social es permitir que todos tengan oportunidad de ser y hacer desde sus propias características y con una visión de comunidad: estoy en el mundo junto con otros y puedo contribuir para hacer de él un mejor lugar para vivir.

  6. 国际劳工组织,是世界各国工人阶级的家!
    The ILO is the home of the working class around the world!

  7. Everyone should learn about United Nations Agenda 21. "Social Justice" and redistribution of wealth sounds cool to American liberals. Wait until they find that their money is not being redistributed in America, but to other countries. Is that really what they want? I don't think so. Remember the blacks waiting in line for their "Obama money?" They really thought redistribution of wealth was coming to them. People on welfare in America are richer than many people in 3rd world countries.

  8. I just added this to my video ideas list so I will plan to create a response here soon. For me social justice should be/is about not only helping those whose voices have been muted but also being a bullhorn as far as advocacy goes. My personal strategy is using art to educate and inspire people to make a difference. Subscribe to my channel to see more of what I do with my art and be sure to catch my video response.

  9. It is such a misconception that helping people is seen as communism. Sad but true…I guess that idea is partially why I use the term social change. I create art for social change. It turns fewer people off and I can more easily avoid politics when I really just want to help people.

  10. As people of faith we all agree that social justice is part of what God has called us to do yet few of us think of this as something that should be an ongoing part of our weekly routines. Please come and check out “New Democracy” a song on political corruption, and please comment your thoughts! "New Democracy" – Stop Political Corruption

  11. To me "Social justice" means theft, violence, envy and a complete disrespect for human rights. Social justice is the very core idea of communism and other collectivist ideologues which have led to starvation and suffering.

    A truly just society is one in which no one imposes their will on other people and no one is allowed to STEAL from other people.

    Social justice is the root of all evil and horrible idea.         

  12. For the libertarian view of Social Justice, do a youTube search on the key words "Social Justice and Its Critics"

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