1. The truth is every form of government, taken by itself, is terrible in practice. Autocracy, Monarchy, Democracy, Oligarghy, etc. You need a mixture of kinds that counterbalance each other. Otherwise one aspect of it gets out of control.

    Pure capitalism leads to monopolies that screw over the populus. Pure socialism leads to Orwellian States. Pure autocracy leads to facism. Pure democracy leads to 51% of people forcing the remaining 49% to do shit they don't like or don't believe in. You can't just have ONE thing. If you do then it spirals out of control. You need a mixture.

    However, our mixture doesn't seem very balanced anymore.

  2. No, people are too stupid to understand these things. The powers will simply use racism and hate to destroy the socialist movement.

  3. A more left capitalism isn't going to fix the problems of capitalism, meanwhile society sufferers, the environment is destroyed and many people lose the will to live once the trinkets and distractions loose their appeal.

    If we don't overcome capitalism we will just repeat these cycles endlessly which may be okay for the bourgeois Atlantic who always ultimately side with fascists but not for human progress and moral decency and democracy, we did the "new deal" and it was UNDONE.

  4. I could almost read the wikipedia page and the first three results on a google search and see the script written. What is failed to be mentioned is that people are using the term because some college kid heard it in college and then ran with it to go viral to look smart and relevant to their friends. Now it floats around like so many terms, "facts" and "truths" with the same depth of knowledge. Ask five questions to most people trying out their "big boy" words and you quickly learn that they have NEVER used the phrase "I don't know" and "I would have to do some critical thinking and research on that." As of now– reddit, buzzfeed and Huffington Post are tomes of wisdom for many cyber-intellectuals.

  5. I'd rather be in a capitalist society than a communist one. Because there's even more inequality in communism as human devours have no rewards. People who have talent and ideas who want to work harder than others are limited by bureaucracy.
    In a communism, people are all " equal ", but would someone want to live in a society where everyone has to eat the same type of dish everyday; that's one example. Entrepreneurs who want introduce better products and services to the market are forced to shutdown because the government cronies only get to play, that's why in capitalist societies the free-market exist.
    Socialism just mean communist-lite.
    Look at Venezuela.

  6. Hopefully the USA will only become "more "socialist"", meaning "socialist" in this right-winger sense that has been increasingly embraced by the left, that is, just expanding/improving and adopting more welfare policies like public healthcare and so on, not strict socialism, meaning, generalized nationalization/state-ownership of industries and commerce under the democratic dictatorship of the proletariat.

  7. "Late capitalism" is the left's own version of the right-winger/originally mostly neo-nazi "cultural marxism". A vague boogey man. Less conspiracy-theoretical, leaving implied that somehow everything Marx prophesied is unfolding, and living standards are just decreasing. When it's more like the opposite, in the big-picture (as shown beautifully in the TED talks of the late Hans Rosling), despite things being far from perfect.

  8. I just came here to hear corporate media tell me how capitalism is great for them. I'm glad you're doing well Atlantic, meanwhile wages are stagnant and prices rising… Corporate coup

  9. The economy and the govt has always been a facade for social order. Food grows on trees, and you can do whatever you want as long as no one stops you.

  10. This video misses the point that leaves stage capitalism has a completely different meaning than it used to. It's like trying to see what the word gay means nowadays by looking at its previous use in history.

  11. Having an economics degree, and also reading political comments are a constant war of wanting to correct people but knowing they wouldn’t listen anyway and just accepting exasperated defeat.

  12. This presenter's voice and appearance make me want to kill myself. Her inflection is so flat, so dead, so uncaring, that it removes all hope that life will ever improve. All is lost.

  13. I realize uncanny features originating from AI assisted video editing techniques. It took me quite long to notice, a year? two years? I'm crazy? Ok

  14. “A socialist revolution is far fetched”

    2025: Hold my beer.

    (and when I say beer, I mean wine fermented from the ripened grapes of wrath)

  15. Banning of Religion, banning of Free Speech, killing of dissenters, one party state are just a hand full of the wonders of a Workers state.

  16. BS. Yes, the 50% hasn't got much more money, but their money is now worth more. Today almost everybody can afford air conditioning, smartphones, cars, food, and almost any other thing you deem necessary. You can't say that about 70, 60, 50, 40 or even 30 years ago. That's the beauty of Capitalism.

  17. Obvious attempt by terrified uber capitalists to sway the American public away from revolution and the desire for equality and real democracy.

  18. Late *stage capitalism. The joke is that corporatism is the cancerous variant of capitalism that overgrows and kills off facets of society for no other reason than a notion of limitless growth. The question asked by people is to what end? Rich people see growth as some calling but don’t actually have an end goal in mind to that effect.

  19. The problem with PIketty's work is that he didn't perform any statistical analysis on the data he collected, in attempting to test the hypothesis that wealth inequality arises from the return on capital (r) being greater than economic growth in general, (g). His conclusion (or rather, confirmation of his assertion,) seems to stem mostly from a visual examination of his data. The other problem his work faces is that he doesn't seem to account for capital depreciation; accounting for this further undermines his conclusions, and shows that the increase in wealth inequality we've seen these past few decades is mostly generated by land-assets and housing disparities.

  20. Ugh, late-capitalism isn't a meme…i mean, it is but it isn't. People are not using it in any former academic sense of the term but rather because people are becoming more and more aware that investment market capitalism, as we know it, is reaching the limits of sustainability. As a meme, it's to mock symptomatic occurrences therein. To Marxists, late stage capitalism was when capitalism begins reaching it's limit for siphoning wealth out of the proletariat and begins to siphon off it's own resources in order to sustain itself. You can see this behavior everywhere, from retail and service industry outsourcing every bit of labor it can, to video games publishers introducing predatory gambling schemes, to contractors using cheaper materials and migrant labor, to insurance institutions raising prices while lobbying against obamacare so they can engage in consumer discrimination and service limitations, to financial institutions continuing to lobby for deregulation so they can engage in riskier and riskier investments, having learned absolutely nothing from 2008, to widespread corporate welfare and tax avoidance that proliferates the entire economy…you could literally go on and on all day.

    Marx understood that greed is never satiated, and sure enough we have developed a scarcity economy on the premise of infinite growth, you have to be completely fucking deluded to ignore the flaws in that logic. Unfortunately, Marx did have a blindspot; a lack of imagination. He could have never predicted we'd find ourselves in possession of the technology we have now. The dictatorship of the proletariat was a solution for the industrial revolution but today we have the potential to transcend scarcity entirely, where we can build a transitional hybrid economy where capital growth is irrelevant, if people pursue it. In a more cynical future, we may otherwise drift more and more toward the authoritarian right as we struggle to maintain life support on a terminally ill capitalist economy.

  21. This american lads have no idea what socialism is. Unless the means of production are taken by force, you don't have a socialist country, just a welfare state.

    Its going to be a shame, when the reds take control, to see all of this poor people be forced out of the career they love, journalism, into an industry that's deemed "more important".

  22. I agree that the rich business owners need to pay their workers more at the very least $14 an hour that's enough to scrape by on anything less and you can't keep up with your bills but I also think socialism is not the answer either at least not government ran socialism community-based socialism such as your local church and welfare office as well as food banks and local rescue operations yes but if taxes aren't lowered and average wages aren't increased there will start to be unrest and violence, revolutionary violence not for quite some time but if this Trend continues then I guarantee it will eventually reach that Peak the only reason people are turning to socialism is because we're being treated unfairly I'm sure if companies would just work with us all list socialist BS would go away

  23. China is going to eat all of you, and I can't wait. By the time you've finished figuring out that capitalism isn't going to die anytime soon, China's power will stretch to Mars and beyond.

  24. Those claiming we're in the late stages of capitalism are very similar to those who claim the second coming of Christ is near. Both are hopeless zealots.

  25. You can tell she's reading straight off the prompter at every single second. From her eyes to her speech pattern.

  26. I always hated the term. It reflects the hubris of the purely theoretical marxist type. As if to say, not only is the system run by the casinos on Wall Street necesarily going to end, and not only will it end *predictably*, but we, in our present tense, are right at the cusp of it. How long have these armchair revolutionaries been crying "the end is nigh!" now? Seeing how things have been going since Occupy, if there were a revolution just around the corner, I wouldn't place my chips on a leftist one, unfortunately.

  27. its painfully obvious that’s she’s reading off a teleprompter and doesn’t really know what she’s talking about and it really distracts from the actual content of the video

  28. So much bias! Maybe if our president could keep the illusion of capital up maybe capitalism wouldn’t be crashing so fucking hard!

  29. Eh, how can you have a discussion about the phrase "late capitalism" without discussing Lenin's pamphlet: "imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism"? I mean he doesn't use the actual phrase "late capitalism" but it is still a treatise on the highest/ultimate/latest stage of capitalism. I think Lenin had profound influence on this concept. Most certainly on the Trotskyist intellectual Ernest Mandel.

  30. It is nothing but the wishful thinking of the ever-present-yet-not-so-numerous bolshevik wannabes on Twitter. The irony is delicious.

  31. she said a more socialist left in the usa is already here, well so is a more radical right its called polititcal polarization

  32. Surely they mean "crony-Capitalism"? As far as my understanding goes, true capitalism has never existed. The US got close but its is a mixed economy, not a capitalist economy.

  33. In early capitalism, white men with better guns stole land from poor peasants, committed genocide on indigenous populations in US, Australia,NZ, etc. They invested the profits in factories and early stage shopping centres back home in Europe..
    In late capitalism, they do the same, except with much bigger,faster guns and bombing planes. The blood profits still get stashed in the very same places though, London and Switzerland mostly.
    Smash down bourgeois Babylon !

  34. So basically, socialists don't have a lot of creativity and use the same term to describe elements of the status quo they don't like.

  35. The extremely rich and multinational corporations have only themselves to blame. Rigging the game so badly to milk every last penny from people while social ills such as poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, etc continue to fester or get worse. When people's lives begin to degrade as inflation gradually bites at stagnant wages, people will express their displeasure. The 1% better wake up to this fact before a new Bastille is chosen.

  36. "Late Capitalism" will meet its fateful end once folks figure out how much "free stuff" actually costs them. Judging by how much its critics are willing to pay for Apple products, I'd say we are nowhere near the end. We are probably in some sort of "Social Justice Capitalism" where companies pretend to care about social justice issues to sell products to people who pretend to hate Capitalism.

  37. "cynical" it's not really cynical if it's reality, hm?
    edit: holy shit late capitalism has been a phrase since 2017

  38. late capitalism will be here when monopolies become more prevalent and automation removes labor thus a vacuum of revenue generation is created basically making the 1% the only earners of capital. I think the government is partially to blame for this future but they will also be the ones who have to use the power of the state to redistribute wealth into a UBI. That is undoubtedly our future.

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