The weather British food drinking tea oh god okay separate hot and cold taps nightmare What’s wrong with you people?! like the rest of the world has figured this out how would you like to die? by freezing, or by boiling?! every time i wash my hands i actually wash my hands this way two seconds on cold, a second and a half on hot and then it’s fine i’ve done that! i’ve done that. you know what i came to the tube this morning I stepped on someone’s shoes they apologised to me they say sorry so many times it’s like contagious whenever i go back to France now, I say like “désolé” all the time as well on the metro so i’ll be like “pardon, pardon, pardon” even if you don’t mean it, I think that’s the intrinsic part what took me a while to get, is the ’cause you’ve got the like the apologetic sorry, the passive aggressive sorry, and just the aggressive sorry “Excuse me!” I am sorry, oh excuse me sir! More important than politics Yeah! It’s really really important Like one thing that I realised here is it’s like, when it’s sunny, you go full bananas the first sunny day of the year it’s like twelve, twelve degrees and you know, and everyone’s like, it’s been sunny for like, more than twenty minutes now let’s strip! bloody hell, bloody hell honey, honey I’m not your honey I don’t know you! cheers, I love cheers! Alright mate? I used to say, you know “Less-est-er” “Le-le-less-est-er” square, like “Green-witch” They do say “f**k” in every sentence I know! Yeah i know, even like when they’re just walking by Yeah! And when they’re happy too! You can use basically any word, like any adjective and in the right context people will, you know, guess that you’re talking about being drunk It’s incredible i love queueing i just love it! it’s at the same rank as drinking, it’s just like they’re both sports and you must excel at both You just said that with such conviction just like “I love queueing!” because i remember the first time i was in front of Barclay’s and i saw all of these people in the queue like this just waiting I can’t believe there was nobody shouting or pushing or saying, “oh for f**ks sake, I’m still waiting, hellooo! Can you move?!” You know? We don’t queue in Italy I love teas Tea is bad. Tea is so good! Drinking tea here is like a religion tea’s just boring! question is, do you lift your little finger? Tea. You have like thousands of teas and you can just enjoy it Yeah but you can do that with wine instead you have to be very precise with the amount of time you leave the tea bag inside the thing right if you like, put in the milk wrong like too much or too little ohh you’re gonna get bollocked What are you doing here? You don’t like the Queen, you don’t like tea Every day after work hours, at least like two or three pints It’s so easy to spend your entire day in a pub so like arrive to eat and then and then have a few pints then like, “time to have food again!” and then you have food again, then more drinks so i’ve literally been sat here for 9 hours when i moved here, i was sorta like “well, i’m gonna do the same” like “i’m gonna go out at midnight” but as soon as i lived in camden back then i sort of opened up the door and there was like this circus and british people are completely unable to talk about their feelings if they’re sober like especially in the case of relationships like one or two people having a good time out but you start realising it’s the entire town getting shitfaced when it’s clear that, you know, two people fancy each other and i’ve had that on dates so many times and it’s like “no, no we still have three pints to go before anything can happen” because this is a weird country oh, ‘what would you miss if you left the UK?’ awwh, I would miss so many things I think i would miss the people seriously i think the Brits are some of the most charming people on Earth I just love them, I love the fact that they’re a bit colder and they’re not so touchy and they’re not so intrusive a country where you can actually start a business over the phone is a country where you can actually make stuff happen and it’s a land of opportunity like you can be anyone or do anything here exactly! without being judged and i just love the energy like the vibe of it yeah there’s so many things.. happening everywhere like pretty much everything that we covered today the weather ah… not the weather I really like this silly country um, you know, can’t believe I said that on camera Sylvia, would you miss queueing? YES! YES! A lot! I wouldn’t queue anymore i’ll be like okay i’m just going there… let me go through

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