What Do Anarchists Think About Animal Liberation?

anarchism aims for society free from oppression and domination these values have in turn led many anarchists to become vegetarians and vegans or at the very least advocate improved animal welfare the Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin for example claimed that quote civilized man will extend his principles of solidarity to the whole human race and even to the animals this view was most consistently and fully articulated by the French anarchist and yog refer elisee reclue who wrote against the oppression of animals by humans as early as 1896 and 1901 for a clue meat-eating rests on a simultaneous process of violence against and degradation of non-human animals he writes quote today's domestication of animals exhibits in many ways moral regression since far from improving animals we have deformed and corrupted them although through selective reading we have improved qualities such as strength dexterity scent and speed in racing as meat-eaters our major preoccupation has been to increase the bulk of meat and fat on four legs to provide walking storehouses of flesh that hobble from the manure pile to the slaughterhouse can we really say that the PEGI superior to the wild boar or the timid sheep to the courageous muffle the great art of breeders is to castrate the animals and create sterile hybrids they train horses with the bit whip and spur and then complained that the animals show no initiative even when they domesticate animals under the best possible conditions they reduced their resistance to disease and ability to adapt to new environments turning them into artificial beings incapable of living spontaneously in free nature such degradation of species is itself a great evil but civilized science goes even further and sets about exterminating them we have seen her many birds have been wiped out by European hunters in New Zealand Australia Madagascar and the polar archipelagos and how many waris's and other cetaceans have already disappeared the whale has fled the waters of the temperate zone and soon will not even be found among the ice shields of the Arctic Ocean all the large land animals are similarly threatened we already know the fate of the Oryx and the Bison and we can foresee that of the rhinoceros the hippopotamus and the elephant this mistreatment of other animals is itself symptomatic of how people destroy the natural environment in order to meet their own ends recluse quote isn't this moreover the way that we act in relation to all of nature let loose a pack of Engineers in a charming Valley in the midst of Meadows and trees on the banks of a beautiful river and you'll soon see what they are capable of doing to it they will do everything in their power to make their own work conspicuous and hide nature under piles of gravel and coal they will be quite proud to see the sky criss-crossed by streaks of filthy yellowish or black smoke from their locomotives the violent and non caring treatment of non-human animals in turn acts as a foundation for violence against fellow humans recluse how Europeans who committed atrocities when crushing the Boxer Rebellion in China came to be quote wild beasts with human faces who take pleasure in tying Chinese people together by their clothing and pigtails and then throwing them into a river how is it possible for them to finish off the wounded and false prisoners to dig their own graves before shooting them reclue applied quote but isn't there a direct causal relationship between the food eaten by these executioner's who call themselves quote civilizer x' and their brutal deeds they often praise bloody flesh as a source of health strength and intelligence and without disgust they go into butcher shops with slippery reddish pavement and breathed the sickly sweet odour of blood how much difference is there between the dead carcass of a cow and that of a man their severed limbs and entrails mixed in with one another looked quite similar the slaughter of the former facilitates the murder of the latter especially when an order a sounds from a superior or when one hears from afar the words of his royal master quote show no mercy for reclue quote it is in no way a digression to mention the horrors of war in connection with massacres of cattle and carnivorous banquets people's diet corresponds closely to their morality blood calls for blood the murder of non-whites by Europeans rested according to a clue on the same kind of thinking that underlies meat-eating culture such as the notion that it is wrong to kill cats but ok to kill pigs the morality of white supremacy quote holds that there are two laws for mankind one law for those of yellow skin and another law that is the prerogative of the whites apparently in the future it will be permissible to kill or torture the former while it will still be wrong to do so to the latter but isn't morality equally flexible when applied to animals by goading dogs on to tear Fox to pieces the gentleman learns how to send his marksman after the fleeing Chinese the two kinds of hunt are part of one in the same quote sport to overcome forms of sectarianism such as nationalism or racism humans must come to view one another as part of an international human family as Rick Lee writes quote each individual must be able to address any of his peers in complete brotherhood likewise humans should come to consider non-human animals as part of an extended family composed of all living things we should come to understand that what we are taught to consider quote meat on feed in fact loves as we do feels as we do for the vegetarian quote the real concern is to recognize the bonds of affection and kindness that link man to animals the horse and the cow the wild rabbit and the can't the deer and the hare these are more valuable to us as friends than as meat we eager to have them either as respected fellow workers or simply as companions in the joys of living and loving or as recluse as elsewhere vegetarians seek to make of animals quote neither our servants nor our machines but rather are true companions coming to view of animals as friends rather than food is merely an expansion of what humans already do with their favorite animals the clue writes quote just as there are many carnivores today who refuse to eat the flesh of man's noble companion the horse or that of those pampered guests in our homes the dog and the cat in the same way it is repugnant to us to drink the blood of the steer an animal whose labor helps supply us with bread we no longer want to hear the bleating of sheep the bellowing of cows or the grunts and piercing cries of pigs as veía led to the slaughterhouse the process of coming to treat other animals as friends rests on nourishing rather than destroying the natural environment and we share with all other life-forms reclue writes that we must quote develop the part of the earth that falls to us so as to make it as pleasant as possible not only for ourselves but also for the animals of our household as reclue elsewhere quote to develop the continents the seas and the atmosphere that surrounds us to cultivate our garden on earth to rearrange and regulate the environment in order to promote each individual plant animal and human life to become fully conscious of our human solidarity forming one body with the planet itself and to take a sweeping view of our origins our prayer and our mediate goal and our distant ideal this is what progress means if you liked this video please support me on patreon and help fund my PhD if you want to see me post random things please follow me on Twitter have a nice day everyone

  1. Veganism is a natural extension of the anarchist tradition. Any commited anarchist will always be anti-speciesist. I sometimes find it awfully ridiculous to think how one animal species(homo sapiens) puts itself at the centre of the universe and constructs a theory giving itself supremacy over all other sentient beings. Think over it fellas, what is the basis of Human Rights? Can you think of some arguments to suggest why only Sapiens should have the rights that we do, like the right to life and the right not to be enslaved( chattel slavery)? Should the basis be intellect, language or sentience?

  2. Hello there! I really enjoyed your video and will be reading up on the great people you mentioned. So much wisdom and awesome to see that this message was being spread so long ago. Why is it that people haven't learned yet?


    Vegans still place sentient organisms higher in the hierarchy compared to plants, fungi and bacteria.

  4. If we are to take some of the arguments of vegetarians and vegans to their logical conclusion, should we not also be concerned about predation in nature? Obviously we would have to straighten out things with our own species first, perhaps a technological solution to grow meat artificially instead of on the animals would provide a means to both eliminate the tendency to exploit animals for meat and provide a possible solution for feeding predators without the need for predation. The next logical step would be to segregate predators from prey. it would be a massive under taking and many vegans and vegetarians are not sincere enough in their arguments or their beliefs to take it that far, but I believe that if it becomes within our capacity to do so we will have a moral obligation to.

  5. Thanks for making this. It's important that leftists are able to defend nonhuman animals among the onslaught of accusations of classism from our non vegan comrades. It may be uncomfortable, but, to me, selective liberation is hollow liberation. Total liberation!

  6. Vegan Anarchist are much better than capitalist vegans who think they can vote with their wallet cuz free market. I Will never be Vegan ever. But I will support the funding of growing meat labs so that it can be identical to live animal meat without it being synthetic because it is real meat. Humans need omega 3s only found in animal fats. It's also tastes good and I'm poor. The problem with domesticated animals is that they will all die in the wild. Where will they go?

  7. I am a hardcore Anarchist as well a hardcore Vegan.
    They both go kind of hand in hand. Total Liberation. Fuck the system.

  8. I disagree….if you cant see the difference between killing a cow and a human being you have a serious problem

  9. Anarchist vegan my self. Also straight edge (check out Sober Living For The Revolution if you're at all interested).

  10. So wait. If, to Reclus, there is a direct and causal relationship between meat-eating and a willingness to commit mass murder, then there should not be any vegetarian mass murderers, right? But Hitler was a vegetarian. I can understand and perhaps get behind the idea of treating animals more humanely, but the argument that it is carnivorous diets which lead to dehumanization seems outrageously poorly backed up. It relies on a coincidental similarity between two actions to somehow draw the conclusion that a meat-eating diet is what enables mass murder while vegetarianism prevents it.

    Aside from all of that, however, there is a rather severe issue with animal rights being put in this way. If there is a sanctity of life and personhood to be respected by us towards animals, then what are we to do when their lives are being threatened by one another? Surely we would not be content to stand aside while the cow we refuse to eat is ripped to shreds by a pack of wolves any more than we would stand aside if this were to happen to a human being, yes? But then what of the wolves' right to nutrition? Are we, through our morality, to starve the wolf or lion or bear which, through no fault of their own, are part of species which evolved to subsist on meat? Do they not have just as much right to life as we? But they cannot fulfill their right to life except at the expense of others who have an identical right to life as they. In this situation, through our action or inaction, we shall be invariably forced to choose which has the greater right to life, because even if we decide not to get involved, we would then simply be choosing the side of the predator against the prey.

    Additionally, what would be done with so many of the animals that are alive today? If the vegan arguments about agriculture and climate change are true, then their solution, which is to end all meat consumption and the keeping of animals for meat, would not actually solve anything. Living animals still produce the same methane, would still need to be fed, and would still produce the same waste. Reducing their impact on the environment would thus necessitate their mass slaughter, but under the anarchist view of rights would be tantamount to genocide. This view of rights would lead to absolute opposition to the logical conclusion of veganism's climate change arguments. But assuming they are not murdered to prevent their impact on the environment, what then? Are they to be simply set loose to graze and compete against one another? Are we to adopt them as pets the way dogs and cats have so been? What of the population explosion which would likely occur? Or do you believe they must needs be neutered or separated to prevent further breeding? What of the breeding that has already been done? Reclus speaks of the horrors that have been inflicted upon animals, such as turning the mighty boar into the docile pig, but what is to be done now that the pig exists? We cannot reverse time to change them back into boars. We must decide how to deal with the pig as it exists now, not wish that the boar that existed before were still all there was. I do, for the sake of doubt, assume your opinion does not preclude consumption within the third world, at least initially, as the privilege and classism involved in a first-world vegetarian commanding third-world peasants and workers to remove part of their already constrained diet would have to be obvious, but consider the implications of this interpretation upon them in your mind as well.

    I imagine one might hand-wave each of these problems away through some allusion towards technology, but this raises two important problems. First, that even if such technology will be here someday, it is not here today, and it is today's world which we must change. Second, doesn't appealing to a technology that does not exist even now to solve these problems invalidate the positions held by Reclus over a century ago? If we are not able to care for billions of livestock animals even today without resorting to a technology argument, then how could Reclus have solved this issue with the technology available to us in 1898 or 1901?

    Humane treatment, the reduction of suffering, these are things which are right to do simply because there is no valid reason not to do them. Just because we and others must consume to live does not mean that the object of our consumption must be made to suffer unnecessarily,. But, in the end, unless and until we invent a way for all of us to draw nourishment from sunlight alone, it is simply a fact of our existence that for us to continue living, some other living thing must die, be it plant, animal, or fungus, and the same is true for every other beast we may deign to respect. For every step down this rabbit-hole we take, we shall find ourselves farther from, not closer to, a final and satisfying solution.

  11. Lovely video, anarchopac. Socialists and particularly anarchists should give veganism a shot. The world could always use more empathy and kindness.

  12. I have nothing wrong with taking care of the enviornment but you cant just throw something into anarchism and claim its anarchist when it has little or nothing to do with anarchism. Liberal intersectionality is weakening the modern radical left, its turning us into a laughing stock.

    Anarchism should be about the the death of state and private enterpise. Nothing more.

    Adding in all these spooks and idpol trash pollutes the school of thought and makes it so you have to accept a whole bunch of unessecary baggage of irrelevant social issues that have almost nothing to do with anarchism.

    I say we get all these fuckin' spooks out of anarchism so we can go back to putting porkies and their state puppets on spit roasts!

  13. I feel like your videos resonate with sincere love for humanity, and as this video shows, for all life. I find that and your clear arguments to be extremely touching. It fill me with hope, and sometimes that is what I really need.

  14. "The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world" Paul Farmer

  15. Great video though I admit I disagree with the whole "meat is murder" stance. For me, eating meat isn't wrong in of itself. What is wrong is the cruel treatment of animals by the industrial meat industry with its focus on so-called "efficiency" above all else. I come from a family of hunters and the only meat I've ever eaten is that which was hunted by either myself or another family member. Once a year my father, my brother, and myself go out to a game farm belonging to a friend of my uncle (a professional hunter) and hunt one or two animals each (all of them some form of buck e.g. springbok, hartebeest, etc.).
    This provides us with more than enough meat to see us through the rest of the year. The animals themselves are only hunted during the kulling season and are otherwise left to roam free. Whatever meat we don't take with us (and there is a lot left over, believe me) is given to the farm hands and their families. This, to me, is a far more humane way of getting our supply of meat without having to support the atrocious conditions of the average large-scale abbotoir.
    (Of course, my support of hunting does not extend to trophy hunters and "canned" hunting – that is just blood-lust pure and simple and deserves all the anger it gets)

  16. Is there anything in particular you would recommend reading on animal liberation? The subject greatly interests me.

  17. I think there's issues with trying to draw a direct relationship between eating meat and violence towards humans. For one it still creates a privileged space for humans, where the violence done to non-human animals is treated as only bad due to its flow on effect to humans. But also I'm not sure given the industrialised nature of the meat industry and its violences enacted many steps removed from the consumer whether it's true at all. I think, much like your discussion of ML atrocity apology, it's the practicing of justifications for the violence that present the largest issues. The hierarchy of animals is even ingrained in animal ethics boards.

  18. I'm an anarchist and a meat eater, but I've never had a decent argument against vegetarianism. Though are the arguments here essentially extending the principals of anarchism to animals? Allow me to be a bit stupid here, but we are talking about liberating animals from oppression, right? Well, we're not the only animals that harm other animals, so what do we do about predators? Also, I can understand being sympathetic towards the feelings of pigs and sheep and whatnot, but does that empathy really extend to insects, or plankton, or further back, plants? Because everything we eat is alive, so where's are stop off point and why?

    Sorry, I'm a bit high right now and I need to get these stupid questions out!

  19. I would love it so much if you had a reccomended reading list somewhere. You often cite anarchist writers I've never heard and I like that you're talking about them on this platform. Thanks for the video.

  20. Thanks for introducing me to Reclus. Can't believe I've never heard of him. So many of his arguments resound today still. Total liberation for all sentient kind!

  21. I live a few blocks from a chicken rendering plant. It's gone through many upgrades to hide what goes on inside. The trucks full of live chickens use to pull up to an open air docking bay with no concern about the stench it produced and the effect it had on the local community. It's as if they knew that this working class neighborhood wouldn't complain because they relied on this place for work. I could tell you the history of this place and the horrors it contains, but I have not enough space in this forum to explain the horror and pain. The only visible window into this place is the lunch room, full of workers lunch bags on tables.

  22. You realize that all agriculture is industrial, by nature. So, the question becomes what kind of consideration do the animals receive in exchange for us to use the land that they are, in part, entitled to when we displace their natural diet with our own? And, of course, that very decision will indeed displace certain kinds of insects which would have normally flourished had we not planted more land for our nutritional needs once we ween off beef. What recompense are allowed the bees once their wild flowers are tilled over for soy and corn?

    I'm afraid you're living in the past. Is this what passes for progress these days? I thought you guys were "radicals."

  23. I'm really glad you put up transcripts, I can read your essays a lot better than I can listen to them, I still to make sure that I play it all the way through though, so you show up in recommended videos.

    At first the idea that the violence we learn to do to animals paves the way for violence to humans was absurd and unscientific, but then I remembered that the idea that English settlers in Ireland learned their colonial violence from their participation in the crusades is a respected historical theory. The main reason it seemed strange to me is because I wasn't willing to grant animals humanity from the start. It was nice that even as a vegetarian this video jarred me out of my human supremacist mindset.

  24. Oh my god, the comic with Kropotkin reading a bedtime story to a bear and a turtle and a dog and a goose and a cat is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Now I want to read to bears and turtles, then tuck them into bed.

  25. I think advertising is also an important part of the puzzle here. Corporations have us so brainwashed. I was vegetarian for a few years while I lived in Eastern Europe and I cannot tell you how many times people told me with complete confidence that I'd die if I didn't start eating meat again. It sounds ridiculous, but Americans believe similar things about milk. Whenever I tell people that I'm trying to drink less milk they tell me that milk is essential for healthy bones even though we've known for years now that no it's fucking not.

  26. Suppose I raised several goats myself on a farm. Let them wander around in a very wide space, avoided all manner of physical abuse throughout their lives, fed them organically but then at a certain point decided to take away the occasional goat and kill it quickly and painlessly for food. Would you personally say that is evil? Or see me as a bad person? I'm asking for your opinion on this specifically, Anarchopac.

    Great video, by the way. I'm not a vegetarian or vegan myself but I do find mostly everything you say and share in this video well put together and sensible.

  27. Nice one. Nice to see a video about animal liberation. No excuse for animal abuse! Go vegan!

  28. Trying to go back to vegetarianism and eventually go vegan. You really can't argue with it. You're the shit anarchopac.

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