What Caused Venezuela’s Tragic Collapse? Socialism.

[Applause] the collapse of Venezuela's economy both horrifying and predictable and the world needs to understand why Venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves and it was once Latin America's richest country no records those swinging city of Venezuela good Drive it's fine buildings right highways raise 20 on them all in all a pretty nice place to be for many reasons today most grocery store shelves are empty and Venezuelans are so hungry that they're killing zoo animals for sustenance toilet paper diapers and toothpaste our luxury goods then as well and hospitals have disintegrated children are dying because they can't get antibiotics and the infant mortality rate is higher than Syria's the capital city of Caracas is the murder capital of the world and just 12 percent of citizens feel safe walking alone at night which is the lowest figure reported in the world the government blames slumping oil prices for the desperate situation but the real cause is the socialist economy the government sets the price of staples such as rice pasta and flour resulting in chronic shortages former President Hugo Chavez nationalized industries confiscated property kicked out foreign companies the government is trying to print its way out of the crisis resulting in a 700 percent annual inflation rate after a sham election President Nicolas Maduro the hand-picked successor of Chavez is rounding up his opponents and putting them in jail despite this Maduro and his predecessor still have their defenders ranging from Sean Penn to Michael Moore to Naomi Klein who once signed a petition saying we would vote for Hugo Chavez and praised the autocrat in 2007 for creating a zone of relative economic calm and predictability in 2013 journalist David Sirota praised Hugo Chavez an economic miracle writing that the socialist leader had a record that a legacy obsessed American president could only dream of achieving but the real lesson of Venezuela's tragic collapse is that real socialism always leads to economic breakdown and political repression those of us in wealthier freer countries need to keep them as well in mind as we confront calls for more regulation and government control of all aspects of our lives

  1. Lefties on economies they like:

    When times are good — socialism
    When times are bad — capitalism

  2. Why wasnt there anything on the US sanctions – both old and new ones. I suggest you make a comparable video of the poor half of the US – you know the country in the world with most people in prison. Kind of reminds us of the rethoric and false depiction before the irak war.
    The US dont give a hoot about the venezuelan people they just want their companies to come in and steal the assets. Venezuela has lots of problems but the US wants to fuel it and bring about a civil was. That is their plan all along.


    Fight disinformation with your own mind and
    critical thinking

    -Vet your own news sources

    accept so called “Expert’s Opinions” as factual

    -Compare opposing points of view before you decide
    what’s true

    -Examine “Alternative Independent Media” that
    is uncensored by Google, Facebook, Youtube and other biased,
    controlling forces that might be manipulating and oppressing

    -Follow the money, who benefits from acts of violence

    can become the Resistance to this kind of misinformation


    If you want to know, have a look at these recent videos
    on youtube before they are censored and removed:

    FLAGS:FROM 911 TO SANDY HOOK” by Jim Fetzer

    “911 Psy Opera”
    by Ace Baker (1 hour version)

    “Where Did The Towers Go?” by
    Dr. Judy Wood

    “False Flags:Staged,Scripted,Mass Psy-Op Events”
    by noliesradio

    “Surviving Project MK-ULTRA & Psychiatry –
    CIA Mind Control Experiments In Vermont” by Alpha Mind

    “Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary|Media
    Manipulation” by ODD Reality

  4. I got my own problems. I will listen a little to Venezuela's problems, not not a lot. They need to figure out things for themselves.

  5. Capitalism starves 20 million people per year, no-on gives a shit.

    A few cucks in Caracas get upitty, the whole world goes insane.

  6. I don’t even have to watch this video to answer the question posed in the title. As one who spent a lot of time there, the answer is that Chavez was a stupid fucking Latino, from a long line of stupid fucking Latinos, as are all stupid fucking Latinos. Now, Maduro, is an even MORE stupid fucking Latino than his buddy Chavez……after all…..turning the reigns of power over to a “bus driver”, shows you the level of stupid that defines their life.
    If the masses are starving, is it any wonder they are fighting for regime change?
    American Patriots, now we see the wisdom of our White European forefathers, and the 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms had one purpose only…..to fight tyranny.
    The Venezuelans have some pistols, but not enough firepower to destroy the military.
    Surrender your guns Americans……see what will become of you in this video.

  7. The USA did it… Did you all forget the economic war its been waging against Venezuela? What about all the coups the CIA staged?
    Wake the fuck up, fucking lapdogs

  8. Its almost as if before it was a dictatorship it was a thriving nation but once the country became hyper corrupt it failed, no probably just socialism

  9. Socialism works really well for Amazon & Walmart using Food Stamps to Feed their Employees. Capitalism is Garbage.

  10. Actually, it specifically the right wing that is hoarding the food, medicine, and other stuff in warehouses until that great good day comes when they take over probably in one of killer Kissingers bloody coups and then dole out what is left to their "friends" in a really bad episode of survivor, you know the one, there's three chairs and five people. . . Kissinger wanted to eliminate 2/5ths of a population  by attrition-then start a civil war, you know like in Colombia, and eliminate them that way. So Venezuela is just one more feather in Killary's and Kissinger's cap. . . and 2/5ths of the people don't matter to them at all. . . . But what was going on that Chavez and Maduro both came to and continue in power just like Assad. Guess they weren't the problem, huh nazis?

  11. How Venezuela went from Riches to hunting Dogs, Cats and Pigeons for food
    1) 2007 Chavez Nationalizes Telecommunications and Electricity
    2) 2008 Venezeula State Takeover Assets of Exxon, BP, ConocoPhilips 
    3) 2010 Chavez seizes Polar Food and Beer facilities, Nationalizes Food Distribution
    4) 2008 Venezuela Nationalizes Banks
    5) 2011 Venzuela siezes Gold Mines from Private Industry

  12. Yeah, it was totally socialism since 2/3rds of the economy is privatized, 70% of the GDP is from private industry, and 80% of the workforce is private. Nothing at all to do with over-reliance on oil. Thanks ReasonTV for that totally accurate and in no way simplified or misleading analysis of the crisis in Venezuela.

  13. Nobody wants socialism. Many people want DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM, which has at its foundation a government based on representative democracy. That democratic government then implements socialist policies that the people want. This video is a dumb strawman. They claim that people want socialism, and then criticize socialism, while the people who want democratic socialism stand by and watch them beating a dead horse. The strawman fallacy is when you attack ideas that noone is defending.

  14. Central control of the means of production = FAILURE. Private companies and individuals know how best to utilize resources. Socialism leads to dragging down any meritocracy in order to "equalize" outcomes. In the end everyone goes hungry.

  15. im not for socialism, but the issue with this is you are kinda neglecting why it actually fell, flat out facism, the past 2 leaders have been…. worse than Putin, and the Chinese government has been ensuring they stay in power. you can have any form of government, and have it be like this if you have authoritarians and china backing the leads

  16. You didn't "explain" anything, just socialism is BAD. Sometimes this channel is good, others just tired old right wing propaganda. Make up your mind.

  17. Utter BS. Bolivia and Uruguay are under socialist governments and are doing well. As always it is psychotic, incapable politicians who are ruining nations.

  18. Why is Venezuela in so much trouble? You certainly won't get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from the neoliberal media and their shills. Venezuela's new constituent assembly has changed everything for the US, and so it is mounting a propaganda campaign in earnest. Reason TV is biased. After years of CIA and NGO intervention in Venezuela it is still here.

  19. Those of you supporting capitalism are uneducated, ignorant, fools.

    Educate yourself on the difference between:

    Socialism and State Capitalism,

    Socialism and Communism,


    Economics and Politics.

    When you can correctly identify the differences between them you will
    have a much better understanding of economic methods, and socialism in
    particular. You foolishly hate and condemn something that you don't
    understand. Additionally you speak on these issues as though you are
    educated and informed on these topics without even knowing the very
    basics of what the terms mean.

    When you have learned what the terms mean you will have a better
    understanding of what I write below.

    Usually what you will notice is that it is not the economic method used
    that creates the problems, but the increase in authoritarian politics.
    Capitalism is like the economic form of fascism, so when you combine
    fascist politics with capitalism (as you seem to think is what socialism
    is) you will have disastrous results.

    This also does not take into account that drastic changes will (at
    first) disrupt the economy, and society in a negative way, until the
    society has had a chance to adjust and adapt to the changes. Someone who
    has a life saving surgery may look and feel far worse than they did
    before having the surgery while they recover. This does not mean that
    the surgery was a bad idea, or put the person in a worse condition.
    Capitalism and Statism are like cancers that need to be removed, even
    though the life saving procedures may seem worse.

    I can teach you much more if you are interested, but for now that should
    be enough information to get you started down the right path.

  20. Totalitarianism is responsible for the demise, combined with the fall of oil prices. The system the dictator uses is not the determinant factor.

  21. Not really putting all your cards on one product (oil) so when the price of crude tanked your economy tanked.

  22. No, socialism doesn't completely work because it goes against human nature. However, most developed countries have social programs. ITS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE YA IMBECILES. Socialism will never work in Latin America the way it does in northern countries because of it's culture and tendency to be corrupt.

  23. this is old school propaganda bull shit ~
    does Libya ring a bell here …?
    funny how we spent 50 years stepping on that evil socialist Cuba
    but found nothing wrong with Amerikan capitalist's running Haiti & a dozen other countries into the ground?
    Must be because predatory Capitalism works so well ~

    oh yes …lets see
    destabilization of a sovereign country in 5 easy steps

      1 ) OIL ~ have lots of it …..
     2 ) piss off the American Empire & their minions
    3 ) scream Socialism or some nonsense
      4) have the IMF & their G8 World Bank Gang Fuck with You
      5 ) bring in the  CIA & psy ops jackals to reek havoc

  24. I'm confident that before I die, I'll see a socialist American. I'm equally confident that I will die shortly thereafter.

  25. Corruption. Has nothing to do with Socialism. It's what happens when you put a small group of elites in charge and wash your hands of all social responsibility, and it's happening in the capitalist hub of the world right now; USA. Stop blaming socialism.

  26. Lo causó el.hecho de poner indios pendejos a cargo. Que no se los habian terminado los españoles?? Indios estúpidos sin cerebro

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