“What are you, some kind of COMMUNIST?” My Ideology Explained

Commentator: That’s the spirit!
The spirit of young America! The regime is history. Hello and welcome back to Non-Compete, I’m Emerican Johnson, and today’s video is a little bit informal. I don’t have a script; just thought I would rap with you a little bit, …and talk to you about ideology. What does the word mean?
What does it mean to leftism? And what is *my* ideology? I’ve had a lot of questions about what I believe, and what specific kind of flavor of leftist I happen to be, so I’m going to tell you some of the basic sort-of
tenants of my philosophy, my ideology, and how I see it fitting into the wider world of leftism. And so, let’s talk about the word leftism to begin with. First of all, I am very much, and I’ve said this before; a big believer in leftist unity. I am more than willing and happy to work with leftists of all stripes as long as they are principled, and ethical, and thoughtful about the ideas that they bring to the table. So that’s a big kind of first point I want to make, is that in presenting my ideology to you, I’m not saying that it is the only true path to leftism. You know, there are things that I have definitely evolved on, and I’m constantly trying to challenge myself and my ideas, and…y’know, build my ideology into a better version as I move forward, so this is where I’m at right now; it’s kind of a snapshot of my current ideological views. So without further ado, I will now introduce you to my personal ideology, which I call “Intersectionalist Anarcho-Communism” …and that’s sort-of a three legged table; all three of those elements are equally important, and you can’t neglect one aspect of this ideology; if you do, then in my mind, it all falls apart. So I’ll just kind of walk you through; I’ll give you a little fly-by overview of what each of those elements really means, and then that’ll be the end of the video, ’cause *Emerican making awkward and uncertain noises* Yeah, that’s them…that’s what this video is ’bout. *slide whistle noise plays while the camera zooms into Emerican’s beautiful face* First of all, intersectionalism; this is the idea that power structures are interwoven, and oppressive patterns feed off of each other and interlock. Things like racism, and sexism, and transphobia, and homophobia, and all of these different oppressive social patterns, power structures; they’re all locked together, so you can’t just fight one aspect of oppression on its own; all of these different activists, and liberation movements; we all need to be working together, and that we need to be fighting all forms of oppression with equal gusto. So you can’t have this idea (in my mind) of what is called, “Class Reductionism”. Class Reductionism is basically the idea that all forms of oppression stem from Capitalism, and that if we get rid of Capitalism, then all the other forms of oppression, and all the other forms of bigotry will just disappear from society. …and I don’t buy into that.
Now, I do think that Capitalism has a role to play with all other forms of oppression, and it goes both ways. Like I said, it’s all interwoven. You can’t just fight racism and end all racism; then you’ll still have the problems of…well, you can’t, first of all, you can’t get rid of racism if Capitalism still exists, if sexism still exists, if homophobia still exists, because like I said, they all feed into each other, and we need to be working to liberate people on all fronts. Moving forward to Anarchism. Anarchism is the belief that the state should be abolished; that a state is not necessary. Now, the state is not synonymous with government; we as Anarchists do believe that there does need to be government, that there does need to be organization, that there does need to be social systems that we build, to regulate, and organize, and support society, but the state we define as a non-consensual entity that has power over you, so take for instance, the state that I am a citizen of: the United States of America, I never signed a piece of paper that said, “Hey, I agree to be a United States citizen; I consent to you taking these taxes from me; I consent to you using those taxes to build a war machine and go and invade other countries, and build a prison system that locks up all these people who are essentially innocent.” I never consented to any of that. It’s also important to realize that the state perpetuates the status quo; it reinforces these oppressive power structures.
States are usually oppressive by design, because they’re usually developed by the ruling class, by the ruling gender, by the ruling ethnicity, to secure their position of power. So as a state abolitionist, I advocate for all government being consensual, having a flat hierarchy as much as we can possibly manage, so that all people are as equal as we can possibly manage to make things. Next, we come to Communism. *Counter-revolutionary jam plays in the background as military officials get their groove on* And Communism is simply the belief that we need to abolish Capitalism and make it illegal for Capitalists to steal labor value from workers; to make all means of production owned by the people who work for those institutions and those entities, and putting the power into the hands of the workers. So really, my ideology, I think is pretty simple and there’s one thread that kind of ties all of these ideological elements together, and it’s the idea that we need to be dismantling these power structures that put one group in a higher position than all the other groups, whether that be by class, or by race, or by gender, we need to be ending exploitation, whether that be Capitalist-Imperialist exploitation of people in developing countries, whether that be exploitation of women, whether it be exploitation of people who are in ethnic minority groups, and finally just liberation. Just liberating all of the oppressed people of the world, lifting all people up. I’m a strong believer in that idea that the rising tide will lift all the boats. Even though I’ve basically…I like to say I’ve won the demographic lottery. I am a white, straight, man from the United States of America. In terms of the way that society is set up right now, I am in the highest class group in almost every conceivable way, right? I’m not wealthy, but in every other way, in the color of my skin, my gender, and all these other ways I should be the one that’s, y’know, benefiting the most from these power structures and this exploitation. Yeah, I could go, and I could have a pretty comfortable life; I could make good money, and I could ignore all the problems of all the other people in the world and, you know, be okay. I could have my air conditioning, and my Netflix and…just ignore the problems of everyone else. But when I imagine, when I have this vision of what society could be like, and what my life could be like if I lived in a society that was truly egalitarian, and that truly gave opportunities to everybody. I just see so much potential in that idea, and I see so much potential in my species, in humanity, if we were to come together, and work together, and build a society that doesn’t revolve around exploitation and theft, and pushing people down. We’re limiting ourselves by having these kinds of divisions and this kind of exploitation. I really believe that, and I believe that the fastest way for us to grow, and the fastest way for me… …to have a better life, even though my life in the grand scheme of things is pretty good, it can be better, and the way for it to be better is for all of you, no matter who you are, or what you look like, or how you identify yourself, all of you to have the same opportunities and the same advantages that I have. And I don’t feel like I’m giving anything away.
I don’t feel like white men are losing anything, by sharing more of this pie.
There’s enough for everyone to succeed; to thrive. And that is what I’m seeking through my ideology. So there you have it! That is my ideology:
Intersectionalist Anarcho-Communist! Would love to hear what you think about this; is there anything I missed, is there anything you disagree with, anything that you think is really important that I should be paying attention to? Leave a comment and let me know.
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  1. Hiya comrades! Here's a little "bonus" video I threw together.

    We're close to a THOUSAND subscribers! If you could share my channel/vids with some of your friends it would be super cool. Thanks for being here!

  2. So, what exactly is the point of making capitalism illegal if your government is optional? If people can just say, 'I do not consent to your taxation, laws, etc' does that make it okay to go commit crimes, or do other things that the majority of people don't like you doing?

  3. You're significantly to the left of me, but you seem like a good guy and i'm glad you're putting your message out there. I don't currently agree with most of your view, but I think it's totally cool to talk about these ideas. What scares me is some of the people both on the far left and far right that have violent tendencies, I think that's a terrible mistake. Just something that came to mind.

  4. So I was with you on the anarchy part. But then you said you wanted to make private business ownership illegal. umm….what? I do not consent to that. How are you going to make capitalism illegal without a state? Why not live in a commune if you want and let the capitalists do what they want?

  5. You live in a dreamworld scenario
    It isn’t possible due to how selfish humans are in nature.
    We will never escape it

  6. I'm so pleased you've blown up a big following your pewdiepipeline vid. I found you a few months ago and honestly Emerican, you've been a huge figure for me. I just got a dream job working for a government organisation which enforced data protection laws here in the UK (the organisation has recently fined Facebook and Google and now has the power to fine them up would 20 million euros. I will be making a good salary for the first time in my life as I have always had to work minimum wage jobs whilst attending law school on the side for the past 5 years, but now I will actually have money and you're patreon/donation page will be the first online thing I support. I have shared your work with many friends and used lots your arguments when debating pro capitalists.

    I was also an alt right shit lord and massive channer in my teens and am also a straight white European cis male so I think you resonate particularly with me. I am thinking about making a video detailing my descent into chan culture and stuff (this precedes the modern alt right but I was into MRA, MGTOW etc before it really took off as I was into that stiff in 2010. I hope you would watch the video because I went very very deep into the darkness

  7. As a more moderate leftist I have to admit that this world view you are describing pretty much looks like a utopia. I just don't think it's feasible to ever create it. Humans are too selfish to just agree upon equality. We need a state to enforce it. (equality of OPPORTUNITY, that is)

    Also, wouldn't the government you want be a state for the people that don't agree with your views? You do you plan on ever getting past that roadblock?

  8. Quick question, if you don't believe in non-consensual authority, would I be able to sell my labour the way I do now in an anarcho communist society? If this is not allowed, how could this society be one without non-consensual authority? Thanks.

  9. Cant trust marxists, leninist, Maoist and all those other lame authoritarian communist followers. They dont truly believe In freedom and equality for all people. They just want to be in Charge. History has proven that and they are still the same to this day.

  10. Hey you made this video 11 months ago and had 1000 viewers and now you have 47,000. Thanks for light in darkness, good job

  11. I'm a bit conflicted over anarchism and dialectical materialism tbh. I consider myself an Anarcho-Communist just as much in spite of Marxism as because of it, and one of the Marxist beliefs I still hold onto is the belief in dialectical materialism.

    I'm not a class reductionist, because I know trying to get rid of capitalism first and putting off erasing other systems of oppression is shitty and, moreover, won't work, but I also do strongly believe that prejudices like racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism etc are part of the reactionary superstructure defined by the economic base of capitalism. Changing the base while leaving the superstructure alone will lead to the superstructure falling down on and destroying the new communist base, hence why the superstructure simultaneously needs to be tackled.

    Problem is, I don't exactly know how it should be mapped out then, if the base is ultimately what created the superstructure (or inherited some of its aspects) but the superstructure also has such a strong, determining effect on the base. Maybe more like a vicious cycle where, sure, the base started it, but they both feed into each other like the yin and yang, except if it was an evil and corrupt version of it?

    I dunno, I guess I'd love for some other "Anarcho-Marxists" out there to help clear it up for me because I don't really see a reason I shouldn't be able to be intersectional and still be partly Marxist, if possibly possessing a modified belief in dialectical materialism.

  12. This is degenerate. People are not equal. The strong will ever rule the weak. The intelligent will always dominate the stupid. Communism is cowardly and degenerate.

  13. the Left believes the Human Spirit is God. the Right believes God is in nature (unspiritual atheists) or nature + a holy book (religious).
    Leftists want a fair society, believing we humans can design progress through knowledge (shared spirit).
    Rightists believe its nature's (non-humanity God) job to provide progress through competition and natural selection (even biological).
    So they are using 2 different moral systems.
    I'm a leftist, both "internally" and in conviction. my argument is a scientific one: the human brain has not evolved in a meaningful way for at least 20.000 years, or since we lived in caves. Unlike any other animal, our life has improved not by biological evolution, but sharing and collaborating like if we were One (spirituality).
    That said, there's a limit to how leftist we can become. Though our spirit is more communist than bees' (which never mate sexually), our bodies are in mating season all year long (thus our selfishness and need for radical competition > capitalism). Our ape bodies demand a personal property, our "marked territory".
    The left should rule, taking into account the right-wing needs. Just like our lives should be governed by our mind, taking the body into account. (not the other way arround)

  14. My father was always a huge Fidel Castro fan, and I always conceded that he was admirable in how much he was able to hold out his revolution and literally lift Cuba out of the parasitic economic dependency it had with the US and the issues of which if they were to continue on the same trajectory are apparent through out the Caribbean and Central America. But I would always fight him on his treatment of LGBT community in Cuba, even though I would frame the important of losing a moral high ground for making this oppressed communities have a very valid argument against the Castro’s revolution and thus allowed them to reject the results of revolution outright, as many Cuban expats have. Rightly so, their existence is at stake. I used to argue that for all of Castro’s Marxists beliefs (seeing religion as means of controlling the proletariat) he still suffered from the remnants of teachings of the Catholic Chruch in this regard and it was a god-damned 🙂 shame.

    I think I remember him dismissing me to the effect as me being taken in by Bourgeoisie sentimentality or my conflict free privilege and young idealism at the time or something , to which I must have said something to the effect of: “they are human too, they are my friends in the proletariat class as well and I love them and they have every right to own means of production as well and Castro was wrong in that regard” because I was an emotional 20 something year old.

    All this to say that intersectionality is important and it’s fair to say that though communist have had a good track record (in language at least) with feminism its there are quite a bit of instances that that ideology historically has been garbage to the LGBT community.

  15. I thought communism was definitionally supplanting capitalism with an anti-capitalist state. Which would make it antithetical to anarchism.
    I might have consumed too many political compass memes (anarchy: lib-left, commie/tanky: auth-right, etc) Could someone explain it to me better?

  16. fighting opression stupid, just live a decent life and point out where opression happens and liberation happens.

  17. free icons, archive footage, added graphics, treadmill animation, some vintage voice-over, added blahblah and near-zero evidence. Nevermind the totally Industrial consumer life in reality. We are all socialists, but only on Youtube.

  18. We need to be careful to not minimalist the plight of the white male working class by calling workers ‘privileged.’

  19. thank you for explaining the difference between state and government, that misunderstanding had kept me from understanding anarchism for an embarrassing amount of time

  20. I fully identified as an Intersectionalist Communist Anarchist for the vast majority of my political life.

    Now I am something like Marxist ancom/ Marxist Leninist. Which I sum up as an ideology of left unity.

    In full: Communist, Anti-fascist, Queer-Anarchist, Intersectionalist, Posadist, Green-Anarchist, Anti-capitalist, Marxist Communist Anarchism, Platformist, Marxism Leninism, Revolutionary, Absurdist, Left unity!

  21. THANK YOU for this content, it's what the world needs more than anything, in my opinion. If we all united & stopped playing the 2 party political game we as a nation would be unstoppable and could end capitalism!! I've been on Youtube for over a decade and this is my first time Subscribing… sharing your important content!! -Peace on Earth

  22. The one that believes in the black book of communism by R. Conquest, I guess, and that swallows every lie that Trotsky and Kruschev have said about Stalin….

  23. As an AnCap I find your vids very interesting I may not agree with you but I will respect your right to say it #fuck the government

  24. Thank you for your work in expanding our understandment of Anarchism as an ideology, I love you and all my comrades in the most genuine way I know how, have a wonderful life and I hope we can change the world.

  25. I dont know i think im a anacho-communist to, but i disagree with you with in the hierarchy structure i belive that the state should be directly controlled by the workers and the population and of course the abolish of the capitalist system. I dont know if im right but i what i got form your video is that you believe in a society without higher forms i but disagree i believe that needs to be a state, a police and military but these things should be controlled by the people. In a sense i would abolish hierarchies.

  26. I'm currently living in a communist country. This country is a hundred times more racist, sexist, xenophobic, and authoritarian than the US is. These people would steal everything from you and leave you to die in a gutter, if you let them. "But it's not real communism!" That's what you're thinking, right? Stop. This is what communism actually looks like.

  27. What happens to capitalists during the revolution? Like, say I am a capitalist. What happens to me when the revolution happens?

  28. Dude, you have described a few problems but I didn't hear one real solution in this. That is called complaining where I am from. You can only make things equal to a certain level. At some point, the amount of work and effort you are willing to put in comes to play.

  29. Fully support & identify with your intersectionalist anarcho-communist views BUT please cite Crenshaw when referencing intersectionality – the more popular the term is becoming the more detached it is becoming from her work.

  30. You do know that world poverty has gone from 92% in roughly 1798 to less then 10% in 2013? How do you explain that if capitalism is so horrible and evil? Also, can you show me where this has worked?

  31. I feel like I am all your ideology components but one step further

    I view intersectionality as critical, but trans?sectionality equally if not more important. All life needs to be viewed as struggling through intersectional power structures. This means the Orca Nations, the Cedar Nations, the Coyote Nations, the Fungal Nations must be included. I believe anarchy with political or governing structures is the way forward, but I think we should decentralise power, seeding it to people's individual, families, villages, nations, countries (defined here as culture— or people—land relationship), provinces and states. Rip out all the important power from the state except defense/protection and exploration. Nations, the ~9000+ human and otherwise cultures know how to govern themselves for the most part: education, health/death/self/child/eldercare, calendars, ceremony, etc…. let them. And I feel like we must abolish money, and inoculate humanity against the virus of the mind that it is. Change "ownership" and "loanership" to "guardianship" and "caretakership" (aka so private or public property no longer exists, but everything/one is alive and independent but people are caretakers and guardians of things and others)

    aka this is my idear for a way forward in achieving the star trek fully automated luxury queer space communism ideal

  32. At the end of the day anarchy in terms of anarchism means anti-statism and anti-organization of worker's enterprises. Just like the authority of the parent is justified to protect and rear a proper child as is the state to protect and rear a proper revolutionary working class. Without a state internal and external class enemies steamroll the revolution. In regard to the economy, the economy is in disarray. Workers of enterprises competing with one another, no coordination of the economy leading to collapse. Happened in Spanish Catalonia and USSR. In USSR for example collectives and factory committees would rather than follow the democratic worker's plan would sell capital and goods on the free market at unregulated prices in the name of "worker's control" repudiating worker's control in action. It's capitalist collectives with petty bourgeoisie mind crying about actaully having a plan and economic organization. Catalonia had a similar issue and essentially nationalized all the businesses putting them under the control of unions and ministers, just like the USSR, having to implement labor discipline (anarchists would complain that being forced to go to work on a set schedule with hours not being able to take breaks when they wanted was tyranny) just like the USSR. Anarchism is a utopian joke. That all being said there is value in having a healthy balance between direct worker's management and delegative management to have both local control and broader planning, as well as organization structures as flat and accountable to the masses as possible. For example, this is why Maoist China was big on people's militias as opposed to a standing army at peacetime. Standing armies lend to coups. Just look at USSR, Venezuela, Chile, etc.

  33. The kind of communism you propose is basically co-operative business models, which ironically exist and compete well within a capitalist system. Ironically co-operatives with a very flat hierarchy, have an internal democratic freemarket of ideas and work. They are also very stable. Traditional top-down capitalist businesses run internally like a centrally planned one party state economic system, and are prone to failure.

  34. class reductionism is right though. if you look in spaces of revolution, women almost always lead & are respected. sexism dissolves under socialism

  35. I'm yet to find a real answer, yes you explain your ideology, vision, but you don't explain how a country would work under such ideology, without state how are you gonna keep order, rules, only society?.
    There will always be deviants, psychopaths, sociopaths trying to exploit other people and the social system, without a prison system where do criminals go? At some point rehabilitation centers too will be considered a form of imprisonment too.
    Who is gonna work where. Is there any capital at all? How the economic system would work? Nobody wants to do the worst jobs, nobody wants to clean the toilets. Who would do it and why would they do it?.
    In the capitalism system the toilet cleaners do it because they NEED to. The need the money. But in a world where all people have the same opportunities why would you want to be a toilet cleaner if you can be a doctor?
    And lastly how an Anarcho-communist "Nation" interact with heavy and powerful capitalist countries, like China?. It's this ideology meant to be established at the same time everywhere around the world? Will the oligarchy just give up their power and wealth? Or it is only a vision of a better world?

    The only way I see something like this happening is when humanity gets to the point where robots do all the hard work for us. Construction, cleaning, work the farms, harvest the food.
    And even then! Some people will try to humanize robots in what would end in a "Artificial Intelligence Rights" movement!

  36. I don't subscribe to the "class reductionist" theory that abolishing capitalism with make other forms of oppression disappear , but class stratification is absolutely the biggest obstacle to addressing all other forms of oppression. Nowhere is this more clear than with the oppression of African Americans—their economic mobility has been systematically hindered for centuries, compounding negative social assumptions about black people and perpetuating a cyclical feedback loop of racism and poverty from which they have minimal power to escape. In a capitalist society, the first step to addressing the racially-motivated injustices against them is to provide them with the capital to give them an opportunity to thrive, either through reparations or by changing the class system as a whole.

  37. The problem with everyone "fighting all forms of oppression" is that I can't educate myself enough to really be effective in each fight. And if I just jump in, I'm almost as likely to cause harm as do good. Not the best analogy, but: If the entire US Army went into Iraq with the best motives, the result would've been similar.

  38. Seeing the intro, you are either an anarcho-communist or some sort of thing inspired by it, like left libertarianism. I'm more inclined towards the former.

  39. n America you have not won the lottery. In America in 2019 white cis men are opressed intentionally for things they didnt do: (reverse) racism and (reverse) sexism. You seem like one one of those self hating white guys.
    That is such a sad social fenomenom

  40. I'm a left libertarian but this sjw and self hating white guy type of thinking both perplexes me and saddens me

  41. Does someone care to explain to me how communism will make the world a better place? Look at Venezuela. Look at Cuba. Both total shitholes. Not trying to pick a fight, just genuinely interested in other viewpoints. How is capitalism repressive?

  42. I am more intrested to hear how this world whould look like and work? exaktly how dose this look like when in practice?

  43. And abolish narcissism. No seriously, I've met way to many people on places like Mastodon, that think they're hot shit. And they really really like letting other people know they're that way.

    Not only is this emotionally draining, I don't need that in my relationships.

  44. Can you mention one single communist-country who had a communist-goverment over 100 years? Also, about every communist state began with an armed-revolution. It is estimated that Mao killed over 100 million of his own residents, and Stalin killed over over at 20 million. So I just dont understand why the hell someone still want a communist state

  45. My made up ideology is a bit middlist
    Its Capilommunism
    A Form of Socialism with a divided pay and hard workers get most of the money

  46. Heyho people,
    I am curious how anarcho communists tend to want to organize in their utopia. (I realize, that it probably is not uniform between them, but I have no clue so far..)
    I hope I find someone under this video who can direct me to some good resource.
    Not meaning any harm, just newb.

  47. And…drumroll….most intersectionalist-feminist-anarcho-communists are also a bunch of spoiled brats with worthless majors and living in their parents basements in the suburbs of the wealthiest countries in the world…common, lets see some people of color from developing countries. Wont see many of them among this lot!!! Just a bunch of skinny white kids.

  48. The less I know, the more I can grow. We are human. We are capable of extraordinary things. Some say competition has pushed us soooo far. Other beings compete for one reason; survival. Humans figured that out quite a while ago. We can fly if we will it.

  49. Can you make a video on the distinction between culturally left anarcho-capitalists and culturally right anarcho-capitalists?
    Is it okay to be a culturally left anarcho-capitalist? Is it conflictive [would conflictive be the right term there??]
    Is intersectionalism different from being culturally left?
    Does intersectionalism and being culturally left go hand in hand?

  50. Are you vegan? I think that we should incorporate topic of animal oppression into idea of intersectionality as it is its natural consequence. And I didn't see species among other categories in your infographics about intersectionality.

  51. Communists are idiots. Communism is and was a gatekeeping proxy of the criminals it pretends to fight. Communism was the J$w mafia's own "party against the mafia" that painted ordinary people and the opposition of other nations, peoples internationally as "the mafia". The real people fighting the international, exploitative, J$w criminal merchant empire were the NATIONAL socialists. Certain nations have exerted forms of autonomy and sovereignty and succesful independence regardless of their wrong association with this gatekeeping "ideology", political movement. Like some nations were able to defend European interests and leverage group interest through Chhristian nationalism. But it is ultimately an unreliable, wrong proxy of the very thing you think you're fighting. Doomed and specifically designed, engineered to fail in its foundation. Separatist ethnic nationalist socialism is the only real way to beat what is a many centuries old mafia of J$w supremacists. You will never achieve justice and freedom for any people until this is implemented.

  52. I fundamentally disagree with you, but I appreciate your work’s sincerity. You said what you claimed you would say: your opinion. You did not make fun of the opposing side, nor talk down to anyone. For this, I like your video.

  53. The fact we have to explain what kind of leftist we are is exactly the reason our ideology will never be mainstream and widely accepted. I consider myself a plain Jane socialist and I'm more and more leaning towards market socialism or democratic socalism a la Bernie Sanders because frankly, that's the only brand of leftism that's getting anywhere and is the most digestible leftist ideology for the masses

  54. 1:29 'all three of those are elements are equally important' well it wouldn't be communism other wise would it?

  55. Ruling gender? And i suppose that is male. So you are against "patriarchy". Then you should start with yourself, you can change gender or leave politics to "oppressed genders".

  56. Perhaps take a bicycle ride thru Syria and Iraq. I'm sure the white man comes in peace to bring super equality will be received well. I'll even pack you a lunch. On a serious note, as well intentioned your ideals may be they go against the very nature of the human animal. To even think this way reminds me of a quote from platoon where Charlie Sheen explains to his buddy that despite being from a privileged family he volunteered to Vietnam as he thought it was unfair that it was a poor man's war. To which the buddy replies man you gotta be rich just to think this bs up. I say very true. In not going to guess how you came up but I can with certainty bet it was not in the hood. I unfortunately did. It is there I learned that what you speak of is unattainable. Would be nice though. A world with no locks on doors and shared fridges on the street. Sign me up!
    The platoon scene:

  57. Have you ever considered ending speciesism? I believe in order to achieve world peace for humans we must also stop oppressing animals.

  58. Probably longest video without a point I've seen..
    Basically same as "I like taking care of our planet, because I like red roses"
    Pure nonsense without actually any real ideas of how to start fixing it..

    Even right wing racists agree with this video because its so vague

  59. 4:35 and 4:50 are contradictory. You think governments should be consensual until someone wants to be a capitalist. Lol labor theory of value. So apparently a rock is worth more every time I move it.

  60. I’m a Leninist but I support any voluntary anarchist communes that would come into existence. It’s better than capitalism. My one concern is that it’ll be difficult to maintain the revolution and defend it from external and internal threats.

  61. I think that any consistent anarchist should agree with this. Capitalism and racism and sexism and homophobia are all forms of unjustified hierarchies by any definition. As an anarchist, I oppose these with the same gusto. That being said, to get things done I’ll still work with Chad Tankie if I need to!

  62. forgive me if i'm wrong, but doesn't communism already call for the abolition of the state? what is the difference between this and anarchism? communism does involve a state during transition from capitalism, but if the end goal is a stateless society, what makes anarchism a useful distinction? i've read plenty of things saying that there is no difference, but have also read that they are incompatible philosophically. does anyone have an answer?

  63. Let me stop you right there a guy no communism means the government owns you they own your labor they own your home they have the abilityWhere to work with a live windy eat went to drink wen where to work where to live When do you eat when drink went to sleep come is it means the government owns you. And this thing you’re doing now on YouTube we are exercising free-speech does not exist in communism because you’ll become a threat to the government which means you die they kill you they will absolutely kill you you have no rights as a human being under communism and I want you to understand that you have no rights as a human being under communism. It’s cool if you’re an anarchist it’s cool if your left that’s cool dude but do you not say you’re a communist. You have Apsley no idea what communism is.

  64. It's time to leave America. Renounce Citizenship if you can afford it. Renouncing is a ritual but at least you have the monkey off your back. (America is 1 out out 2 countries that charge to renounce)

  65. Being a straight whilte male means fuck all if you're working class. Intersectionality has been hijacked by bourgeoise feminists.

  66. Great talk, Emerican! Keep up the great work! I love communism and someday it will be perfect worldwide, and we’ll end world poverty!

  67. I think the left-right opposition is a problem in general. We all have the right to completely disagree with each other, but I think people need to be much more open to listening, and debating the other side. Especially without throwing the fascist , racist, etc tropes out every time. And I’m not saying this is your view, especially from what I’ve heard of you, but since when has the left become so pro government, anti free speech, and pro censorship? I’ve seen people claiming to be anarchist protesting free speech rallies. My how things have changed. But just to be clear, I support your, and anyone else’s right to believe and say whatever they want. Even the alt right assholes who are completely ass backwards. But I completely oppose the radical left like antifa, no one has the right to abuse and try and silence ANYONE for their opinions and beliefs. As I would oppose any group on the far left acting the same way.

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