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Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the 2016
US presidential election is being held this year (let’s be honest you have definitely
noticed, the election is plastered absolutely everywhere…). Whether you are obsessively following the
election, or are forced to see it every day in the news, you would have surely heard the
words “Republican’s, GOP, Grand old Party” or – the other major political party: the
“Democrat’s or the Democratic Party”. Whether or not you live in the United States
of America, or live outside it, you might not fully understand what the difference really
is between the republican and democrat parties’ ideologies – and what they really stand
for. The Republican and Democratic Parties are
currently the two most popular, powerful and prominent political parties in the United
States, with the history of the Democratic Party starting in 1828, as anti-federalist
factions began to form . The Republican Party formed a few decades later in 1854, with the
formation of the party based on stopping slavery, as they viewed it to be unconstitutional. At the most basic and plainest politics is
said to be split in half, with political parties either traditionally having left or right-wing
political views. The left-wing is usually associated with progressiveness,
supporting those who aren’t able to support themselves and believe in equality. On the other hand the right-wing values tradition
heavily, believes in equity, economic freedom and that the everyday individual shouldn’t
really have to pay for someone else’s health service or education through taxes for example
– essentially a survival of the fittest society . On the political spectrum the Democrats and
Republicans tend to have opposing positions on matters such as the economy, society, military
and other key issues. Both political parties are so large now that
it is hard to work out where their positions are on certain issues, but there are a few
issues where their opinions are quite apparent, but even then: candidates within the same
political party can have slightly differing views on major issues which affect us all. TAXATION
When it comes to taxation and wages the Republican Party believe that high tax rates on the rich
is a form of class warfare, and that both the poor and rich should receive tax-cuts. As the Republican Parties plans would see
the revenue which the federal government collects decrease, the result would be higher debt
and deficits. By lowering the taxes for the upper class,
these people are more likely to invest in businesses which in turn creates more jobs,
making a trickledown effect. Republicans also oppose raising the minimum
wage as they believe it hurts small businesses who account for a large amount of employment
for American’s. Democrats on the other hard believe in raising
taxes for the upper class and lowering tax for middle and lower classes of society – allowing
the government to boost their spending on social programs for the lower class. By raising the taxes of the upper class, the
Democrat party hopes to cut taxes for 98% of American families. The democrats also favour increasing the minimum
wage to help everyday workers. Simply put; the Republican’s lower tax to
benefit the wealthy and big businesses, whereas the Democrats support progressive taxes to
help fund social programs and to help out lower income citizens. GUN LAWS
An issue which divides many American’s, also divides Republicans and Democrats. Democrats favour more gun control but also
recognise that the second amendment is an important part of American tradition and that
the right to own and use firearms should be preserved. Reinstating the assault weapon ban and working
to make the background check system stronger so that guns aren’t getting into the hands
of irresponsible, are high up the agenda for the Democrats. The Republican’s on the other hand oppose
gun control laws and go as far to say that they believe that you should be able to obtain
and store ammunition without registration and support the right to self-defence. VOTER ID LAWS
The Republican Party is currently pushing for elections to require photo identification
for voting, to in their words “prevent election fraud”. Between 2000 and 2012 there were 867 cases
of voter fraud, but the Republican’s want this to be zero. The Democrat party are complete opposites
on voter identification, saying that they believe everyone has the right to vote making
them in opposition of laws which begin to put restrictions on those trying to vote. According to the Democrats, introducing photo
identification would affect young voters, people of colour, low-income families, those
with disabilities and the elderly, which is a large number of voters who wouldn’t be
able to vote. PRO LIFE VS CHOICE
As I’m sure you can begin to tell, the Republican Party is very much influenced through religion
and tradition, which should make it no surprise that they support the government restricting
abortions. The Republican’s believe that unborn children
have a fundamental right to live which cannot be taken away from them. The Democrat’s support Roe v. Wade and believe
that a woman should have the right to make her own decision about her pregnancy and that
politicians and the government have no right to get involved with a woman’s pregnancy. The Democrat party also wants to help reduce
the number of unintended pregnancies through better sex education, which should then help
decrease the need for abortions. STD rates are hitting all-time highs in the
USA, so putting work into sex education is something which the democrats believe will
benefit society greatly. SEX-SEX MARRIGES
Being very traditional and religious based, the Republican Party wants to not recognise
same-sex relationships, with the party aiming to constitutionally define marriage as “one
man and one woman.” The republicans also have the viewpoint that
same-sex couples should also not be able to adopt children. The Democrats oppose same-sex discrimination
on the Federal and State level and believe that same-sex couples should receive the same
amount of respect and legal treatment as heterosexual couples. In fact it was under the Democratic-Obama
administration that section three of the Defence of Marriage Act (which defined marriage as
a union between a man and a woman) was found to be unconstitutional, a decision which was
ruled by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2013. LIMIT OF GOVERNMENT
Republicans have positioned themselves in believing that a smaller government is better,
with republicans preferring themselves to have less responsibilities in society and
that they should let people and companies fail or succeed based on “their merits and
actions”, instead of the government intruding. The Republican Party don’t like policies
which essentially allow the government to have the power to pick and choose the winners
and losers of the market, instead letting economics and businesses speak for themselves. The democrats on the other hand believe that
the federal government should have a strong role in helping American’s with the challenges
they face, whether it be through regulating businesses, being more involved with health
care, benefits or other programs which help assist American’s in need. This sees Republican’s usually associated
with being called supports of a small government and the democrat’s supporters of a “big
government”, although the Republican Party can sometimes have “big government” stances
on some issues – such as abortion issues, but the Republican Party establishment tends
to have small government viewpoints when it comes around economics and society. All in all the democrat and republican parties
are quite different when it comes to key points, but this is what happens when you find yourself
in a two party political system as it would not make sense for there to be two similar
parties fighting for the same issues with the same stances. If you have enjoyed this video be sure to
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  1. So today's video is different, but as a student who is doing a few political science papers at University it is a subject which interests me and I hope it interests you too!

    I'd welcome feedback on whether or not you guys would like anything politics related. Don't unsubscribe if you don't like it! Just be sure to share your opinion and I'll know whether to continue having Political Science and Science videos on this channel, or whether I should look at making two channels.


  2. you talking nonsense .
    (Marriage) its term use by the church created by the church .
    open the bible and educate you self why same sex doesn't fit the Point u make .

  3. So video maker is clearly not a middle ground viewer of the parties but definitely democrat leaning …. he doesn’t try to demonize the Republicans as much as most on the progressive side of the isle do but he also has some very blatant condescending remarks about them and their views that aren’t really truthful or relevant to the individual subject he’s talking about at any time in this video.
    As examples….
    1. Republicans want everyone’s taxes to be lowered and less government spending to reduce our deficit not just less taxes on rich and more debt as it is put here .
    2. they believe guns shouldn’t be in the hands of anyone who would be irresponsible with them but that owning of them is not the problem and is a fundamental right for all of us, ammo has nothing to do with either sides gun policy though the not having guns side would obviously say ammo is bad too.
    3. The places with the most traditional or abstinence programs vs pp programs are the places with the lowest teenage pregnancy and lowest abortion market… so even in his trying to say the democrats don’t want abortions they just want women’s rights he point to their utter failure or purposeful push towards that.

  4. Lol…I was just about to write something but read some comments first. Seems like everything I'd say has already been written in the most recent ones and I think it's hilarious that EVERY SINGLE ONE has hundreds of thumbs up but not one thumbs down! Looks like this guys video got read by the people it wasn't intended for…

  5. Very simple difference. The "Republicans are basically the Party of the Polite", while the "Democrats, basically are the Party of the Pathetically Horrible"!
    Look at this simple example when Ms Sanders, the Press Secretary and her family went for dinner, and the Dems created such a stink, Ms Sanders and her family politely left. Does ANYONE think it would have ended the same way had the situation been reversed? I don't think so!

  6. Give each other "advice" and seek answers together to help each other improve and develop and always try to move towards the right thing – Why do we need to "respect and protect righteousness"? How necessary and impacting in "family life" and social life …
    – Potential risks or problems may arise when people "do not respect and protect righteousness". And together the right "advice" in "family life" and social life ….
    – The good, the meaning, the peace, the joy, or the good that "everyone in the family and society" will give each other and bring to each other when all together "respect and protect righteousness "….

  7. Basically, Democrats view everyone as a victim of society.

    Republicans view everyone as their own people

  8. How on earth would photo identification laws prohibit or even make it harder for the elderly for ex. to vote?….

  9. The Democratic Party are people that do not want a society, where you were judged by your abilities and what you stand for. They want a society where you were judged by race gender and sexual orientation!

  10. This video is misinformed. Everyone is stupider from watching this you European douche-bag. The Republican party just wants ro keep thier rights and freedom so we dont end up like England or the fall of greece/rome. We have background checks in all red states to ensure criminals cant own guys but they still do so as you Democrats know because your states and city's have the most crime. America is a Republic just like all great countrys started out before bad democracy and the majority tries to take over. Which is what we are waiting for you communist Democrats to do.

  11. Although in my opinion the ideas stated in this video were biased toward the left, it's hard to be objective about these topics since there is no clear definition nowadays to some of these concepts,

    which naturally makes people feel a bit uncertain and confused.

    For example, you stated that tradition is a core belief of the right which I don't think it's correct at all, tradition is more associated with conservatism.

    In my humble and impartial opinion, mostly if not all right and left ideologies arise from two different core beliefs. The left wing places the highest value on the group/community, on the other side the right wing places the highest value on the individual.

    As a consequence the left tends towards equality and movement and the right towards freedom and order.

  12. He's a Brit so it's hardly a shock that he's left leaning. Look at the UK and how the left is destroying it lol

  13. The Green Party cares about PWD People With Disabilities. Both of the DEM & REP parties don't totally care about the RIGHTS of PWD. Can you do a video on how the parties really work? Which parties care about public transit and how that effects PWD? Can you do a video talking how all of the different parties deal with these issues? People With Disabilities are usually left out and marginalized and punished if they try to save money and I personally don't believe the two Bastard Parties really care about us. They are willing to tell us to work harder when we need help but when we don't need help people will say "be careful we don't want you to get hurt or that may not be safe for you let me do it for you even know you don't really want me to do it for you"? Which party cares for people with disabilities and which party is the most Ableist?

  14. Ones closet fascist consertatives and the other is closet communist liberal progressives. Welcome to biblical END TIMES. BOTH PARTIES ARE IDIOTS

  15. You don't even need to open this video to know that it is skewed towards the liberal jackass side of politics. That is why they depict a big jackass and a smaller elephant for its cover sheet. What a joke. Everyone knows that an elephant in real life is much larger than a jackass.

  16. Not much they answer to the same upper power base. It's an illusion to make the simple people that they ha e choices.

  17. When you are doing Your presentation you confuse the left with the right on a couple of your drawings.

  18. (Monotone Voice Activate)“The Democratic Party is great because the Democratic Party is good. While on the other hand, the Republican Party is just a bunch of stupid doodoo heads.

  19. For the next video try explaining out policies that are made that pretend to help people actually utterly destroy them.
    Such as the democrats going from slavery, segrigation and Jim Crowe to pretending to help blacks but destroying them in a more underhanded way.
    Democrats were being defeated in open racism and hate so they switched to pandering and offering free shit to destroy the population and the country itself.
    When you incentivise behaviors they become more prevalent.
    Such as offering an apartment, food stamps and free education to only single parents….
    When the democrats did this black families were dropping fathers and one could trace many, if not all of the problems we see in the black community back to this.
    We've known for a thousand years that children not having fathers causes them to many problems.
    This is why we called fatherless boys bastards as a label.
    At a time when black families were on par with whites as far as intact families it is not up to 74% in America.
    These kids have no fathers and turn to criminal behavior, having children out of wedlock and sometimes even preteen, dropping out of school and never learning a trade.
    Not only did it split up the family, but it effectively took blacks out of the workforce and stopped them from gaining generational wealth.
    Since you can't pass on section 8 apartments.
    They were robbed the chance at becoming independent out of necessity like other immigrants who came here with nothing.

  20. this is pretty biased…… was trying to find what a solid objective video to help me better understand the political parties (seeing as I'm in the middle); and even i could tell this was biased HARD to the democratic side. Maybe make another, truly unbiased video? i mean….look at your comments man, the majority of people think it's left leaning. Would like to see one!

  21. I don’t see how everyone thinks this is biased, it’s not. It just states what the both parties stand for, and to people living in the modern world the old republican ideas seem unfair and bad.

  22. Didn't once mention the Democratic party being the party of slavery… or KKK.. and this wasn't biased? Stop kidding yourself

  23. The statement at 5:43, ".. with republicans preferring themselves to have less responsibilities in society," is not correct. The correct view of republicans is that they prefer that individuals take the responsibility to care for themselves (instead of a big government taking the responsibility of caring for individuals).

  24. well the big difference now is that Democrats want to allow illegals over the border !! – to make the border crisis even worse !!

  25. The difference between the Democrats, and the Republicans, is that i can remember when i used to love
    being a Democrat, when Democrats used to love America, but now that they're looking at the
    Communist, for solving some of our problems, and reject all that is good in America, and they are working
    only to solve the problems of illegals, by creating sanctuary cities for them, shielding them from the law, and wanting to give them benefits, but not for citizens, now that's the difference……..

  26. Is there a way to be SAFE in America no matter WHAT HAPPENS? Here's God's way:

    John 3: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. "

    "All have sinned, and have eaten short of the glory of God;" Romans Chapter 3: verse 23

    "The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans Chapter 6: verse 23

    "I am the way, the truth and the life: no one comes to the Father, but by me." (John 14: 6)

    "Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, and he was buried, and on the third day he got up again according to the Scriptures" 1 Cor. 15: 3-4

    "In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;" Ephesians. 1: 7

    Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    Romans 10:
    9 If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, then you will be saved.
    13 For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    "Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 5: 1

    Salvation, forgiveness of sins, is available to anyone who will trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
    Those of age who have rejected the free gift of salvation (see John 3: 16-17 above) according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ will suffer judgment on sins and eternal separation from God and the Family of God on earth and in Heaven forevermore.

    Revelation 21: 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whore mongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death

  27. You forgot that the Democrats were pro slavery, that the Democrats raided Social security to pay for welfare, the Democrats ordered all Americans to turn in their gold coins for paper Fiat money. The Democrats under LBJ killed tbe Kennedy's and MLK and killed over 68,000 Americans in Vietnam. The list goes on.

  28. When the left is faced with facts about them they respond saying the video is biased because they don’t like what they see.

  29. The Republican party is a strict devotee of modern era Jim Crow's laws and obviously,conservatism!!

  30. I would
    Ban abortions
    Ban same sex marriage
    No photo ID
    You need a license for a firearm
    And I would lower taxes on rich so everyone gives up the Same amount of money

  31. This is super left biased… the right are completely for equality and yet this dude said equality only for the left, the thing you should listen to is this (at least for this topic) : both sides are for equality but the left think that there is no equality between men and women and the right know that there is equality for men and women both.

  32. Why do only women get to choose to abort or not? B/c of 9 months of carrying? What about 21 years of back-breaking work? Why not a joint decision?

  33. So, ask President Donald J. Trump, doesn't he send my US Passport that says states I was born in the United States of America on May 7, 1943, when he knows the murderer of the six million Jews he is harboring from being extradited to Israel will be executed by the firing squad, is the doctor who delivered me when I was born and finished off my twin sister Victoria who was also born in the French Hospital? Why is President Trump not sending me my Passport, and why is it he sent many of them to Dr. John Gunnell, the murderer of the six million Jews? Does President Trump think he will win another term by taking payola from the Mormon Pig that killed six million Jews, or does President Trump think that just because the murderous non-Jewish crook Prime Minister Netanyahu has been paid off like the whore that he is will save his ass from real Jews in Israel who will execute the Mormon Pig for murdering six million Jews in Germany and for all owing Adolph Hitler to fuck his Canadian ass does the homosexual Mormon Dr. John Gunnell (birth name John Carey Merrick) think that he will get away with his joining the Nazi Party and then rapine Jewish women who were prisoners, sodomizing their boys and raping their little girls? President Trump, if you weren't my son-in-law I would've never forgiven you; but thank your lucky stars that when I was in St. Petersberg I also made love to Melania Alexander (birth name) my daughter by Minerva of Slovenia, and I was amazed how much she loved me when she gave me the kind of blow-job which even Joyce Banks didn't give me in Chicago where we made Chelsea Meghan Alexander who's know the wife of Prince Harry and Norah Jones (adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Jones.) Because I love Melania so much that I will let your ass go, President Trump. Go ahead and break US Law by refusing to send me my US Passport that states I was born on May 7, 1943, as you have refused to send it for two years now — Vic Alexander the son of Nimrod Alexander who created the CIA in 1906 and won WW I and WW II for the United States as the CIA General for the Allies.

  34. There's a big thing wrong with this video where they claim that everyone has a right to vote. That's not true. You have to be a citizen of this country to vote and you should be able to prove that at the poles

  35. Democrats say it is racist to enforce voter ID laws because it will effect the black population. That to me is racist on the dems for believing that everyone has a fuckin ID. Such idiots they play the race card just so illegal immigrants will vote for them😂Clowns, one of the many reasons Trump will win in 2020 again😉

  36. taxing the rich and not taxing the poor should be illegal. youre taking from one at a higher percent than taking from the other

  37. The difference between the Republican and Democratic party is the Democratic party is corrupt and the Republican party is not.

  38. How tied in is religion and being republican
    I am right leaning but I’m an atheist and I don’t think the government should make it so anyone can’t be married
    So I never really know if I identify as a Republican

  39. At 5:00 when u bring that up the whole same sex marriage thing most republicans actually support same sex marriage

  40. Basically, they are both wrong in some topics, that's why advanced nation must have way more than 2 parties

  41. The devil is behind both the Democratic and Republican party. Jesus is love ❤️ but the devil comes- to destroy us.He working in human mind right now.

    Put eyes to Jesus .Becsuse he is coming soon

  42. Pretty much I have noticed that both mean to make the country better and with that solely said, is more about numbers than anything else, it only matters what the main candidates think. All this explanatio in the end is theory. And is never a dictatorship because needs still internal votes and despite the different presidential backgrounds still things seem to progress instead of getting stuck in old inaccurate beliefs.

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