What About Lazy People? Communist Q&A Episode 5

people have been requesting that I bring this back so here you go communist Q&A episode 5 let's get to it the question of communists owning smartphones is a classic it goes something like if you're a communist how come you own a smartphone which was created under capitalism but why stop there why were clothes that were created on capitalism why eat food that was created on capitalism why have a job at the capitalist company why breathe air polluted by a capitalist industry maybe the primitive astride all along and the only way for us to not be hypocrites is to become nudists and live in the woods away from society or we could participate in society while still criticizing it if you lived in the USSR but longed for a capitalist society like I ranted for example should she stripped naked and go live in the woods because everything around her was created under socialism no no one in the right mind would say that that is what Iran should have done and yet when it comes to socialist living under capitalism were somehow not allowed to have things that were created under capitalism but capitalists living under socialism are allowed to participate in socialist society I'm sorry if I'm not quite answering your question but I hope you get my point if we were to only try to eat ethical food only we're ethical clothes only use ethical technology we would not be able to do anything because as socialists we believe that capitalism is inherently unethical is it better to eat food that's Fairtrade and ecological and vegan sure it's better for the environment but it's also more expensive socialism is an ideology by and for the working class who as you might imagine don't have as much disposable income as everyone else if you start judging poor people for not being able to afford to buy organic food and go vegan you're going to alienate them and that's not what we want our focus should be on abolishing capitalism completely not on making people buy organic food give you a question question the second why would people work in a communist society but we'll stop the lazy from just slacking off and expecting to be paid anyway this one is also a classic but if you look back in history all of the Paleolithic and a good bit of the Neolithic era communities are run off a system very similar to communism why do people work then well what else would they do honestly have you ever tried to do absolutely nothing for a long amount of time even in a capitalist society that encourages people to make the most money with the least amount of effort I finally really hard not to do something productive with my time but that's just that humans are wired to do something we strive to solve problems and better ourselves even without the incentive of higher pay most doctors would still practice although maybe not as many hours architects would still make buildings teachers would still teach the combination of is strive to create with the general mindset of helping the community that helps you like a debt that is constantly being paid back to the society that keeps you alive would ensure productivity working together on something for a purpose other than just making a profit is awesome people love to do work that is meaningful to them but they hate to do useless work that does nothing except ensure that they can buy food and stay alive in Marxism there's a term called the base and the superstructure meaning of the base the economic means of production and distribution affected the superstructure or culture or way of thought as well as our interactions in our relationships with each other under a capitalist system where humans are forced into a rat race we do whatever it takes to make money while under a communist system profit isn't the main incentive you receive from society based on if you give or not people under a communist system work cooperatively and in turn act more responsibly innovation is a drive that can't be weighed down by money people can build or achieve whatever they want if they have support from others this is why communism is not just an economic system but a socio-economic system but if you want more concrete examples of what would motivate people to work then here are a few one work will be shared in modern-day Japan school children are often tasked with cleaning their own school there is no reason why the same principle can't work in other kinds of environments or jobs there will be no need for people like janitors who would probably not be motivated to do their work out of pure enjoyment if workers simply clean their own work environments from time to time and also robots which leads us to the second point technology and full employment under capitalism improvements in productivity are used to make more things because capitalism prioritizes profits and growth over human happiness and well-being under communism new technology like automation and other improvements in productivity will be used to shorten working hours and improve working conditions instead since capitalism is focused on profit over human wellbeing thinks like workplace safety workplace cleanliness worker satisfaction worker employment and the conditions of workers and work in general all take a backseat under capitalism the unemployed the reserve army of labour or a necessary component of the economy under communism with rational economic planning there will be no unemployment this means that the same amount of work can be shared between a larger amounts of people so you shorten the working hours and you employ more people and this doesn't really mention the fact that automation is just going to get rid of human workers under capitalism anyway under capitalism Automation is going to create a huge crisis under communism Automation is awesome it means that we can spend more time doing the things that we want to do less time working in the factories three non-monetary benefits in the Soviet Union workers in dangerous jobs were given shorter working hours and more holidays the length of the normal working day which was ten hours before the soviet union was reduced to eight hours at the beginning of the soviet regime and for dangerous occupations to six hours between 1926 and 1927 the working day averaged seven point five hours during the year there were 14 legal holidays for workers in addition each worker had a two weeks vacation with pay and in dangers or heavy vacations an additional two weeks is allowed in 146 of the dangerous trades a shorter working day is in effect in communist society workers in undesirable or dangerous professions might take shorter working hours and more holidays thank you for your question question the third but surely communism can't work because of human nature aren't human naturally greedy a quick glance at history and anthropology will ruin the idea that human nature is a static unchanging thing human nature and behavior is partially plastic reflections of historical and cultural conditions in relation to the specific mode of production which is evidenced by the vast disparities in human behavior in social organization throughout various historical periods and geographical locations civil society human behavior and ideology have changed over time in the same way that species alter genetically over time to look at people in capitalist society and conclude that human nature is egoism is like looking at people in a factory where pollution is destroying their lungs and saying that it's human nature to cough question the fourth what major party would you vote for in the Swedish election in what way are some of them bad I don't really know that yet next year's election in September 2018 will be the first election that I'm actually allowed to vote in and I will vote at least in the local municipal election whether or not I'm going to vote in the parliamentary or fixed US election I still don't know I haven't quite decided if I am going to vote in the parliamentary elections I'm probably going to vote for well it will probably be either the Left Party which I have quite a few disagreements with or some smaller party which probably won't get into the Parliament anyway so I don't really know I don't really have a good answer that question but in my local municipal election I am definitely going to be voting for the Communist Party thanks all of you for your questions and if you want me to make another Q&A video then leave more questions in the comments of this video and now end card shall we still be slaves and work for wages it is outrageous has been for region's oldest Earth by right belongs to toilers and not to spoilers of Liberty the master class is small but they have lots of God when we unite to gain our right if they resist will use our might there is no middle ground this fight must be won realm to victory for liberty young classes marching on shall we still be slaves and work for wage

  1. The communism not lazy
    1) first world war
    2) Russia invaded by UK USA Japan France
    3) Cevil war
    4) second world war
    After this desasters make super power economic and military is fantastic achievements.

  2. 2:00 I swear, some of the most classist and anti-worker douchebags I've ever met were ''progressive''/''left-leaning'' liberal petit bourgeois who were heavily into ''fair'' trade, impotent liberal environmentalism, militant veganism and expensive ''organic'' food.

  3. You should definitely move to a socialist country comrade. Not many of them left. North Korea or Venezuela perhaps?

    If you don't fancy that perhaps you should start a business and give the ownership to the employees. No problem doing that.

    But maybe you only want to dream about a worker's dictatorship where you are worker number 1 ? eh?

  4. Its not laziness. Its that people do not want to toil harder than their neighbor if they get paid the same and the inner desire to rise or fail by their own devices.

    But if you understood psychology, economics or innovative processes you wouldnt be a commie tard.

  5. What did the people light their houses with in Russia before communism? Electricity!

    Communism is anathema to innovation and there is nonreference to measure the efficicency of production without free markets of labor or distribution. That is why those unfortunate people who go down that road end up with poor goods and services and the collapse of agriculture and production capabilities which results in deprivation and starvation.

    Thats why communists are almost exclusively know nothing kids and bitter adult loser acedemics.

  6. "most doctors would still practice although maybe not as many hours" that's a major problem dude. We cant have a society of doctors that dont work as long. The main issue here is that people will do the bare minumum to get by. Whats the point of working hard to get a promotion if i dont get a higher salary? Who wants to be a garbage man for free? Youre probably gonna see a large amount of people leaving crucial jobs because the financial incentive isnt there. Youre gonna have a society where either everybody is gonna try and do the easier jobs, or theyre gonna half ass everything.

  7. No, you would get sent to the gulag for being a "wrecker" and "sabotage" even if you weren't really lazy, the higher ups in the party that had no knowledge of your industry just gave you idiotic orders that you told them wouldn't work.

  8. The opposite of work is not doing nothing, Its called Hobby, really not a new concept.
    Beeing productive i very relative. I can be producing stuff, and still be of no help to society. how many factory workers would keep standing at the line? Instead of doing other stuff like painting in their garden, or Building Puppets or following their dream of starting a Bar or Band.
    Thats why Kommunism starts to go into planned economies, and force people to work certain jobs. because if one half is in a Band and the other half has a Bar, they may be happy for some time, before they realize they made a mistake.(simplification intended)
    If you say Robots provide food, energy and schelter, than yes, thats possible…. But that is not an option for some time to come. It called utopia for a reason.
    using automation to reduce working hours will cause stagnation, Sure we could already life "happily" with only 10 hours a week on the level of 1955 with todays technologie.
    High skilled workers cleaning their own offices/Labs defeats the benefit of specialized Labor. Its done in school to teach a perspective and respect.

    Since you say socio-economic system, i see exactly this as a problem, because it requires a certain mindset, for everyone. What do you do with people who don't have it? you didn't answer the question about the lazy people, you just asumed there aren't any. If people need to change to fit into the Kommunist uptopia, it is bound to decent into an autocratik dictatorship.

    People shouldn't change to fit a system. The system should be flexible to include them as well.
    I'm aware that thats probably the same kommunists view Kapitalilsm. People are slaves in Kapitalism and free in Kommunism. But kapitalists see it the other way round. You are a slave to the state in Kommunism because everything you produce is not yours, and you only life off the mercy of some Party kommisars.
    I don't believe in Altruism. People work for themselves. thats biological. helping others is done for the good feeling about it. Or for getting a favor back later.

  9. Isn't the principle of Communism "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"? What would happen if I don't put in my full ability or take more than I need?

  10. The smart phone question isn't about that it was made under capitalism, it's commenting on the hypocrisy of supporting the same corporations that you don't like.

  11. Automation under capitalism is good too. Basically the jobs are becoming easier to do and more value is created so wages can go up and the cost of products to go down. Also automation frees people from doing many repetitive tasks. Automation is what created the vast number of jobs we have today. We are actually at a point where there is more work available than people to do the work. Some jobs are being automated because people no longer want to do those jobs.

    All in all automation is a great thing.

  12. The phone example is easier than that to rebut. Your i-phone is a product of several technologies that were all funded socially.
    Only the combination, enclosure as intellectual property, marketing and profit taking are the work of capitalism.

  13. I get it. Some people like socialism. America is capitalist……so rather than change America, why not move to a country that is ALREADY socialist and live in utopia and let us evil capitalists destroy eachother??

  14. You can still be lazy in communism. When the wages are locked in place regardless of how much you work, that isn't going to encourage productivity. You can't expect someone to "just be productive" and "pay debt to society" when you don't reward them for it. Humans don't work like that. We want to feel good when we work hard and paying them the same regardless isn't going to achieve that reward system. Capitalism isn't about profit it's about getting paid the right amount relative to how much you worked. Capitalism rewards people for working harder by letting them earn profit. Don't get me wrong though, there are people who have it luckier in capitalism and earned their wealth without much effort, however communism is far more guilty of this by paying those who didn't work as much the same amount of money relative to others who may work much harder.

  15. In the modern age I honestly don't believe that socialism/communism would work, in ever growing need for innovation a productivity, capitalism is important and at least practiced responsibly and prioritizing vital sectors under socialist ideals such as health care and education. But the modern world isn't ready for socialism, it's been proven it doesn't work, but maybe in a future in which vital production sectors such as agriculture and others are fully automated, allowing us as a society more freedom to endeavor in common goals for the improvement of humanity such as science and technology, we would have time and human labor to spare, this full automated society opens way implement a system such as socialism, we will notice this when we see leading countries implenting a UBI (universal basic income), and there're even countries now, who have already started to do this as pilot programs. For now I think capitalism is the way but in due time we will need to consider tweaking our social systems a nodge or two.

  16. I know this video is old so the comment section is perhaps a bit dead now, but on the "human nature" argument :

    Human nature is to adapt to their environment, and solve problems. That's why we have society, and games. It may seem irrelevant, but a game is only a defined space where people act accordingly to a defined set of rules that they agreed to follow. Humans have always played games, even in prehistorical times, it's in their nature to define rules, and follow them (ludic attitude) in order to win the game.

    That's where we can connect back to the matter of the question : When the defined space is the borders of a country, in which the people follow the set of rules that is Capitalism, how do they "win" ? By producing the most of whatever, and accumulating wealth. Being ethical, cooperative, solidary, don't get you closer to winning the game, because it's always gonna be more expensive. Some can always try to do it under capitalism, I'm not saying no one cares about ethics or well-being, but that's an unefficient strategy, doing that makes you a "good person" in the eyes of people, but also a "bad player". It's fair play, at most.

    That's why "human nature" doesn't make people greedy. Capitalism does. You can't win at Monopoly unless all of your friends have run out of money (and actually Monopoly is plagiarism from a game that used this mechanic to warn people against capitalism), which is why most modern board game critics agree to say that Monopoly is actually a bad game, that drives players against each others and doesn't offer a good time playing for everyone. Let's just play another game, then.

  17. You dont really answer or adress anything on the second question, other than imagining something about humans not being lazy. If we had communism I would fkn chill all day. No, wait. I wouldn’t. I would be dead. Bc I would have been executed.

  18. The problem of you Americans is that you have never experienced communism and this is why you speak crap about this idiotic system you don't even know how dangerous is… when a capitalist participate in communist dictatorship , he participate in a STOLEN by communist, model already created in industrial age capitalism.Stop glorifying the most idiotic system which was responsible for 120M+ dead people , a world war , more than 30 enslaved countries(one of them is my country) , millions of destroyed people`s dreams , hundreds of thousands confiscated small business, starvation because of sharp deficit……and I can go on and on … Yes not everything is created by capitalism .. like gunpowder , clothes etc… but capitalists are the only one who found a way how to produce in mass scale for the ordinary people in order to reduce the price in order for every one on the street can afford to by stuffs that only the rich class was able to have back in the centeryes. And about the lazynes….please 😀 , communism in my country teached a whol generation of people that the government will take care for them! 30 years after the colapse of the regime .. my country STILL have the lowest % entrepreneurship (something that was totally forbidden by force during the regime period).This same generation of people in my country who don't do anything because they were TAUGHT by force that the government is the one that take care for them all the time , and they STILL believe this lie and this is why they are not productive, have no goals and live literally month for month.I can tell you many stories of people from the hood who did nothing during the communist regime except playing cards and drinking alcohol in the factories because guess what… the communist party will pay them at the end of the month any way.Opposite of that people with entrepreneurial spirit in my country achieve far more , and they are the only one who contribut the most to my country WHY? Because they believe that they are in charge of their own destiny … not waiting the government or anyone else will make their life as how they want it .Capitalism is not for lazy people , If you are productive i earn, if not you dont earn.In comunism people are lazy and still earn. This is why 60% of milenials today want this "sugar coated socialism" to continue to be lazy and the govetnment pay them (money taken from the working prodictive people) (yes … classic redestribution of wealth) My english suks but I`m sure you know what I am saying. You know nothing about socialism. America expandet capitalism after the industrial age in Britain and it was responsible for this cutting age developed world we have today.

  19. Actually, ecologism and veganism is not a mandatory part of communism. I know a lot of communist ideologies/factions/states that are/were indifferent to such things, or against them.

  20. This is my issue with all the emphasis on the value of Work being preached under Marxism. I'm not wired to be productive, I've always had trouble holding a traditional Job, and yet I'm not this way because of any already diagnosed disability or mental illness.

    The from of Communism I'm looking for is one that says Society is morally obligated to provide even for those who don't contribute.

  21. Jag tycker inte att det verkar något fel med kommunism, men jag är inte kommunist på långa vägar. Jag är ju svensk så ja..

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