We’ve got an old Proprietary system, What do we do with it?

who works in one of those businesses
that got one of those old proprietary systems I’ve been to some clients
businesses where they’re still using like a DOS based thing which is black screen with
green writing they have to type in commands like hit f5 and that opens up their
record for you and things like that or we recently spoke to a client who has
about 14 systems they use in their business all custom developed each done
to do a specific thing over the course of say 10 years that they have to use
day-to-day to make everything work they’ve to put a record in one then
that’s it and somehow be copied into into the system number two then someone has to the
duplicate that and put into a record into system number three which then does
something else with a data and then blah blah blah after a convoluted process they’ve
done what they needed to do now in some cases it’s best to rewrite the entire
platform bring it up into one system and make it work but sometimes you can
integrate with those platforms and make a new interface for all of them so what
this all that you do is make a new front-end that can talk to the databases
or the api’s if you can add them on if they’re available and then have a new
interface that lets you use all those systems and perform the tasks in one
place in other cases you have to scrap them all and write from scratch
completely but so it’s best to try and leverage what you already have and
integrate with those existing systems they’ve been tested tried and true and
you know how they work they’ve bugs have been ironed out and the investment can
be reused to help you leverage that and move quicker other cases I’m sorry your shit out of luck really sometimes you just have to rewrite it because it’s just too
old and sometimes even bugs that you just put up with because you know that’s
how it works and you can’t do anything about it so you’ll just leave it as is
and just put up with it now that’s not the best case of best use of time and
money in your business you should really assess whether there’s old systems if
they do what they’re supposed to do how many workarounds do you have to do
what do you staff have to do on top of that and add it adds manual work or extra
work copying data triple quadruple handling it and figure out do we rewrite
do we integrate do we add api’s and build a new interface for it you really
need to figure out what’s the best use of your money how can you free up time
of your employees to do high-value tasks and give more value to your customers

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