Welcome to Whatcom Community College

Whatcom is a perfect place
to get your feet wet. I think whether you’re
coming right out of high school and you’re not sure
what you want to study. I think it’s great for
a returning student who might be afraid that
they have lacked skills. I feel like it’s a good
transition place and I believe honestly
that the professors and the other students here everyone wants you to succeed. It’s very much like a
family the environment here at Whatcom. Everyone is extremely
personable, approachable, and all here to
accomplish the same thing. The instructors are here
to provide us with a really great foundation to
move on to whatever career path it is that you choose
and the students are here to work hard
and learn hard. Class sizes in the CIS
program and generally for all of Whatcom are
typically pretty small around 24 students
per class. It allows us to get
more one on one time with the students. Allows us to help them and
dedicate more time so we can actually have that
sort of one on one interaction with
our students. Whatcom Community College
offers all these wonderful opportunities for
us to get engaged. The classes are rigorous
and demand a lot from me. They’re really
challenging. In order to succeed you
have to push yourself. We want our students to be
successful and that’s very important so no matter
what a student’s goal is educational or training
goal is we want to be able to help them determine
that goal and to help them meet it as well. Instructors are very
willing to help you out and they just genuinely
care for you and all of your success as well. I feel very comfortable
being able to involve myself with many
activities here on campus. I’d recommend Whatcom
Community College because there’s a lot of
flexibility in the types of degrees that
you can get. You can get a transfer
degree and move onto a four year institution and
pursue further education that way as well as
there’s a lot of different direct workforce degree
paths that you can take like cyber security and
nursing and lots of other degree paths that you
can go straight into the workforce for as well. So I think there’s just
a lot of opportunities. I chose Whatcom not just
because of its education but also because of
its wonderful location. You can go hiking. You can go skiing at Mt. Baker. You can go kayaking
at awesome lakes. And you can just hang out
with friends at parks or just downtown. At Whatcom we have such a
variety of students from different backgrounds. Their experience, their
stories, it just enriches the classroom as well as
my life personally because I get to learn a
lot about them. It’s just a beautiful,
fun place to work. Whatcom is, it really is the next
best step for students and I am very
proud and pleased to be a part of that and to help
make that happen for students.

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