Welcome to the LGBTQ Academy at the Out Alliance

Welcome to the LGBTQ Academy at the Out Alliance! We have been fostering respectful conversations
and helping to create welcoming spaces since 1973, making us a historic and trusted resource
not only for the Rochester community, but for all over the country! Our LGBTQ Academy team is made up of over
60 trained staff members and volunteers. All of our trainers are skilled at facilitating
dialogue, assuming goodwill, and creating spaces that are safe and respectful. Our trainings and presentations are custom
designed for your audience and continually updated to remain relevant. If you are thinking of inviting us in to your
campus, workplace or community, here are a few things to consider to make sure we are
bringing you the most effective training possible. If your presentation will be a required training
or if you suspect that there will be some participants who may be uncomfortable with
the topic, you might want to consider one of our panel presentations or our Creating
Inclusive Spaces Trainings. Our panel presentations are custom designed
to meet your needs. We can create LGBTQ+ panels, trans panels,
panels focused on health care, youth, older adults, and much more! These are great programs for folks who may
not have had much experience working within the LGBTQ communities. They are relaxed, upbeat, and non-judgmental. They also offer lots of time for participants
to get any and all questions answered in a safe environment. Participants can expect to walk away from
these trainings with a basic understanding of LGBTQ+ identities, an appreciation for
LGBTQ+ individuals and lots of answers to those questions that may not have been “ok”
to ask in other settings. Maybe you’re looking for something a bit
more structured; if that’s the case you might want to consider our Creating Inclusive
Spaces Trainings. These are highly interactive workshops that
will be tailored to your needs, whether that means creating LGBTQ+ inclusive K-12 schools
or creating transgender inclusive workplaces. Participants can expect to walk away from
these trainings with a basic understanding of LGBTQ+ identities, respectful communication
tips and the tools needed to comfortably work with LGBTQ folks. As a next step training, or for those folks
who are fully on-board with LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion, you may want to consider our
extremely popular SafeZone Training. Participants can expect to walk away from
this dynamic and interactive training with the skills and resources for creating safe
and inclusive spaces for everyone! At the end of this training participants will
gain access to our official SafeZone stickers and lapel pins in order to show their visible
support of the LGBTQ+ communities. Finally, if you are interested in one of our
advanced trainings for educators, we hope you will take a look at our SpeakOUT Training
or our nationally acclaimed SafeZone Train-The-Trainer Certification Program, where we share all
of our behind-the-scenes facilitation secrets and give you the resources and skills you
need to run your own SafeZone programs. All of our presentations and trainings come
with some wonderful informational handouts. Our prices are very reasonable, work on a
sliding fee scale and are essential for supporting our educational programs continued growth
and success, but if you have budgetary concerns, we hope you will let us know. For a list of all of the trainings we offer,
feedback on the quality of our work, a list of our past clients or to request a training,
please go to our webpage at: www.outalliance.org. Just click on “LGBTQ Education and SafeZone”
on the top bar. Thank you so much for your commitment to creating
safe and inclusive spaces for everyone! We look forward to hearing from you!


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