WEIRDEST HELICOPTER SETUP...  -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -

all righty hello guys welcome your face is back to another store Mike's video today we are continuing on with our random adventures yes so we're actually going to be using a one-person helicopter Marquand called the buzzer or fuser buzzer for fuser probably fuser that's it right there so uh let's go inside open up the doors in fact we could do it from here BAM turn the lights on are they up yes and then open up the door them there we go look at that it's so weird lucky all right yes so let's go ahead and jump inside and wait wait you fly it from the back this is weird this is really strange so right here we got back lights we've got fuel pumps ignition master switch your pumps ignition there we go back lights we got lots of engines on this thing all right it started let's go throttle it up lights we got a winch on what in the world this is so weird this is so so strange okay okay hold on go back to flat good turn it on again is it working properly now do I have to leave that on I may have to leave that on here we go there we go there we go so strange this is so weird but yeah we are flying and it's it's flying fine I don't know about this this is the weirdest looking helicopter I've ever seen all right anyway I don't know what we use the winch for um it's on the side as you guys can see right there ah I don't know what to do with this thing it's so weird it is so straight let's go check out these little islands these little rocks over here do you have any sort of Auto hover no I mean we do but how do I turn it on oh god I can't see anything there's just there's just stuff in my face two to four Auto hover beautiful alright awesome so yeah there's a bunch of rocks over here I'm hoping that one of them is a is a Megalodon but no none of them are megalodons hmm there is water landing gear for this maybe we shouldn't touch that maybe we should attach that that would be cool oh maybe not let's let's go back let's go back and we'll see if we can actually attach it on I haven't downloaded it yet but we'll see also winch down what happens if I do that look at that yeah we could we could rescue someone but I don't think it's a good idea I really don't think it's a good maybe maybe it is I don't know okay land it learned it come on we got to go down here we go we're landing we're landing this thing on the floor there we go landed beautiful is it this thing making that noise isn't it let's take you off again AHA there you go you weren't expecting that were you no siree all right let's go ahead and download the water feature and we'll see if we can do it oh I was expecting like a different feature but no it is like the entire helicopter just again aha I was expecting this bit to be like interchangeable but it's not it's just it is just the the helicopter again and it's got more seats Wow it's got like big pontoons with six seats on it so seats on this side there must be seats on that side oh the seats on this side as well and winches on both sides – holy but Jesus okay right hinge small connector magnet light right winch right winch holy bejesus okay let's let's turn on the master switch all right okay before I condition enable pumps first there we go backlight awesome voila okay we're ready to go how are you ready to go do you have to have that on I think we do we can only take off with that on that's weird that's really strange whoa hey okay right I press the button oh oh no Joe chop me up oh wait it write itself that's pretty cool oh don't jump what am i doing I'm gonna kill myself accident okay can we go up now I think we need more blades than this we've only got two blades currently that's not the best alrighty well let's try this again shall we we need to jump back in charge in fact actually let's do this first fuel pumps ignition backlight sure to put our little seat and throttle up let's go I feel like we need to keep it cranking I don't know why but I feel like that's how it works so so we'll leave it like that that's okay alright let's change it to daytime so we can actually see what's going on that cranking is very annoying okay can I get out my seat and walk around there I mean if you do get out your seat you do risk falling straight to your death but that's okay don't know is it working no we're falling oh oh we we really damaged ourselves so you need to keep it cranking that's kinda strange Ashley but sure let's go with it let's go with it working yeah alright I kinda want to do a mission with this thing so let's just do it alright so I figured we would do the transport Reagan inspectors mission because it's right here we can just pick them up from right here and then we could travel over to the oil rig and then we'll see what it I guess we could see what it floats like now to be fair let's just let's just drop it out the sky here we go we'll see what it floats like here we go we're falling we're falling we're falling also do you have any sort of battery thing charge is one okay we're good charges a okay here you land down in the ocean there we go we've landed and is everything a-okay I think it is yes it is it's completely floats that's pretty good unless we were still flying there I feel like we were flying a little bit but that's okay I feel like it floats anyway right so let's go ahead and get on the land okay and we'll pick up the dudes and then we'll take them to their destination which is an oil rig the only problem that I can see with this thing is you can't see anything when you're in first person you got you literally can't see anything so uh that's that's one of the only issues we've got with this thing um everything else it looks really weird which is kind of cool and it does what it says whoa I guess it flies like it says it would so that's good yeah it does every Oh No oh that was close oh that's so close okay uh new go down please there we go we're going down turn it off how do we turn it off just do this there we go beautiful all right you you're gonna get inside – there we go all right get on throttle up let's go no okay so it works it works actually really easily so that's good it's the weirdest helicopter I've seen in this game so far though like it's it's basically just four engines strapped together and and that's it four engines strapped together some pontoon spot on the bottom and that that's it weird all right cool we got some more of them we little islands over there but there's yeah them little rocks that's not something to be watching out for we can fly over to our destination just friend I was hoping the Meg would be around here but I don't think it is all right we got some bad weather going on right here how do I turn on the lights on the front I don't know is there a light thing other your lights there we go like that beautiful so we're gonna land on the oil rig it is a bit windy now and a bit rainy but that shouldn't affect us at all actually the wind might but the rain won't let's just get over there it does have a not like an actual landing pad on this right I think I'm not actually too sure I'd No also we don't really have to deliver them if we can just dip them in and then just fly away again so let's do that let's dip them in and then fly away here we go it does have a landing pad we're not gonna use it here we go is everybody ready here we go we're dunking them oh oh I didn't work it didn't quite work boys all right get off get off my my helicopter please thank you and you get off there we go once delivered to is delivered awesome not really what I was expecting to to do right here but uh yeah it happened anyway so so they let's just do this yep there we go we did it boys we did it mission complete so yeah which one of these do I actually prefer probably the one without all the landing stuff however it doesn't really have any seats or anything like that which is a little bit of a problem unless you just add some you know cuz because I'm assuming that it's powerful enough to lift anything that you actually add to it so what if we were to add just a bunch of seats like this down the side well be able to do missions like that easy peasy we still have the problem where you can't see anything but at the same time maybe you don't need to see anything maybe that's okay so we'll add a bunch of these again there we go all right cool and get rid of the other one in the middle there we go delete that awesome there we go so we go six seats let's just go ahead and spawn it in take off on fly away Bam Bam Bam there we go ready to go throttle up off we go it's such a weird looking thing it is so strange oh no oh that was close I was very very very close I did lose some blades but it's okay we're fine we are just fine can we land on top of this is that a thing we can do are we allowed to here we go and landed oh whoa no I always chopped up a pelican that's no good all right well um hey can we turn on those lights here we go light there we go look at that we got lights amazing ah it's a weird looking machine though isn't it it's very strange-looking uh we are falling out this guy currently as well which is not the best oh come on please just land it just land it yeah it'll be okay I swear I'm landing this thing here we go we're going down and we're going to Oh Lord forgive us okay okay and landed all right perfect perfect oh yeah that's pretty cool um what else could we do with it I don't know what uh oh we could try and lift something with it I suppose we could we could definitely try and lift something with it so let's delete these real quick well do the same thing on the other side and then we'll delete these yes gonna be a little bit strange in fact it's gonna be very strange I'm sure it's gonna be fine here we go delete all of these and all of this and then all of these where's the center of this oh that's weird it's it's off-center of course it is why wouldn't it be why wouldn't it be off-center all right delete all of these and delete this there we go so if you really pick things up with this presumably um but at same time maybe not I don't know we'll see well she will see you will see I need to put some like little feet on it just in case there we go we'll put some little feet on here we go beautiful so should be able to stand up like that that's okay and we should be I'll just do the magnets from wherever we want to good spawn and move outside and then oh yeah that's it's quite great okay all right turn it on BAM turn it on there BAM there we go we're ready throttle up let's go press 2 for auto hover and out we go I want to see if we can lift with this I don't know what I want to lift but still every kind of cool wouldn't it it wouldn't need me kind of cool alright stop that right there turn it off awesome here we go whoa it's actually revving up now why is it doing that I don't know anyway uh if we're gonna save do I have anything kind of small that we can lift up with it Korea I mean that's a boat what if we try and lift up my APC that seems like the right thing to lift up yes it's it's quite big okay for this thing to lift so hopefully it'll do it but maybe not I don't know we'll see take on trolley up oh okay beautiful well you want the magnet on the top top magnet there we go drive it out now it's closed we almost smacked into that right there that's okay ah yes Peter buta no we don't need heater we need lights handbrake and headlights inside lights I'll do all right cool go ahead and exit exit the vehicle please sir alright good get on this one how do I turn on magnets it's definitely a way to do it there is definitely maybe it's on the seat controls it is okay everybody ready let's take off again here we go oh I forgot to turn it on give me a second OOP there we go we're going up yeah magnet is six no connectors five there we go we just need the connector to connect we're connected and if we go oh no we can't lift it we actually can't lift it all right hold on oh we can like just about lift it off the ground ah and we're not strong enough okay what if we just drag it no no what else we're gonna we can't lift this ap it can't lift an APC but it almost can very close to lifting an APC so it's not super like super lightweight but it's that's cool is quite cool it's quite good there we go now I guess what we could do is we could take the helicopter for a ride with the APC that seems like a fun idea here we go everybody ready handbrake off let's go oh oh oh this isn't good I wasn't expecting this I don't know why why was I not expecting this all right whatever anyway I'm gonna go ahead and leave us here from hell because things have got a a bit weird basically things have gone a little bit weird so we'll leave it there I'm gonna go ahead and say thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys in the next one good bye

  1. My dream Stormworks adventure:

    I explore the sea in a sub, only to get into a fight with Megs. I grab five more subs, and they get trapped with the other small sub that I used the first time. I go back, discover that the fight is near a train track, and make a train. When I reach the fight, a button activates a laugh sequence and the train goes into the fight. It explodes, destroying the megs. I then get road and air vehicles to retrieve the subs, then put the subs on a flat car and take a train away.

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