Weed Fans Want Free Health Care and Socialism

what's up guys this is will wit with Prager you today we're at the annual 4/20 festival here celebrating weed a legalization of weed in Denver Colorado we're talking to people today about socialism and free health care it's do it so why are you guys here today to celebrate in 420 dean yeah what do you guys think about free healthcare I think it should be a thing yeah I mean who wouldn't you wouldn't want that No yeah who wouldn't want that yeah what do you guys think would pay for the free health care politics unfortunately you guys think we should have free health care because some people aren't able to afford it so I mean it'll be beneficial mostly to them but people also in America I'm a combat veteran so like my health care is taken care of by the VA I believe though that we all are entitled to health care other countries are doing it and it's working so wake up join the 20 percent 21st century yeah a question when you see like the VA and how they handle health care they don't do a great job with it you think it would be better with like the free market handling that or with like the government trying to handle that I don't actually know that's a good question because the government does make a complete cluster of the VA you know I've been trying to get an appointment for seven months so and I'm an author you know author yeah I wrote the e-book revolution or extinction you guys think about socialism I think it's really like a good thing to like you know have an I do you know socialized they're like a lot of people and like meet a lot of people you know so I don't know I think it's like a good thing in life to like introduce yourself to people and like tired we're social we're socializing right now oh yeah you don't like my haircut it has a lot of potential it is boring like a Republican that's true I don't want to look like a Republican like a Bernie Sanders once socialism Acacio cortes some other people what do you guys think about that it's a good idea socialism in America from history but if we incorporate incorporate some aspects of it and still keep you know a democracy because it's like a form of our economy so if we merge the two I think it could work stop looking at like Russia and all those countries and look to the future what do you think about socialism and Colorado in America I think we have to have socialism now having democratic socialism make sense it's really about helping people in our society if we have money for war why wouldn't we have money to help our citizens how do you guys feel about the direction Denver is heading in I don't know I'm just like you know whatever happens happens bringing your kids to a 4/20 festival nice what do you think about socialism good idea I don't know if it'd be a good idea for us but let's try it all right guys we've finished up here at the 4/20 festival here in Denver and we found that everyone we talked to one it's socialism and free health care the education system is not doing a very good job here in Denver this is my home state and it's very sad to see that so thank you guys for watching we appreciate it stay cool Mon like this video share with your friends and see in the next one peace

  1. UGH!! This is exactly what the progressive politicians (drug dealers) want, addicted brainless zombies who can't speak, think or walk. The progressive drug dealing politicians will be forever in control of these addicts.

  2. I don’t smoke weed, but I don’t care if people want to destroy themselves. In fact, in a way I’ve benefitted from the potheads and other druggies, as there was less competition for good jobs and a top shelf wife while I was in my 20s.

    As long as it is understood I am not responsible for you doing so. It’s fundamentally no different from alcohol or other intoxicants. What you do with your body is your business, not mine.

  3. Will, I smoke and advocate for legalizing (or at least decriminalization)…but know that many of us are capitalists. THESE people are on something entirely different: Bad information.

    Public education doesn't focus on finances, economic trends, psychology, or even first aid (which could cut down the number of people needing hospitals). They do study history, but only to regurgitate it on a multiple choice standardized text – not to understand reasons/conditions.

    At least the girls at the beginning were honest about both their opinion and that they didn't really know enough to push things on people.

  4. This video is fun. But putting that title, on a university channel makes it totally not cool.
    You're saying these few idiots that you talked to are representative of… anything!

  5. They don’t care about who pays for it, they just want everything for free so they can just sit around and get high. This generation doesn’t want to work or take responsibility in life, it’s just about hey dude I’m high it’s so cool. This is the new generation that will run this country some day, pretty scary if you ask me. If you think I might not understand smoking pot well I do, smoked it for years long before it was legal and it makes you not give a shit about anything, numbs the mind to true reality. This is why most of them don’t have a clue about real socialism or what will happen if the government takes over everything, nor at this time do they really care as long as they can get high and no one bothers them. Oh the drug of conformity for the government, just keep people high and they won’t care about what happens around them.

  6. having a socialist mindset should be treated as hightreason (no pun intended) in USA. the one and only country with REAL freedom ! I cant stand libtards. sedated zombies every last on of them

  7. Off topic, but the 420 video seemed to end at 3:39… We needed just one more moron in there to put the OCD bow on this thing.

  8. Then there’s a bunch of hurting people that want an alternative to pharmaceuticals as in ‘medical marijuana’, something that can likely help end the opioid crisis?!

  9. Not all pro-weed people are liberals, and not all conservative people are anti-weed, as the video would suggest. I enjoy Will and PragerU videos, as well as other conservative and right wing channels but the MJ issue shouldn't be political. It is a common sense issue, same with abortion. Everyone has made them polotical issues and it has become a total farce.

  10. I love how the veterans said VA sucks, but we must have it like other countries have it. Then explain why so many the socialist countries are now allowing private insurance and privatized health care?

  11. A typical example of a bunch of uninformed humans that have no clue what their saying should be…"whos going to pay for it" the magic question that none of them can answer because they believe the world and everything in it should be a handout…time to grow up,get a job and fit into society,not change it to the fantasy world you dream of.oh and socialism,ask all those failing countrys in Europe how its working out for them….its not!…think ill go burn one now and dream of a world where all those morons don't exist,a real world like ADULTS live in and can actully not live in mom&dads basment and preach to the world about how the real world does them wrong……&their the examples we should listen too? NOT!!

  12. I like weed but I'm Conservative….u can usually tell the difference between us and them because we don't have a huge event just for weed being legalized (we smoke responsibly and we just go on with our lives alittle less anxious), we don't try to dress like hippies becuz it's cringey and we actually know something about the 20th century…. Also, we don't vape cuz vaping is for pussies

  13. Oh my God. Nevermind the horrors of Soviet Russia and the crumbling state of Venezuela, let's incorporate socialism in America! Yeah! I totally love to have all of my rights and properties infringed upon by the government! Yeah we may all begin to starve and be in crippling poverty, but at least we will all will be suffering and dying together!

    I swear to God these people who want socialism desperately WANT to see their country destroyed and their friends and families (and themselves) cut down and oppressed by their government. They're probably the same people who think it's ok to murder babies just because they weren't careful when having intercourse. I mean, abortion and socialism both kill people.

  14. nice. now i know where the left gets that "the right is racist, sexist, blah blah blah." those of you commenting about all pot heads, kids at this festival are being abused by being there, etc, are ignorant. by the same standard, those of you that expose your kids to drinking, let your kids observe smoking or drinking anywhere at anytime, are guilty. the bigoted nature of the title was click bait. you all proved yourselves stupid as the people you project your stupidity on. dave k said taking your kids to a 420 festival is child abuse. REALLY??? DRUNKS ARE WORSE. EVER TAKE YOUR KID TO APPLEBEES OR A SPORTS EVENT? YOUR A GOD DAMN PEDOPHILE.
    seems legit right? smh. learn from this. become better than you are. I am.

  15. I was at the 420 festival, but arrived too late to get a chance to speak with bae Will Witt! Conservatives are smoking hot!

  16. This is just ignorant. I've come to expect better from Prager u. There is no correlation between marijuana use and political beliefs. He drives a Ford, must be a Republican. She drinks mountain dew must be a Democrat. Asinine.

  17. I dunno if I'm an outlier, but I love marijuana and hate the idea of free Healthcare and socialism. The only reason free Healthcare works anywhere else in the world is because we pay for new, innovative medicines and treatments

  18. Wow… The best line in the video …socialism has been Stigmatized from history.There must have been a lot of free samples given out at this event.

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