Wealth and Power in America: Social Class, Income Distribution, Finance and the American Dream

  1. Bad politicians billed out a massive money for the order of banks and financial institutions claimed they took risks I don't know what risk if the derivatives and bubbles assets on housing that doesn't justify by supply of houses that its prices had been increased by a number of house loans and then it was starting to fall short faster so then debts were secured through derivatives re sold again with unknown owners but the button line is the sunk and junk bonds and derivatives are showing they are bubbling because those who gets debts it goes to only into their buckets that is why they do it again will be rescued with a good decent amount of money again to safe the economy from longer time at recession and set back to economic growth and get back people to work from zero income or reduced. It's a nice game the nation gets indebted to the game of economic growth to the fewest and this time might go for war could be the world war 1111.

  2. L'amérique était sensé représenté un nouveau départ pour la civilisation. Bref avec mon expérience et l'historique, c'est pire que vivre en tribu. Au moins la tribu tient un conseil sans huis clos contrairement à la pseudo démocratie avec leur secret de sécurité nationale. Même une mouche est plus utile à la terre

  3. Initial add by Goldman Sachs intentional?? Or was I just the witness of the most incredibly ironic moment on earth?

  4. No election will solve our problem. VIOLENCE will do it. No one including my self is willing.

  5. Our education system teaches us to be employees, not employers.  You get a college degree so you can work for someone else.  Business owners don't need degrees.

  6. This society has from the very beginning been dominated by a privileged elite who secured and protected their privilege by putting into government individuals of low integrity. The early landed interests that dominated U.S. politics and wealth distribution are still with us. Our system of property and tax law ensures that landed wealth is taxed very lightly, while those who actually produce wealth and provide real services are taxed heavily.

  7. Screw that, Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein 2016! If you think Hillary or Ron Paul will solve our problems you're wrong.

  8. We already have a system that achieves all that: "There was no unemployment, and the price of living was still extremely low; you saw very few conspicuously destitute people, and no beggars except the gypsies. Above all, there was a belief in the revolution and the future, a feeling of having suddenly emerged into an era of equality and freedom. Human beings were trying to behave as human beings and not as cogs in the capitalist machine." George Orwell – Homage to Catalonia page 6.

  9. Thats why capitalism must be ended and be replaced with a system that will provide for all. Like what the Venus project is trying to acheive.

  10. As someone with a degree in History I have to disagree. There is evidence of social chiefs, trade networks, and division of labor going back as far as BCE 11,000. Social division and concentration of wealth are not at all unusual or new in human civilization.

  11. As an anthropology student, I must inform you that your history is absolutely nonsensical. Hunter-gatherers didn't have a concept of "property" or "trade" until there wasn't enough food to go around. The vast majority of our evolutionary history was spent as egalitarian hunter-gatherers WITHOUT class or meaningful social statuses.

  12. Everyone can point fingers. I point them back at you. In life we have one thing determines our result. Goals. If you have no goal you have nothing to plan. Without a plan you have nothing to act on. Without taking action there is no results. I own the company called Goal Setting Clothing. I help others set goals. What is your goal?

  13. The bad guys have a plan. Why don’t you GET ONE! Watch "99% Movement" on Youtube! /watch?v=hcLZKn0Aso0
    Decomission evil ambitions! The NWO anti-plan!

  14. I think they are extremely hard working-but it doesn't seem to be at their jobs.And it doesn't seem to be 500 times harder than other hard working people/What they are, are sociopaths morbidly obese with profit.If you replace the money hoarding with food-you would see them as nothing other than disgusting.

  15. I guess conservatives feel that it is good for the US that the Walton family controls 40% of the wealth in this country yet pays their employees about $8.20 per hour on average? That amount does not give their employees enough purchasing power to help the economy. Jack up their pay to about $12 an hour not only gives them a wage that helps them and their families survive but it would also give them more purchasing power which would help the economy.

  16. Hardworking and dedicated doesn't mean anything in this country I see illegal immigrants working the cabbage fields in my county. They are dedicated and hardworking, and also vastly underpaid. While CEO's in this country make 340% more than the average worker in their companies, the middle class continues to disappear.

  17. Wrong wrong wrong. There are many 1% who inherit their money and contribute nothing to society. There are also many hard workers in this country that will never make it to the middle class. With that being said, since the 80's the middle class has been slowly disappearing. As a country we are more productive than ever before yet all of the wealth is trickling to the top. Unions only make up about 11% of the workforce and you want to blame them. I suggest you educate yourself.

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