We threw an INSANE PARTY for 0$ ft. Boogie

Who the fuck are you? When I first moved to LA we didn’t really have any [friends] here And we thought that the [best] way to make new ones would be to throw a badass party at a house in venice But let’s just say our neighbor wasn’t too happy about that our neighbor Just went all ballistic like he was throwing like pieces of equipment He threw half of a cooler – so next time we were going to do it right, and away from our house But out of all the crazy things we’ve ever requested from people this one was going to be the most ambitious The question is: can Yes Theory throw the most badass party ever in five days without spending any money? Like we’ve been talking about doing this kind of party since we–got–moved here. Guys it’s gonna happen and it’s going to be Insane. It’s gonna be a very memorable part, I feel – I’m taking care of location, So I have to find a dope artist to play for us I’ll do food and alcohol Yes, I think one thing will unlock the next So what we should actually pretend to each thing we go to is that We already have the rest- we should go in and be like we have a venue We have an artist, we have this we have that- we just need the alcohol The party is four days away. We still don’t have a venue. We still don’t have an artist. We still don’t have food and still don’t have drinks. We’re off to a good start. So Ammar and I we’re going to go out on the street and ask venues if they could potentially let us… Use their place for the party. – Do you know who owns this venue?
– He’s not on site right now
-Oh, He’s not… We were wondering if you guys would be interested in potentially…
-…In hosting your party? – In Hosting our party for free -For free! It’s tricky cause a lot of our neighbors don’t like us
– Okay – And we want to throw the best party we can based off of favors. It’s turning out to be a lot harder than expected – Ya! – Can we do it here or not?
– No – God, you must be getting “no’s” all day!
– Yeah, it’s a pretty consistent no – Ahh, S**t – This party has to be just so epic… – …A random artist shows up, and people are like “what?!” – Like this person is here and they just go crazy – That would be frickin’ insane! I’m not over the gaza this week in any context so when I was 80 drake will show up it’s going to be a weird request we’re looking for like a Big name like Celebrity artist [we] were wondering if by any chance you had any contacts that we can it up I Definitely do but I’m gonna have to work Are you gonna go check out a venue today? We really have any she’ll get a brewery or she’ll get a warehouse please show me okay, and we will you forget? I’m [not] to get the output when I know how big the venue is hahaha Wasn’t after that like you maybe professor this just like a couple of blocks away from here We have a lot of connections with Musician I don’t know much about this, but yeah, I don’t know but [I’ve] hear about our cool Yeah, rhetoric socialist Justin Bieber is like shows up there Yeah, that’s it ah They usually you include successions, but hopefully they’ll make an exception [for] us to throw like a massive house party We just got a text back from the place where we’re trying to throw this party called the Winston house So we have a contact to venue hopefully when we talk to who’s got tomorrow. We can make something happen Hey, Gloria, would go on if we could maybe have [a] show at your place, and yeah, no, we can’t work together, okay? He like meet up just like you know chat about it For sure let’s do it matt. Yeah, we’re gonna meet ya in like an hour [but] Hardison to the house that they kind of like the end. We know we’ll just show me Nancy listen This is the perfect venue. It’s into this one. It’s big enough, and it’s down the street ah it is Yeah I’ll get [no] I have an artist yet. We don’t soon. We don’t [at] [all] [I’m] not panicking, but maybe another [day], I will probably be panicking Together that’s he boogie. You need to find sponsors for food and alcohol Yeah, benjamin, what are you going to go down to go get it? It’s all [a] writer I was supposed to be soon alcohol by myself NMR is kind enough to take the task of food okay What we should do is sell the artist be like how we have to create the artist Gave us free alcohol [our] first [descent] is going to be calling local breweries to see if [anyone] would be [interested] [to] get with alcohol oh wait But she told me to take down information representatives there currently to see her she’s not [available] in destroying our number has changed. [I’m] sorry that extension is not ready We got very confident there for like a day. Yeah And they were like well We might have uh sure or Travis Scott or Macklemore performing at this party for free as a favor the only missing thing we have right now is actually uh number Meeting will not [even] go ahead – all talking here’s Johnny That’s betray that awesome Exactly [well] when you sound awesome I’ll send you the upset you [think] details and and then hopefully can maybe work something out All right, thank you so much. [she’d] the one She sounded cool no, right Look at this morning still with no results in the Lord Hi, Aaron My name is Matt and we were wondering if there’s any chance that Mac Miller would be willing to host this party for free and that sounds crazy We were wondering It doesn’t possible know if and easy is would be interested and we were thinking for the music We could only take the coolest and the person that we [site] of the most which would be snoop Dogg I bet this has been just like people not picking up the phone say it’s just hard to convince anybody to do There’s gotta be someone out there who’s going to do it like well. There’s gotta be somebody, but the problem is their time constraint does bear for a hundred oh nice [got] it. Yeah, three [weaver] [breweries]. Thank you so much. They’re gonna provide Vs for a hundred people And we’re so close to getting like Travis Scott Mac Miller [I] sure like their visible stones your sizzle And then they just dropped it level [you] deliver say with the guy [Madi] Pool house it is up We’re going to pick about freaks to do and never interested yet. I think [it’s] in conference. He’s from concert [oh] boy party day. I haven’t busted [five] [days] The day has come this ability to get done soundcheck is at 6:30, and you guys are [going] [to] [bite] straight on me tomorrow? You’re picking up to lots of it like because you people are going to get to be here again You are going to do the sound Is that all there [is] in there should have more responsibility? I think [we] invited enough people But since we always try to involve Strangers and the things we do I’m going to try to invite changes to the price and I tell ya we require you in tennis Right we are throwing the world’s greatest party in venice tonight The world’s greatest party based off a favorite no no man Okay, thank you. Yeah, okay Welcome, and there’s a [team] [of] we’re just bringing your father. Yeah, that’s where the weirdest thing in your closet [oh], and now we go the one green [played] tonight. It was nothing. Okay there right? Yeah, all [right] We’re done for sure going I mean if [they] [found] that’s the biggest reward is that it always shows people like if you’re put in a situation But it’s similar. Maybe show up this baby will be fun. Oh sticking that wild risk with saying yet saying yes, something like that He has weirdest thing in your closet. That’s the ceo of the probation I am We’re done we want to help my [lowers] really going to be the world’s greatest party with all that food and [Hmm] What we were nervous But [to] pump us up before the party we had our friend Dave from the MTV show the very life who did something similar six? years ago, so the most badass party in the world Give us a pep [talk] wow [Brito] reality tonight living in the world of the most badass party in the world What is it gonna be you? [know] you don’t know right now because they can be a lot [of] thing Whatever once they get me out there A lot of beautiful things that can happen tonight if you walk up to your dream [green] girl [she’s] sitting there. [she’s] got red hair do they know you were in a red hair before you saw her if there are going to be some penalties for the night whips are will be that’s Okay you want To get this party completely out of hand because you know what that means that [the] party is in your hand a little this adieu to there We’ll just do there your energy will be infectious for everyone else Who’s down it will grow as a collective and will become one energy of us [our] [table] You got to go under oh, there’s a limbo through the limbo. Are you ready for a limbo is this going to be? It is our night We are here and we are the ones dressed up. I don’t know [if] you got the memo We’ll just look so like the front [wants] to thin it out. Yeah told me We just got way more food than we needed. There’s like six different restaurants that accepts us to give us amar. What is he done? Martin emailed like every single restaurant and like a 40 mile radius literally six of them answer [Ciao] [bar] I lose my view what I’ll do when I get to you. Thank you diddy. What do I do with [that]? Huh? There’s two million executive of your mind Not a lot of people are here This is 10 to 15 people how many of you what do you think in a show up? I’m like but I was gone for half an hour I thought come back with a crowd hopefully in an hour and half will be your papa’s here literally says We got we’re having a party oh But you do it here sexy 1,000 scenario Every single thing [be] ready tonight with a wave of the favorite Kinda [dropping] Fact that were very very very some sunshine I give it up for Pakka By everybody people denied o’clock [baby] [whining] above the drop in my party in so room and I try to be different these niggas got it from my own

  1. You guys are all the bomb!.. also thank you to all the amazing organizations for helping us making this happen! This was so fun to make. Should we all have a Yes Fam party soon or what??

  2. Bro. im higher than a giraffes balls right now tripping off 500 UG of Acid and i was having a bad trip so i wanted to watch something enlightening on YouTube and i came across this and i was like perfect this will make it better. little did i know i would be having an ego death at 6:15 …

  3. Boogie now a contender for the 2019 XXL Freshman list plus has a song with Eminem…
    Good things happen to good people

  4. Boogie?!?! From the shady records?! This guy is now becoming big after making a song with eminem!

  5. DAVE FROM THE MF BURIED LIFE OH MY GOD. that used to be my FAVORITE show. it makes the most sense they would be friends

  6. Does anyone know where can I get Matt's shirt at 8:37? I thought it was their merch but I couldn't find it on their store. Where is it from?

  7. Finally a buried life reference. I saw there speech at university. I left really embracing life alot more than I walked in with

  8. Dam I would have totally been ok with it at my house I have an acre and half of land and no neighbors near me lol!

  9. Seen boogie in concert in SD, some artist posted a vid saying he’d sit outside all day in hopes he’d let him perform. And sure enough, boogie heard bout it and picked him up on the tour bus let mans perform. One of THE realest artists out there.

  10. I swear jake paul is in the crowd wearing a cheetah print jacket tho… am i mental?! 15:10 I AM NOT CRAZY AM I?? EEEEK

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