yo wazzup guys just leave on what I like on this video looks like a pretty cool video yeah let's get into it alright um I might have to press that dislike button alright let's keep playing it now the idea of a nation sharing the wealth I like how this kid is moving his frickin camera like super like frantically around as if there's like pedophiles after him let's keep playing wink wink wait 12 years okay we someone please please make sure that this kid does not get a child as the freaking president you do not need communism oh my god I'd probably make it like have these like these buildings what you can put in money for other people to have you know kind of a share share it's not a share share when they don't do anything for the money our economy will collapse do you under freaking stand I just feel bad for this kid man all of his freaking parents just putting these evil thoughts into his head now I know that all communists a tree like this but still is just as fine as sharing it I'm not explaining why we need communism I'm just giving the difference between dish picketing because they technically are because hey a parent could make their child share a toy or something there's a difference your parent buys you the toy with their money and they aren't keeping the other person is not keeping the toy if you give out money they will keep the money you understand what this will do oh my god kid what are you talking about they either put themselves in that situation or are born into it so either the people that are born into it can actually go to school and try to not be like their parents or you could just not do drugs and spend your money on stupid drinking crap instead for a bunch of we don't really need poor people well we would like to not have poor people how can we control that giving them money they will literally just go spend it on drugs we can't just let people be around just be homeless yes because they can't get jobs money is important so that's another reason communism you know I like this kids murders though he's looking out for them for the homeless men hashtag homeless put that in the comments you know you gotta say you gotta say communism is the answer to everything my problems I can find myself a new computer so does communism what do you mean in the United States costs a bit of all those morons saying the communism is the same as welfare I'm sorry so this this kid just got very aggressive I might just have to leave the United States now when people say it's the same as welfare I get dude yeah I know your freaking face is as red as your shirt right now holy crap don't call me a bully by the way that really hurts my feelings thank you hope you enjoyed the video don't forget to Like and subscribe and yeah see you in next video yeah you should probably start having time aneurysm by the way Trump yeah peace


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