We Must Reject Socialism: Yes, That Includes "Democratic Socialism"

  1. Socialism creates less responsible people and when it fails all this people start to miss it despite this system created the problem in the first place. It's like drug addiction.

  2. I love it when people say, "print more money!" That's always a real good clue someone has no clue what they're talking about and that they've probably not even thought about it very much.

  3. Capitalism isn't perfect; nothing ever will be, but it's by far the best we've come up with so far.

  4. Brazil embraced capitalism. They are looking pretty good right? Lmao. It's almost like you need more then an absence of state absolutist, completely top down bloated centralised systems, to have a country, almost like you need a tradition, a ethnos/germ, as and a actual state.

  5. I'm arguing for the perspective of a radical perennial traditionalist, so I guess I'm far more archaic in my attitude then much of any I'll find here

  6. And fuck any system that commodifies the sacred, commercialises the sacral, and subverts all spiritual matter, all tradition for packages, services, cold mechanised forces, impersonal exchange, rule of faceless nationless bloodless capital and its financial powers with no real authority, no real hierarchy, no real values, just the soulless bloodsucking nihilism of the corporate.

  7. Isn't the plebeian project of democracy essentially socialistic by socialising authority, depriving authority of any real legitimacy, by simply giving all of its basis for rule and governance, purely as nothing more then as a entity or function of proletarian derived consent, of appeal and representation by the plebeian desires and sensibilities, with their anti traditional, socialistic, inferior sentimentalism's, giving them radically unworthy participation. I mean I'm a radical patriarchal elitist, the last thing I want is the masses or one who comes from a degenerate class of upper society, having any kind of influence at all, and especially female masses or female degenerated elites, only those of royal character, should have any influence, right to authority, right to the state, right to legitimacy at all, fuck most misinformed cowardly fools that make up the bulk of society, and everything they want or their mouthpieces, socialistic elite mouthpieces of the exact same values just with more resources.

  8. Democratic socialism=/=SCANDINAVIAN Social democracy
    You stupid fucks would know if you asked ANY dane with any kind of interest in politics

  9. I actually like this video am a subscriber/fan… it’s just that the dislikes were at “99” and I couldn’t resist being “100” :/

  10. Most of the socialism push is purely due to healthcare issue. People want a few social programs, but instead they're being sold socialism.

  11. What the majority of people want is utopia without God. Not gonna happen. It's going to get worse and even worse. People souls can be saved but the world is already doomed. Fighting to make the world better is delusional and futile. If you dont know your enemy, dont go on the battle field.

  12. Socialism is always corrupted by sociopaths using brute force on a defenseless population that has been driven to despair. No matter how it is labeled to get shallow thinkers to buy into it, misery, despair and death follow.

  13. I worked hard to build my business. I own it, not the government. Bernie needs to move his ass to Venezuela. Take Obama with you.

  14. Would you describe Hitler's "miracle" as a socialist economic win or a fascist one? That is, Hitler seemed able to nationalize unions, provide healthcare, and give basic amenities to the poor while maintaining competition, and the economy flourished. Of course we never got to see the 10, 20, and 30 year long term results as soon he was plunged into a wartime economy. Do you think his system would have worked in the long run?

  15. I think Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, and dare I say it are all mixed economies, name me one completely Captialist country that works, even Singapore has some government intervention, the Middle Class increased in America when taxes were higher for rich people. The Middle Class has declined since the advent of neo liberal casino capitalism.

  16. Shit. Government-funded university is fucking awesome. Can't trust private businesses to produce effective education systems.

  17. The scandanavian countries have never been socialist. Yes they have social security, but never full socialism.

  18. Sadly, the education institutions in America are brainwashing operations controlled by the Left and the teacher's Unions.

  19. The USSR had the same GDP per capita like Austria or Japan. China is socialist and the biggest growing economy in the world.

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