We Must Evolve to a New Form of Capitalism | Andrew Yang at the 2018 Iowa Wing Ding (Full Speech)

and she didn’t change her life although oh my gosh incredible to be here I want I want you to reflect a little bit how on what brought you here tonight because I was thinking about what brought me here tonight and the Democratic Party of the United States of America is the greatest hope and force for progress in our country today and and you all are going to determine its future it is not an exaggeration at all to say that the future of the country rests in your hands and thank you all the incredible work that you do leading us every day and fighting the fight I know it’s been hard this last couple of years but help is on the way now I’m not from here as you may may have gathered my parents immigrated to this country in the 1960s they met at graduate school I was born in a town called Stu connected in New York my father worked for GE and then IBM my father’s a physicists my mother’s an artists my brother’s a psychology professor and I became an entrepreneur and CEO I built an education company that was sold to a public company in 2009 and I looked at the nation’s problems at that point I made a little money and so I thought to myself well what are the biggest problems that I see and the biggest problems that I saw were that so much money and energy and talent was heading to the coasts and not to places like Iowa including people who were from places like Iowa many many times they thought they had to leave for better opportunities and so that was the problem that I saw and I said we can do something about that so I donated 120,000 my own money he started calling rich friends and said do you love America and then the savvy among them said what does it mean if I say yes to that question and then I said at least $10,000 and then enough of them said I love America where we launched with a budget of about a quarter million today our budgets about 25 times larger thousands of young people have joined MIT or applied to venture for America and hundreds have headed to cities around the country to help create businesses and help businesses grow so that’s what I’ve been up to for the last seven years I’m an entrepreneur and a problem solver who likes math and I say that because people have told me that the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math now I’m here tonight to tell you all a story in numbers in part and I’m going to answer a question that you have been grappling with for the last two years and it may be perhaps the most important question of our time and that question is this why did Donald Trump win in Iowa by nearly 10 points in 2016 for that matter why did he win Michigan why did he win Ohio why did he win Pennsylvania why did he win Missouri why did he even win Wisconsin now that is the question of our time and the answer is in the numbers because again I love numbers so I dug in and the most direct correlation I found was that the more manufacturing jobs were lost in a voting district due to automation the more blue turned to red in that district the reason why Donald Trump is our president today is that we’ve automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Missouri Wisconsin and nearly 40,000 right here in Iowa how many of you personally know someone who has lost his or her job in manufacturing over the last number of years I’m sure a number of you do and I’ve been in the in these communities in the aftermath of the plant closing I heard from Mitch right here an old wine in Northeast Iowa what happened there when jobs disappeared that’s when despair takes its place and that’s when blue turns to red so I have some bad news I was just in Silicon Valley last month and this is going to get worse before it gets better the engineers and scientists of Silicon Valley are working on solving the problems of today the business problems of today but as they succeed in solving these problems their solutions are not going to improve your lives or our lives together what they’re going to do is they’re going to make human labor your labor our labor less and less central to the economy and more and more obsolete now this may seem far-fetched are futuristic to someone you but it’s the hard truth and if you look around you Iowa has lost 12,000 retail jobs since 2001 how many of you have noticed store is closing in your neighborhoods or area there are another one hundred seventy eight thousand hard-working Iowans and retail and trade right now and three of your seventeen malls are in danger of closing this is going to get worse there are another over 30,000 Iowans who drive a truck for a living and this is the most common job in 29 states my friends in Silicon Valley and I am friends with some of them please don’t hold against me but my friends in Silicon Valley are working on trucks that can drive themselves they say that there are 98% of the way there and these trucks will start hitting the highways in five to ten years so the question is what’s going to happen to the drivers at that point there are thousands of call center workers in Iowa how many of you saw that Google recently demonstrated software that can do the job of a call center worker someone’s not in here how many of you saw that well you can google it you know and it’s there but these changes are real artificial intelligence is real autonomous vehicles are real this is the greatest economic and technological transition in the history of mankind Donald Trump is the manifestation of this transition and our government has been decades behind in being honest about it and addressing it now before I deciding to run for president I decided to try and talk to various political leaders about the fact that this is the core set of issues and what do you think their responses to me were go ahead and shout them out was it be fun sorry go ahead wha-wha it sounds like you were in the room so the the solutions I heard were these one we cannot talk about that too we should study that further and three we must educate and retrain Americans for the jobs of the future now that third one sounds great I’m a Democrat I love education I love retraining but again I looked at the numbers and we know what happens in the aftermath of losing these manufacturing jobs that only less than 10 percent of manufacturing workers qualified for federally funded retraining programs and if they did participate the success rate was less than 20 percent we know that almost half of manufacturing workers that lost their jobs left the workforce and did not work again and that nearly 1/4 of manufacturing jobs that lost their jobs left the workforce and never worked again so those are the numbers that is the story the numbers are telling us and this is the challenge of our era now the question is what are we going to do about it the problem is this big and the answer is as John alluded to we must fundamentally shift the way we perceive work and value in our society and I have a three-part plan to make this happen and solve for the greatest issue that threatens our way of life today now the first is the freedom dividend where every American adult would receive $1,000 free and clear no questions asked every month to pay your bills invest in your families start new businesses and do what you want to do because you know how best you would use that money already right now 31% of Iowans are working full time and cannot make ends meet and 59% of our fellow Americans cannot pay an unexpected $500 bill they are living paycheck to paycheck week to week and you know that is the reality for many of your friends and neighbors and we can change that we can give Americans a raise so that so many of you might think wow that sounds phenomenal too good to be true but I want to give you some background in history a law almost exactly like this past the of Representatives in 1971 under Richard Nixon Martin Luther King was for it a thousand economists signed a letter saying this would be great for the economy and society and a plan just like this has been in effect in one state for 36 years where it has created thousands of jobs helped improve children’s nutrition and lowered income inequality and what state is that you may or man I know yeah it’s on Alaska and they use oil money and I’m going to ask you all today Democrats of Iowa what is the oil of today technology that’s right that is the oil of today so my plan the freedom dividend would put 16 billion dollars into the hands of Iowans every year so that you could pay your bills and do everything that you would do with a thousand dollars more per month and would create over 40,000 jobs in Iowa immediately now this is a very very big plan and a big move but it’s something that we can achieve because again you determine the future of this country and we need to build an economy that actually puts human goals and values front and center invest in our people and build a trickle up economy the Republicans have been selling that triple down trickle down garbage for decades and we know it doesn’t work at all they even know it doesn’t work they know it’s nonsense so we’re going to build a trickle up economy from our from our people up our families up and our communities up and that’s the first big move I’ll make as president the second is that we need to get healthcare costs off the backs of American families and businesses I’ve been an entrepreneur and CEO and I know it’s harder to expand your business it’s harder to hire it’s harder to start a business it’s even harder to switch jobs we spent twice as much as other industrialized countries on our healthcare than other countries because our system rewards activity and not healthfulness and as president I will move us towards Medicare for all and get the incentives right and the third thing is that we have to change the way we measure progress in our economy GDP is something we invented less than a hundred years ago during the Great Depression and even the inventor said this is a terrible measurement for national well-being so of course what do we do we start using it as a measurement for national well-being it’s a smart man he’s smarter than the people that have been using it now I’m running for president right now and my wife is working much harder than I am and those of you who have kids at home raise your hand if you have kids at home most of you got to be more parents than that my wife is at home with our young boys who were five and two one of whom has special needs and she’s working much much harder than I do what does GDP value her work at right now zero and we all know that’s nonsense we know that she’s contributing much more value than the average hedge fund investor or a Silicon Valley programmer we need to we need to shift to new measurements for our economic progress things that matter to us like childhood success rates mental health and freedom from substance abuse environmental quality median income and wealth proportion of elderly in quality care that can actually retire with dignity these are the measurements that would actually tell us how we’re doing and as president and I will establish the American scorecard and present on how we are doing every year at the State of the Union so these are the three big ideas to get us through the greatest economic shift in human history and I’m going to close with a conversation I had in Washington DC that will be familiar to some of you so I was going through these issues and saying look this is a giant technology shift and the American people are being devastated through no fault of their own what are we going to do about it and this is what someone said to me he said to me you are in the wrong town that this town is not a town of leaders this is a town of laggards and followers we will be the last people to figure this out and what you must do Andrew is you must create a wave in other parts of the country and bring it crashing down on our heads and only then will we understand and that is why I’m with you here tonight Democrats of Iowa I need your help to create this wave to build an economy from the ground up to show that we still in the democracy and that America needs your leadership right now America needs your leadership your courage your vision your compassion your faith in your fellowship to light the way now I’ve got to say that I’ve been looking forward to this this occasion for a long time because I know the power you have in your hands even though you don’t always feel it day to day because you are fighting the fight but I’m going to tell you that you are some of the most powerful people in this country and that we are all going to come to you and ask you for your support and that’s what I’m doing here tonight but together if we work our hearts out we can show our fellow Americans that we still live in a democracy that people matter more than money that our values are more powerful than any lobbyists and that we put everything we have into it we can still build a country that we are proud of to leave for our children thank you very much Democrats in Iowa for a night god bless you all god bless the United States of America thank you all you

  1. Andrew Yang truly an American the USA by heart, thoughts and concern for all walks of life beyond borders. no hypes just tackling critical problems. vote for Andrew Yang!

  2. This man Andrew Yang is what America needs know not a bunch of overgrown rich spoiled little boys fighting over the seat at the Oval office . It's my turn no it's my turn no it's not it's my turn I'm going to have that man's brains blown out in daly plassa so I can take his seat at the Oval office . You fucking baby's stand aside and let someone who really wants to help his country do what needs to be done . Andrew Yang is that man right now and this is his time . NO MORE BULSHIT WE ARE TIRED OF BEING DOWN . There is no one else who is better for the job right now or ever . Andrew Yang for President 2020 ~ hard life (MULDEW) ~ gary b *

  3. According #JohnYang, this is first ever major pitch. a bit serious in his speech, now much more fun and its growing like crazy. congratz #YangGang

  4. Wow. I'm impressed. So inspiring. I'm getting all of my family to switch from rep to demo. I've just switch from ind to demo. Love it.

  5. They are going to start putting down every point/plan/policy that Mr. Yang holds.  His vision for "US" to have the power is scaring the hell out of wall street and DC.  We the people have to really get behind this man, and put a sign in every yard, a hat on every head, and get maxim air time on the "news" stations.  Talk to your people, make those U-Tube talks, this is WAR people!

  6. 目前,美国还没有准备好让中国的总统候选人当选,对于美国的少数民族,中国人没有机会,原因是中国人对白人构成威胁,英国族是 真正的白人,在美国做主,在现在的美国社会,中国男性已被系统地淘汰,白人关心的很简单,如果让中国人成为美国总统,中国男性就能很好地做好工作而且比白人更好,这是不允许的。 安德鲁杨是一位优秀的总统候选人,但他是中国人,这就是原因,白人不会让他得到这份工作。

  7. I appreciate his points. But we are not a democracy. We are a republic Andrew. Many Americans still care about the structure of our Constitution. The Founders established our documents so the government has minimal power. Taking two trillion from the working people and redistributing that money back out in $1000 increments every month is theft. And then yo want to have medicare for all? That will be over one trillion of other peoples money being redistributed. That once again is theft. Bernie boy wants to give free college and cancel the debt of students. That will be in the billions. That is more theft. Ambition and hard work built this nation. Greedy online giants stole income from small businesses in America and put loads of Americans out of work and many in the grave. That is theft. It has been the concept of dominion that has ruled the world. Google dominates. Amazon dominates and destroys the money and job markets. Who is controlling the flow of information in education and news? You know the answer. This is simple domination in action once again. I read Might is Right by the fake name of Ragnar Redbeard. It was fierce but much truth is spoken. Some will find it disgusting and uncivilized. I find Gangs of New York, the movie, quite disturbing. Now maybe I understand what happened to many of our Grandfathers that came to the new America in the middle 1800s. Martin Scorsese hit the ball out of the park with the entire cast. Talk to the upset boys in their late teens and early twenties. They need hope. No more gun violence and crazy drug use. You can do this Andrew. You have enough help ready to go.

  8. If you want to vote for Yang, make sure to register as democrat, in the case your state has closed primaries, other wise you will not be able to vote for him. You can always change your affiliation back later.

  9. I watched so many many of his speech. This is so touching. I cried. Andrew is here to save all of the people on the world. America, please go ahead supporting him!

  10. No, we don't need to evolve the most successful country in the history of the word. The arrogance of Democrat fools is ponderous, man, ponderous.

  11. What impresses me the most is his ability to talk straight to the audience and make his ideas plain enough to understand for everyone. He uses no teleprompters! It’s his thoughts and proposals, not some speechwriters. I’m reaching the age of retirement, and know my income will not be enough to sustain much less be able to thrive in this world. The freedom dividend will change that. Will he garner enough support from the mainstream Democrats? Probably not, but his ideas can carry forward and become mainstream. Thank you Andrew.

  12. As a non American I think a lot of what he says sounds great, i just hate hes got to call his UBI "freedom dollars" and what is essentially a personal lobbying allowance "democracy dollars" to actually try and win people over. Shit is ridiculous

  13. Americans: yes, Yang is hope for you Americans, he may be blessed, but also he, has to understand, that money corrupts, and so therefore he has also to address this theme in the USA, than corruption is overwhelming America through Trump and his entourage….remember: money corrupts, money destroys….yes, remember this, but as long as you dont have the understanding of this, you, Americans, you will fail….

  14. I like Yang, but I think he has to think differently, he should think not to have 98 % of present truck drivers who loose their job to robots, driverless trucks by 2020, no, we should think in terms of sun – powered trains transport the merchandise all over the US, instead of Trucks, driverless trucks….and truck drivers shall be retrained as logistic-managers and assistance, in large warehouses for trains…..

  15. Americans: be aware, all which is taboo in a Democracy creates problems, real problems, existancial problems…..money in the USA is the real problem, and out of this comes the lot of it, Trump etc.

  16. Americans: if you woud substitute the word 'money' and may be 'greed' with human being, humaness, and humility, you might start a new american democratic beginning, one which a kind of Trump and his satellites cannot possibly follow and appreciate, they would still go down into the abyss…but let them, and save America….

  17. Have you ever seen a presidential candidate have an actual conversation with potential voters? NOW you have – for perhaps the first time ever.

  18. I'm supposed Andrew yang we love you very much no matter what you doing today for America dream God will bless you be a president of America all country..thank you Andrew yang.

  19. Yang should run as an Independent!!! Democrats are repulsive in Congress & Republicans in Congress are disgusting(a few are good). Andrew Yang is our highest quality of hope for this country, but because he is running as a Democrat we cannot & will not vote let alone donate to him! Sorry Mr. Yang!

  20. Yang is such wonderful person, it is very touching to watching him drag the suitcase walked out door at end of the video.

  21. Not a politician. A numbers guy. A father. A doer. Why is the mainstream media doing a blackout on him? At least Google isn't cutting his hamstring. I suppose they're OK with the Freedom Dividend tax then (it's not like they're short on cash).

  22. Wake up America, wake up from the dream world! We must solve the problem ourselves instead of depending on idiotic politicians in Washington DC….

  23. 와 이게 뭐야… 유세 연설 듣고 울컥해보긴 처음이네.. America, this is your last chance, don't blow it up!

  24. This is the first video I saw of Yang which was suggested to me by the YouTube algorithm in February. Ever since I've been a supporter and probably watched all Yang content there is 😁.

    Let's get him to $30M in Q4!

  25. who does the MSM block Yang out? even after featuring him in town halls and such? i've heard of him and listen in, from a far away country called India!

  26. Andrew, I pray for you everyday , As I heard you said that I Am Not Willing to Accept The Country We Are Leaving For Our Children'"", Totally Agree, our country is heading to a very bad shape, The current system is so dehumanising and corrupted, we need your help to fix the system as soon as possible , you might face a lot of challenges and difficulties, There is no need to be afraid of being judged by your colour or ability. I pray for you and stand by you. Dear God, Please Help us and Help Andrew Yang to be our President of 2020. In the name of Jesus. God Bless America!!!

  27. δ blockchain is a monthly universal basic income that promotes transparency, accountability, and a new democracy, where people vote on issues every month instead of every four years.

  28. sounds good, doesn't work.
    will andrew yang touch the other 60% of the budget? If not, it is harder to do
    I will keep listening.

  29. PROMISES PLATED IN FOOL'S GOLD MADE TO BACKFIRE TROJAN HORSE TURDS! He never said HOW! Promises Promises Promises (What? Born yesterday & Still buy into false misleading promises (All Trojan horses by design made to backfire) Build the economy from the ground up (Does he mean exactly as TRUMP Is Doing) … We lost our Jobs to Technology (BULLSHIT) Then Explain Mr: Mathematician why we in the USA (As we did in the '50s/60's/the 70s) Can't build a TV but we buy 10.000 a Day from CHINA … Were's our technology to have to keep that market here at home? Why is that we aren't building 10,000 TV's a Day & Selling them to CHINA … Perhaps it's Rather the Imbalanced Trade Markets that need repair) Not fictional Math … But COMMON SENSE! I Have never heard a More Stiffiling against the USA (Bash it to the Ground In Gifts) Load of Anti-American Fool's Gold Plated Turd Speech EVER! This is not a candidate but an Enemy ~ PROMISES PLATED IN FOOL'S GOLD MADE TO BACKFIRE TROJAN HORSE TURDS!

  30. Andrew Yang is SPECIAL! You can feel it in your bones. You know it in your heart. 
    Humanity for everybody, tell everyone! Yang2020

  31. Gotta say, this guy is my favorite Democratic candidate. He actually tells you where money is going to come from. Now, I'm a Republican (though I was once democratic), and I actually don't want Yang to be president, since I'm really not in love with his plans. But if there was a democratic president, it should absolutely be a man open to listening and who is genuine like Yang. It's a pity that he is too reasonable for the news to take seriously.

  32. Andrew looked skinnier back then. I think being on the trail, he must have been eating bad and gaining a bit of insulation. In one of his interviews, he said he eats like 10 nutrition bars a day. America owed him for his dedication. Really hoping he wins.

  33. I am not American to give comment, 1000 dollar for everyone?????? US will be like Venezuela , The truth is pain, no money is free, If free that s not call money,

  34. My voting record includes both bush,Kerry,obama, and Trump. Like most people I "lean" left of on few things. And right on a few things. Yang is a little more left on a few things then I am personally. And I'm not registered Dem, but if he's on top of the Dem ticket in 20. I'll support him. He's the first campaign I've ever donated money too.

  35. What a wonderful human being. I followed him about 6 months now but I didn’t watch this video yet. Last week at Iowa with his speech, I almost burst into tears to see how far he had come and accomplished. I can’t wait to call him Mr. President

  36. Even though he has said many of those words before, it is still a wonderful speech. Keep repeating it @andrewyangforpresident2020

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