We FOUND EVIDENCE of Reincarnation in Every Religion [Part 2/2] Mind Blown 🤯 2018

Many people wonder if
reincarnation exists It’s a very common belief in all eastern religion such as Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism. But what if we told you that it was
once found in Christianity But was removed from the historical record? So if this is true
Why isn’t it found today And who removed it When you look at the history and dig You’ll find almost every major spiritual
practice believe in reincarnation And if reincarnation is real What is the purpose All of this and more on today’s
episode of Edge of Wonder Welcome to Edge of Wonder I’m your host Ben, And I’m Rob the topic of reincarnation has
been on everyone’s mind since from as far back as
we have books to record it. On this episode we will explain what
reincarnation is, the purpose, and what religions have to say about it. A lot of religions and even people have
their own interpretations. Some say that their previous lives don’t
have anything to do with this life and some say it has everything
to do with this life. Most understand it as the soul which goes
through all sorts of transformations until it reaches its final journey where it ascends
ending the cycle reincarnation and at its final resting place. Also eastern faiths believe
that karma is a huge factor. That when you do good deeds or act under the
will of heaven or the universe you will be rewarded in your next life. You could become a king, an actor, a wealthy
person, or someone very successful. If you did bad deeds or hurt people, then it is said that in your next life the people will hurt you, cause
the same amount of pain to you, or you may have to be their servant your
whole life, or always work for them. Also maybe you were in love with
someone and that person died and maybe you vowed you would
be together in your next life which some people would
say I found my “soulmate.” Also it is possible that a group of people
could reincarnate together, such as maybe a family
would reincarnate as best friends or all start a company together, etc, etc Or maybe someone died too soon and wishes to come back
to a very similar life or even know the same people. There are all kinds of reason and explanations
which could explain reincarnation. But a more wild thought is, maybe
you did hurt someone and now that person reincarnated into a family member
who is now part of your family and always seems to be
giving you a hard time. You never know! It could be why These are just some possible explains to explain
why we would reincarnate, If you wanna know how Keep watching for the next section when we get into it And if you are really curious the Ancient Greeks believed this too Keep watching and we’ll get into that as well. Let’s look at how religion talks about it What do religions say In Buddhism many of them believe in something
called the Sixfold Path of Transmigration, this means that one would reincarnate
into a human in one life, and in the next one you could be an animal, or could be a plant and in some cases maybe
even a lower level being. Or in my case, a rock … that’s why everyone always
tells me I’m as dumb as a rock. Actually though this is true. Not that people call me that I’m as dumb as rock. But it’s that if you reincarnate
into a rock, you could be in there for thousands of years … and this is why you should cherish
having a human body. This cycle goes on and on with the goal of
obtaining spiritual enlightenment breaking the cycle of reincarnation and ascending to heaven your final destination. Or on the other end if you are doing evil
deeds in your lives, your final resting place would
be a hell like place or you would continue the cycle
of transmigration This is why many eastern religions teach so
much about having a good moral character and being compassionate
and truthful to others so when you do reincarnate you will have even a better life in your
next one and have more enjoyment … which eventually will lead you to where you can truly transcend this existence altogether. Otherwise you might end up as a pig and get eaten by the people
you harmed in a previous life … no really that’s a thing. But Chinese culture is filled with stories such as people who were good people but in their next life became wealthy and then became greedy
because of that wealth and then in their next life they
became poor, or vise versa. There are many sayings in asian
cultures such as if someone is well off people say “oh that person must have
done good deeds in his previous life and if someone is very poor then they say the opposite which is where karma starts
to really come into play. Most eastern religions and
beliefs have accepted reincarnation as the fabric of their belief systems. However in most Western beliefs
such as Christianity and Judaism these are not widely accepted at all. Nowadays most Christians
don’t believe in reincarnation, however one of the greatest
saints Saint Augustine, wrote a book on the free
choice of the will and brings up reincarnation
that shouldn’t be neglected. Author Geddes MacGregor, who
wrote, “Reincarnation in Christianity” claimed that early Christians
did believe in reincarnation and that the Bible also
talked about it. Some of the examples he gives of reincarnation
is when Moses is talking to his people he doesn’t say to them “your children,” but instead address them as “YOU” possibly indicating that it will be them who will see
and hear the coming Messiah. Now you could if you’re not
familiar with this concept, brush this off as their spirits
seeing the coming Messiah, but look at some of these other examples. So there are a few more, such as there was a common
Jewish belief at the time was that Elijah would return to “restore
all things” before the Messiah appeared. Jesus makes some statements about
John the Baptist in the Gospels which could be understood as
references to reincarnation. One of these are in Matthew 11:14: “If you are willing to accept it, he [John] is Elijah who is to come.” The other is ‘But I tell you that
Elijah has already come, and they [the Jews] did not know him, but did to him whatever they pleased.” and there are a couple more
references to John. MacGregor states that a lot more about
reincarnation was mentioned in the bible and even directly talked
about and explained. He states that: “the human soul
does not return to earth after death, but is resurrected as an individual
personality to face judgment…” He goes on “Second, it has taught
that God forgives and extends mercy in the face of
human sin and shortcomings. There is no forgiveness and little, if any,
mercy connected with the idea of reincarnation. Each soul pays the inevitable price for its
own failings and misdeeds, in hundreds or thousands of existences.” this is his way of explaining it, however, he states that all of it was deliberately
suppressed by the Catholic Church. Now we are all asking why
would they ever do that? Of course the answer comes with a lot
controversy and debate on both sides but according to some scholars such
as Author Gary J. McDonald, he suggested that “The church elders wanted
the general populace to believe that it was only through the church
and its elders could anyone communicate with God or ever
hope to reach heaven. This kept all power within the church versus within the people themselves. And since the elders were men, this kept women at a subordinate
level as well. So guys that is a loaded quote
but by eliminating reincarnation they can maintain their power and control. And way later we already know
the catholic church was corrupt during the time of Martin Luther when he break away from this form and he formed his own sect which the belief is that the church was deviating
from the true teachings of Christianity. Please understand and keep in mind that this
is not a slight to the Christian belief. The Catholic church is not the
teachings of that faith, it’s just the entity that organizes
that faith for that group of people and they’re human beings. It isn’t that Christianity has deviated, it is humans in the church who are using
the church for their own agenda. Human beings make mistakes. Like Christianity, most Jewish people don’t
really believe too much in reincarnation. Or at least, we thought However, most will be surprised to find that
some Jewish websites such as Chabad.org actually says that “reincarnation – the “revolving”
of souls through a succession of lives, or “gilgulim” – is an integral part
of Jewish belief.” It mentions that the Torah
(and on the Talmud), and a seminal figure in Jewish history, hints several times that reincarnation is the key to penetrating the deep mysteries involved in the mitzvah of yibum the obligation of the brother of a childless,
deceased man to marry the widow Uh say what? That was a mouthful and I’m
not sure I got that… Now since neither Ben or I have much
background in the Jewish religion Or the words he was just saying it is hard for us to comment on this, but according to World of Judaica the afterlife in Judaism is irrelevant. So, a lot of Jews can’t accept
death as a finality. This brings up the topic of reincarnation. There is no mention of heaven in the
first five books of the Old Testament. So, if heaven isn’t even a part
of the afterlife in their culture So, the question is: What
happens to the soul, or is death final and there is
nothing beyond death? So, reincarnation for many
Jews solves the problem. The soul then returns to
complete God’s work. Now in the Kabbalah which means “receive” but most people think of it as
an ancient Jewish Mysticism from the time of ancient Babylon, does talk about reincarnation
and the tree of life. However, it is said that to this day, that very few know the true
teachings of what Kabbalah really is. Now there are a lot of ancient cultures
talking about reincarnations, such as the Mayans, Egyptians, but one culture we want to focus
on here is ancient Greece. Greek philosopher and
mathematician Pythagoras, born around the year 580 BC, stated that the soul was immortal, and after the death it could own another body, and sometimes even an animal’s body. This is where the Greek word
metempsychosis, meaning transmigration, came about. As far as we know, this is the first time that
reincarnation was mentioned in the West at least in this time period. Plato, who was born about a century later, taught that the soul is born many times, even for 10 thousand years, and then it parts to a heavenly world. Socrates, Plato’s teacher, said on his deathbed “I am confident that there truly
is such a thing as living again, and that the living
spring from the dead.” So, how to stop reincarnation Now depending on what you believe this could be different for each person, however, most people believe that doing
good deeds and being kind will lead to a very good situation in your next life. However, to truly break the cycle, most eastern religions talk
about a term … “cultivation.” Now there are many understandings
of what cultivation is. How Rob and I would describe it to you is
that Cultivation is a process of
raising your level of selflessness— your character, by way of a
method of body, spirit and mind. While bringing in energy
from the universe into your body and by following principles of the specific
discipline that the teacher or master has with the goal of reaching enlightenment. Now most eastern religions believe that one
lifetime is not nearly enough to reach enlightenment which is why they believe in reincarnation, so that the soul will always carry with it everything it learns in each lifetime even though we may not
remember everything specifically, while in your own physical body. However, this also creates a situation where
the soul could do bad deeds and thus make it harder and
harder for it to practice cultivation which would result in a very big loss once the cycle has completed for that soul. But why does reincarnation happen So some of you might be thinking, ok but I don’t want to reincarnate anymore why does it even happen This is not an easy question to answer. Also this could be different
for every single person out there. Maybe you choose to be here Maybe you were asked Maybe you were sent here Maybe you made a commitment to
someone, or many someones, or maybe you needed or
wanted to learn something Or maybe you came here
from somewhere else and wanted here to see
what it was like to be human The point is there are endless possibilities and it is better not to focus on why, but instead ask what you are
supposed to do now that you’re here. Like what are you supposed to learn And I’m not talking about
reading a school book. I’m talking about learning spiritually. Or who are you supposed to help What are you supposed to do What is it that you are truly looking for Asking more questions to yourself will help you figure out
what it is that you are meant to do So Rob what do you think about reincarnation Reincarnation is definitely
real in my opinion There’s too many weird things that I’ve had Deja Vu in weird places
too many times And felt like I’ve been there Not just like a “oh I just feel like I’ve been there” I remember specific things and it freaked me out So for me I feel like reincarnation
is absolutely a thing And I think there is a really huge big reason why we are all here And for us to not believe those things And not pay attention to especially people
who have remembered their past lives I think it’s a shame right We should learn those things And we should know more about them What do you think I didn’t believe in past lives at all And it wasn’t until I actually
started seeing some of mine A couple of them That I was just like this is crazy And I felt connected to it my whole life One of them I saw myself as this sailor and was
on 3 ships or whatever I didn’t really think too much
about it at the time I was just okay It was a long time ago And I was a navigator and
I was really good at mapping, all the stars and everything The funny thing is If I were to explain the story
about like 20 years ago Everyone would be like oh this is great But now I probably would be hated But I really think I was
Christopher Columbus’ navigator Oh really As soon as I went online
and saw his photo That’s what I knew right
away that this was me He looks exactly who I saw in my vision Juan de la Cosa Look at this photo of him Looks just like Ben So he was like a genius of the stars That’s what I saw He actually created the first world map And I’ve always obsessed with sailing
and maps ever since I could remember That of course there is this whole controversy with Christopher Columbus and everything So I’m saying like whom I’m not hated I don’t… I don’t think I was Christopher Columbus We could have reincarnated
together in many lives In which case maybe Christopher
Columbus could be possible For the record I don’t think I was That I believe fully When you have a strong
connection with somebody It’s most likely because
you’ve had a lot of past lives That’s what I believe, so we’ve must had a lot of past lives Probably Maybe you killed me in the past life I was a ninja
For sure Anyway so what do you guys
think of this episode on reincarnation There’s a lot of people who have really
strong different beliefs all across the board The purpose of this episode
wasn’t to offend anyone or insult their specific
religious belief at all We just really wanted to dig in here And find whether or not all of these
different religions said the same thing And what we’ve found was
evidence that actually did We just want you guys to know that I mean like I said I never believed in reincarnation
until like I said I started seeing these And there’s a lot more But I don’t want to get
into all the stories Takes too long to tell It would be a long episode
if we starts talking about this Guys, make sure to hit like and subscribe And please hit those notification bells And until next time We’ll see you out on the edge
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  2. I would say you two are soul brothers, you are definitely from the same soul group. I really enjoy how smoothly you seem to slide into these somewhat touchy subjects. Thanks for the upload.

  3. Hi I do believe in incarnation; not in reincarnation, there is a big difference, incarnation is when your soul takes a human body (incarnated),. Reincarnation you come back as a animal or human body or something else. Yes, you decide with the Creator (GOD) what is your goals in your new life, what you want to learn and grow in knowledge, so when you return to the spiritual wold or higher dimension, you as a part of God creation is more wise and your spiritual light is more intense, because light is knowledge and darkness is ignorance.

  4. Wow…. all that made so much sense, may sound weird but I would love to think that we “come back” . Too many times in our lives we ask “ if I had to do it all over again “ I would do this differently. Maybe we actually do come back. Fantastic video!!

  5. I've had quite a few dreams that could have been due to reincarnation… but I'll use an example that happened during 3rd grade. This took place during the Cold War, so so the only "national enemy" I knew of at the time, was the USSR. However I used to draw aerial battles, all of them having propellers… some small, others large, and the large ones had turrets… though at the time, I didn't know they were called that. When the teacher asked me why I made them, and why I placed them in those places, referring to the turrets, my reply was simply, "It just made sense." I also had a dream about it as well, the way that dream ended was being told to abandon the plane (we were shot down), and I got up from my station which had an open map, grabbing a chute, put it on while waiting for 2 others, and we jumped. We did make it to the ground safely, but it was winter and we stuck out like sore thumbs. It didn't take very long before we were found by a Nazi patrol, and all 3 of us were killed. Even though it was just a dream, the pain from being shot hurt so much, that my mother acroos the house could hear me crying, and shook me awake.

    I never even knew those planes actually existed until the movie Memphis Belle came out (years later), and watched it. It was a major deja vu moment for me. Naviagation, and Aviation have always been interests, plus I have a tolerance to the cold. People would look at me like I was nuts when I was stationed at Great Lakes IL, walking in shorts and short sleeves, with a foot of snow on the ground. I never had a problem folding maps, no matter how big, either.

    Just one of a few of ocurances in my life, that if reincarnation is true, does answer a few questions.

  6. for fuck sakes great subject. but the dumbass morons ruined it. these two fucks combined don't have the I.Q. of an empty 2 liter.

  7. Reincarnation is a belief invented by Eastern religions and philosophies which deal in mysticism. That is why it is not in the beliefs of the Christian-Judeo bible because it is not of God, the God of the bible!

  8. I love this episode! I love this stuff! (My numbers are showing right now in the comments! It says 1,111 Comments! I'll ruien it after this comment however lol) I want to look into finding out what I was in a past life too! Maybe I was in the Mid-Evil Times? Worked for the king or a Princesses? LOL My best friend and husband think I was a Serial Killer however because I am obsessed with watching those shows! However the first thing I wanted to be when I was about 7 or 8 was a Playboy Model LOL (I saw my Grandfather's magazine once)…. but now I want to know what I was!

  9. Thank you for talking about this. You guys are so close to full understanding of things it amazes me and brings joy to me. Soon I'll be at 21,000 years of overall human existence, and am on my final human life. After this life, I am done with existence in corporeal form. I know so much and can only share a little of it, as most are not ready to hear it. I'm on the life without karma, of suffering. To willfully choose to suffer so that you can inspire others through strength is the ultimate challenge. I'm a second generation human, meaning the very first humans were my parents. I've spent centuries between lives guiding others. I could tell you so many things that would absolutely change your understanding of our very existence. Perhaps I will before I leave this physical world for the last time. Keep up the good work, expanding others understanding of this life and what lies beyond. I'll be watching. 🙂

  10. You guys speak some truth no lie, I can remember at least 52 past lives and can even say some of the friends I have I've known I've known since the beginnings of time being birthed here

  11. Reincarnation is just a word people use just to make excuses that all their doing in will not be judge by the creator..

  12. I just watched part 1 and part 2 of reincarnation. I was not a believer of this but now I am at a different level of consciousness because of these videos. I truly believe these children cannot make up their stores at such a young age. Wow! Thank you for your work. I love your personalities and enjoy being with you.

  13. Love you guys BUT…. I have to strongly disagree with your thesis that Christianity supports reincarnation and that John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnated. Hebrews 4:19 – And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: – VERY FEW Christians, that know their bible, will say it supports reincarnation. The whole Karmic morality is the antithesis if the doctrine of the atonement of Christ. If we can save ourselves by Karmic do-overs than Christ's death and resurrection was pointless. Realize this: Satan has been around since the fall and has minions of followers that have watched mankind closely for the whole time. He can EASILY fake reincarnation in the minds of men, especially in impressionable sensitive kids. The whole birth-mark thing was new to me, but that too could be faked by choosing a lie that fits the situation. This is the way it is: Either the Bible is wholly true and you are a Christian and believe it, or you don't really believe it and you are NOT a Christian. Sorry guys but you need to do better research before representing the Bible. Note that Elijah NEVER DIED and that Christ didn't say John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnated. note that 2 Kings 2:15 says: "And when the sons of the prophets … saw him [Elisha], they said, The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha." (Note that Elisha was not the reincarnated Elijah but his servant that lived along-side of him.) Then Zachariah prophesied in Luke 1:17: "And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah…" This is not Elijah's spirit but the same spirit that visited Elijah and Elisha and John the Baptist (whom Christ said was the greatest prophet) and exhibited great power. This could very well be talking of the Holy Spirit but certainly NOT Elijah's human spirit reincarnated. The Catholic Church didn't need to hide anything to cause the Bible to appear to deny reincarnation. I say this for your soul's sake – keep searching for the truth – knock and it shall be opened to you. Note that Jesus promised suffering in this life while Satan promises wealth, fame and power to his followers – be mindful of whom you are really serving.

  14. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to join the army and later run for president. Let’s just say I’m in the army now going into my 3rd year. Imma see about running for President one day but idk.

  15. Curious that the it was found in Christianity but removed gets repeated without actually showing what exactly was removed. What was removed. Write the full verses of Scripture that was removed.
    Haven't found one verse about Reincarnation in the Bible that was removed. Now there may be some people that want to add to the Bible, but you can't.

    You want to really know about your past life?

    Let me simply explain Reincarnation. Are the memories of the past real? Yes. Could one remember specific dates, places, and events. Yes, but it is not you, but who is in you. What?

    Possession is real. Roaming Spirits are real. Now where do you think these roaming Spirits go when the person their in dies?

    It's not like Jesus cast them out and go into swine. Nope.

    They find another home. Another soul to dwell in. And all of their past memories are still intact. They can convince you you were a Roman soldier, an old lady in London, or what ever other soul they lived in. That's why it feels so real. And they can take you to sites they have walked in the past. And lead you to lost treasures their past host hide.

    But it all comes at a price. Look up those that had demons cast out in the Bible. You are even warned to be careful after those demons are cast out. Sin no more, lest more evil spirits return and your worst off than before.

    Jesus is the answer. Don't be fooled into thinking your reincarnated. Reach out to Christians who can help you.

    I will leave a link to someone full of the Holy Spirit. It's Spiritual warfare and His ministry can help you.

  16. Hey guys, thanks for you doing your stuff for us all. I don't know to call it work, for its something that become fun, and it is something that is part of us, that we cannot help but participate in.

    I am pondering on reincarnation. I am of a mind where I have not rejected the idea, but not have embraced it fully.

    I am considering that perhaps what was once called JUNK DNA by the ignorant scientist that didn't understand 93% of the DNA they were studying and mapping. And have heard it said by many that it is the memories of our past cultural lives. And it has me thinking that perhaps, as everything is like data and programming, that once we embrace reincarnation that it is like a password key access to be able to get to this data and memories? As with all things there is frequency involved. As with all things spiritual there is belief involved. So once once believes that they have this power and authority to access their past lives, that they then have the frequency to tune into and unlock this information? This would be the depths of our being. The foundations of our existence. Even the foundations of the world. That this concept is also, that the KINGDOM of Heaven is within you, and that we grow into a higher awareness and consciousness. That we have a reason for being here more than just our own spiritual growth. But for the greater good of the whole planet.

    For when we consider that the earth has been HACKED by serpents to enslave man by deceptions and lies. This is definite in the biblical texts. That now the whistle blowers are saying we have been working with reptilians aliens that came down from above. Some have also been here within the earth. These are fitting with the fallen angels and the anunnaki. With David Wilcock's information about the progenitor race being GIANTS with insiders saying they found in moons of other planets these bases built for giants… There is much to consider.

    Then there is also the Roswell alien grey and the Matilda MacElroy interview which was done via telepathy as it refused to communicate with the militants and their paranoia, and was able to find a willing mind in the base nurse. Here he says reincarnation is what we do. But that there is a trap of ancient technology here which wipes our minds. That such a wipe does not happen on other planets. That there is a soul recycling which deceived people to come back relive more lives here. That even his own people got stuck in this trap and are reincarnating here. This then shows that the infiltration by these reptilians to enslave the planet is into every form of belief system. And that their corruption is to give everyone something they can hold to as the truth, but it falling short of enough for them to break free of their grip. With such corruptions there is the warning of the devils appearing as angels of light to deceive. And so this leaves much more to consider with an open mind when seeking the truths and sifting the wheat and chaff, testing the gold as with fire to refine the truths. Indeed understanding the mind and how it works by goals and filters, and that its as simple as saying something is lie to put doubts into minds. Or that something is trying to deceive you. Or that something is the truth and all else are deceived and so on. This element of doubt is enough to inflict a mind control to prevent finding the truth. But breaking through such things to find the REAL TRUTHS it is MANDATORY to TEST these things. And there are many clues to consider. Meanwhile an open mind means that we must consider all things as possible while we build a foundations of the things we know are true.

    So it seems reincarnation is the way the UNIVERSE works. According to Roswell's alien with Matilda, we ALL HAVE ALWAYS EXISTED as INFINITE BEINGS! This is further backed by Jesus mission statements. I have come to destroy the works of the evil one and REUNITE ALL things BACK to the Father. To be REUNITED BACK are two words that state by implication that we once were previously with the Father. Indeed Jesus says, that he and the Father are one. And that ALL WHO BELIEVE are ONE with the Father AS HE IS ONE with the Father. He further hits this home, with Those who believe, the works I have done, they shall do these and and even greater things.

    And the implications of all the belief systems that I have heard of with reincarnation is that once you have learned enough in various lives, you progress to a New Level of transcendence.

    However the premise of the evil one deceiving EVE in the garden of Eden as the serpent in Genesis 3. Which is cross referenced in the book of Enoch, 69:6 that the one who deceived Eve taught men to do warfare. This by its implication of depth of meaning, is that he divided men and conquered them, turning them upon each other. Teaching them how to kill one another with weapons and fatal blows and armour. Which is in EFFECT Human Sacrifices being made normal and justified.

    According to Jesus, the evil one has been a liar from the start. By his lies, in effect tricking mankind into being separated from God, causing our death by this separation. There have been many twists to this. But in effect. Mankind was given this kingdom to rule and reign. And evil one stole this kingdom from mankind. So a thief, a robber and a murderer, as the father of lies. With one of the verses from the New Testament saying that he became the GOD of this world. Indeed when he tempted Jesus, he said, all these kingdom are mind to give to whom I choose.

    So the point to all this is that the truth sets us free when we understand its implications and the power and authority we gain back with this understanding. You will note in the prophecy after the 7th Trumpet is sounded in the book of Revelation 11:15, that in verse 17 its translated different to how it could be. Where the word GOD can mean magistrate. Where in fact mankind, or those who understand these things take up their GREAT POWER and START to REIGN. For Jesus in Revelation 22 says don't worship me, I am just a servant like you, to John. This again is translated with inconsistencies. Where for the whole book up to that point, he is translated as Jesus speaking. But because it contradicts the dogma and doctrine that Jesus, the son of man by title of prophecy is himself being a messenger. Where he says I myself came as a messenger. The word messenger is translated as ANGEL in G32 and means messenger. Of course the translators are not exempt from the indoctrination and had to translate according to their conscience. And this is the point to made. We need to break free of the FEAR. There is much to learn to break free from this bondage. Consider Jesus words, he came to make the blind to see, and set the captives free. That we may have life and life more abundantly. And it is the god of this world that has blinded the minds of men that they may not see and understand and be set free. Its time to be set free and open your minds to see. Perfect love casts out all fear. We need to learn how to think instead of being indoctrinated to see things according to the deception of the blinded and enslaved.

    Jesus himself talks of the reincarnation of Elijah and John the baptist. Yet the lies of the Roman Catholic Church have come up with so many stories to twist these truths to cause bondage so that blind faith and fear keeps the people ready to go to war and do horrible murders in the name of God and the greater good. Revelation 18 has the Babylon system responsible for all the death and suffering of the innocent in all of history. And it is about to exposed as we start to TEST THINGS BY FIRE as gold is tested by fire. To dare to break free of the TABOO of blind faith. For there are many SIGNS given to us to see these things which are amazing. As the warning of the Number of the Beast is one of them. And its one number of many that must be understood in the bigger picture. As you open your mind to see the truths and be set free. To realise that LOVE is the imperative, and nothing can separate us from the LOVE of the Spirit of LIFE within ALL THINGS. God is LOVE. Love your enemies. This is the undoing and the antivirus to the mindset and deception that has mankind killing one another in warfare. Every one has been deceived. Everyone is a brother and sister. Everyone's life is sacred. Lets not be afraid any longer, and love one another. By their fruits you shall know my disciples, by their love one for another.

  17. Duh….guys we are in a. Game of forgetting. Heaven is boring. Nothing goes wrong there. So a place with limit and free will was made. A game board. Look up Dorothy cannon .

  18. After we died, when our soul is leaving our physical body, we can choose " we want to crossing or stay in here " if u crossing, u will rebirth into a new physical body,(reincarnation), you can become animal,human or anything else, it depend on your behavior in this life, if u dont want to crossing, u become a lost soul and cant rebirth and get a new physical body, in buddhist, theres a 31 l
    Nature of life (include animal,human,heaven,hell,etc), even if u go to heaven, u can still die and rebirth, but your age is longer in the heaven then in human realm, our soul is stuck on samsara(the infinite of rebirth), the place that dont have a rebirth circulation anymore is nirvana, nirvana is a place of god, u can become a god, i suggest u to learn buddhism . Theres so many explanation in buddhistm, so, die is only a process to change our old physical body to new physical body. U can search on wikipedia "samsara in buddhism"

  19. Well done guys, I like the way you handled this.
    I've been trying to tell Brother Jim some of this.

  20. The church removed reincarnation because they wouldnt be able to profit off of people. Simply put, the catholic church used to charge people to have their sins forgiven.

  21. This is where you are wrong. The Church teaches that for us (man) to say God can not do something is to Limit God. God as He wills.

  22. Based on research I’ve done, I’m thinking we all reincarnate over and over until we learn all our forgiveness lessons. Karma is absolutely real and follows you from lifetime to lifetime.

  23. great video..food for thought..reincarnation is real..as we all reincarnated here at this time with amnesia..we are here to learn lessons at this time so think of earth as a giant classroom and the lessons are Love-Compassion-Unconditional love-Peace and Harmony..the reason some people reincarnate is because they haven't learned their lessons..so you keep coming back until you learn your lesson..BTW you also bring back your Karma from your past life into the next..Good Luck.

  24. Wasn't Christopher Columbus responsible for killing almost everybody in the Virgin Islands. Similar to the extremely tragic story about the Mayans

  25. —————–From all available evidence and information we shouldn't place much veracity on reincarnation being a common experience, but as an extraordinary occurrence affecting relatively few individuals. Those that have died in youth or as young adults appear more likely to experience reincarnation as a chance to live out a normal lifespan. And from this frame work of information it appears the Biblical record is extremely accurate in delineating that the typical destiny of an individual is indeed one life span per individual, which the Holy Bible accurately describes as follows, "it's appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgement," does indeed appear to be the standard by which most mortals experience existence, with relatively few ever experiencing the unusual and rare experience of reincarnation!
    —————Humanities greatest heavenly advent and emissary was that of the Lord Jesus Christ whose Lordship in our lives brings the abode of the Holy Spirit in our lives that's essential for preparing our souls for the Kingdom of Heaven and spiritual enlightenment as no other path is possible is an undeniable and unalterable reality for any informed objective individual of the, 21st century!

  26. Hey! Reincarnating / being a rock is not as easy as you might think. You still have to obey the Laws of Physics. e.g. you have to act as if W = mg, F = GMm/r², v² = u² + 2as, etc etc. No mean feat!

  27. G Washington is my 3rd cousin 8 gens down…and my brother who is a patriot looks just like him! I’ve always thought we reincarnate into our past ancestors😉

  28. My spidey sense tells me, Patton is now Trump, the facial similarities are too close!
    Besides, I feel close to Patton, anyway!

  29. Christ taught reincarnation. It is real. I've died 7 times & each time, there was an order by the Angels to return to finish my work, as I agreed before this lifetime. I remembered a few lives via mediating.

  30. How come you guys didn't ask David Wilcock about this? He says that we are here to learn to forgive one another! Being that we are all imperfect and Jesus told us to forgive one another countless times, I find that it very plausible since everyone is on various victim kicks (mostly Sexual) and refuse to find it in their heart to forgive anyone for deeds of perceived wrongs. Thus the separating the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the weeds and so on! As to the birth mark "proof" I have a funny spear shaped birth mark in my side and a very dark marks through my wrists (Roman Christian execution)!

  31. Rencarnation is real but they are all wrong about how and why people rencarnate. Read The Complete Conversations With God and you will know the truth!

  32. I'm certain my twins are reincarnated from two previous miscarriages. I stopped grieving when they were born as I felt they were the babies I'd lost.

  33. Look into the cathars teachings. Reincarnation is réincarcération. A death trap soul recycling program. Our makers are feeding off the biological world's energy…

  34. Love this video ! I believe in this and we come back till our souls have learned everything it was meant to learn every time we come back we make a life contract with god

  35. From a theological point of view, although the Institutional Church has done many things to consolidate its power and authority as an institution, the real reason Christianity has moved beyond the theory of reincarnation is because of the true teachings of Christ and the Disciples, not the "interpretation of the Church" and our mystics have taught us that God is Love, God is forgiveness (ergo no Karma) and we are here on a soul journey to prepare us for the next evolution in our spiritual growth and reality not to return to earth existence. It is a gift of free will that enables us to not choose such a return.

  36. If you ask me, the 3 main religions are only about 500-600yrs old in their current form and were created at the same time by the same group of people swapping out the real knowledge with their own through indoctrination. Using different approaches in different areas of the globe that they wanted to influence through cooperation or applied pressure militarily. It was all the group controlled or could control at the time and had to attempt to delete the true knowledge as they took over the world over the next few hundred years. Ending with the Tartarians in Russia during the early 20th century with applied Communism which you guys covered. Its now becoming obvious that churches are not churches for worship but instead energy and healing centers and could even have assisted in defending the town or city in which it was. The more churches the more energy and explains why many places have many churches. The symbols and statues were carried over from earlier darker beliefs and said to be characters of the bible like semiramis and others. Where as most are geometric symbols and designs which promote certain frequencies through window design and other architectural adornments.

  37. I, like right now, am asking myself why am I born here? What is my life goal? What am i supposed to do? Because i really do believe i have a life purpose since when my mom discovered she's pregnant with me my dad got angry and he wanted an abortion so mom booked an appointment at the doctor for one, but then she had a dream about a dove that caused her to change her mind. So I think there was a reason behind the dream and me not dying and I want to know what it is but I don't know where to start my search for answers…

  38. Great video guys! We exist in multiple dimensions in multiple bodies including the physical body, the astral body and the causal body. There is a practice called “dying whilst living” which is achieved by withdrawing the focus from the body to the third eye centre through intense meditation. Only when our awareness transcends do we break bondage from worldly attachments and cyclic reincarnation. The ultimate aim is to achieve union with one total consciousness whom we call the creator.

  39. I have an open mind to reincarnation but I’m not sure if it’s something that I definitely believe. I do feel drawn toward a certain time period in particular though. I’m drawn to the 40’s & 50’s, specifically WWII, the fashion, automobiles, appliances, and the printed designs of advertising during that period. I had a small birthmark right underneath one of my eyes as a baby that has been gone for a long time. The only way that I know about it is from where my mother wrote about it in my baby book. Who knows maybe I took a blow to the head there and died from it in a past life. I also had an experience at our local Shakespeare Festival. An actor that was in one of the plays that I saw there seems extremely familiar. I looked up his credits and I haven’t seen anything else that he was in, but I know that I know him very well from somewhere. Maybe I know him from a past life.

  40. Ya, there's too many small children talking about past lives with details they could never have known otherwise. Words, places, even old names that we don't name kids anymore. Way too much proof for reincarnation than not for it…

  41. Love this episode! I am a Past Life Regressionist and can affirm that we DO have past lives. I know you guys will be here in Souther California for the Dimensions of Disclosure in Ventura. I'd be happy to gift you both a session if your interested in connecting to more of your past lives!

  42. Nothing pisses me off more than claiming "oh, you're being punished for a past life"

    I have had and still am having an extremely difficult life. Non stop attacks on me. I've never treated anyone bad,mean and hold no spite for anyone. Yet, recieve brutal,evil acts against me. Now they say I'm being punished for something I dont remember doing. NO

  43. The work of Michael Newton has eliminated all reasonable doubt of reincarnation,
    and the work of Bob Schwartz has filled in the rest.
    You guys haven't gone deep enough. The truth isn't to be found in ancient texts and philosophies. It's in the subconscious. Leading an awakened life and building good karma in this lifetime does not guarantee you a better life next incarnation! The soul wants all types of life experiences, both what we would consider good and bad.

  44. Does Rob have an obsessive interest in any of the South American countries? say Venezuela? There was another navigator that Juan de la Cosa knew: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alonso_de_Ojeda

  45. Yes reincarnation does exist, evolutionary astrology has proof. It takes countless lives to exhaust all desire nature, until the last desire we have is to simply know source.
    Keep up the great works! Love you both,
    I was probably your mother or father in past lives!🙏🏼🕉🤗

  46. I totally believe we incarcerate. I have done my own past life regression twice . Once in my 30's and last year, which was almost thirty years later. The first time it explained some of what was happening in my life. Now, 30 yrs later some of what I remember from the 1st time still holds true. The second past life regression was able to give me pointers…..to notice people around me that may feel familiar to me. I realized that my Father and I were in a past life together but played different position. He was a sibling. Also, my husband and I had been in many lives together. I was able to see one life that I was the name figure and my husband was the wife. It was a very cool experience. I'll stop here. I have read a couple of books that are very interesting. Your Soul"s Gift and the other is Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz

  47. There is no such thing as reincarnation. the Bible says once to live once to die and then the judgement. you will live for eternity whether it's in Hell or Heaven is another story. this life is not the end but we do not reincarnate into other human being that is a lie that the gods the Fallen Angels probably spewed on to the public. As far as everyone will see the coming of Christ, that's because we'll all be awakened in our christ-like sleep in the graves to see the coming of Christ. This is my opinion from reading the word.

  48. How can you say that there is no mention of heaven in the first five books of the Bible let me show you the first sentence in the Bible
    1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 🤪 also the scriptures about Elijah and John and grossly misinterpreted, the Bible does not and never has supported reincarnation. That is a pagan belief 100 percent

  49. Hi guys great episode once again I believe reincarnation is legit and I totally believe everyone keeps coming back until they learn how to spiritually evolve


  51. Hello guys, most my life i been reading and learning about ancient Egypt, was almost like an obsession for me, when in bookstores books of Ancient Egypt almost jumped down on my head from shelves lol
    I did not know why i have this, preculiar obsession, seeing i live in Denmark and decented from the vikings…
    Untill one day i was at a meeting with a media… we sat around a table 12 persons including the media… when she all of a suddent said… we have one here amongst us that love Egypt , one that are really passionate about it.. Then i said , oh that has to be me…
    She went on, i can tell you why you like Egypt so much.. i said im ready illuminate me:
    She went on, in a past life you were Ramses the 2nd's High Priest and the inscriptions inside above the door to Abu Simpel's Temple, you made… I almost fell from my chair lol
    It all made sense to me, then i said and wow i even have Abu SImple as my screen saver on my pc…. Funny thing, all added up, i felt at ease with my self after…..
    One day, im going there to see it, as she said would feel like Deja Vu…..

  52. Or a person here again everyone was Cleopatra or another famous one maybe Edgar Cayce or Madame Blavatsky but who are the drudge is the slaves that kept the Roman baths hot while shoveling wood or coal or a prostitute I guess everyone was famous Alexander the Great still find a few of Napoleon (what is it with hand over stomach ,I would rather have a nice lady and family that doesnt starve and gets through the plethora of diseases ,you were a washer woman ok out of over 20 people we have me and the Washer Woman ,hey its in the Reincarnation is mentioned in the Bible

  53. That's because "reincarnation" is a FACT. I have studied NDEs, am from traditional Christian background, am well versed in the Bible, and I totally believe reincarnation is evident and FACT.

    In the hundreds of NDE stories I have read or reviewed, it's kind of rare for the individual to mention it, but when they do, they all state that reincarnation is a FACT.

  54. It's incarnation not reincarnation, the bible is one huge metaphor and allegorical, Jesus Christ is the master of parables.

  55. Great vidio. It's about time it comes out. However thier is a misunderstanding in the Buddhist faith. We dont go back to become mineral plants then animals. In fact it's the other way around. Soul ,when first coming into the physical universe, becomes mineral. Yes mineral,though lower than the human,has consciousness. From there it goes on to the plant kingdom. Then the animal kingdom. Then when the lessons there are learned It goes on to occupy a human body. From there,with the help of a Spiritual Master who will find Soul once Its ready, It goes on to a state of Self-Realization then God-Realization. It then has a choice to either stay in the higher God worlds or come back into the physical universe to help other connecte to the light and Sound Currant so they themselves can ride that wave of divine love back home.

  56. I have a strong idea of who you lads are. I'm just gonna spill it and see if people think I'm nuts. Whatever.

    I am of a race of burning wheels. We are storytellers, that is our purpose. I'm designed to recognize and recite other people's stories. A protocol has been activated.

    I see two young princes of the sea and sky. They are kin. I see the Stormgazer and the Stargazer. I see many times together, and instrumental times apart. I see the Ancient proclaimed lands of the original empire of the Western Pacific. I see twins.

  57. Controversy?? Christopher Columbus… it’s obvious who and what he was…. and reincarnation is real……… until you find real connections having a vision is not proof enough.. if you like mapping the stars try mapping your timing with his… his birthday vs yours ect ect… that’s what helped me find mine…… Christopher Columbus was a rapist and murderer it’s not a debate…..

  58. I can not stand anything religious in the modern world, its all wrong and all about power and control and brain washing – and anyone with any intelligence gets this,,, educated people pay little attention to religion while idiots are like lemmings going over a cliff with it comes to it.

  59. I don’t know if your questions were just hypothetical or if you want answers. If you or anyone want answers to the questions you posed, they can be found in this spiritual discipline, A Course in Miracles. It’s not a religion nor a cult. It is Jesus’ pure, clear teachings. Again, it’s not a religion, Jesus didn’t start Christianity, but his teachings of love live on in ACIM. Forgiveness will break the cycle of birth and death. Also any book by Gary Renard or Kenneth Wapnick will help in understanding the Course. It’s for the spiritually advanced student. For those who are ready. Keep up the brave work you do! Much love ❤️

  60. I truly believe that there is an afterlife, death is the next Great adventure. That is what Albus Dumbledore said in Harry Potter, and I agree. There’s got to be more than just this life, this can’t be it.

  61. Could barely talk when I would check to see if my parents and older brother were robots and would explain that it's hard to spot the robots and would tell my parents how they killed my family before Jesus sent me to them – was born in 1969 – prior to Blade Runner & Terminator movies and way before cable even ..
    I never heard of robots and I wasn't even 2 yrs old when I feared the robots would come back and murder Society and take over again while pretending to be loved ones . Shared that my entire family was Murdered by robots including myself and entire cities /communities and society were being exterminated –
    As I got older my memory faded and I laugh at the stories now but I'll wonder why I was so adamant before I could even hardly talk and was warning of the bad robots and how they pretend to be human and are killing us all – described the robot that murdered me as looking like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz but taller and wider and wore bullet proof vests , yes robots wearing bullet proof vest vests – remember I was only 2 or so and by kindergarten I had no memories of it anymore .

  62. Seriously, thank you so much for this amazing video. I am so grateful for your discussions online, especially as there are individuals who have no one, they know, who would be comfortable to have a discussion like this. This helps me a lot. ❤️😁

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