We explain “Nordic Socialism” to Trump

My dear American friends, here we go again. It seems that President Trump is pretty obsessed with my country, Denmark. The White House released a report – – in which it warns against “Nordic Socialism”. The report claims that the living standards in the US – – are 15% higher than in Denmark. Really? Higher for who? Well, it’s true that the top 1% in the US – – are much richer than the top 1% in Denmark. And here’s what the report doesn’t show. An average blue-collar worker in Denmark makes far more – – than an average worker in the US. A person working at McDonald’s in the US makes less than half – – of what a person working at McDonald’s in Denmark makes. We pay quite a bit more in taxes in Denmark – – but for that you get free health care, you get free education. So all in all your average living standard is much higher. Let’s look at poverty. The percentage of people that are poor in the US – – is three times higher. That means we have a lot less people living, sleeping and begging in the streets. Maybe you’re right Mr. President – in the US, but in – – ordinary people can still fulfill their dreams.

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