We Are(nt) Libertarians Give Platform to Communist

so you can already see the first story that I wanted to talk about no no we're not doing this one first this is my show I can do what I want the first thing the first thing I want to talk about is something that I almost forgot that I wanted to do a show on but it came up recently again in a conversation about some something totally unrelated and this was a great use case for describing a problem a problem on both sides of a specific issue a problem together I just actually kind of mentioned what I was talking about disenthrall being a platform for contributors with our you know rule of non-aggression principle compliant content so a while back oh snap hey got a follow thanks for the follow Matteo a while back we had I I saw this story come by and I see stories from libertarian platforms I follow many of them often just to kind of keep an eye on what everybody's doing and and stay aware of what's happening and I saw there's this platform called we are libertarians and they have you know a ton of content all over the place and then I see this they publish a communist on their platform and and it's important to point out before I criticize I'm not telling somebody what they can and can't do but if you do something retarded I can call you out on it and I can shave you for it and they did they allowed an economy and outright commie a libertarian socialist to straight-up publish a manifesto to their website under the name we are libertarians so that now anybody in the world going forward that looks up you know let's find out about these libertarians oh here's a platform called we are libertarians oh look a communist okay so communism is part of a set of beliefs that they might now think are libertarian if and so the extent of what I said and did because the Libertarian Party is such a dumpster fire that I've just come to expect this stuff this is part and parcel this is nothing new this was not surprising this was not triggering you know this was just another thing in a long list of things like you know khopesh just put out another video the second video I've seen on his channel where he supports a socialist in the Libertarian Party so it's it's nothing new nothing surprising certainly not triggering but all I did was I posted to a you know the disenthrall platform my personal page hey here's a screenshot of this we are libertarians page publishing communists content I said we are libertarians everybody standards fits only for politics that's all I said that was it I basically shamed their standards because saying that they're libertarians representing libertarians the libertarian label to the world they're publishing communists that's it just Hey look at that that's dumb they have low standards a little bit of shaming that's all no big deal and boy boy they said I was triggered but I'm not sure I was the triggered one let's look one of the head guys owners runners operators whatever for we are libertarians hey Patrick Smith I'm going to share your behavior of my audience Tuesday 10,000 listeners an episode good luck responding with your 2100 likes bro get the first issue of wow reader that has triggered the hell out of a cultist libertarian poor snowflake Patrick Smith must have skipped the part in our principles principles where the we are libertarian podcast stands for serving our readers by treating them as adults we present a wide range of opinion and let you decide what is right or wrong people like Patrick want to control what you think and discuss you should be aware that this thought nanny runs a media company disenthrall make sure it's not propaganda before you consume any of their content cultists libertarians snowflake thought fascists propagandists I'm the triggered one I'm the trigger one and he made good on his promise in one of his follow-on podcasts he felt the need to mention me but in the first issue Ryan allowed a libertarian socialist to basically write a what is a lib sock basically so you hear more and more about this and so I think people don't really have an understanding of what a libertarian socialist means and so one of principle number six of ours is intellectual diversity here at we are libertarians and he decided to give them a platform which one guy just Pat this Patrick guy just went off the rails about calling us all communists and it's so funny that in a podcast with 555 episodes in our I called them all communists did you see that anywhere I defy anyone to provide the source for that it's just another example of the high standards over there their publication which was the entire beginning and end of my point of my posts about their platform they have low standards anyone that calls themself libertarian they will allow to publish any amount of sewage on their platform kind of dumb now here's the point this is the reason why it's worth taking time out of my day and giving them a little of my attention span to call people out when they do this stuff there is a difference between bringing dissenting opposing opinions on your platform for a debate or a discussion point counterpoint for a chat about it and outright handing the keys to your publication to someone with views that are antithetical to the name of your publication now it would be different if the name of the publication was like the New York Times or you know the I don't know whatever the the the newspaper the news News Corp newspaper just where you're supposed to be kind of like an open book an open door publication allowing you know whatever content interests any readers on your platform you're basically saying upfront that you know we don't have any standards other than news and so who knows what you're gonna get here that's not these people these people take the name libertarian claim the name say that they are libertarians and then hand the keys to their publication to a communist not point counterpoint not debate not here's what the commies say and here's why they're wrong not even having somebody an actual libertarian interview the person just just handing him the keys right right whatever you want we'll publish it under the name we are libertarians and then hit our fainting couches and take time in our podcast that only has 117 views that didn't you say like two thousand or ten thousand or something anyway that's besides the point the point is there's a difference between exposing your audience to ideas and handing the keys of your platform to somebody that was the difference that's why I pointed it out because if we don't point out when people misuse the libertarian label the volunteers label the anarcho-capitalist label if we don't point it out then that's how these labels that we use lose their resolution they become watered-down and meaningless like has happened to so many other labels everywhere all the time you can't even really respond to much of that just to kind of chuckle it at how hard they were triggered right I mean we called them out on their low standards they felt embarrassed as they should have felt and that was the end of that you

  1. Ancoms are just as stupid as any other statist that would use evolution as a political argument to say humans can't be free because everyone should still be poor even if some coercion is used to get there even though you can get rid of it with a pure free market anarchy. Ancoms are fake anarchists that are nothing more than slaves to hurt others. Bunch of idiots that cant reason and rather use ignorance to win arguments.

  2. He was very concerned about his 550 podcasts that seemingly very few people listen to. That's a lot of content for only 1.3k subs.

  3. meh, i voted for garry johnson, i'm pretty on board with low standards.

    when people take that political alignment test that has the four quadrants, people overwhelming land in the "libertarian" quadrant. that maybe an incredibly bad definition of libertarian, but considering that all the political discourse happens in the "authoritarian" quadrant, i consider those people to be allies. and the more people who at least realize they are in the "libertarian" quadrant and start using that label for themselves, the more people might look into what that label is actually supposed to mean.

  4. They really should have put their context to the LieSoc's opinion piece with headers and footers debunking it.

  5. This reminds me of the time i called out anarchy girl on facebook, shes a commie in the black and yellow, much like liberty hang out.

  6. I can’t get my head around communists calling themselves anarchists. You need an apparatus to push a collective.

  7. Pat. You can’t tell someone what they can, and cannot do. Communism looks to push a collective. It’s impossible to be an anti-state libertarian with that set of nonsense. The end.

  8. Yes, but Lady Gaga has like 10 billion views, so, who cares what anyone else has to say!

  9. Im appalled by the fact that they're giving any validity in the libertarian movement to socialists. They're no different then conservatives on the other end of the spectrum. They're just trying to control you in different ways.

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