We Are Trying to Shift a Culture -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Shambhala

We’re trying to shift a culture; that’s what we are doing here. We’re shifting a culture that acknowledges the power, the necessity of its citizens to feel their humanity and to validate those feelings of compassion, of kindness, of goodness. And I think that to a certain degree these days science is with us; because more and more of the research and so forth they’re showing that this is essential to our society. Can we be brave enough to acknowledge our inherent feelings; if we can have confidence to do that and see the power of it, the practicality of it, the necessity of it, then we can shift the culture where this kind of feeling and insight becomes more the norm.

  1. We Are Trying to Shift a Culture.
    Extract of the talk “A Culture of Basic Goodness” from the program "Being Brave: Transforming Our World", in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada), August 2011.

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