“We Are Going To A Cashless Society On A Global Basis” - David Morgan

this is Dan Dix here reporting for press for truth we're here in Hartford Connecticut at the red pill Expo and I am joined by the one and only David Morgan a precious metal guru really and normally I would want to be talking to you about silver and things of that nature but I noticed a talk title of your talk today is money the past present and future so I'm really curious to get your thoughts on specifically the future of money but maybe before we get into that let's just briefly touch on currently the past and present of what is money and I mean real money in your opinion well the past is you know men have heard that money is anything you wanted to be it's been salt it's been you know feathers it's been whatever it's true but early on it was determined by popular vote in other words people who decided golden silver money that's a fact you can say otherwise that's a fact presently what I show us where money sits relative to the political structure so we're hearing about they they that made this well they for the most part are the banking elite and I go through where government stands in the pyramidal structure and then I explained with most people at the red pill already know which is that it is a control mechanism money is power and that power is used as a control mechanism and then I go in that you know what is the future money it appears to me and this is to be determined that we are going to cash the society on a global basis and the bankers really don't care how you use your money as long as it's under their control and they have you identified so like for Indonesia as an example there's many that are unbanked which means that they do not use the banking system whatsoever the out of the bankers care as long as they get to identify them so there's been this big push in India as an example where everybody's identified you through an Irish scan a thumbprint or both something along those lines so they want total control by identification of their subjects and then whatever money to use or how the monetary system develops I'm a pretty big believer in my friend that has written technocracy Pat would and Pat has gone on this idea that the artificial intelligence and the blockchain etc are really control mechanisms as well I'm a little more neutral I think it could be used either way I think that we do have distributed ledger situation that you can be anonymous sometimes it takes work but it can be done the problem I see is that there's a potential that if it's too big a competitor they will come and you know shut it down what about cash because it seems to me today that's probably the best most anonymous way to to conduct transactions is is that why it needs to be eliminated because of the the fact that you can do trades outside of the view of the government absolutely no ifs ands or buts about it cash is hated by them for that very reason it's totally anonymous and it works really really well so moving into the digital era you mentioned crypto currencies and what do you know about various cryptos and in the difference between centralized cryptos and decentralized cryptos because i think moving forward there are certain ones that do respect privacy but as you said a lot of them are on the blockchain which is all trackable and traceable so are there any kind of digital currencies that you see as potential for people moving forward to free themselves from government or is that all kind of a Trojan horse that might really kind of rope us in to more control Dan I'm really not sure but I think there's the possibility that there is a ability to as a Trojan horse as you stated unfortunately I mean really I am absolutely for competing currencies and for the market to determine you don't have to have just one you can have gold and silver those are two different elements and they both work as money you could have you know any variety of kryptos I think there's a potential for cryptos to be anonymous and to function alongside ones that Otzi more control like a banking crypto such as ripple but I'm really not that well studied to have a strong view on it but I don't think anyone else is there honest cuz I don't think anyone really knows five years to know what its gonna look like I think we're witnessing the the the free market of money essentially for the first time we're starting to see how it's going to dish out for for the first time in in reality now we know that real money is precious metals I mean this is tangible stuff you can hold in your hands how is silver gold and in mining stocks doing these days not that well but if you allow me I just want to circle back a little bit about you know the caste system I mean you know it's probably nothing more anonymous and taking a gold coin over to somebody that's got some on Craigslist the person agrees so the contract it says well I don't want the fiat Hall will take your gold coin so it's really the same thing as cash and actually better because it usually retains its value over time but give me the other question I'm sorry yeah you're right I mean it's it's it's actually gonna retain his value because it's not based on a piece of paper or I guess plastic nowadays so it is real money essentially so I guess I was just curious about the mining stocks these days and you know where you see silver going I mean what would you see say is is the breakthrough number that we're gonna need to see in order to get people excited about silver again well I convinced myself at least and I think many others that we're gonna have to see gold move 1360s the basic number on gold silver it's hard to say but I would say 20 is a minimum and I think if you have if you ever I'm sure that we will in my lifetime get back to you like the 25 level or so and it could be anywhere up to 20 25 maybe 26 and you'll get an acceleration silver that'll be spectacular in life you once gold goes through a certain level and no one knows what that is but that's an example talking point and it could save 3,000 at 3,000 it's on a 42 you know how much of the population a lot but Silver's go don't be at what 42 dollars or something I can afford 42 dollars so you see what happened in the 1980s except it's not gonna be a u.s. phenomena it's going to be a worldwide phenomena you'd have the internet back there for instance so everyone's gonna know if they go to a dealer or a private party the exact spot price of silver or gold anytime anywhere that's great because now you've got a really transparent market so I think you're gonna see a run in the gold that you've never seen before and I'm gonna spill over in the silver Marcus it's a silver market is so much tinier and it's more affordable than the gold market I do believe the gold silver ratio closed drastically so instead of seeing this 90 to 100 or 101 or whatever gets to before it goes the other direction you'll see it come back down to 70 to 1 60 to 150 40 as a minimum I think you're actually gonna see the classic ratio of 15 to 1 and possibly even the natural ratio of 10 to 1 whether or not that happens you're made to be determined I'm totally honest about that but again it's just a tiny market and once this mentality of a panic buy happens which means that people see that the US dollar is not performing in other words are they're reluctant to hold it they want to spend it and then what have been spend it on well you know what they need is sensuous but if there's anything left over and that's not the fact for a lot of people I get that I'm sensitive to that I mean there's so few Americans that can have five hundred dollars in their bank account but there's a lot of other people that do and they're gonna want to preserve that capital one way or the other that means precious metals for the most part when it comes to the gold silver ratio are there any cues or signs we can pick up that might be pointing to the fact that we're leading towards something like a dollar crash is there any ways to be able to use that information to predict when things might go bad in the United States not really the only thing that you can determine from past history is it's usually a spike high so ever it spikes is like I think the exact numbers are something along ninety I forget 98.7 or something for all practical purposes 100 was the round number and it was there a very short amount of time we're at 90 right now it doesn't have to get to 100 could I don't know but it's usually not something that's the language is there for a very long time what but honestly what has to be concerned is that was pretty much a true statement about the gold platinum ratio as well and that turned out to be different this time it is different this time platinum is then about what $400 for $500 discount to gold and platinum is 15 times more rare than gold is but it's really been it's never been really a monetary metal although I could argue it is but it isn't performing that way in the marketplace but it's a lot rarer and it's on for a big discount now palladium which is basically the same function as platinum it doesn't really have the jewelry component the Platinum does is selling that it would premium to gold so go figure interesting all right well I guess in closing you know solution wise and protecting your assets wise especially moving forward and with the potential of a dollar crash what are some of the things people ought to be looking to moving forward in order to protect the assets that currently have well I think precious metals is there but I'd like to add on to that I mean basically anyone at any age really is gonna kind of direct it toward you know the Millennials doesn't really matter you know learn you know invest in yourself you know education be informed have a skill set may be something make it something that maybe is a hobby look at the potential of making it a career I think there's a lot about just people don't have and it's been said it the red pill over and over again how really truly powerful we are and what our real abilities are we've kind of bought into the man that says you know work for me you know you're just an employee you know and everyone's got this kind of subservient attitude we're really we're magnificent beings with unlimited potential but no one ever tells us that and even if they tell you that no one believes it so I'd like to end on that note if I may you could add to of course that's that's so encouraging an exciting message because it's true we we had the power to change things G Edward Griffin said it last night he said that it seems to be around 3% of the population are the ones who are really steering everything and the other 97% are generally good people but but they're not taking that initiative but they all individually have the power to be able to actually go out and change the world so fantastic advice for anybody else who wants to learn more from you get get more of this type of advice where should they be going to find you online very simple sort of the Morgan report com sign it for a free email newsletter and then you're in alright guys check out the links in the description below we'll have them all there for you and once again thanks for talking to us my pleasure did we all want truth real section 43

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  2. If the people are stupid enough to go “cashless” then we all deserve to be the fully enslaved and castrated lemmings of the self anointed OWNERS OF WE WHOM THEY REFER TO AS “Useless Eaters”.

  3. Metals are handled by certificates, your not holding that in your hand as such. Odd he angles towards Silver and no Platinum and Gold. His investment bias?

  4. "the U.S.Dollar" ?? translation: the banking cabals Federal Reserve Note bugs the shit out of me that guys like Morgan still refer to the FRNs as money and dollars. Use the proper word sir. Take back the language,end the confusion and the propaganda

  5. If as Muslims and Atheists claim, the book of Revelation is a "pious hoax" – how did it predict the cashless society that will be here during the time of Antichrist?

  6. I want the banks and the elite to have total control. I love being a slave. Chemtrails don't bother me. Who needs blue skies and sunshine anyway? Sunsets are for pussies. Fuck my kids future, count me in. Cashless is the way to go. Where do I sign?

  7. The ONLY politician I will ever vote for is the one who takes a death pledge promising to eliminate every occurrence of taxation at source. If every human had to physically pay half of what they earn (plus interest and penalty fees), and do so every year of their life, there'd be revolution by morning.

  8. Dont buy anything that is not cash. Or as little as you possibly can. No uber, no amazon, no businesses that dont take cash.

  9. NWO it's gonna happen the Bible talked about it. You'll have to receive a mark in your head or hand. You could be killed if you refuse.

  10. To be cashless in a capitalist society is equal to slavery, the corporations cut literally cut you off from access to the resources of your society at any time for any reason. This without even accessing the courts, without anything resembling due process or legal analysis or your rights as a citizen, the corporations can cut you off from access to your societies resources by digitally denying you the means by which to buy them.
    Cashless society, you buy nothing, you beg for permission to have it, may I have a bowl please sir and you wait for your digital permission, each and every single time.

  11. Cashless society means money would be only in a bit form on the internet. That means that when power/electric grid goes out (for whatever reason) we have no money to purchase anything. No thanks.They are already implementing and testing this in AFRICA, look it up!

  12. CASHLESS = TOTAL SLAVERY. If their is a power cut or EMP strike, how do you purchase anything? Imagine going to the chemist to purchase a life or death prescription only for your card to be declined. Your labour, the most valuable commodity you have, will be paid for in CREDIT. Credit that only has a value when you actually spend it. You could have 10million credits. Go and buy a carton of milk and that is the value of your credit.
    It would only take the push of a button for your credits to disappear. Cash under your mattress is noit so easy to steal.
    No more cash in hand work. Instead you would have to be paid in food.
    As I said. Advocating cashless is like giving away the key to your own house.


  14. Time for the mark of the beast👺No cheap can't buy.👺
    Time to head to the bush.😎🍏🍠🍓🌽 live of the land 🐓🐐🐂🐏🐡

  15. YES ITS SCREWING PEOPLES MIND.. .THATS WHY I DONT LIKE KIDS GOING TO G-parade …sorry just wanted to make my point heard ..for what i commented on earlier…but can't …lol…from victoria.

  16. This may seemfar fetched and I may be a bit coockoo, but I wonder if after the cash is gone and EVRYTHING is digital for quite somw time, then everyrhing just went off, then the proof of an advanced civilization that we live in would be almost zero. Makes me wonder how many other advanced civilizations already existed.

  17. Money is psychological token… There can be other tokens but this comes with a system. All systems grow and get corrupted. The whole mechanism is rigged. Can't return to stone age, can't move to this toxic future. See what you did society?

  18. Blaim the certian satellite that are causing distruction divisions and deceptions plots to weakon the nations by electric brain probings. Attacking humanity. And at war with humans…they are not many of them..are terrorist at work..in canada and other..considering the amount of satellite they can bring these guys down.. good Satellite need to shut down these brain computers used in direct satellite and communications..elect brain probings assults and…get thier psychic scanners out there to clean atmosphere and human anatomony and thermal holographic cam scan to diagnose the host of bio plasma plasma concieled modification weaponized viaimplants and artifical souls. These are electronic magnetic force fields used to hijack lives. And targeting from inside. Like now…no ifs about it.

  19. If everyone is paid by e-transfer, why make money? Some will make their own banks which pay them money by e-transfer. Electronics are a platform for the Jews to corrupt this entire world.

    Why are there virtual banks? They don't exist. Something to think about.

  20. Do you see what the Jews did to this world? Electronic money is an extreme stronghold over humankind. But they throw away currency? Not the Jews. Money is money to the Jews so they will not get rid of it. So then, what the hell are they thinking?

  21. There's something twisted here. The Jews have been money hoarders forever past. Do you honestly think they would get rid of money? How would this work? They would keep all currency in the world today, and not use it? Wouldn't this be a waste of currency? Or is it that we would be forced into electronic money so they can have what?

  22. restating and re-enforcement of what we know, what we expect, but still have to wait for the big financial reveal for us in the US Western countries. Wait for shtf, something has to break soon, nothing is real, they have been planning for the reset.

  23. Cash makes for an often untraceable flow of liquidity. Hush money? You bet! Drug lords, hit-men, etc. I wouldn't be too hasty to dismiss its validity.

  24. Bitcoin and no crypto will be allowed to remain decentralised our slavemasters will not allow instantaneous anonymous tranactions to continue..Once they have got rid of cash and everyone is buying bitcoin they will declare anonymous transactions a matter of national security under the anti terrorism laws.

  25. one huge power cut – one asteroid hit – one bad storm – one earthquake….. the cashless society is stuffed – can't be done. Imagine 2 weeks or more with no power or money – cash will be KING!

  26. keep selling that bullshit, trying to cash in on people's fears. Fukin goofball scam artist fuks. Get a real job.

  27. I think most people would be shockingly surprised that the same ppl who control Google, facebook Twitter also control your credit cards. We will all find out when it's too late. I love all people 😍💜🧡 Jesus loves all people.

  28. They , Banker's and Governments, are going to lock everyone into their electronic money system so they can control where your money goes , as long as you're spending it in ways that doesn't threaten their control .
    So you won't be able to buy other monies like bitcoin with their Money , it's not in their interests .
    Slaves shackled with electronic chain's .

  29. What about just fight the few in control of us only? I call for a humanity united against those who try to slave us.

  30. It IS a Trojan horse. Listen people, I been saying this since electronic currency was created to do away with banks and listen closely plz. It sounds good in theory and some may not be traceable but understand, electronic ANYTHING is under total control of the gov no matter what it is because they control the electric! So say you create ur own electric, self sufficient, well ur still gonna have to use the currency under their authority. Precious metals and valuables ARE THE ONLY TRUE WAY! I pray that this connects with someone and they understand this for it is truth. Praises to the Ruach HaKodesh, our glorious Adonai Yeshua, and our great Elohim Yahweh forever!

  31. Gold and silver will never lose value even in a cashless society! Barter is the next step most will use to make and trade various goods. If necessary most people will go dark in their financial dealings, and say screw the system! It is easy to be cruel and heartless. It's easy to be proud and say no to your neighbors in need.

  32. Yuh know, I go into a restaurant, fast food, Hardware store etc etc and try to use a $100.00 Bill and No one ever has Change for it? I'm Like, YOU DON'T HAVE $70 IN THIS WHOLE STORE?????

  33. Anything. And I mean ANYTHING electronic is trackable. Make no mistake, crypto is just another layer of control. More andore people are hopping knto that babdwagon, but think about it. The banks would not tolerate competition in this area. So if its allowed, then it is sanctioned by thw banking cartel. Period.

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