Water Cannons!  -  Tug Boat  -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  Part 9

all righty hello guys welcome to faces back to another tag video on this Stoneworks so today we're gonna go ahead and put in the water cannons I think we've already done the lights which is pretty awesome we need to put in a bunch of dials as well so that might be something that we do I want to fix these things today as well because these little little spiky things are just not what I want um I also want to solve sort out of these rooms down here a little bit to make them look a little bit nicer so what we did yesterday Oh what we did or we did earlier in the previous video is we added this camera on the back and the monitor obviously we go downstairs we added a generator if we go in here we've added the camera room we can look around with this one which is pretty awesome we added some lights to all the rest of the room so there's a light in the bedroom there is um there's a light in the toilet as well if we go ahead and we flick that on like so OOP there we go we can go ahead and turn that off and we added the light to this room as well so that's what we did yeah so let's let's start with this video and we'll see what we can actually get up to today okay so after looking at a few tugboats I've noticed that we can actually pump water and fire the water out of cannons there would be the located here where this fence is all in my case what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna build a little platform coming out of here and we're gonna have one there and we'll have one on the other side as well and that'll be our little pump II bit to fire water out so that's what we're gonna do um let's let's do that first yeah that's good to go do that okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and delete a little bit of this so let's do it on both sides because we are gonna be doing it on both sides where you're gonna go out this mitch did this much this much there we go oh did we delete no we're good we're good we're good all right cool and then we're gonna go up we're basically gonna come out to you here and same with this piece so we're gonna go up there that's good up to there and up to there beautiful that's exactly what we needed there we go good we're gonna go ahead and plug that in as well and then we're gonna go ahead and paint all of this a different color which is it's actually gonna be the normal color but you know there we go BAM okay cool we're gonna have white bits all the way out to there that's good and the side pieces should probably be this color too there we go on this side and there we go on this side beautiful all right we need a water cannon no it's got a fluid cannon isn't it so we need a large pump we probably need large pumps but that's okay for now we don't need them just yet we want the water cannon where is it where are the water cannons there it is Luud cannon good as that's gonna go like on here I don't know which way around it goes there we go that's good that's good so we want it that way around if we delete this and we bring it down one I feel like that looks a little bit better that's what we're gonna do we're gonna go ahead and paint the inside real quick just so it looks a little bit nicer and well ah they're good they do need to connect to Oh Oh righto raggy they need to go down to the ocean which is where our problem begins so they need they need pipes okay pipe we need an angled okay and we need a straight piece it is that is it that is all we need a straight piece is gonna come down the angled piece is gonna push it outside and then and then we're gonna go down from the outside like this there we go good we go all the way down with a straight piece if we can that would be great there we go good and then we go down through the floor and then we go down through the fuel tank and into the ocean that's kind of exactly what we need to do so that's exactly what we are gonna do I'm gonna go down through here into the ocean and like this hopefully they're lined up they are indeed we need a pop somewhere in between these but other than that we are good to go just delete this one put a fluid thing in there a fluid pot which you'll get ours some stuff which will get us some stuff I'll do the same color as everything else so there we go that'll pump through water upwards and then once the what was being pumped upwards we should be good alright cool paint this this color BAM there we go and that should get water now they both need to be controlled as well though alright go downstairs we need to put a pump in okay pump pump here we go and grab a large pump I don't think it needs to be a large one let's go with a little one here we go little pump for now okay that's fine which way around do these go this one's out that's good fat end up beautiful right so they need to be connected to a button the they all need to be controlled from somewhere as well so that's gonna be interesting isn't it okay helm we might be able to just control them from a helm which is outside on the front okay so we only want it on one side it's okay I'll delete three of these well put this in actually delete these three put this in and then we'll logic it so that it works yeah so that it works okay so W and s is gonna be up and down which is pitch and pitch the left and right is gonna be left and right that's all we need and is it okay connect these together connect them to there and they're gonna spin around opposite are they gonna be the same they're gonna be opposite aren't they okay delete one of these I need to put a new one in we need about a new one in okay so it's gonna be the same way around as that one we need to paint the inside of here again but other than that everything else is the same good it needs electricity so we'll do that and then we're connected to here beautiful it needs pitch and also rotation good and then we need a pump on which is gonna be hot key one for both of these that is that is it that is all we need I think okay so they should pump water oh also these need power to so quickly give them power oh there we go and we're ready to go let's go see if they work it's born it in and go ahead and fire some fire stuff and we should be good to go if I could get inside close the door turn the lights on go upstairs I want to drop out a little bit to use this so we go one turn one off drive forwards it is a little bit annoying that maybe we don't have access to this from inside but um I feel like that's okay all right okay let's go we're moving we're moving we just need to go out here just a little bit there we go good okay let's jump downstairs I was kind of thinking we would control it from here but at the same time probably not a good idea probably not all right cool go outside beautiful go around the front go upstairs here we go and get on the water cannon press one it doesn't look like it's going too well that does not look like it's going very well at all no hmm do we need bigger pumps I can't remember why why it broken the last one uh what I want to do as well though is I want to make it sticky okay so it's gonna be sticky left and right and up and down sticky and sticky there we go good that's beautiful um other than that though that's alright okay we need bigger pumps Oh can we change comes now I can't remember I don't know let's try it let's just try and chain pumps there we go there's another one there's another one give them power and connect them to a button there we go – button has been connected the power is connected all right comb will spawn it in we'll try it again okay we just sat in here go ahead and press it and fire no no again that's just not enough is it it's just not enough all right I'm gonna change into a big pump although that doesn't seem to be doing a little bit better than it was alright I'm changing it to a big pump okay so changed it to more powerful pumps and it appears that it is currently not working again um no entirely sure why this is happening it might be that we don't have enough power maybe possibly so let's go ahead and turn on our engines hopefully the generators will start working and then and then maybe it'll start firing properly but at the same time doubt it is it you know did doing anything no I don't think it is I don't think it's pumping very very well at all funny now if anyone knows the problem that I'm having with this let me know but um I feel like it's just the pumps I do I feel like it's just the pumps and if it is just the pumps maybe if I add just little pumps in here it might look a bit weird it might look a little bit weird but at the same time I don't know it's something different isn't it it's definitely something different so you go like this in fact actually let's paint all the inside of there a different color first so paint it all this color here we go it should be the same on this side oh well that's nation oh that is an issue okay let's just do this that seems fine that seems okay right okay shove this in there but make it a different color so we'll paint it this color again we'll go ahead and shove this in there like so okay and then we'll logic them to do the same thing oh and and then we go ahead and give them some power there we go and then we'll just go for it okay cool okay so robos there let's jump back on top here we go I knew this is gonna be a little bit fiddly but uh not this Finley look it's just not working here is the the inlets I can't remember I had this problem on my other boat too um let me go check my other boat and we'll see if we can fix it that way okay so this is the rescue boat this is what did we do well what did we do oh okay look at this we only have one pump on this okay what's the inlet look like on this one it's just this ah okay he goes straight up and then it's okay I feel like it is a power thing though I do I really do feel like it's just a power thing what is it powered by I don't know I don't know then okay go back to the other one here we go go back to the tugboat bang and um I don't know what the problem is I I can't work it out all right battery it's coming from a battery anyway but what if we just put its own little battery in here somewhere I don't know where it will fit um what about to be like here there we go you got a battery well connect it to these things there we go they're already connected to power anyway these dudes might need a little bit more power I don't know all right cool we'll try it one more time if this doesn't work I guess we can put in more pumps or something like that but uh I don't think that's a problem if anyone knows the problem it might be a little bit of a bug I don't know but if we go in here press one it's definitely not working definitely not doing what it should be anyway um so yeah rip okay anyway with that let's go ahead and put some tires on the side so what I did last time is I used one of these I used where are they where are the things are the things where are the things this I use these and then I put some wheels on them or tires I put some tires on them which is kind of cool definitely worked quite nicely so that's what we'll do again well let me put them on the side okay so we'll delete that one and we'll put this in why does it do that that's so strange so you can only put them in a few there we go all right okay cool if you have something behind it which is really weird uh where are the tires I don't know what they called so we're gonna have to find them instead there's somewhere in here but uh where where are you I I genuinely just don't know um come on these tires please uh I mean these are the normal wheels but we want the fake wheels what I'm looking for at least I've probably gone past them a few times already I guess if I just type in feel new we don't get them we don't get them tire ah small-tire there we go good is that too small was that alright I don't know you guys can let me know whether you think this is too small or a decent size I kind of feel like it's too small already so we should go for the bigger one okay large tire here we go there's a large tire yeah that seems about right we'll have like three of these on the front that seems like a good number okay so we'll go ahead and put a block behind it because this is how it seems to be working well put that on there and then we'll put this on here like so good and then we'll have another one that is the same spacing so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 here yeah this is where it's gonna go this is where it has to go I will shove that right there yo default delete these pieces and put one of these on there we go we got some tires awesome kind of feel like we should have like some on the front as well to be fair maybe like one on the front maybe this is a bad idea is this a bad idea it might be a bad idea just just one lonely tire on the front it could be a better deer or it might be alright alright cool logic they don't need power they don't actually don't need any power but what they do need is painting so we need to paint them a paint paint this color actually that one's fine that one's okay these ones are not though I want to paint the back ends of them how are on a paint dimeric ends of them there we go good kind of feel like we need more than that but for now we'll leave it like that that's okay we obviously need the winches on the back very soon we won't put them in there yet cuz I don't know how to put them there or where I want to put them so we'll leave it like that for now as for this bit these ones are okay that's all good we got the pipe nice yeah it's time to actually look really cool um look at these these are the wrong color these are the wrong color they need to be like red they need to be red frantic red BAM there we go beautiful the same with these ones as well they were different red and that's all good awesome cool I'm having that problem again where if I load it in it disappears and then I load it in again and it disappears all right it's back it's actually working this time when I start recording it works alright remind me to keep recording every time I played this game it's actually kind of what I do anyway all right okay so let's start er up and get going here we go awesome okay so it still drives it's a little bit wobbly when we turn because of this thing because it turns all the way by itself which is maybe not the best idea anymore actually it just turned quite well but at the same time don't really want it like that but yeah that's quite cool that is quite cool anyway I'm gonna go ahead and leave this really here for now if you guys know how I can fix those things then let me know in the comments down below and I'll try and fix them but for right now I'm gonna leave it thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you guys did enjoy it maybe leave a like down below that helps me out quite a bit and uh yeah I love you guys bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye my my my my my my my my my my my my my bike whoa what it's working yo it's working you gotta build up pressure and then it works awesome cool whoa they're working yeah anyway yeah I'm ending it here thanks watching bye

  1. If u fill in behind the wheel it would look like a build in panel and all the buttons could be on their, I think it would look a lot better

  2. Fun fact: Warrior from TUGS is the only member of the Star Fleet with water cannons. In fact, they are used in the episode, Munitions.

  3. I think the small one is quicker at pumping water and the bigger one is more powerful and stronger

  4. Maybe add a small monitor by the helm, that is linked to the infared camera. That way, you could see where you are going in low visibility.

  5. you could put a valve that you can turn on and off and let the pumps run all the time, so when you need to put out a fire you just open the valve

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