Watch for the Coming Ripple XRP Price Explosion

what's going on guys fill up a trade genius alright we're gonna talk about ripple in this video not a pretty chart you know this thing's just been steadily going down any kind of spike in the price of XRP we're looking at XR PBT see chart here has just been met with more selling so all the little pops have been sold but we're gonna talk about how even though that's the case we can still grind out money on this either doing it in XR PUSD and stacking more XR p if that's what you want to do because you're looking at the bigger picture longer term horizon or if you want to trade XR p against bitcoin and ultimately make more bitcoin out of it so either way there's ways to do both so we're gonna talk about how to identify when we can catch some of these breakouts now you'll see here you know this was a nice break out of a hundred and eighty percent and you know or ultimately get something like we saw back in the earlier days toward the end of 2017 like this eighteen hundred percent spike in the price of XR p BTC so we're gonna talk about how to do that we're also going to talk about some of these levels to watch out for on the down turn here and one thing to note guys on XR p USD this is a four-hour chart i think that's a good time frame to catch dips on XR p but even though extra preman in a major downtrend when you zoom in you can catch these mini up trends that happen in XR p and the moneymakers been doing a good job of finding these entries so if you're interested in this indicator or joining us in the room head over to trade like a genius comm check out we have the July 4th code if you want the money maker you just go up to software and click money maker all right guys let's dive into this video and check this out crepeiness alright guys so as we talked about the XRP token of the ripple network is really just in a major downtrend and we're gonna talk first about how to identify the breakouts in it so what we want to do is flip over to a weekly chart okay so weekly chart as you can see here we've got a series of trend lines so and this is this was discussed in our earlier XRP video we did a few weeks back but essentially what you want to do is when you begin into a prolonged downtrend on the weekly what we want to do is we want to draw a trend line and then what happens is when we get the breakout of that trend line that's really the spot to go long the longer these that weekly trend lines are in place the more powerful the move is out of them so what you can do is you can draw the trend line on your own trading view chart you can actually right click on that and add an alert ok and then it alert you and that's happening so you don't have to be staring at the chart constantly and depending on your trading view package you can have your pop-up alert or you can actually get yourself an email or an alert on your phone etc so again you net the weeklies notice here another weekly trend line and then a breakout there boom and these are where they start so again this this is after a series of weeks right there was an attempt here but that wasn't a very long downturn the B's get more powerful the longer they go so here's another one coming down you can see where it's starting to get tested tested and then you break it this one wasn't an immediate breakout we just broke through it and then once this weekly candle top was breached boom another decent surge up same thing here this weekly downtrend beautiful it was just hugging it the whole time and then BOOM breakout and so now that takes us to our current situation which is this current downtrend that we have now we actually did try to get long here and just this really just wouldn't break out so we actually instead of this trendline being here what we had was we were watching this breakout along this trendline here okay so we had an attempted breakout when this came back essentially we stopped out at entry more or less and I think we've had two or three tries on this and just nothing getting off the launch pad the key here is not to fall in love with the position if doesn't work you know move your stop to break-even and get out or have your stops fairly close for a small loss and that way you're not you know stuck here and now you're looking a dollar cost averaging here because with the severity of this downtrend you have to just assume that if these don't take off right away like here and you get a nice weekly breakout then it's really not going anywhere it's gonna continue to roll over so now that brings us to our current series of weekly red bars that continue to go down so that's where we kind of go back now to you draw a trendline over here like this so I like to draw it like that because we've got multiple touches on that line okay so that'll be one but then also two we've all got another one that I will draw because this trendline I want to get a heads up that this possibly could be breaking because what can happen is this I think ultimately the large moon comes off of breaking this trendline which currently on this weekly bar is gonna be about 45 90 and then the next weekly bar is gonna be about 4400 or so in that area but I want to know when this next weekly downtrend is gonna break so I will put a trendline on that like so and when that breaks I want to get a heads up on that and so that would be a potentially potential area to get long then it's a matter of breaking through that area but you might catch an early entry coming off this lower trendline so you can mark that up on your own weekly charts just like that so you know we've had a coin base addition which you know that you know XRP supporters were really hoping that that was going to be the catalyst for a big bounce and that really didn't do anything that coin base announcement came and went and it really wasn't much in the way of price appreciation then more recently this month we've had our last month we had the announcement of the MoneyGram partnership again I think that's if you're into the XR P tech that's the direction you'd like to see this going and making it I think that's a strategic partnership but again the money Graham stock surged but extra P really didn't see anything I you know on the weekly that was really just stuck out you know you're hoping you get something like this over here and that didn't happen so that news and that stuff that's happening with coinbase and money Graham is good I think that is things that you have in place just like when Bitcoin was in a bear market you had a lot of positive things as far as the infrastructure of it going that's the same thing those things will happen in a bear market but you're not getting the response you like but once that stuff becomes the fuel for when this turns because then people start looking at okay this is now making an uptrend oh yeah it's on coinbase that's good oh yeah they got the partnership with MoneyGram that should go a lot higher and then those things continue to feed into the trend oh so this is what you do you know you look at this from a weekly standpoint and then you can get notifications on when these key trend lines break out all right the next and final thing we're gonna look at are the levels that are in play here on XRP okay so again weekly chart you know we talked about these huge increases that you will tend to get an X RP you know this will come again this will happen it's just the nature of the beast but right now we're in a prolonged bear market I mean this this looks a lot like what we saw here and what we saw here and at the end of both of these runs I mean you know it just felt like the end was near it was just there was no light at the end of the tunnel and then all of a sudden an explosion and so that's that's why we keen on those weekly trend lines because as you saw when those breakout but now we have to look at levels too and so what I'm keen in on this is we're currently resting on one this level here now you have to also keep in mind the way and how we view alts in relation to Bitcoin so you know again every time Bitcoin surges it's gonna be a negative effect even for ripple okay that's just the way that the alts work now yes in USD terms they will go up but they don't go up as much as if you were holding bitcoins so this is why the XRP BTC ratio is important to understand where it's really gaining like when it's doing this that's you're gaining gains in BTC and USD so you're outpacing bitcoins growth rate in dollar terms that's the environment and those are the moves you want to capture this level here is a key level to support on but if Bitcoin finishes its parabolic move that we've talked about in these other videos and if you haven't seen that just check out our couple past videos on that but that'll probably bring this lower level into play at 2486 this is a key level on the weekly and you know if you're wondering what that is isn't in USD terms you'll just have to when it gets to that level just check the US USD price because the ratios fluctuate a little bit so when it gets down here that's your key you can set an alert for that level on extra PBGC terms and then just know that that you know where that's trading that in USD terms that's a that's an area of support you may want to take a stab at these are just technical levels that if you were you know working orders to buy at this is where you would trigger those order if that level doesn't hold at 24 93 or 2 let's just call it 2500 or 24 80 then then what we have is this volume void here and that could be just a quick spike down and I think you have to out of principle get long XRP at 12:30 in that area you know those are kilo areas there was a lot of be seen off of this you can see a huge volume note here and this level is you know big time level to take a stab I think just out of principle you just have to go long there and try to catch up balance off that level so those are the key levels I'm looking at right now I think we are do and this is this move is coming I think it tried the base out here and then Bitcoin surged higher and this has rolled over since and that's just been in systemic of the entire alt market but we are gonna get you know a lot of these long down trains always do reverse and they tend to reverse pretty hard so there is a big-time move coming for XRP just remember to keep an eye on those trend lines and watch these levels and understand that if some of this next level or this level breaks down and the level here below breaks down that's not the end of the world it's just technical stuff but you are gonna get a large bounce out of this and it's probably gonna be a few hundred percent and if the OLT market season really gets going then you could be looking at another a thousand plus percent appreciation from here so you know keep your eyes on XRP it's one of the more explosive ones as far as an altcoin play goes okay guys well that's it for the XRP outlook again make sure you monitor those weekly levels watch these key levels here again that's 3400 area and then the 2480 area and then ultimately I think you just have to go in at 1195 or 1200 in that area big time in terms of XRP BTC and again just check what the prices are in USD terms at those levels you can set alerts on all these levels in trading view and I think that that's gonna give you potentially exposure to a huge upside move similar to what we saw in these last three weekly big weekly breakouts alright guys thanks for watching please hit like and subscribe and I will see you on the next video take care bye bye tre genius

  1. what xrp is obsolete now we have all the new banker coins im buying in at 0.006 , oh i made 400% on my ltc this year

  2. Another awesome video Phillip! Curious, what's your price targets for XRP if BTC makes the blowout move to 30K?

  3. Every day the same bullshit, XRP to the moon, XRP explosion, bla bla bla…. Are you guys getting paid for this lies? XRP is the worst performing, the numbers are a fact, it's a slow but sure death, stay away from XRP, there are other altcoins out there performing really good.

  4. Look at the Fundamentals of XRP, not the current price of it. Too much infrastructure to ignore. It's coming price jump will catch many off guard.

  5. Yeah I can see it rocketing above to just under 50 cents and holding for awhile till it falls to 38 cents once again in the near future.

  6. Great vid…lol I was talking to a random chick and told her XRP was THE FUTURE! So she googled it and …the top article was "XRP the worst preforming Crypto" she laughed at me, and I told her to ignore that 😒

  7. although xrp is a banker coin. a few people having it do really well between now and the end of the year or something like that. Fyi

  8. XRP in a bear market while BTC in a bull. Wow. This isn't 2017's market. The big boys are only accumulating BTC. The rookies from 2017's bull don't have the funds to participate in this market.

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