1. Call it a conspiracy theory if u want but let's face facts here, Chris Hani in almost of his interviews always promotes the communist ideology which i believe threatened the Capitalist establishment. Top ANC members including our most revered Madiba had already negotiated with the western allies. The Order was to get rid of Hani or he would become a thorn in their flesh. Hani with such revolutionary ideas and impatience would destroy every thing they've worked behind close doors. His popularity was becoming a threat even within the ANC hierarchy. To see a smooth transition to capitalism and power, The ANC and the Boers became partners in a well orchestrated murder scheme. How ever though i'm a capitalist, Christ Hani will for ever remain my #HERO.

  2. Agenda Yama capitalist yabulala u Chris Hani seriously 👏now they killing history an azania. They promote corruption.

  3. Unfortunately, whether the world likes it or not, we are determine to transform this country. If you fear that things will be worse, though luck because forward we go, whatever the views of the rest of the world are about us. We are willing to take that risk, if it means we have to eat one another as you put it, tough luck.

  4. These comments praising this asshole for his blatant stupidity blaming capatalism yet they are on YouTube they wear cloths drive cars eat take away foods send their kids to schools so please repeat after me I am free… The irony is thick in you lot ain't it

  5. Clearly his economic knowledge was limited. The most capitalist nations have the highest standards of living eg Switzerland, Singapore

  6. I’ve been asking and wondering what was the motive behind killing him though But now I know, i know the atrocities and cover ups committed by capitalists without even a trace back to them because of their power to control everything. Now I know the reason and the why those who passed the order and killed him will never disclose those behind his death.

  7. so stupid!!! show me one socialistic country in the world where people live an good and free life…? NOWHERE!!!!!!!!

  8. So foolish to ever consider granting parole to the barbaric murderers of Chris Hani.
    The one called clive derby-lewis is rotting in hell, the other named janusz walus the walrus, should be left rotting in South African jail till the time he decides to join his fellow devils in hell.

  9. 'They always talk about the failure of SOCIALISM but Where is the success of CAPITALISM in AFrica, Asia and Latin America?' RIP COMRADE HANI

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