Watch Chad Prather - History Tells Us Socialism Still Sucks

hey folks I want to start out today by telling y'all that the road to Moscow is paved with good intentions now let me back up and give you a little context have you ever heard the old chestnut it sounds like a good idea on paper applied to both socialism and it's perfidious wet dream cousin communism other than well they've just never really been tried properly it's about the most common thing you hear people say today so first of all know it ain't a good idea not even on paper we spent over a hundred years in a hundred million lives proving that from bread lines in Russia to zoo Lions in Venezuela mass starvation in Ukraine to the world's most messed up retail outlet for glasses in Cambodia this batshit crazy belief system has absolutely nothing going for it not even the thing that most people who buy into it think it does which is compassion that's right folks see the idiot kings of our industrial intelligentsia see only one thing and one thing alone when you try to look at socialism through rose colored lenses empathy that don't get me wrong when it's real the compassion one feels when one examines the cruelty and disparity pervade by man upon man is their noblest characteristic as a species that wet t-shirt contest but I'm getting distracted ain't nothing more powerful in the world than genuine love for your fellow man ain't nothing more dangerous in the world than when you only pretend to do it but let's be fair to our largely eradicated socialist brothers and sisters of your even giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that a large number of those people who were involved in say the Russian Revolution which led to the rise of the Soviet Union and socialist communism spreading throughout the world we're good hearted people who only wanted to help their fellow man well sadly those folks weren't the ones who ended up running the joint wanting the world to be a fair place maybe a nice way to be as a person but if you're stupid about it there's always gonna be some lunatic with a hair across his ass ready to take advantage of your generosity and seize power folks I need you to understand the point I'm trying to make here if someone like Bernie Sanders becomes president I don't think he's going to intentionally start a famine in Puerto Rico I don't think he's gonna have people who oppose him drag him into an alley somewhere and shot in the back of the head for as misguided as he is I think the Bern Sterling's more towards that model of compassion than anything else although how genuine he is about anyone's you know well-being is it he's guest no the thing I worry about with Burnie not to mention of Alexandria Kezia cortez here in a few years when she graduates high school is that he's going to pave the way for someone else to come along and take advantage read your history folks people like leon trotsky who probably had some genuine compassion for the workers of the world he was trying to unite set up the kind of system where they thought they could help well Trotsky got an ice axe to his head for his trouble and those workers got a boot to the neck that took half a century to topple see it's the trotsky's of the world who opened the door for the Stalin's in nine cases out of ten in other words I'm less worried about feeling the burn that I am feeling the afterburn see this is the strongest most self-driven and greatest country in the history of the world and you can only remain that way if we don't give things like socialism and communism a toehold in the door don't vote for Bernie Sanders next year folks don't do it his compassion may be real or it may be fake in the end it doesn't matter much because it won't be him instituting the complete overhaul of our political system it'll be the guy standing behind you with an ice axe

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