Was Martin Luther King Jr. A Socialist (Part 2)

tonight on the world view weekend our part two in our series on the real world view of Martin Luther King jr. should pastors today like Matt Chandler and John Piper and others be promoting Martin Luther King jr. is someone the church should look to should Matt Chandler be claiming that Martin Luther King jr. stood on the authority of God's Word had a love of the Word of God and it's application or was Martin Luther King jr. really a Democratic Socialist was he surrounded by communists was he even warned by President Kennedy to separate from these communists was Martin Luther King jr. an example of how the Communists infiltrated many movements in America to carry out an information operation to turn the hearts and minds of Americans toward if not communism a liberal Christianity that made way for communism the worldview weakened our begins right now WVW TV presents the world view weekend hour with Brannon house whether the topic is law science government economics history family social issues education or theology Brennan brings the issues of today into clear focus through the lens of a biblical worldview and now here is your host Brandon house hello I'm Brendan house and welcome to the world view weekend our and part two in our series tonight we'll continue looking at the world view of Martin Luther King jr. before we pick up where we left off last week let me just remind you if you are someone that is prone to racism or a racist worldview and you think that by watching a program like this you're somehow gonna have your worldview reinforced as I said last week you've come to the wrong program Acts chapter 17 verse 26 is how we started out last week and will do so again this week it says actually in verse 25 he himself speaking God speaking about God he himself gives to all people life and breath and all things verse 26 and he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth having determined their appointed times and boundaries of their inhabitants some translations say we are of one blood in fact we have a whole one-hour presentation that we produced and put out on DVD several years ago it's now available inside our Situation Room our VIP membership club that has over 13,000 radio shows and TV shows and growing each and every week we have a DVD in there entitled one blood the biblical answer to racism and it's presented by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis I asked Kim to speak at our conference a few years ago and I asked him specifically if he would speak on this topic so that we might film it and have a resource that we could distribute by DVD to churches and families well DVDs have kind of come and gone as far as their popularity but the presentation still remains inside the Situation Room for those of you who are members at situation-room net I hope you'll watch it one blood the biblical answer to racism because the reality is there's only one race the human race we are of one blood now there are many people groups but only one race the DVD one blood the biblical answer to racism describes how we have various people groups that all started at the Tower of Babel in Genesis 10 and 11 so that's our biblical foundation we don't tolerate racism but neither do we tolerate communism for communism is another form of prejudice particularly targeting those who are capitalist conservatives and for sure Christians it was Karl Marx the father of the Communist Manifesto who wrote that his object in life was to dethrone God and destroy capitalism it's imperative as we learned last week to know the agenda of the Communists that includes creating fiction between the haves and the have-nots and various people groups that they might exploit that conflict and offer up as the true savior of economic and social oppression that they use as their mantra themselves the Communists the Communists and the Socialists repeatedly portray the source and suffering of all oppression as being capitalism and biblical Christianity capitalism and biblical Christianity sadly the Communists have infiltrated many groups in America for many years for their information operation they infiltrated the civil rights movement as we will see tonight we have to remember however that the civil rights movement really began in earnest in 1866 led by Republicans who then in 1957 passed more civil rights legislation and when the final civil rights act of the 60s was passed he was Republicans who had to carry the water don't forget as many of the liberals and the Democrats that were behind stopping people of color from voting they were behind segregation and they were behind the Klu Klux Klan it has traditionally been conservatives and Christians and capitalists in free-market principles that have been opposed to the scourge of racism and of course it was the Republican Party and its leader Abraham Lincoln that ended slavery but the Communists have used many things such as the civil rights movement as they did in the 60s to try to infiltrate as we'll see tonight to stir up trouble and indeed an information operation has gone on in America by the communists for many years to turn the hearts and minds of Americans away from defeating communism one reason we know this is that there was a book written entitled through the eyes of the enemy it was written by a man that was Russia's highest-ranking Soviet military defector and in his book through the eyes of the enemy he writes this quote what would be a great surprise for the American people is that the GRU and the KGB had a large budget for anti-war propaganda in the United States in fact he says they had a larger budget for anti war propaganda in the United States than it did for economic and military support of the Vietnamese speaking about Vietnam the author goes on to say the anti-war propaganda cost the GRU more than 1 billion dollars but as history shows it was a hugely successful campaign and well worth the cost the anti-war sentiment created an incredible momentum that greatly weakened the US military I shared with you last week that one of my friends was in Vietnam had many men died under his command and he has told me that not only did Walter Cronkite he believes greatly turned the hearts of many Americans against winning against the Communists but he said while we were in Vietnam we were also being discouraged by what we were hearing coming from the mouths of Martin Luther King jr. who became a prominent voice in the anti-vietnam war propaganda my friends tonight we're gonna learn history that many of you don't know have Americans and particularly Christians and conservatives also become so politically correct that we cannot ask honest questions and seek honest answers and learn true history well one reason this program is growing rapidly to the point that we are exceeding the bandwidth that we are allotted by some of the companies we work with one reason we're growing so much is because we are not afraid to go and cover topics that many people are afraid to touch we want to speak truth and love but we want to speak the truth tonight we'll continue to examine the worldview of Martin Luther King jr. we stopped last week right here he preached a sermon in 1962 entitled can a Christian be a communist this is a sermon delivered at Ebenezer Baptist Church September 30 1962 the official description of the sermon says this Keane calls on his congregation to consider communism quote and this necessary corrective for a Christianity that has been all too passive and a democracy that has been all too inert in quote the official description goes on to say quote king also admonishes individuals unwilling to commit to social justice well what is social justice social justice is nothing more than socialism is a term that was originally coined in about 1840 by a Jesuit priest by the name of Luigi Tapper Nellie and it of course has been picked up and promoted by the Catholic Church as well as now Evangelical Protestant Christians so-called evangelical Protestant Christians for years social justice is just a masking term for socialism but Martin Luther King jr. was promoting social justice he was openly promoting the social gospel in fact even many of his admirers radicals like Cornel West and others openly stated that Martin Thur King jr. was a Democratic Socialist in fact if you doubt this assertion before we look at what Cornel West said listen to this video clip of Bart another King jr. in his own words one day we must ask the question why are there forty million poor people in America when you begin to ask that question you're raising a question about the economic system about a broader distribution of wealth and you asked that question you began to question the capitalistic economy and I'm simply saying that more and more we've got to begin to ask questions about the whole society we are called upon to help the discouraged beggars in life's marketplace one day we must come to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring it means that questions must be raised you see my friends when you deal with this you began asked the question who owns the oil you began to ask the question who owns donal you began to ask the question why is it that people have to pay water bills in a world as 2/3 water these are words that must be said so clearly in his own words Martin Luther King jr. was embracing socialism redistribution of wealth even nationalizing of some industries we played more clips last week you'll find that in the broadcast at WVW tv.com while that clip was playing I actually received a text from my friend that I mentioned earlier and that I quoted in the first broadcast the Vietnam veteran mr. u del Myers he said just got home from a mission conference in Indiana just finished viewing your expose on Martin Luther King jr. to be part one excellent my quote was spot-on thanks for giving this Vietnam veteran an opportunity to sound off about Martin Luther King Jr well my friends again if you remember as we looked at last week and we'll look at again this week Martin Luther King Jr's disapproval ratings were over 60% when he was alive why is that because Americans then like you del Myers who was fighting in Vietnam to try to defeat communism Americans understood what was the worldview of Martin Luther King jr. while they may have appreciated and respected and even agreed with some of things he was calling for and regards to civil rights many of them realized that from his own words as we just heard he was going about a solution all the wrong way and thus his disapproval ratings were over 60% when he was alive you see many Americans understood that Martin Luther King jr. was calling for socialism social justice redistribution of wealth a remaking of the free market capitalist system nationalizing him some industries mandatory incomes housing and health care in fact Martin Luther King jr. in many ways was a younger version of Barack Obama this is not new what Martin Luther King jr. was calling for was not new and it is not new and yet we still have some of the same ideologies being promoted by some of the same people using some of the same language wrapping their agenda in the civil rights or racial justice language but we need to understand oftentimes what is good and needed and necessary is hijacked by groups that are opposed to our constitutional republic and they use often what is good and needed and necessary as the front for promoting what the American people would never accept never go along with unless it was camouflaged so now let's look at what Cornel West said about Martin Luther King jr. in an article entitled the radical king we don't know subtitle does America have the capacity to heed the radical Martin Luther King jr. or must America sanitize King in order to evade and avoid his challenge Cornel West back in 2015 says this the radical King was a Democratic Socialist in fact he says in his article in his speech to his staff in 1966 King explained quote there must be a better distribution of wealth and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism in quote he says if he had lived and pursued this project the radical King would be well known here is a book entitled landmark speeches of the Vietnam War by Gregory Allen from 2010 it says quote the New York Times attacked King for comparing US military tactics to the Nazis Life magazine came down even harder labeling his speech demagogic slander that sounded like a script from Radio Hanoi many in the White House but King had thrown in with the commies historian Lloyd C Gardner quotes Johnson aide Harry McPherson is saying that Keane was quote now the crown prince of the Vietnamese at the time that King was saying what he was saying the New York Times and other outlets were openly stating that what King was saying was unacceptable you see this is why his disapproval ratings were over 60% the American people knew what he was saying it's only since his worldview in ideology and agenda has been sanitized that people now have come to respect him with approval rating of over 90% but tonight you're learning the real world view of Martin Luther King jr. and it wasn't a biblical worldview but you're not getting the truth from Neo Calvinists Matt Chandler John Piper Mark Dever or any of the other Calvinists Calvinists cabal out there that are trying to tell you how much we need to follow the worldview of Martin Luther King jr. now why on earth would you want to follow the worldview of a guy who is a Democratic Socialist and who was knowingly surrounded by communists as you'll find out tonight Teen Vogue January 15 2018 that this year had an article by Jen M Jackson it was titled Martin Luther King jr. was more radical than we remember let's do his memory justice in other words what these folks are saying is here's his radical worldview now let's honor his his legacy by fulfilling his desire for democratic socialism the article and teen magazine went on to say that manufactured perspective often told to young children and supported by mainstream predominantly white commentators was focused on erasing the divisions between black and white people not necessarily by blaming white people for their participation and systems of anti black racism but by moving beyond racial differences altogether but that was never actually King's dream his what's much more radical than that King was a staunch anti-war activist and spoke firmly against u.s. militarism in the Vietnam War in an April 1967 speech called beyond Vietnam King called the war madness in quote this was a deeply radical and polarizing opinion in a moment when protests of the war had begun erupting across the country in New York San Francisco and Washington DC in no uncertain terms King articulated his opposition to the war in Vietnam saying quote I knew that America would never invest the necessary funds or energies in rehabilitation of its poor so long as adventures like Vietnam continued to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube so I was increasingly compelled to see the war as an enemy of the poor and to attack it as such in quote the article in teen vote goes on to say these opinions not only made him unpopular as 64% of Americans approved of the war according to an October 1965 Gallup poll they highlighted his increasing distance from mainstream American politics that called for the respectability quiet assimilation and good behavior of black Americans in fact polling gear in the 1960s reflects how polarizing Kings radical work truly was for u.s. citizens in 1965 Gallup found that King had a 45% a positive and 45% negative rating and in 1966 to last year he was included in the poll his positive rating dropped to 32 percent while his negative rating increased to 63% however by 2011 his rating was 94 percent positive this vast swing an approval of King today isn't rooted in his radical legacy rather it is the product of generations of appropriation of his Liberty work and a whitening of his effort to ensure more freedom for those least likely to attain it in the United States in other words what this writer is saying is the reason Kings approval rating is so high is because people have not concentrated on what his real world view was or his solution to the problems he was pointing out we can agree with what some of the problems were but king solution as you've heard in his own words tonight was socialism democratic socialism redistribution of wealth and these writers are saying that one reason why King's disapproval ratings were so high when he was alive was because people understood what he was saying and they didn't agree with it the reason his approval ratings now are so high is because people have forgotten or were never taught what his real worldview was but the radicals want his worldview fully implemented to respect his legacy the article and Teen Vogue goes on to say Kings belief and a more radical vision for America became manifest in his later social organizing work in early 1968 Kien plan the Poor People's Campaign a march on Washington DC meant to demand greater attention to the economic disparities between class groups disparities that most frequently had a dissonant effect on black people the campaign had a radical vision one that demanded access to housing employment and health care for those historically denied those rights while it had no specific racial target it challenged Congress to pass sweeping anti-poverty legislation so there you go my friends this again is from Pro Martin Luther King junior columnist telling you hey this is what his real world view is you don't they take my word for it look at what the radicals are writing about him now how about the documented communists that surrounded Martin Luther King jr. here is an article from human events it's the February 6 2014 and the headline is happy birthday to Ronald Reagan and his favorite magazine now why am i showing you this to point out that human events was indeed Ronald Reagan's favorite magazine it is a well-known conservative publication I think it's gone out of business but it was around for many many years and it was known to be Ronald Reagan's favorite publication and the reason I want you to know that is so you understand that this is not some far-left racist rag this was a very well-respected publication that was greatly read by the President of the United States Ronald Reagan Human Events so with that in mind look at what human events reported back in 2006 the headline JFK and RFK were right to wiretap MLK and of course JFK would be John F Kennedy the president States and RFK would be Robert F Kennedy his brother the Attorney General of the United States the article says the Cold War was in full swing in late 1963 when Bobby Kennedy authorized the first King wiretap on JFK's watch Khrushchev had put up the Berlin Wall and had almost provoked a nuclear exchange by introducing atomic armed missiles into Cuba Wars of national liberation were being fully stoked by the shoe pounder in the Kremlin yet King already a powerful civil rights figure had surrounded himself with several radical advisors including at least two longtime members of the Communist Party Stanley Levison was one of them he may have been as Kings friendly biographer David Garo sometimes suggests Kings most trusted advisor from 1956 until the civil rights leaders death in 1968 Levison an important communist party member was also responsible for placing on the board of Kings Southern Christian Leadership Conference Hunter pits also known as Hunter pits Jack O'Dell who became a member of the National Committee of the u.s. Communist Party in 1959 these were the indisputable facts that eventually impelled the Kennedy administration to wiretap King gar oh and by the way remember Garo is the friendly biographer of Martin Luther King jr. so this is being admitted to by the friendly biographer of Martin Luther King jr. his name gara gara also notes on January 4th 1962 that Isadora wofe see a top communist party member with whom Levison was in touch informed undercover FBI agent Jack child's that quote Levison had had a major hand in writing a king speech delivered to the afl-cio s annual National Convention a month before in quote so folks King is surrounded by commies party leaders lovest Odell and Levison has helped key right some of his speeches the article and Human Events goes on to say King and Levison quote grew closer over the years in quote Garo informs us with King eagerly seeking Levison's advice on countless matters both great and small even after King had been warned by kidney administration officials about Levison's background King refused to abandon his good friend and advisor Levison's influence with King was clear and irrefutable as was his commitment to communism Morris and Jack child's who had been committed communists themselves in the 1930s and 1940s knew all about Levison the child's brothers had become disenchanted with communism by 1948 but managed to penetrate the party's highest echelon in the early 1950s this time as FBI informers their remarkable escapades including Morris's critical meetings with key Kremlin leaders are told in the authoritative operation solo written by the late John Barron and published by Regnery a human events sister company Baron who spoke Russian was a renowned expert on the KGB and Soviet counter espionage activities Jack in 1958 reported a conversation with James Jackson the party secretary in charge of Negro and southern affairs Jackson claimed that he and Eugene Denis then the top Communist Party leader had conferred with the quote most secret and guarded people who are in touch with consulting with and guiding Martin Luther King in quote he did not mention any names but said they were quote party guys in quote and left the unmistakable impression that he was talking about Levison and Odell Levison according to Garo quote recruited in quote Odell back in nine 59 to become the quote administrator of the SCLC's two-person New York office in quote now folks remember gara gara gara is the friendly biographer of Martin Luther King junior who is documenting that Levison and O'Dell he's men around him were Communist Party members who were working closely with King the human events article goes on to say when asked by the House Committee on on American activities in 1958 if he was a communist party member Odelle hid behind the fifth amendment in December 1959 according to an FBI report he was elected a member of the National Committee of the Communist an FBI surveillance team notes Barron also discovered another Levison connection when he was advising King quote KGB officer Victor les Kavinsky a sophisticated and engaging operative well known to Western security services in quote less Abyss key according to Barron quote specialized in influence operations that is in inducing influential foreigners to do wittingly or unwittingly what the Soviet Union wanted them to do in quote thus when Martin Luther King jr. began plans for his famous 1963 march on Washington JFK and his brother Bobby were very concerned with good reason they had already sent warnings to King to separate from both Levison and Odelle through several top administration officials then in June 1963 President Kennedy himself after a meeting with black leaders at the White House met alone with King in the Rose Garden JFK had been fearful for some time that the Soviets may have been manipulating King through the American Communist Party and through Levison in particular he warned King that he was in danger of losing his civil rights cause all together because of his loyalty to both Levison and O'Dell quote their communist in quote he informed King according to Garros account quote you've got to get rid of them in quote King never severed his relations with either man even though he pledged that he would and lied about doing so to kennedy officials on several occasions and that's why the Kennedy brothers felt it necessary to tap King's telephone they would have been derelict in their duties if they hadn't Martin Luther King is remembered by Americans for his achievements and furthering equal rights for blacks but many believe he was also manipulated by the far left including Communist Party members when he firmly hitched the civil rights movement to the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War he appeared to take the side of the violent communists in Hanoi rather than of those who genuinely opposed the conflict in that country for religious reasons he labeled this nation as quote the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today in quote accused President Johnson of lying about a noise quote peace in quote overtures and like in this country to Nazi Germany for trying to defend South Vietnam from a communist takeover my friends this again is history that is brought to us by Garo a friendly biographer of Martin Luther King jr. now in the mid 90s I had the opportunity to speak at a church in North Carolina in the morning service and the evening service that night I was invited to dinner by the pastor and his wife along with another couple we went to dinner and I learned that the man sitting across from me was a retired agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation the FBI our conversation eventually somehow led to talking about history and particularly Martin Luther King jr. I told him that my research had led me to believe that Martin Luther Jake Martin King jr. was friendly to the ideas of socialism and was perhaps surrounded by known communists this retired FBI agent whose name I still know to this day said indeed that was the case I asked him how he knew this to be true from his experience and history of work he said I know that King was surrounded by communists in Furley to these socialist ideas because Kings chauffeur was my informant so you see my friends this history is well documented why would Martin Luther King jr. not follow the advice of high ranking Kennedy administration officials to separate from these known Communist Party members Levison and O'Dell in fact as we heard it eventually came to the point where he was confronted by the President of the United States himself over these Communist Party members advising and working with King as we heard President Kennedy in the Rose Garden privately told King to get rid of them they're communists he went on to tell him that if you do not separate from them you're going to bring down your cause of civil rights my friends I have to ask this question was Martin Luther King jr. really concerned ultimately with the advancement of civil rights in America or was he using the civil rights agenda for his ultimate goal democratic socialism that's a fair question I would think that if he were truly ultimately concerned about the advancement of civil rights he would want to do nothing to violate that agenda and he would thereby separate from these known communists but that's not what he did these men were around him until his death it was because of these Communists that surrounded King that we now know that Kings phones were wiretapped that has come out in 2017 that these wiretapping is picked up dr. Martin Luther King jr. organizing sex parties sex parties that are so graphic I would not want to read about them to you on radio or television it's also reported last year that then first lady Jackie Kennedy after she died it came out that she was so disgusted by what she had learned about Kings behavior through the wire tappings that were revealed to her through her brother-in-law Bobby Kennedy that she could hardly look at King without being in disgust due to his activities again are these the actions and behavior and values of a man that was really concerned about the civil rights movement the president states had told him point-blank stop surrounding yourself with these men you're gonna bring down your cause and then the sexual behavior what do you think would have happened to the civil rights movement if it had become wide known by the American people at that time that King was involved in immoral activities as well as surrounded by communists it would have done exactly what President Kennedy told him it would do it would have had it would have had great damage they've done great damage to the civil rights movement so I ask again was Martin Luther King jr. really concerned about the civil rights agenda ultimately or was it just simply a vehicle by which to further his ultimate agenda the social justice social gospel democratic socialism he embraced it is no secret he embraced the social gospel which is socialism in fact even people close to him wrote about and he wrote about his great affection for Walter Rajan Bush Walter Rajan Bush is the father of the social gospel movement Walter Rajan Bush was a Fabian socialist and Fabian socialist are notorious for using religion to further their agenda in fact the Fabian window has in the logo of that window a wolf in sheep's clothing using religion to further their goal and Martin Luther King jr. had great affection for the father of the social gospel movement Walter Rajan Bush a Fabian socialist so as we've learned because King was surrounded by communists the Kennedy administration had no choice but to wiretap his phones because of the national security implications let's look at the sexual behavior of Martin Luther King jr. not for simply some kind of torrid report but to gauge whether indeed this is someone whose worldview lined up with Scripture because after all Matt Chandler told us in the video we saw last week near Martin Luther King jr. stood on the authority of the word of God loved the Word of God and applied it and that he could help lead the church even today through many important issues he is indeed that the case did Martin Luther King jr. embrace a biblical worldview or the very antithesis thereof look at this headline Los Angeles Times 1989 the headline alone again naturally civil rights the Reverend Ralph Abernathy has been cast anew as an embattled outsider now for detailing in his autobiography the extramarital sex life of the Reverend dr. Martin Luther King jr. again October 16th 1989 Los Angeles Times the article says he has been forced to do so because his new autobiographical account of the turbulent civil rights era quote and the walls came tumbling down in quote which was the name of his book includes details of Kings sexual exploits in Memphis the night before he was murdered on April 4th 1968 Ralph Abernathy was good friends with Martin Luther King jr. they both were pastoring churches in Alabama down the street from each other the older Ralph Abernathy befriended King and became a mentor to him and he traveled with him and spoke with him and was with him the day before he was killed and the day he was killed in fact the night before he was killed it was Ralph Abernathy that introduced Martin Luther King jr. before he gave his famous I've been to the mountaintop speech Ralph Abernathy shared room 306 at the Lorraine hotel with Martin Luther King jr. and he wrote his book when the walls came tumbling down in which he stated that King had been with two women the night before his death here in Memphis I have a friend that is a retired firefighter his father was a Memphis firefighter his father went through the Fire Academy with two friends who ended up being stationed at the fire station right across the street from the Lorraine hotel for many years he has told me the story and he told me again last week so that I might be sure I had the facts straight of how his father when he was a little boy told him about the day Martin Luther King jr. was killed he says as a Memphis firefighter then he received a phone call from his two friends he'd gone through the Fire Academy with they were as I said were stationed at the firehouse across the street from the Lorraine hotel they called his father to say you won't believe the events of today we saw it we watched it they saw the assassination of Martin Luther King they said that they were sitting out on the park bench that day as they were often prone to doing after they had done their work that was required of them they would sit there on the park bench and watch the traffic and the people go by and as they set their often they would come in contact with the ladies of of the night the ladies of ill-repute prostitutes who would walk by and say hi and greet them and they knew who they were in fact he says they even knew some of them by name because that was their local block that was that was the area they worked and as these men would sit on the park bench they would talk to him and say hi don't mean they knew who they were they recognized him and he says my father was told by these two firefighter friends of his his that he'd gone through the county with that they watch known prostitutes going in and out of his hotel room so why am i mentioning this it lines up firsthand eyewitness accounts from firefighters line up with what Ralph Abernathy was reporting in his own book the man who king the night before he was killed called Abernathy his best friend in the world the man who shared room 306 at the Lorraine hotel with him who would be in a position to know again this isn't so we have sordid details but this is to get to the heart of what was the real agenda of Martin Luther King jr. in his real world view was he a man of integrity and principled was he really concerned about the civil rights movement I don't think so because why would he be willing to risk it all for this kind of sexual behavior not to mention his being surrounded by communists the article goes on to say the book provides a more vivid account of King's extramarital sex life than those previously published an account made all the more striking and controversial because the two men were so close Abernathy writes that King spent part of his last night with two women and that in the course of an argument with a third woman who was jealous quote knocked her across the bed in quote Abernathy said that he discussed King's sex life to quote set the record straight in quote to share not only the what but the why of Kings sexual activities to show that heroes are mortals and that mortals even downtrodden ones can become heroes here's an article from front page magazine dated January 24th 2001 the article says that this author by the name of Dyson Dyson depicts King as a sexist who treated women scaley better than the racist southern whites treated blacks as inferiors who should stay in their place and be compliant as King grew more and more distant from his enabler wife Coretta Wright's Dyson the renowned civil rights leader quote established relationships of significant affection with three women one of the women in fact had become Kings de-facto wife a spousal equivalent upon whom he became emotionally dependent as she replaced kureta as the primary focus of her husband's intimacy and affection in quote dr. King's right-hand man says the article Reverend Ralph Abernathy in his 1989 autobiography and the walls came tumbling down revealed dr. King's penchant for group sex with prostitutes and groupies my friend Jimmy's saying well who is this Dyson fella he's probably just some conservative hater right well you'd be wrong here is the book I may not get there with you the true Martin Luther King jr. story and it's written by the man that was just being quoted in the front page mag article Michael Eric Dyson but who is he well from the book description we read that a private citizen who transformed the world around him Martin Luther King jr. was arguably the greatest American who ever lived in quote so this is what the book description cludes Dyson the author of this book thinks that King was arguably the greatest American who ever lived so his book wasn't written to trash King he was just an historical account of King's life that included the good the bad and the ugly so again you can't say well that's just someone who has sour grapes or has an agenda this is a man who thinks Martin Luther King jr. was arguably the greatest American who ever lived now what about Dyson his biography over at Amazon says that Michael Eric Dyson is an award-winning author a widely celebrated Georgetown University professor a prominent public intellectual and a noted political analyst he goes on to say that Dyson is a two-time in double-a-c-p Image Award winner so this isn't some conservative right-wing guy with an agenda to smear King this guy has won awards to time in double-a-c-p Image Awards anything's King was the greatest American that ever lived well now let's look at the plagiarism of dr. Martin Luther King jr. here's an article from the New York Times dated 1991 October 11th Boston University panel finds plagiarism by dr. King the article says a committee of scholars appointed by Boston University concluded today that the Reverend Martin Luther King jr. plagiarized passages in his dissertation for a doctrinal degree at the University 36 years ago here's another article this one is from a gateway pundit or the yeah the Gateway pundit headliner bummer Martin Luther King jr. stole I have a dream speech from black Republican the article says that Gavin Trudeau reported on the MLK jr. penchant to plagiarize quote even the much celebrated I have a dream speech of 1963 was plagiarized by a particular turn of events the source King rated for this was a speech given to the Republican National Convention of 1952 by a black preacher named Archibald Cary in quote so again did you know that did you know that even his I have a dream speech was said to have been plagiarized from a black preacher who actually gave the speech at the Republican National Convention in 1952 so my friends I asked have the Communists really won through an information operation by now getting church leaders to say that Martin Luther King jr. was a man that stood on the authority of the word of God and the application of the word of God and someone we should follow as people do read these books written by people to loved King and think he was the greatest American ever lived and we find out what his real worldview is don't you think that's confusing to people you have a guy that embraced socialism whose morality was horrible and yet now we have pastors celebrating him as someone we should follow does this not send the message that these pastors are really embracing a form of socialism because that's what King embraced here again mark the article by Matt Chandler what we can learn from King we can learn from his love and application of the Word of God well there's Matt Chandler speaking up that together for the gospel conference in 2014 with John Piper and al Mohler and others here they are speaking together in 2016 and they're gonna be speaking together next month April 2018 I'm not shocked by al Mohler being there al Mohler is written an article a few years ago that said Nelson Mandela has to be put on the side of the heroes not only of the 20th century but of any recent century a necessary man Nelson Mandela was a communist his wife was such a thug that she would put half tires put around people's neck diced them in gasoline and light them on fire and called it a necklace and yet here we have al Mohler who were gonna start doing a series of TV shows on you expose his worldview one of these neo Calvinists here's al Mohler saying that Nelson Mandela a communist was a hero you see we got a real problem neo Calvinists neo evangelicals are falling for the Communists information operation they're using the talking points and masking terms of the Communist white privilege they're promoting black lives matter like John Piper is done they're promoting white privilege like Chandler has done they're praising Martin Luther King jr. and that he stood on the Word of God again these are all the ideals of the Communist world view that we have been studying and who is bringing this garbage right into the center of the church leading evangelical leaders in fact the together for the gospel conference in April of 2018 is gonna have a breakout session led by Mark Dever by the way that's the same mark Dever who has said if you put your church eschatology on your church website you're sinning he's not pre-tribulation dispensationalist by the way I guess he's gonna be working and having a breakout session in April two thousand eighteen on Martin Luther King jr. notice who will be there as – Betty – Betty told John Piper not to criticize black lives matter of course – no black lives matter was started by three ladies that have a communist worldview and are admitted quote queers by their own definition and one of them was mentored by Eric man of the Weather Underground so again here we have some of these leading neo Calvinists bringing a forum together to celebrate Martin Luther King jr. then the ethics religious liberty Commission and the gospel Coalition will be coming to Memphis in April of 2018 to mark the 50th anniversary of the murder of dr. King and on their website they state that it's going to be called in 50 gospel reflections from the mountaintop and you're gonna have John Piper there and Russell Moore and a bunch of other folks but notice the image here gospel reflections did Martin Luther King jr. stand for the gospel no we learned last week he was greatly committed to social justice and the social gospel we also learned last week that Coretta Scott King brought a box of papers to a man to study and he was to write on what those papers by Keane contained and what he wrote was that Keane did not believe in the deity of Jesus Christ denied the story of Jonah and the fish and thought aspects of the Bible were mythological he did not hold to a literal interpretation of the Word of God where it was meant to be interpreted literally does that sound like someone interested in a biblical gospel no he openly was committed by his own description to a social gospel he openly spoke about it preached about it social gospel social justice that is not a biblical gospel but the ethics religion religious liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and the gospel coalition is going to hold an event in Memphis here in Memphis next month April 2018 and they're gonna talk about gospel reflections notice also the arrow that points to a Bible there's the picture of King and then a Bible again giving the in giving the impression that dr. King stood on the authority of the word of God again the communist must be laughing their heads off as the useful idiots of evangelicalism neo-evangelicalism and neo Calvinism are doing their work and their bidding whether they know it or not and then shockingly in September of 2018 there's gonna be a music worship conference in Nashville Tennessee and you can see the people that will be speaking for that Tim Keller and John Piper we don't have time tonight but Tim Keller is openly promoting socialism he's called it reweaving a community he said he said some have called it redistribution of wealth or redistribution others call it reweaving so again he's using masking terms for socialism Tim Keller I write about it extensively in my book the coming religious right I write extensively about Keller and his worldview documented footnotes the way I write about a lot of this in the book grave influence and right now while supplies last we're offering seven of my books worth a hundred and twenty one dollars for $19.99 so for $20 you can get seven of my books that includes the coming religious Reich that details the worldview of Tim Keller that is nothing more nothing less than socialism Tim Keller wrote a book called generous justice that's where he probed this idea of redistribution or what he calls reweaving so now we have Tim Keller a socialist John Piper promoting black lives matter and other things that he should be promoting is now gonna go to a conference and share the platform with other well-known even chuckle leaders sadly breaks my heart to say it why are these people giving credibility to people that are carrying the water whether knowingly unknowingly of the Socialists the globalist the internationalist the race baiters the Communists the progressives this is very dangerous very troubling troubling indeed and it brings us to the final quote what some of them seem to be doing remember this from the 1961 speech by William C Sullivan assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who in 1961 said that these pastors and members of the clergy they failed to recognize obvious communist propaganda in petitions open letters clemency appeals pamphlets etc mistaken notions that clergymen can work with communists for peace civil rights ending racial discrimination etc without harming religion and strengthening communism sounds like today doesn't it he says confusing the values of communism with those of Christianity confusing the social doctrines of Karl Marx with those of Jesus Christ a tendency to reject or drastically dilute the supernatural content of religion in favor of a naturalistic form of humanism which can make it hard to logically take a strong stand against communism he says these clergy show a proneness to join organizations without questioning their real sponsorship direction or policies making statements and drawing conclusions relative to foreign policy economics and domestic politics which exceed their field of competence may I say my friends I will many of these religious leaders have exceeded their field of competence they don't know what I presented tonight they don't know about white privilege they don't understand the Frankfurt School and cultural Marxism and sadly a new survey shows that 58 percent of Millennials today would prefer to live under either socialism communism or fascism 58 percent of Millennials my friends when pastors neo neo Calvinist neo evangelicals embrace the agenda of white privilege black lives matter and the other propaganda masking agendas of the Communists socialists and globalist they're only going to further the acceptance of socialism even within the walls of the church and sadly many once well respected by me pastors are becoming what I call Bridgers by showing up and sharing the platform at conferences with men like Matt Chandler and John Piper and Tim Keller and I fear these men have become Bridgers whether they know it or not or intend to or not we are living in a very dangerous time spiritually and in the arena of national security and the heat warnings from people like Richard worm Brandt who spent 14 years in a Romanian communist prison are not being heated we cannot mix a little bit of socialism with Christianity and think that it will remain Christianity Richard worm Brandt said you cannot take a little bit of tuberculosis and mix it with a healthy body and still have a healthy body today men that should know better are being Bridgers ensuring the platform with and giving credibility to men that are promoting socialism by a masking term white privilege black lives matter reweaving a community and it will end very badly for true Christians my friends again this is a broadcast many will not take part in doing because they have sold out to a good old boy club they make their living speaking at conferences with these men and they want to keep getting the invite they speak at churches that embrace these men and they want to keep getting the invite they work with book publishers that publish these men and they want to keep getting published well my friends I don't belong to the good-old-boy Club I'm an independent broadcaster we will continue to do programs just like this for the edification of the church so that we might be warned of the men who have risen from within and sadly those many of us thought would never give them credibility who have become Bridgers by sharing the platform with them if you appreciate this broadcast and you want to see a program like this continue and all the other programs that we produce we need to hear from you you can support us through our worldview weekend foundation you can make a tax-deductible contribution at WVW foundation com if you prefer to send a check you'll find our mailing address on that website as well as on the screen you can also join our Situation Room and have access to over 13,000 radio shows TV shows conference DVDs and our powerful Bible biblical worldview software worldview pedia comm I'm urging you support this broadcast or it will go away we have many expenses that include now the need to rebuild our entire system which is 20 years old the computer code is 20 years old it needs to be rebuilt we again are spending two thousand dollars a month just streaming our streaming cost are two grand a month at this time just so you can stream this free of charge wherever you might be watching it from so your partnership is vital we are a listener-supported broadcast ministry we need your support thank you till next time I Brandon house take care

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