Warren Buffett Socialist – Fox News

boxes is a new talking point which is
that uh… people who’ll are of wall street titans itll investor legislate warren buffett are socialist now yes if they what i warren buffett
aurora new york times op ed saying for the love of god tax the rich too we have plenty of money where our
where a record low tax rates this is a unconscionable wall would do
is hitting the middle class i pay less taxes than my secretary in everyone else
in the office it’s outrageous so uh… eric bowling who works for fox business
news is that comedy in a joke said uh… that uh… warren buffett was falling all bombers
quotes socialist handbook and let me be another quote from raleigh
news and was discussing completely a socialist so far no warren buffett is incomplete social use plain a mister
obama span div uh… tax anyone who makes money and
given the people who don’t work yet because of warren buffett who won
the richest man in the world who dot that money by investing injustices well-thought-out i mean in tvm capital
is the guy you think is warren buffett he wants to help the middle class what do you see a socialist what is the one st paul a former self by
the skies it basically a traitor i can’t believe it and mess out all based greenberg goes on to talk with
neil caboodle on fox well a screamer is a former head of bear
stearns and in fact in the beginning of this intro anu komodo introduced him as
the most celebrated wall street and tied in although all time nonetheless coolers who disagree with
them that we should ever help the middle class original right back to the written level papa decided saying i can tell you how are you know that is ridiculous uh… when these people talk about that you can trace taxes during a
depression era recession even among the rich the though touch
with reality and they really think that if you raise the taxes are more
about that probably will be a figure of fire people
with ridiculous most celebrated wall street journal
title green yoko ono saying back this is the warm up as a hundred resent
right where you had to but new colors of the challenge of must watch here’s where i would argument and one d my foot in the same
picker part of it before we talk about raising taxes on
anyone we should look at the underlying product
and leathers then charging more if we have an address and we have to call center one product
but you’re saying there’s a mediterranean taxes for the rich with
the negative there leave the country within the
niagara fire people at work for infosys at the bedside hello that that’s supposed to doubt that that’s exactly what it is
late well what do you know who is somehow adn
public school and then says i’m telling you because this is where i
do businesses where warren buffett does business and we’re not going to leave
the country you tax the rich not because you want to hurt them not because you
got any estimate obviously he’s greenberg and warm-hearted are fabulously rich but the hurt themselves
as because any some degree of fairness so the middle class the poor don’t pay
all the bells but that were at a record low tax rate
reason a little bit so that we can balance the budget and we can all be better off but fox does not want to hear that you know i got i want to chat here i
don’t know pyrmont that’s a socialist in those days
greenberg i dot amount and the rest of that now why is there this disparity by the
way it’s because not all rich people are
battery deorbit don’t think that uh… we should here have some equity in the country
army says you can tell summer uh… making radar units and i’ve said
this from day one i say every single time which are about this issue is that about
which were similar class for support they’re not the ones that give money to
the politicians a screen burger warren buffett are gonna say here take all my
money to make sure you tax be more right they’re not gonna lobby in favor of that
they just have their ideas and i’m glad they’re sharing those ideas is so
important but the red step are greedy paid people like rush limbaugh fox news all the republican senators and
congressmen most of the democratic group with senators and congressman to make
sure that the taxes are at a record low so they make more and more money so the
rich or greedy and use politics in the media women and the rich or not greedy
can only go out there never was a mom a good point and then melt away enforcing that state of art our current

  1. @yerk3 Yes, you need to show a court ruling clearly proving your claim beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you can't show us one, you are just some clown making shit up on the Internet.

  2. @yerk3 We have a written record from day one of humanity. We have the written record going all the way back to Adam and Eve.

  3. @yerk3 Ha Obama hasn't tried to do shit. Leveling out the tax rate is just his feeble attempt to gain support. Plus he knows congress will never pass the bill. Obama is for corporations.

  4. YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Why would ANYONE want the wastful GOv to get more $? $95 Bill in overpayments via unemployment; $105 Bill duplicative spending, $ to dead people, prisoners, illegals, etc.., Now give them more to waste! Buffet is full of it as he was comparing paying a percentage on capital gains compared with a percentage on income. They believe people r IGNORANT, & this video proves they are right. Buffett can give his $ to the Gov if he wants. YOU TURKS ARE TOTAL MORONS

  5. MIDDLE CLASS AND POOR PAY ALL THE BILLS! How do these Turks have enough brain cells to even breath, ROFL! Go back and google who pays the bills and how many people DON'T PAY ANY TAXES AT ALL! My relative came from a POOR POOR FAMILY; had he had the benefits they have today, he NEVER would have become Rich & & Never would have been able to have 1000's of people work for him. Libs are the Modern Slave Owners; they take advantage of the uninformed & perpetuate dependence. IT'S NOT YOUR $ ASSHOLES!

  6. @Romansteel13 YOU ARE SO RIGHT! He is PATHETIC! This page is loaded with Morons! How does the human mind think that we can spend ourselves into oblivion and somehow avoid what Greece and Europe is going through? Look HOW MUCH BETTER school systems are in the Charter Schools compared to Union Ridden Schools… Less $, better students! Obama KNOWS that collecting more taxes WILL DO NOTHING; he's playing toward the IGNORANT

  7. HEY TURKS! Why don't you talk about the Solyndra Scandal and how Obama delved out $1/2 Billion to his campaign supporters despite warnings about their problems?What more does anyone need to realize that OBAMA & his MINIONS have NO CLUE how to balance a budget, create Jobs, or otherwise. What Corp or Business would allow him to keep his job in the Private Sector after such a Blunder? PROOF he doesn't know what he's doing, yet all these obama Cult Members Just Keep Followg LIke Hypnotized Sheep

  8. @yerk3 I've read this conversation and I'm pretty sure @HomleandSecurity is trolling. No one, I mean no one could be that stupid unless it's on purpose.

  9. @yerk3 You claim to have knowledge about humanity from before there was a written record. That's straight up crazy talk!

  10. @TheJamezMan Social Democracy (which is what you'll find in countries doing much better than the US in terms of economy)= Freedom of person+ power to individuals+ responsibility to society+ freedom of economy+ responsibility to national economic views+ safety and equitable society. Equality of All (and that really means ALL)= freedom.

  11. @TheJamezMan Oh hey, fine, don't listen to the guy who's lived in a social democratic society for the two decades.What should I know about freedom and equality.

  12. I think it would be better to incentivize the rich to give to the poor rather than go the draconian route and further up the already RIDICULOUS progressive tax that sees the top 1% paying 40% of total income tax revenues. Pass a law that expands tax deductibility for charitable donations. Create a system by which small businesses apply for federal loans w/ 0% interest, and make donations to that system tax-deductible. If I were a billionaire, I'd rather donate to a small business than pay taxes.

  13. @UtubeHyperboleGuy
    The rich shouldn't support them either. Lower taxes while taking part in wasteful wars?
    We should be trying to cut down on this military and prison budget while switching to flat tax (all extras go to the treasury just like any sane business would do).

    As safe as the rich are, it's a pain in the ass to move your business overseas. Ruining this nation would be like putting 65% to 100% of your business on a chopping block!

  14. @mecher3k
    Besides, I kind of meant a flat(er) tax.
    Like so:
    20k and under – 20%
    20-100k – 25%
    100k and above – 30%

    Excuses are for bitches like you. If you want to make more money, make more money! Don't complain that "the man's got you down"! You're is America! One of the easiest places in the world to make money! If Abu Malahami can do it, than your fat ass can too!

    And besides. My main point was cutting down on prison and war expenditures, but you just had to focus on bitching.

  15. Warren Buffett has every right to lobby for whatever he wants but holding him up as some sort of a saint is misguided. You don't make 22 bill in the market by being a nice guy. He has crushed many companies under his boot heel and orchestrated many forced takeovers that left many jobless. He profited off the collapse of the financial market and continues to profit from the collapse at a rate of 1.4 mil a day. I don't see this as bad but you liberals seem to vilify people for these very things.

  16. You is a dumbass. Why would there ever be a court ruling on archeology? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Where's the court rulings proving Yeshua Ben Joseph (that Jewish carpenter guy) rose from the dead and became "our savior." Can't even spell Homeland correctly.

  17. You sir, will never get into heaven. With your vitriolic hate and disdain for anyone who is not white, American, and rich, Jesus will surely send you down to hell for long spell of re-education.

  18. He's definitely not a saint. There are unanswered questions in his roles funding the Nazis as well as South American drug dealers. He has not come out with a stance against Obama spending taxpayer money buying masturbation toys for illegal immigrants from the Ivy Leagues. And what of his possible involvement in the Clinton-Obama Cash Killings (COCK)?

  19. That's just plain wrong. When I was making $8-10 per hour during and after college, I was taxed at 15-20% and received back only a fraction of that money so I was being taxed at a rate of at least 15% taking my tax return into account.

  20. At least he's being honest in this (one) instance and showing the true colors of the folks who want to dismantle our country. I actually suspect he may be a liberal who is intentionally trying to make conservatives look bad; and if so, he's succeeding quite well. Folks like him (if he's not a liberal plant of some strange kind) don't realize that by "taking all the money" they are not going to have markets to sell to since everyone in this country will be too poor to buy anything.

  21. You ARE insane! I have always been in the $20-30K per year bracket (until I became disabled) and I always paid 15-20% and only received a fraction back in tax returns. Your figure of "zero" is patently incorrect. How you can even begin to state such a thing, I do not know; unless you are wealthy and are brainwashed into thinking these incorrect ideas. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

  22. Then you filed your taxes wrong. No one earning 8-10 pays federal income taxes. They get it all back. In fact, only 2% of people in the bottom half of income earners pay any federal income taxes at all.

  23. How could I file my taxes wrong and where do you get your info? I'm not the only one. Everyone I have ever known in that tax bracket paid that amount. You must live on Pluto (or you can afford a really good tax attorney which means you never were in that tax bracket to begin with.) You're full of shit.

  24. That's just plain wrong and what you tell yourself so you can believe that poor folks don't pay taxes. I have known many, many, many people in that tax bracket and talked to them about our tax rates. Not a one ever got more back than they paid in (I don't think that's possible!) What's the least paying job you ever had?

  25. Wow I'm surprised you can't see through the rhetoric. You gave a quarter to that homeless man out of free will. The government didn't force you to give money to that that homeless man. Idiot…

  26. Gee, I guess I was hallucinating when I paid my taxes all those years. And everyone I knew was also paying those taxes. What fucking planet are you from? I can pull out my tax documents and look at them. There are lots of sites that show what the tax rates are for an individual: 10% up to $8350/year, 15% for $8351-33,950, 25% for $33,951 – $82,250 etc. and unless one has many deductions (which most single people don't) then that's what you will pay.

  27. Your page is empty. No comments, no video activity, nada. Who the hell are you and where do you get your "facts" from? You are either insane or monumentally stupid.

  28. You still haven't answered the question of what of the least paying job you have ever had was. Do you even work? Have you had a job that pays less than $10 per hour? Do you have any clue what you are talking about?

  29. It's up to 32 people now. I own a lot of defense equities. If you had started buying them in 2001 you would be wealthy too.

    But you're a beta male.

  30. "Own" away then. I don't really care how many nonsensical arguments you post; you're the one making yourself look like a fool with this "owning" nonsense.

  31. Ban evolution, eh. Good luck. We would have to ban the vast majority of medicine and a large amount of science. I guess you aren't for vaccines, or genetics, or any of a myriad of scientific achievements. The actual mechanisms of genetics are understood and can be manipulated so there is very good understanding of how evolution works. You want to take America back to the 1700's, don't you? I think we should ban people who can't spell "homleand."

  32. Ban evolution, eh. Good luck. We would have to ban the vast majority of medicine and a large amount of science. I guess you aren't for vaccines, or genetics, or any of a myriad of scientific achievements. The actual mechanisms of genetics are understood and can be manipulated so there is very good understanding of how evolution works. You want to take America back to the 1700's, don't you? I think we should ban people who can't spell "homleand."

  33. You are a dumbass. Standard deductions prevent anyone under
    $35,000 from paying a dime. You get it all back.

  34. That is BULLSHIT! You have never had to work a job at that pay rate, have you? I have all of my tax docs from those years and can look at them. The standard deduction is $3000 which makes it so that your tax liability is lightly less but it doesn't make it so that you don't pay taxes at all. You're clueless!

  35. I'm going to guess that you think that the $3000 dollar standard deduction is applied to the amount of taxes you paid. It's not. It reduces your taxable income by $3000. If I made $20,000 in a year, then my taxable income would be $17,000. And depending on whether I claim 0 or 1 on my W-2 withholding, the amount withheld could be the same as the nominal tax rate or a little higher.

  36. For instance, if I made $20,000 in a year and I put "0" on my W-2, then the taxes taken out would be $3000 (at 15% of 20K). If I then claim the standard deduction, that reduces my taxable income to $17,000 and 15% of that equals $2250, meaning that I get the difference between the $3000 taken out and $2250 back on my return ($750.) The standard deduction isn't applied to the taxes paid, it's applied to the overall income. You have never filled out you own tax forms, have you?

  37. Correction It's "W-4" not W-2. And the current standard deduction is $5950 ($3000 was just an easy example.)

    From Wikipedia: The standard deduction, as defined under United States tax law, is a dollar amount that non-itemizers may subtract from their INCOME and is based upon filing status.

    Just like I stated.

  38. BTW, the standard deduction WAS $3000 (back when I started working; which should tell you how old I am!) and it's now $5950. Like I stated, the standard deduction is subtracted from the overall amount made, NOT the taxes paid.

  39. The middle class and the poor pay all the bills??? Are you fucking joking Cenk? The top 10% of earners pay something like 75% of all the taxes. Holy shit you dont get to make up your own facts Cenk. Second, Buffet rule wont come close to balancing the budget. How about we just cut taxes for everyone instead – wouldnt that be fair?

  40. "if he wants to pay more tax let him" now that is a well thought out response. Well thought out if you have a FOX influenced mind and not one's own. First off if he gave all his money to the gov it would not really dent the debt this has to be a fair deal. Second giving money by taking gains by on;y 15% gives a huge welfare to the rich! Ok then we give them a break, has that helped create jobs? That is the unkindest cut-of course not they hoard it.

  41. hey guys i luv the show, but can u please find a way to fix the subtitles. they just mix me up.

  42. WB and other wall street figures, along with Washington, create the fiscal legislation with deliberate loopholes so they dont have to pay a penny. Increase taxes for the rich will take a lot of money out of rich people, but the reallly wealthy, the ones that control the game behind the curtain, they wont be paying anything. They will be preventing their position against less rich people that are ascending to the top honestly. Be aware people, nobody is really willing to cut the own arm.

  43. You filthy fucking commie. Wanting the rich people who work so hard to pay slightly more in taxes. Excuse me, I have to go protest giving government workers who educate the next generation decent salaries and giving rights to gays.

  44. Disgusting. That's $0.25 that he doesn't have to work for now. You enabled him to not have to work. You know what the best motivator is? Starvation and cold-shouldering.

  45. Find the answer in the short film “Mankinder (Occupying Chairlifts)”! A guy working in the white house calls on an underachieving old college buddy, to solve the economy from it’s debt and unemployment troubles. A couple brief conversations with the reluctant skibum corrects the course of humanity’s future. A simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Watch “Mankinder (Occupying Chairlifts)” on youtube.

  46. Isn't hysterical? Greenberg looking at Cabuto and talking to him as if he was an idiot. And Cabuto trying to argue with a legend as if he could. I bet that if all of a sudden Greenberg was to lose all his money he could start from 0 with just his brains and reputation. If Fox fired Cabuto he would be ruined.

  47. I misread your comment. Anyway, I'm not sure what your point is. The wealthy still don't pay their fair share. Payroll taxes account for 40% of all government tax revenue. The middle class also pay more than half of the income tax bill despite receiving an ever shrinking, disproportionate share of yearly income.

    The question is more about fairness than anything else.

  48. if you raise taxes on the rich, HELL FUCKING YEAH THEY WILL LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much production is actually made in America right now? I never met anyone who took a hit in their pocket, tthey will just trickle down the price to you the middle class YOU DUMB FUCKING SHITS


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  51. fucking idiot. socialism isnt a failed system. socialist countries have the highest living standards in the world. we arent capitalist, not are we socialist. we are a corporate. learn more about economics.

  52. lol. socialism depends on the fact that capitalism relies on exploitation, which is also a form of stealing.

  53. the top 20% owns 86% of our wealth the bottom 20 percent owns 0.7% of our wealth. The top 0.1 percent owns 40% of our wealth and the bottom 40 percent owns a little over 1% of our wealth.
    You have to tax people taking into account that money is used to make money, and it doesnt work like addition and subtraction.

  54. you haven't read capital by Marx…..
    the exchange of labour power for wages is an exchange that depends on the exploitation to produce surplus value not on stolen wages that is a fundamental requirement to maintain capitalism and to form productive forces which have a historical objective as they have outgrown the minority idol class… the top .001% know this very well and buffet and socallednice elites live off generations of labour of the working classandproducethese smokescreens to confuse

  55. you haven't read capital by Marx…..
    the exchange of labour power for wages is an exchange that depends on the exploitation to produce surplus value not on stolen wages that is a fundamental requirement to maintain capitalism and to form productive forces which have a historical objective as they have outgrown the minority idol class… the top .001% know this very well and buffet and socallednice elites live off generations of labour of the working classandproducethese smokescreens to confuse

  56. Lol! Wow, there really are people this stupid. Please take a history course and maybe intro to political philosophy. You don't really get socialism.

  57. We run several Facebook pages where we share videos about Fox Fraud, but we cannot share yours – You say "uh, uh, uh" about 20 times in this video. Please stop with the "uhs" and the over-the-top emotionalism and we'll share your videos. Our supporters like to hear voices of calm reason, and leave the shouting to Fox and their Fantasy Farm of Fiction.

  58. Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Canada, all great examples of how Socialist does work…why are Republican Americans so Fuckin stupid?

  59. REMEMBER: Henry Ford (Capitalist) Gave His Hard Workers Raises & More Money So They Could By His Cars The Same Ones They Were Making
       Because Most To All PPL In Congress Government (Office) & TV Are Rich They Don't Understand The US Became The Industrial Power House Prosperous SUPER POWER Because Of The Middleclass
      By Raising Taxes On The Rich & Raising Minimum Wage Not Only Helps Put MORE PPL To Work Out Of Poverty Along With More PPL Paying Taxes & Less Relying On Social Programs Reducing The Dept
      AND The RICH Are Not Only Still Rich Their Able Continue Making Money Off Of A Thriving Middleclass Which Will Also Help A Few More PPL Also Become RICH…
       A WIN WIN…

  60. of course you should tax the rich! what do you think goes on in their heads when you raise their taxes??
    'Mr Buffet, your taxes are increasing 5%'
    'Dammit! how am I going to afford food? its not like I have billions left in the bank

  61. Warren and others talk a lot but nothing changes. And they come up smelling like roses, even though if they wanted to, they have the power to change things but they choose not to.

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