Warframe: Community Modding Support

To be honest, a pretty decent chunk of what
they’ve teased in Devstream 137 looks super. Rework to Companions, Titania getting buffed
even more, the Baruuk Augment, the changes to Kuva Liches, etc. I still don’t see people really mustering
the interest in playing Railjack, but hey, this is a good start for new shit to do, if
you ask me. Despite all of the stuff they’ve announced
so far, the one thing that really still irks me is the user interface that DE Pablo posted
on the Warframe forums a bit over a week ago. Does it look good? Yes, it does a bit. However, much like any given Twitch thot,
it only looks good, and that’s about it. Although it’s pretty fucking obvious that
everyone likes having pretty things to look at, which is why some people are eager to
shell out tons of money on high-end computer systems, if there’s no sustenance or any type
of useful information to offer, then it really doesn’t matter how pretty it looks. In the case of a user interface, if you have
to dig through in order to understand what’s being presented, then it fails at its job
of being a user interface. That’s not me pretending to be an expert on
programming or anything by the way, that’s just me restating something that I Googled
not even 10 minutes ago. Warframe is a game that already isn’t user
friendly; which is why new players more often than not have to keep the Warframe wiki open
in a separate tab; purely because Warframe doesn’t exactly do a good job of explaining
how anything works to a new player. Although this is something that DE is working
on, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were put on hold as of this moment, given how many
things DE has to develop right now. Especially considering how the user interface
basically evolved into a meme overnight, I think it would be prudent of DeeE if they
look into allowing the players to create mods for the game that affect the in-game UI. In case you’re unclear, I’m not referring
to these kinds of mods, I’m talking about these kinds of mods. As far as I know, or at least, judging by
the open job positions that DE has posted on Glassdoor, DE either doesn’t have the experience
or doesn’t have the manpower to properly make UI, so to speak. Allowing the community full permission to
create their own UI mods for Warframe would not only solve the issue of making an UI that
players want, but it also allows the community to effectively create exactly what it needs
without worry of being altered of bastardized by DE. As an example, World of Warcraft’s community
has complete capability of creating addons which can alter the experience of the player. This isn’t something that’s done “just for
fun”, it’s something which has been recognized both by media and analyzed for scholarly research. For Warframe, supporting its community by
allowing virtually anyone to create addons that can change the in-game UI would not only
somewhat lower the workload from DE when it comes to making a user interface that people
want, but it also opens up a new avenue for community-made items to be put into the game;
similar to how TennoGen exists as a way for players to submit their own cosmetic creations
to DE for potential availability in game. However, I imagine that add-ons for Warframe
are really only a possibility if DE revises their own End User License Agreement, as add-ons
could technically fall under the “do not use unauthorized third-party software, tools or
content designed to modify the Software, the Service or the Game experience” part of the
Agreement. If that can be revised, I’m fully certain
that some players of the community would be happy to develop their own UI addons, whether
it be for personal use or for the public domain. After all, it can be easier for the community
to have the UI of their dreams if one of their fellow community members is in charge of developing
it, rather than one of DE’s employees, as nobody but the community itself understands
what players want. Of course, a bunch of problems would then
arise. For one, it would fall upon the respective
community coders themselves to upkeep any created add-ons, meaning that even the smallest
Hotfix could potentially ruin add-on integration. Spaghetti code can be a problem, but then
again, I haven’t programmed since high school, so this is likely just me being an idiot that
doesn’t understand how code works. Secondly, DE would have to establish some
kind of quality control for user-generated add-ons, because nobody wants to have a remake
of Steam Greenlight. Lastly, some people might be put off by the
prospect of creating add-ons but not being able to make a profit off of them. The way I see it, community-made UI can only
work if it’s available for the community to use for free, not only because directly making
money off of a Free-to-Play game wouldn’t exactly be alright with DE, but also because
there is no good reason to place a decent user interface behind a pay wall. Regardless, we’ve seen it before. Nobody likes paid Mods. It should be pretty fucking obvious that all
of this is merely hypothetical, because DE obviously has a lot on their plate to go through. My point is, supporting the community with
user-generated add-ons should be on DE’s list of things to think about. Only cosmetic add-ons, of course. The last thing anyone wants is for Warframe
to become another Chinese click farm. Thank you for watching.

  1. A pretty good chunk of music I listen to is indie. EDEN, Jaymes Young, Alec Benjamin, etc. I'm not a hipster, I swear

  2. I'll be honest, deep stats as we have rn don't even needed in WF. Especially with that fact that they doesn't working right not showing blocked damage for example. And why I need to know that I'm on nyx casted 200 abilities and some guy on rhino only 10

  3. i dont mind having to discover everything about a game….. but
    wf is ever changing and any discovery may just be undone next patch, anyone else love older games?

  4. This would be a great thing to do, as the UI has a couple issues.

    This is not directly relevant as it's more related to issues with the tutorial, but just last week i had to explain to a new player that they can get Warframe parts from bosses and buying them with Plat is not the only option.

    I really wonder who decided that the Market should be the first thing you install in your ship as a new player…

  5. It's almost as if the player base knows what information they want and need from the game due to their playing it…

  6. Not a good job with this video, half of the comment section is confused and they're thinking not about UI mods, but game-changing ones.

  7. I was part of the payday community for a long time and was really into modding (i could never make mods as I didn't understand the tools but I liked modding the game with all sorts of stuff) and keeping updates up-to-date wasn't usually a problem That game had as the modders where passionate and if a modder stopped updating a mod and other players liked it, people would just touch up that mod for the new update. It was never really an issue. Also, those communities could do incredible things and some made full-on heists and guns (like this one mod that let you play vamped-up black-ops zombies in payday) and the game never felt boring due to how much stuff you could do. wanna were shreks' face to a heist? you can do that. wanna completely revamp you hud so your information is RIGHT next to your crosshair? you can do that. and one thing I saw that you didn't mention was that the community could fix or change things they know the community doesn't want. DE could set up something similar to tennogen, where the community could create add-ons and DE could push them through by community demand. and modding can single-handed revive or keep a game afloat of fuckin years (tf2, payday2 and garry's mod come to mind)

  8. One thing that I really want from the ui is to customise the hood .. and I mean however I want to place my stuff… I would put the powers around the crosshair insted of the right down corner so if I play for example chroma I can focus on re casting my abilities while I'm also doing my best even in high levels

  9. If they did implement mods it would be good if they just used steam workshop, but DE would have to make sure that people would not make game changing mods such as unlimited platinum, etc.

  10. Mods? Sounds good on paper. But I think DE has the audacity to rely on the community to fix their game, like modders did with Skyrim, resulting in a much lazier company that it already is.

  11. About the warframe wiki. Under no circumstance should I have to leave outside of a game to learn how to play a game..period. It is a failure of game design.

  12. I could finally put my heath bottom center, the map top right, and my team top left like I'm used to. I want a mod to stop this crooked 3rd person over the shoulder view, I swear we don't run straight cause of our camera view.

  13. Playing with people should be something that is good for every one. I usually play with randoms only to incfease my chance of getting something.

  14. Though, I personally don't think addons would be a good idea, I'm one of the "less mods, best experience" kind of guy. I think it is an open door for the devs to just say "oh no no we don't care about that, there's already plenty of mods/addons about it", just like charities are doing the job which is supposed to be the state's, thus actually giving him an excuse not to fulfill it. I'm not saying the addon system is bad in and of itself, I just think it's best if it's part of the game, otherwise what's the point to continue its development if the community can do it for free, right ?

    Now, I know many people won't agree, but hey, it's just my opinion ; so if you indeed disagree, please share your thoughts so I can change my mind 🙂

  15. As someone who has experianced L4D2, I am of the opinion that Warframe can greatly benefit from that kind of mod support.
    As someone who has been playing Warframe since the last week or so of U16, I can see how DE won't allow it over their dead body.

    But come on guys, us tenno are practically your unofficaly offical play-testers as it is, let us help a bit more.

  16. Function over form. I don't know how DE's design team not get that basic and simple rule of IT design over the years.

  17. Man, a warning a few seconds before a random semi-nsfw picture would be nice 😛 Wasn't expecting that and my mom was next to me. Alt-tabbed as fast as possible lol

  18. All good points but counter point I'm on console so screw your custom UI mods if I gotta put up with UI I'll watch the world burn before I let PC get to mod their UI

    (This was sarcasm btw. Power to the people and all that jazz just as long as we get somewhat fair treatment between platforms.)

  19. Rahetalius would you help me take down an abusive moderator. I thought they canceled the guides of the lotus but on platforms like Xbox they run rampant and abuse power please help me or give me a direction of you can.

  20. Anyone i've known that makes UI modes does it cause they want to have it look a certain way, and they just release it cause they figure other ppl might want to use it as well.That's a lot of modders I know tbh. I think the best thing DE could do is to let people make UI mods for Warframe. They have to be free, but they can make money off donations like patreon or something.

  21. I really think this is a fucking great idea. It's not like we need the game to be any easier or anything. Mods that tell you when to do what, will just make it easier for new people to figure stuff out. I can't think of a reason this would be an issue. Let the community help!

  22. What's more difficult: to develop in game support for mods or to create a working interface, based on already given suggestions from the community?

  23. Rahetalius, the REAL main problem with UI addons is that it requires creating and maintaining API, the way to interact programmatically with game data. This is a massive task, it's harder than reworking 100 screens, it'll constantly break unless constantly maintained. It'll never happen.

  24. I'm a little sick of the comparison to WoW. Warframe isn't an MMORPG and shouldn't take elements from it. It's is like being upset that your orange not being a full KFC meal – and then loudly complaining about it. Would a moddable UI be nice? Yeah, it would. Should we allow mods in general? Hell no. Just look at WoW and how they had to limit that down because of abuse the API. Hell, just take a look at WoW's dwindling numbers (and the other MMORPGs) largely because of the scourge that is the 'rush to endgame' crowd. Is this REALLY the crowd we should be catering for and the failing model we should emulate?

  25. Am i the only one who loves to have a wiki tab open because it contains more detailed information and trying to force that information in the game is like cramming people in a subway train during rush hour. It does not look good. And it will never be no matter how much you try. And adding more carts does not make it look better. It’s like integrating the wiki into the game

  26. I just want an Ordis rework so that he has more lines that are actually funny. You could make him more of a tutorial bot.

  27. I personally think Warframe's problem is that it has become too complicated with too many different systems. Having to organize all of those into a streamlined experience, UI and otherwise, is very difficult. Because DE won't stop adding more content and new systems, they are digging themselves into a hole.

  28. I know it would be more complicated, but I'd like more than just general UI mods. Hell, a mod that built warframe market into the game would be a godsend for trading. Then I might actually do it more than once every couple of months.

  29. In terms of having to update a UI mod every update, that would entirely depend on how warframe is coded. If they have to hardcode each new mod in to work with the UI – which I highly doubt, even with DE – most updates probably wouldn't effect UI mods at all, unless the update directly effects an aspect of the UI the mod changes (in which case, if DE did it properly, the mod would just override the change allowing mods to still be used – just missing the new UI content, unless the underlying UI code was changed which rarely happens).
    So, no, you wouldn't need to update the mod every update, nor necessarily every UI update, just the updates which would make an underlying UI code change.

    I mean hell if they really wanted to, they could introduce warframe and mod…mods which would be limited to the sanctuary (so it wont make any actual changes to the game). Doing so would allow DE to easily find new warframe and mod ideas just from a single list which could also implement a rating system of 'how much do want this in the game" from, say, 1 to 10 for other users that want to mess around with such mods and possibly see what new mods/frames might come next – based on popularity.

  30. It will never happen. We have seen the development at DE fundamentally change over the years to the point that they may as well be a polar opposite of what they once were. Take the blowback from railjack as an example… Is one were to stick their proverbial head out and look almost anywhere on the internet, they would find many serious complaints and issues with the system and even more so before they started making changes. Yet some how, Steve was oblivious to some of the biggest gripes coming from nearly every direction. That unto itself is extremely telling. Not only does DE not really play their own game as they have constantly caught hell for over the years, but they clearly don't listen to the community properly anymore to the point of outright ignoring some of the loudest and more relivent issues. Again, they've rather turned into a polar opposite of what they once were and what made them good as a developer.

  31. You're like a genius or something…. (Yeah, I know you're just stating something that should be obvious by now… but you're the first influencer to point it out as far as I know)

  32. 4:05 – depends entirely on engine integration. Most of the warframe GUI actually seems to be rendered in game with camera shifts hooked from frame position to support it instead of as a overlay.
    As such the only way modded UIs would break if you tried to call something you shouldnt be able to, DE themselves change the name or offset of it or if you derp up on the mod side itself. Otherwise most forms of micro optimization and tweaks (especially if the game keeps proper data libs) shouldnt have much to any effect on UI mods.

  33. They re that desesperated to give to the players their job…. clap😧 i guess i ll quit forever plz guys save the game

  34. Man that would be a dream, but I am afraid this game's code is too much of a mess to support such a thing.
    I suspect this game is old systems with new systems mixed, games in a game… It's why its so varyingly buggy. Spaghtetti code, if you will.

  35. That is bs they do not work on making it easier for new players. Sorry but it just is not something they show any interest in doing

  36. "The last thing anyone wants is for warframe to become another chinese one click farm."
    laughs in Saryn
    Just kidding. Basically every Warframe is power creep anyway.

  37. Idk if you’ve done this yet or not but can you do a video for returning players from like 4 years ago. I love watching you play and kinda wanna pick it up again even with all the issues.

  38. I dislike a lot of your content, but I'll give you honest respect that I'm 100% for this idea. Even though it's likely been kicked around for years and not implemented, there has to be a way for DE to let some community mods make their way into the game, even if they're for some functionality things and not "turn your Warframes into Thomas the Tank Engine." No pun intended…
    I think there's an argument to be made that, despite Warframe's recent updates being in really bad shape and not connected enough to the bulk of the game (or at least not in direct or impactful enough ways), DE's creative vision for the future of their game is pretty strong. For instance, they don't want to take something as epic as an invasion from another System and keep combat locked to running around on the ground. They gave us ships to build and pilot so, presumably, we can go on the offensive. At some point, we'll be delving into the story of the Zariman and watching Operators grow up. Those are awesome things that transcend gameplay bugaboos like reward loops or grind. And I'd rather have DE focus on the art of telling those stories in the most theatrical way possible, in a way DE has practically trademarked, than watching them flounder over whether more info should be available either on Mission Summary screens or in the Navigation screen or both.
    The answer to that is YES. And if they're too spread thin crafting artistic sci-fi drama that blows peoples' minds, then great, focus on that and leave the boring picayune things to minmaxers in the community with the coding experience to act on what they care about seeing changed.

  39. The only problem with this idea aside from manpower to develop it while developing whatever they are doing at the moment.

    Is consoles.

    Xbox isn't that big of a problem with mods, but PS4 can't install many mods, Look at Skyrim, CBBE and Recorder are on XBOX but not on PS4 because Sony didn't want 3rd party files to be installed in their consoles or something.

    And i don't know about Nintendo.

    Also DE would have to make a Mod page in game to install them in order to provide mods to console players.

  40. Yeah, but console. It would be great for PC, probably, but most likely it wouldn't work for console. It would become another source of envy.

  41. I'm sure you get this question alot, but why the text-to-speech? I find is so grating and hard to listen to, and it's one reason i never got into QuietShy (plus she's a total bitch)

  42. I think you could simplify weapon stats screens WITHOUT losing information by… using graphs. That's exactly what graphs and charts exist for.

    Have a combined damage rating and a cake diagram that shows how much of the total damage each damage type contributes for instance. Maybe mix the "average crit damage" into this total damage and firing speed, too… and then maybe also be able to throw the total damage against an armor type and you instantly see the changes.

    But I think being able to break the entire weapon stat screen down to a single number (that is: raw DPS) and then have the other values be in charts and graphs could really, really help to newcomers.

  43. as cool as it could be, DE are so deeply entangled in their spaghetti code it just plain won't work out at all, that's very obvious since every time they add something new (or even redo something old (which is rare af)) it causes multiple other things to break completely.

  44. This kind of leaves console players out in the cold. D e would have to develop a way to allow players to mod. And that would take time away from console Players. Let's just let de do their own UI.

  45. It's not even just new players that struggle with warframes lack of information. I've been playing for 5 years and I still don't understand a ton of stuff.

    All of my knowledge of the game is through trial and error and external research.

    Even something as fundamental and simple as the damage types and elemental combinations aren't ever listed anywhere. You just catch a glimpse of a vague tip now and then.

  46. based on the amount of UI mods wow has and still gets, and the fact that theyre still not only kept up to date, but are having or already have wow classic versions out and being kept up to date as well, i dont think the issue of not making money off them would be, well, an issue

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