War Thunder - Massive Economy Reductions Are Here

sparks what is your profession hello everyone I hope you doing well today we're back in war thunder and it's time to talk about the economy changes which have finally here these span from Rp changes to repair cost changes to ammunition changes to purchase changes to pretty much every economy part of the game apart from maybe GE I suppose is getting changed in this updates so first of all we do have a little bit of a updates which I want to discuss just because I haven't proved it in another video so this is it this is updates 1.8 seven point one point six eight and it has three things to it three bugs a bug where the mouse cursor shimmered when the show mouse cursor option was enabled for an additional mouse button has been fixed well that's a nice little change a bug where the camera reset to the initial position in Mouse view while checking statistics for the map during a battle has been fixed that was an issue or at least seemed to be an issue in csgo back in the day so I'm happy that that is fixed because it could be annoying as hell you know you're looking one way you tab and have a look at the scoreboard and then bang you know you're looking somewhere else a bug when an aircraft would jump upwards when a player was leaving a vehicle at the airfield has been fixed that was one of the oddest bugs I think I've seen in the last year and whorfin that basically what was happening is when an aircraft went into land there was two famous videos of a 163 and also an me-262 being able to do this where the two six two it was landing on a tangent so we can kind of that could be to do something else but the other one it literally just landed properly and then just bounced up into the air and then flopped and blew up it was amazing to see and also a bug it's nice to see that that is fixed because I would see it as a critical bug issue the next thing as I said is to go over the economy updates of the 23rd of April 2019 so straight after the battlefield engineer events they are rolling out wholesale changes for how stuff is going to work now overall I think the majority of these changes are incredibly positive when it comes to it we last time had a look at the research and purchase costs which have been all decreased for rank four and five aircraft ground vehicles of rank five to six and also helicopters of the rank five but also on top of it now the crew training and the shells have also been reduced or at least most of them are been reduced some have been increased when it comes to shells but the majority have been reduced and the repair costs as well are a little bit up and down since it seems like they're using a similar or a similar formula to last time so one thing I will point out before we have a look at these there are a lot of changes here and I'm not going to be able to cover them all what I'm going to try and do is do an individual vehicle for each nation when it comes to the repair costs when it comes to the research of purchase costs because of its because it's a general trend of you know downwards or decreasing in these things I think overall it's just a positive so going over them doesn't really make a lot of sense but going over the repair cost going up and down I think does the shell costs as well once again they are majority going down especially at top tiers which is what people will be mainly interested in in this this economy update so you know it's all good now if you want to be extra tight on your purse what you can also do after these purchase and research cost changes is wait until Victory Day so one thing that happens every year more Thunder is we get a victory day allied bundles and also discounts so as you can see from the fourth of May until the 10th of May bundles will have a 50% discount on them or certain ones will have a 50% discount as shown here when this happens this year I'll make sure to cover it on the channel so you can have a look but one of the more interesting things is you have this 30 percent in-game discount for any vehicles of the nations including premium vehicles this includes SL costs and also includes GE cost 50% in-game discount of premium account subscriptions of 90 and 365 days so if you want to get yourself a year's worth of premium which i think is probably the best thing you can get in this game now when it comes to you know when it comes to if you want to play a lot of it you know it affects all of your vehicles it affects all of your research and means that you can play more stuff as you go along and especially you know tied with these economy changes it's gonna be a lot better on your Silver Line silver lion counts so if you wait until here you can save even more SL for here economy updates as well meaning that as I said you Perce won't be as tight maybe you can loosen it up a little bit then so let's have a look at the repair cost changes as I said there's been wholesale changes across the board my opinion on these repair cost changes I know a lot of people are looking at some of them and being incredibly annoyed right the one which always gets brought house is the a 6mm 5s as you can see the odd Zeus stock remember these are stock repair cost prices it is 28,500 so hawaiians now it was already incredibly high but what a lot of people are doing is saying look at his brother the a6m5 which is another tech tree vehicle why is this so low compared to it when it comes to its stock value and i think there is an argument there to say maybe it's worth adding in a human element there and just saying you know this is getting kind of crazy and because in my opinion when i look at a lot of these changes like why would you want to change this by 12 right the swordfish mark 1 is this going to massively affect you know what's going on in the future and for me when I look at it it's obviously done by an equation it's done by formula obviously we don't know what is put into said formula we don't know what constants are there we don't know what values are used but the main thing to understand is this will majority of us be based off player experience so if a bunch of people are doing great in a specific vehicle then that vehicle's repair cost will go up it's as simple as that so when we look at the leopard 2a5 if the majority of people or the average is very high for it you can see it's going up by six thousand now this is backed up by other stats that we have such as win rates and also personal experience from different players and then when we look at the Abrams they're all going down because they're getting shafted by the leopard 2a5 so you can see that there is a rhyme or reason to these things and if there is an anomaly such as the a6m5 Otsu it may be worth playing it and understanding why it's so high also with B 57s the B 57 s really high as well and so is it B 29 it actually didn't change which is kind of surprising but all of the other Bombers which hardly get used anymore because of their flight model changes and because 120-millimeter rips off their tail what a surprise they're all going down you know they're becoming profitable again especially the b-17 E which is lovely to see but yeah they're B 57s you can try in your mind when you see a high repair cost change try and think of why that might be so for the B 57 it's it's simple to me in air realistic they are able to get to a base they were able to bomb the base and they were able to get back to the airfield and either repair and rearm and JE outs or repair and rearm and then just take off again incredibly quickly right and the only thing stopping that is if there is a skulker who is trying to kill you while you're on the airfield which does happen quite Lots you know in top-tier battles but at the end of the day most of the majority of the time you'll be able to at least get one bomb drop off and on top of this you'll also be able to influence the match through the ticket bleed because of that F 9 f8 just got a BR decrease a little bit of a while ago so did the f9f so these are going to be doing better than they did before kids they're not stuck a top tier getting shafted so of course they're you know repair costs are gonna go up to compensate for this because people are just going to be doing better in them so as I said every time you see a number try and try and work out why it would be higher like why is the t92 going up now you know why is the t92 more expensive than the Antos more expensive look how cheap the Sheridan is by the way look work out why it's the most expensive light tank now from that 602 a toe area for America is it because it's doing the best is it because it gots a change to its ammunition is it because we've got a change to its engine what is it you know there is always a rhyme or reason behind these things to think about so as I said trying to expand upon it instead of just going oh look at that number it's really high you know this is ridiculous instead of there's something I was trying to explain somebody the other day point evidence expand right so you make your point you bring evidence for the point and then you expand on the evidence to extrapolate a theory right that's the basic principle of English literature when it comes to like year 10 in English or England I should say that was what I was taught in year 9 and 10 – for writing essays and for sourcing properly and all of this stuff so here what we need is points you know the repair cost itself is the points the evidence for the repair cost being what it is and then expand upon it is it correct is it wrong should it be different right simple as that so let's try and do that with these instead of just screaming about specific vehicles that is very easy to do but incredibly unproductive the next one is the shell cost changes so overall the shell costs have been massively reduced I don't know how else to say it when you look at high to vehicles even up to the m-46 747 you can see that the majority of rounds are going down apart from for the m-46 heat one who she's being brought up to 320 whereas the m47 one is getting drops into 360 so there seems to be some kind of standardization which is happening here when it comes to rounds it doesn't mean that each round is the same price as proven by the m-46 and m47 which literally fires the same rounds but have different repair costs for the heat shell but the main thing to understand is a lot of these are getting reduced by either half more than half or about a third the rise it's heat averse is going down by 740 that's every shots you are firing of the heat FS it's going down by you know three-quarters of its price so it's going to be a hell of a lot more profitable right now and if you match up specific vehicles with these costs and repair costs such as the Abrams as we saw with the Abrams the repair cost they've all gone down by quite a lot right so if we where are you it's always hard finding them because they don't do them in you know tier rank order so you can see all of the Abrams went down in repair costs right they're all incredibly low compared to what they were before and then when you couple in the fact that you are getting a massive reduction a third of your cost of your apfsds is also going down this makes the Abrams a hell of a lot more profitable than it was before the only one which is a little bit less profitable when it comes to ammunition is the m1a1 the top tier one the other two they're obviously trying to push them to be used so understand the majority of these changes are great for the average player there are going to be some anomalies out there as such as the XM one where it's a PFS be apfsds is going up but as you can see the heat is going a hell of a lot down and also for some of them the heats is going up but the majority of this is negative which is great this is what you want to see some obviously haven't been changed or some have been left alone say and it seems to also be being done on equation because otherwise why would you want to do like negative twelve here writes or negative forty there will be no need to change these if that wasn't the case negative four and when it comes to never for fad soit so overall these are incredibly positive this means that the shells that you're supposed to use for these vehicles look at the reduction on this machine no one the one to two fifty four when fully upgraded is not a bad vehicle issue is getting it fully upgraded you know what makes it easier to get it fully upgraded these costs it makes it so much easier plus the reductions in you know RP cost for stuff like that but yeah these are wonderful changes these are amazing these make so many things so much better and so much easier to use it means that your silver lines won't be hurting as much at top tier and other tiers as well and the only elephant in the room is the actual multipliers right there is no talk of multipliers when it comes to the silver lines here it says reward multipliers have been recalculated but I can't seem to find them anywhere I can't seem to find the the multipliers for SL all I find here is the RP multipliers which are sats on this side so it would be nice to overall have a it would be nice to overall have a just to see how much of a multiplier is a change for a cell if it is changed for a cell but that is you know something for another day as you can see with the research costs and also silver lions costs and true crane crew training costs what we saw ages ago when this was released a few weeks ago at this point the majority of the top tier vehicles are getting decreased by a loss there is a few that are going up such as the hey 36 butts the majority when it comes to their silver lines when it comes to their RP and when it comes to their crew training costs are vast the decreasing in value now a few people have asked me you know if you you know get on to the game and you have a surplus of RP for a vehicle will you be able to spend it on something else no that's not how it works that up he is just lost into the ether unfortunately but you still should be happy with his economy changes they're incredibly good you know stuff like the mig-15 this going down by more than half of its price whether it's SL which it's just going down less than half of its price but it's going down to a two hundred and ten thousand and RP this is an insane change this means that more people can get into top tier can have more fun with it play the stuff that they want to play because I know a lot of people out there who like you know playing war thunder but want to play the jet portion maybe they don't have a lot of a expendable income so therefore what they have to do is you know just grind up well everybody should be happy about this the only people who won't be happy about these changes are these super ultra elitists which I feel like there aren't a lot of them anymore but but the or even back then normally it's a very very very vocal minority but the only thing that is worrying about these changes for them is that you will get a lot less inexperienced people at top tier and I can definitely understand the issue there now somebody who has been against 9'o premiums for the longest time and not hearing any supports from the general community or the people regarding these issues it would have been nice personally to see somebody raised the banner then but if you want to raise the banner now for an innocuous change go ahead it just you know support is always required when ideas are made like this anyway now when it comes to even the Japanese which according to the general populace is always shafted they're not shafted in this regard everything is massively being reduced for them and this is for aircraft ground vehicles and also for helicopters across-the-board if it will looked here we go it just shows you how many top tier vehicles we have an aircraft compared to you know compared to other things another thing the RP multiplier so this affects how much our P you get out of every game there is I don't think a single negative one here when it comes to the RP multiplier so you will be making more RP per game let's just let's just work it out like this so your repair your your RP costs are going down your silver lines costs are going down your crew training costs are going down your expert qualifications are going up your RP multiplier is going up so you are making more RP and have to research less this is a double win for the general community the silver lines going down that's also a win repair costs depending on the vehicle will have to have a chat the crew costs going down is also a win for the community it means that it is easier for the individual to be able to get a fully expert which is something that's if you want to take you know the standard for what is seen as a fully done vehicle you know an expert crew or modifications it will just be made easier and since the RP cost of a vehicle is also linked to modification costs and modifications should have also gone down too when it comes to a lot of these vehicles so it is a literal hallelujah praise the Lord you know we have a lot of great changes here for the economy this makes everything easier a top 2 for people to get involved to people to have fun in for people to try different things and that is one of the main things for me let's say if you play a lot of Germany or if you play a lots of America and you've already ground to those top tiers why not take this opportunity with these changes to grind up another tree to have a bit of fun to try the Italians to maybe try the British how about the French you know there's all of these wonderful things in more thunder that you can have a go at and helicopters is another one the fact that they're reducing the helicopters a helluva wats when it comes to the initial ones is a big bonus for me it means I can finally get into them without the feeling like I am just wasting my time because there is no way a uh-1b is this should be the same price or a very similar price to something like an h1 Z so they've made everything a lot more accessible that made everything a lot more easier to get into and they've made it so your silver lines are not gonna hurt as much I don't see a lot to complain about here I really don't if you want to be a stringent tight assed person the per the thing that you complain about is stuff like the a6m5 but could we please look at the 99.9% of other things which are incredibly positive incredibly positive for the community and for grounding in general this is a great change a wonderful change and I hope everybody benefits from this because it seems like people will the only downside as I said is specific vehicles and their repair costs but I'm sure with everything else that I've shown here you will easily recover the costs anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see you next time I just like to thank be young Blackie Daniel Stanton dyslexic child martinez Matata moxie Nieto Nick Graham aloe brillo and super cacti for supporting me on patreon

  1. With france bringing out 4 tanks in rb at 7-8.0 costs literally 100k sl and none save the foch can adequately survive a shot being they at most have a strong point less than 80mm of armour. Good guns good reload very bad armour okay maneuverability no stabalizer osilating turets take over 4 seconds to settle after driving at medium speed. The way the damage model is your breach gets hit with almost every shot that pens.

    Edit also they only have solid shot aside from the heat shells you get in the 13 90 or over 8.3br

  2. Repair cost doesn't balance vehicles, br changes do.

    Edit: If one nation keeps loosing because the players are lawn mowing then the win rate of vehicles on both sides isn't indicative of the vehicles performance.

  3. I think everything that reduces SL income is bad. The very good players will not notice it, the not so good are forced to stop instead of getting better (you need practice to get better but also enough SL to cover all costs) I have no problem with RP ( but I just started and only have rank 1,2,3 and some 4 tanks) I have more then a dozen rank 3 and 4 tanks unlocked that I want to buy but I have not enough SL ( like a few million)
    But I do not really mind that. I do mind if I lose SL after playing a tank. I am grinding French tanks because I love the Oscillating turret autoloaders in WoT, but not if I lose SL in them tnx to repair.

    What I find curious as an ex-WoTplayer is that the repaircosts of some premium tanks are so high. I made the mistake to use a premium for my daily SL boost (playing som assault arcade battles against bots, (what I also like a lot) But you can get killed a lot. In my German premium I then lose SL instead of making more as in a stock tank. Do they not want you to buy premiums ?

  4. Well. All well and good unless you play T4+ air battles the earnings even with premium is rather hard and unbelievably risky. I stopped playing jets last economy change due to high repairs. Now apart from premium there is no jet under 10k in American branch. This update was for tankers..not pilots

  5. Still there’s no excuse for making Repair cost so high that the experience is ruined just simply increase BR, in Leo2A5’s case that thing should be at least 11.0 but not 10.0 and 20k rep cost

  6. 3 things to make this game better.
    1. Remove repair cost all together. Has no purpose in the game and is the reason why people can't get anywhere.
    2. Let GE be earned via gameplay the same way SL are earned.
    3.Seperate tier 5 and tier 6 tanks, as well as make tanks that don't belong in tier 6 (t10m, t95e1 etc) tier 5 and make tanks that don't belong in tier 5 tier 6.

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