War on South Africa | Behind the Deep State

so South Africa is a perfect example a
horrifying example of the Deep State’s handiwork it’s an example of the Deep
States lies it’s an example of the Deep State’s strategy and it’s an example of
the Deep State’s goals I think it has some really important cautionary tales
for America if we’re not careful we were going to end up in the same boat so I
want to talk in particular about the Afrikaner nation these are America’s
closest cousins anywhere on the world they created this little outpost of kind
of Western Christian civilization on the southern tip of Africa and they
contributed so much to the world so much to the West in particular to the free
world they provided crucial aid in world war ii for example they single-handedly
bled the soviet war machine for decades you know the entire might of the
communist world was up against them and they held their own even in the face of
Western sanctions and they even performed the first heart transplant
they developed nuclear power they developed their own weapons industry I
mean it really became a first world country in the truest sense of the word
but you know we need to understand about South Africa that it really never was
one nation it was it was a collection of nations and and I want to talk about the
Afrikaner nation in particular because again there are some cautionary tales
for America today South Africa has become what they call a rainbow nation
they basically amalgamated all of these different independent nations all these
nations that are very different culturally linguistically historically
religiously into one giant unitary state and today South Africa is ruled by a
racist communist regime and the situation is spiraling downwards very
very quickly so you have a life expectancy has dropped about 10 years
just in the last 25 years or so since the takeover of South Africa by this
communist government you know technically it’s the African National
Congress in a coalition government with the South African Communist Party but
the ANC has been a communist front group for for many decades and this is an
established fact now we have crime is completely out of control they say South
Africa is the the rape and murder of the world we have poverty exploding
they said in the first five years after the Communists took over in 1994 real
income of an average South African fell by 40 percent and that’s according to
the National Bureau of Economic Research er in the United States within a decade
you had the number of people living on less than a dollar a day
doubling writes it from when the Communists took over and today you know
the Communists they’re all his own dead clique if you will was that we believe
in equality well that didn’t work out for South Africa either in fact just
since the Communists took over South Africa now has one of the most unequal
distributions of wealth in the world you basically have the Communists and then
their cronies have tons and tons of money and some of the people who were
able to kind of cling to some of their wealth over the years and then everybody
else is just dirt poor right including many many people within the Afrikaner
nation many people within Mandela’s show Sun nation many people within the Zulu
Nation etc you have a murder rate that’s a thousand percent higher than the
United States of America more or less depending on whose statistics you
believe and you have polls you know even ten years after the fall of apartheid
and the takeover by the Communists we’re the majority of strong majority of South
Africans including the black South Africans believed that life was better
under apartheid it’s not that they want to go back to apartheid but you know the
the neighborhoods were safe the trains ran on time and so a lot of people have
a kind of nostalgia for that and you know that’s really in contradiction to
what we hear so often another big problem that has resulted in South
Africa is of course the the ongoing slaughter of Afrikaner farmers the Boers
if you will they are being slaughtered in massive numbers in fact you’re more
likely to die as a South African farmer than you are as as an American soldier
in Iraq or in Afghanistan to give you some sense they have the highest murder
rate in the world of any group of people you have babies being tortured in the
most brutal fashion imaginable I mean they they torture them with electric
drills and blow Church torches they rape people with broken bottles I mean some
of the the crime and the horror is just mind-blowing right you came and believed
this stuff the government lies about it but the evidence is of course over
whelming and now the government has openly come out and they’re working to
steal the land of the South African farmers they they claim that some time
in the distant past the land was stolen and so we’re gonna steal it all back
they also spread all these lies that afrikaners owned you know 3/4 of the
land that’s not even close to true they own less than 20% in fact they own less
land than the government owns and much of that is over in the western part of
South Africa which is very very dry where you need an enormous amount of
land just to run you know some cattle or some sheep we’re goats if you’re
fortunate enough to be able to grow that there we also have now a looming
genocide which is very disturbing we first picked this up in the new American
well actually we had warned about it back in the 80s in the early 90s but we
pick up the story again in 2012 with a cover story about the looming genocide
and what happened was the world’s top expert on genocide a gentleman by the
name of Gregory Stanton had gone down to South Africa in 2012 on a fact-finding
mission and keep in mind this guy was a guy who literally campaigned against
apartheid I mean you know nobody can accuse him of being Pro apartheid or
anything like that but he warned that there was direct evidence of government
incitement to genocide I want you to see some of these videos here here is
Gregory Stanton talking about these things
we raised South Africa from stage 5 to stage 6 when Julius Malema began to go
around singing the shoot the hora song again it became clear to us that he
usually was in fact this kind of an organization it was planning this kind
of genocide or massacre and also forced displacement of whites from South Africa
and so we raised it to six when Julius Malema was then thanks to the tau and
others tried for hate speech and was convicted and was in fact enjoined by
the judge from ever singing that song again we said over you know it was a
great sense of relief from summers that maybe some ever who was pulling
back but then the President himself started singing this song well this
really worries us now and one thing that I have learned on this trip is just how
strong the Communist Party still is in the African National Congress goes out
to the youth league and other parts of this after his trip the genocide watch
the organization he created ended up raising its genocide alert at the time
they had eight stages of genocide basically eight being denial after the
fact seven being the extermination process they raised South Africa’s
genocide threat level from a five to a six they were there reported that
numerous high-ranking officials were advocating genocide here for example you
see Julius Malema at the time he was the head of the ANC Youth League here he is
singing songs advocating the extermination of afrikaners check this
out as they kill the Bora song shoot the Boer that’s kind of what they do and
keep in mind this guy is very very close to links to the deep state he since went
on to found a new political part of the economic freedom fighters the EF f as a
Marxist a very racist political party that wants to steal basically everything
and nationalize it and he has very close links to people like a lord Robin
Renwick who was close to Mandela you know a deep state character out of the
UK and you know even all the way to the top right here’s a video of President
Zuma Jacob Zuma he was the president until recently when Rama footside took
over and here he is singing genocide songs check this out he also during his
trial for rape he’s his defense in the rape trial was well her Congo was so
short you know we can’t just resist a woman who’s like that and so that was
his defense at his rape trial he’s a a polygamous racist communist and so these
are the kinds of people who run South Africa today can you imagine any other
country where the president was singing genocide songs advocating the
extermination of a minority group people would be horrified and rightfully so and
yet when it happens in South Africa nobody wants to talk about it why not
because this is the deep State’s handiwork at work so first we needed to
talk about some history because you really can’t understand South Africa
without or the Afrikaner nation without some history so um you know young van
riebeck he was a Dutch man he arrived on South
African soil back in 1652 and there were actually no bond to people’s anywhere to
be found in fact they didn’t meet a bunch of people’s you know black
Africans for over a hundred years actually there were some Khoikhoi
peoples some nomadic hunter-gatherers but they got along pretty well with them
they traded and until some of the Khoikhoi started stealing cattle and
things like that and so I didn’t always work perfectly
but you know the very beginning of this history starts off in the public mind
with a myth you know there’s this fake idea that the Dutch arrived and just
started enslaving and killing killing and pillaging nothing could be further
from the truth in fact one of the big motivators for people who wanted to go
down there was actually to spread the gospel to bring Christianity in the
light of the gospel to people who had not had it before and so for the first
century you know there really no interaction with the the black tribes
that were further north east in southern Africa that had been migrating down from
central Africa and you know west of the fish river there really were no black
black people’s no black tribes eventually the Afrikaners did meet with
the bun two tribes and you know they tried as much as possible to be to have
peaceful interactions and they once they met the Zulu peoples they actually tried
to come to an agreement with them one of the early Afrikaner of or trekkers as
they started trekking inland as name was Pitts Rhett TF and he had made an
agreement with the Zulu King Zulu King Dingaan a that ret F and his men would
go and rescue some cattle or King Dingaan II and in exchange Kingdom Ghana
would allow them land rights would allow them to settle and to own this certain
plot of land that they wanted so they signed an agreement they had a deal and
rich if and the Afrikaner is the Voortrekker Zwarte records because they
trekked inland into into the interior of Africa and well crazy story so rich EF
and his men got back and they said hey you know here’s your cattle here you go
and they they went in to go see king Dingaan it they were disarmed and
instead of living up to his end of the bargain and giving them the land rights
that he promised he actually murdered them all he had them impaled absolutely
barbaric just gruesome and then after that King Dingaan has sent his troops
after the Voortrekker slaughtered women and children really was was not nice
right so eventually the the Afrikaners the Voortrekker is allied with another
Zulu King who was a rival to the throne the Zulu nation his name was upon day
and they allied against King Dean Ghana of course the you know the Afrikaners
were pretty upset about what had happened and you can probably understand
why so they allied with some others who lose against Kingdom Ghana and that
takes us to really one of the crucial events in the history of the Afrikaner
nation that is the Battle of Blood River this took place in on December 16th 1838
and this was a crucial turning point in the forging of what would become the
Afrikaner nation they basically made a covenant with God they were completely
outnumbered something like fifteen thousand other estimates say even 20,000
or more very disciplined very skilled highly trained in peace as Zulu warriors
set out to go exterminate this were trekker party of about four hundred
people and so the Voortrekker the the Boers the Afrikaners got their wagons
they put them in a circle and they made a covenant with God God if you get us
out of this we will officially be your people right we are we are we were we
are your children and we will you know remember this day every year and we’ll
consecrate our nation to you and you know we will be your people and
incredibly in fact a lot of the Afrikaners thought this was some kind of
miracle not only did they survive thousands of Zulu warriors were killed
in this attack and the Afrikaner party only suffered a few very minor injuries
and this is one of those battles that define the Afrikaner nation and so the
reason I go through this history is because it’s important to understand you
know the there’s this kind of misconception among Western liberals
that well the Dutch should have arrived and they should have just had a
democracy with with the native peoples who they encountered I mean it’s
obviously nonsensical right these were pagan tribes these were nations that had
been warring with each other for four centuries had been committing genocide
against each other had no understanding of Christianity they didn’t have
two-story buildings they didn’t even have a wheel the idea that the Dutch
Christians should have just arrived and said hey let’s have a democracy let’s
have a majority vote I mean it’s beyond ludicrous it’s completely nonsensical
it’s idiotic in the extreme and anybody familiar with the history understands
that so as they establish themselves as the Afrikaner people establish
themselves as a nation you they develop their own language with it
you know it has its roots in in Dutch but it’s it’s a unique language and they
became a unique people they established a self-governing republics they called
the Boer Republic’s are probably the two most prominent ones being the Orange
Free State and the Transvaal or the South African Republic and you know a
lot of the Afrikaner people a lot of the people from the Afrikaner nation are
actually descendent from slaves what really defines them is the culture the
you know the Calvinist Christianity the the language of course you know speaking
Afrikaans and the understanding of the value of Western civilization is so
there are even black people who speak Afrikaans who consider themselves to be
part of the Afrikaner nation there are what South Africans call colored people
you know not colored in the sense that Americans used to use that term back in
the 50s or the 60s but in South Africa has a different meaning and so these are
also part of the Afrikaner nation and what really defines them again is their
Christianity their language their shared history and their culture and many
Afrikaners are actually descended from slaves so there’s this kind of Mythology
out there that the Afrikaner nation was enslaving people that’s not true not at
all in fact many of the Afrikaners are actually descendants from slaves they
did not steal land either generally speaking you know there’s another myth
that the Afrikaners came down there in stole land that is simply not true
typically they’ve settled either empty land where nobody lived or
they signed agreements with the natives and you know there are some racists who
say well the natives aren’t capable of signing agreements are not able to make
contracts because they weren’t advanced I mean that that’s fundamentally
disgusting to say that people groups are not able to sign agreements and to make
trades with other people the same thing happened with the settlers who arrived
in America they made agreements with the natives and again no one’s gonna say the
history was perfect of course it wasn’t it we were dealing with falling human
beings and falling human beings sin and do bad things sometimes but the the myth
that the Afrikaners came there I started stealing land is just absolutely a giant
fraud they settled land that was unoccupied or they signed agreements
generally speaking with the natives that they did meet you know we talked earlier
about King Dean Ghana and his betrayal of the Afrikaners but I think it gives
you a sense of how these people believed how they acted right they thought hey
here’s some some natives they own this land let’s make a deal with
we’ll get the cows back for the king in exchange we’ll get to settle this land
and again I mentioned that afrikaners the Afrikaner nation is really the
closest nation in terms of beliefs and history and and all that to the American
people right many of the same ancestors right I mean New York used to be New
Amsterdam right was settled by Dutch Calvinists Christians they who believed
many of the same things they were pursuing religious freedom right and so
they were forged into a nation in southern Africa and they have you know
brave pioneers for ancestors just like the American people do but the deep
state was very unhappy about this situation you know just like in America
right so back then a lot of the the deep states surrounded Britain and the
British Empire and so the proto deep state decided that it was not okay that
you had all these Calvinistic Christians setting up their own free self-governing
republics where they could worship God and do their own thing and so you know
the deep state kind of over a hundred years ago decided that these people had
to be crushed and the lead figure on this effort was named a sessile Rhodes
actually the nation of Rhodesia was named after him and then the deep state
eventually destroyed Rhodesia and handed over to communists with Jimmy Carter and
Henry Kissinger and others but successful Rhodes you know a Rothschild
man decided we’ll talk about Rothschild and Cecil Rhodes in future episodes
behind the deeps a because these are really key individuals in understanding
the deep state but they decided that they were gonna wage war against these
Afrikaner republics they had come in there and they had demanded voting
rights and they had demanded basically political control of these
self-governing Republic’s really Cecil Rhodes wanted the gold right he wanted
the National the natural resources and the Afrikaner said no you know no so we
ended up having these anglo-boer Wars or the Boer Wars as they’re sometimes
called and in the great Boer War which started in 1899 or you basically had the
British Empire waging total war against the African or people they tried to
destroy and crush these little self-governing Republic’s in interior
South Africa so these farmers these Boers that Boer actually means farmer
enough Atkinson and Dutch they valiantly resisted you had about 50,000
farmers they formed into commandos they were very very good riflemen very good
horseback riders and they managed to hold off the British Empire for years it
actually came down to the British Empire sending literally half a million highly
trained highly disciplined troops to knock out these 50,000 Afrikaner
commando farmers you know some of these were just boys you know 14 15 16 year
old kids fighting against the the most powerful military on the planet at that
time the British Empire and the British did not play fair at the deep state if
you will did not play fair and in fact they they had a scorched earth policy
they took the Afrikaner women and children and put them in concentration
camps to try to pressure the the men to surrender something like 25,000 women
and children Afrikaner women and children died in these British
concentration camps mighty this was way before Adolf Hitler would start his
concentration camps it was really the the British deep state that pioneer to
this and it was effective you know it’s hard for a man to fight when he knows
that his wife his daughters his sons are wasting away they’re being starved to
death being brutalized in a concentration camp
the British deep state also put native Africans into concentration camps
something like 20,000 black Africans died in these concentration camps and
ultimately after putting up a heroic resistance struggle the the Boers
ultimately did surrender and they were their Republic’s were absorbed into the
British Empire creating what became the Union of South Africa and you know over
the years the British started implementing a lot of these policies
that eventually would come to be known as apartheid and you know the idea was
especially as far as the Afrikaners were concerned hey we’re dealing with a lot
of separate nations here right you have the Zulu Nation you have the Shah Sun
Nation you have the ven Dunn nation the Soto nation that’s one our nation all
these nations that are very very different culturally ethnically
linguistically religiously right so very different nations I mean much more
different than nations already you know even today and so the thinking was hey
you know these Native Nations they can have their historic homeland they can be
self-governing you know they call them Bantu stuns they
created these independent self-governing homelands for the African nations that
live there and then the Afrikaner nation you know set up its
own political institutions and did its own thing you know some people kind of
compare it to the American system of Indian reservations there were some
important differences but you know the idea was fundamentally the same these
people want to be on their own they want to govern themselves they want to
control their own destiny they should be allowed to do that I will do our thing
over here they can do their thing over there we’re Christian you know they’re
worshipping ancestors and spirits and things like that and so some of these
independent nations actually continue to exist to this day in southern Africa
right the kingdom of Lesotho for the South though people right you have the
Swaziland where the Swazi people live you have the Botswana where the Twana
people live and you had it you still have Zulu land although it’s kind of
been absorbed into this unitary state that is South Africa now with some of
these other nations actually retained their independence and their
self-government but just to give you some background on the history right if
you want to know really the details of this history there’s a phenomenal book
out there that I can’t recommend highly enough it’s called I’m abbulu the birth
and death of the second America I actually have a copy right up there I’m
abbulu it’s a very very good book it’s long but he talks about the Afrikaner
nation as being the second America and talks about how you know we have these
parallels in our history he goes through all the history and you know he doesn’t
sugarcoat anything he doesn’t you know apologize or defend apartheid you know
apartheid of course had some very significant problems it obviously was
not a perfect system it had some very serious problems you know the restrict
controls on black Africans who lived in kind of the Afrikaner areas the British
areas but what happened was the deep state ended up seizing on these real and
imagined problems and started trying to exploit them you know that’s what the
Communists specialize in is trying to take problems trying to create
grievances fan the flames and use those to spark conflict to spark civil war
just really overthrow the system and so the Soviet Union sent all these agents
down they created a front group the South African Communist Party which
really was just controlled completely by the Soviet Union and eventually they
took over the African National Congress the ANC which today governs South Africa
in a coalition with the South African Communist Party but you know it’s been
known at for very long time we had testimony in
our Congress in fact our Congress recognized this as early as the 1980s
that the ANC was really a front group for the South African Communist Party
which itself was a front group for the Soviet Union in the Communist Party of
the Soviet Union well one of the key figures here was a young radical
revolutionary named Nelson Mandela and I’m sure you’ve heard that name because
now he is a a cult hero and we’re supposed to bow down and worship Him
what they won’t tell you is the truth right for one you know they make it out
like he was a political prisoner and that he had been in prison for his
peaceful political activities nothing could be further from the truth he was
in prison for terrorism he was in prison for sabotage he was in prison for
bombing he was in prison for murdering civilians for being a communist of
course the Communist Party was banned under the previous government because it
was a terrorist a communist organization run by the Soviet Union seeking to
enslave the people of South Africa just like they had enslaved so many other
nations in Africa across the entire continent so eventually Nelson Mandela
became the leader of the terrorist wing of the ANC called MK and they were
absolutely brutal to their opponents and mind you they were primarily brutal to
black Africans right they they murdered many many more black Africans than they
ever murdered Afrikaners David they murdered black policemen they murdered
black soldiers they murdered just random black people that they accused of being
a spies absolutely horrifying i Nelson Mandela’s wife Winnie Mandela
actually pioneered and and was an open advocate of this thing known as
necklacing if actually was quoted and recorded talking about how using
necklacing we were gonna liberate South Africa with our necklaces and our
matches well turns out this necklacing to give you a sense of the barbarity of
these communist groups that were being backed by the Soviet Union in the United
Nations and China and Mozambique and Libya and Cuba and East Germany what
they would do is it would fill one of these tires you know the rubber tire for
a car with gasoline petrol and then they would put it on somebody’s neck and they
would light it on fire it is one of the most gruesome deaths that you can
possibly imagine and this is the kind of tactics that the Mandela family was
using and was openly endorsing against their political opponents
check this out barbaric way of reprisal attire is filled with kerosene or
gasoline placed around the neck of an alleged collaborator and ignited the
victim may be a black policeman a teacher a soldier a civil servant it
makes no difference the atrocity has designed to terrorized blacks into
ending all racial cooperation and so you know all of this savagery all of this
barbarism led the US government to declare the ANC and Nelson Mandela to be
communist in fact they were put on the US State Department’s list of Communists
a era of terrorist organizations and a Mandela didn’t actually come off that
list of terrorists until 2008 Congress identified the ANC as a terrorist group
in the 1980s so you know it was universally recognized in the United
States that these were absolutely brutal terrorist organizations murdering
civilians and yet the deep State decided these are the people who should take
over South Africa and they did everything possible to make sure that
would happen so we’ve already talked about how the Soviet Union East Germany
Cuba all these different communist regimes were helping the ANC in the
South African Communist Party Zulus and and afrikaners we’re fighting very hard
against this takeover in fact the Zulu leadership they created the political
party they caught the freedom party and they fought really hard to prevent the
communist takeover of South Africa as did many afrikaners but ultimately with
basically the entire deep state arrayed against them you know you had Hollywood
you had the Council on Foreign Relations you had the establishment media you had
the Communists controlled World Council of Churches you had the United Nations
you had the Soviet Union demonizing the Afrikaner people and painting these
communist terrorists as some kind of heroes right then we’re gonna save South
Africa in 1990 the Council on Foreign Relations was openly praising and
celebrating Nelson Mandela who again reminded remember this guy was on the
communists on the list of US State Department terrorists and in 1993 David
Rockefeller even hosted this dinner honoring Mandela and inviting raising
money for Mandela and for this takeover of South Africa the foreign secretary
the Foreign Minister of the South Africans eventually thanked David
Rockefeller for funding the ANC for many many years right David
Rockefeller of course is the ultimate deep state character founder of the
trilateral commission key member of the Council on Foreign Relations was on the
steering committee of Bilderberg and on and on we’ll do a video on Rockefeller
later but if you’ve been watching this program you know all about all these
deep state organizations Kissinger of course was a hand-picked Lackey of the
Rockefeller dynasty he’s a guy who always runs around blabbering about the
need for a new world order right well he had earlier helped betray Rhodesia into
the hands of the Communists and the terrorists on behalf of the deep state
he basically forced the Rhodesian to surrender power to Robert Mugabe who
ended up going on a genocide murdering the mother baliya people in the debate
and unbelievable stuff and so Henry Kissinger another deep state guy helped
betray South Africa the US government put sanctions on the South African
government which remember was a pro America anti-communist was basically
fighting the entire might of the communist world all on its own even in
the face of US sanctions and and meanwhile the US government all along
instead of saying okay well you know the South African government may not be
perfect but they certainly have the best human rights record on the continent
their close allies of the United States there’s all these strategic minerals
that we need to have access to to be able to keep our
military running to be able to defend us against the Soviet Union against the
Communist Chinese instead of saying hey let’s stand with our allies they said
nope let’s throw them under the bus let’s help the Communist terrorists
trying to take over that nation and so for many many years our State Department
was showering hundreds of millions of dollars on the ANC and its allies we
know the pan-africanist Congress a close ally of the ANC a violent terrorist
group was actually created at the office of the u.s. Information Service in 1959
in Johannesburg we know that throughout the 1970s and
the 1980s there’s a lot of research on this from the South African government
from the the rand University we know that the State Department
showered hundreds of millions of dollars on pro-soviet groups on Pro ANC groups
they gave four million dollars to the Southwest Africa people’s organization
in what would become Namibia another communist terrorist organization working
with the Soviet Union and Sweden of course the Swedish government was
crucial to all this they were sending all this tax
money to the ANC helping them out in every way they could and remember this
all against the government that had the best without question human rights
record on the entire continent you know you have to remember what was going on
in the rest of Africa mass murder and communist dictators butchering their
political opponents genocides going on right and left black people in South
Africa you know again they didn’t have a perfect life but they had by far the
highest standard of living of Africans anywhere else on the entire African
continent without any question so remember this is what we’re dealing with
right and the US government portrayed to this as you know a significant threat to
our national security and all the rest of it so eventually under heavy pressure
from the US government from the United Nations from the Soviet Union from
Hollywood from boycotts from sanctions from corporate America the Afrikaners
you know they probably could have lasted indefinitely if they had wanted to they
had their own weapons industry that they had created very very stable government
but eventually the Afrikaners decided they had a vote and they decided to
surrender power and what happened was they had you know elections where
everybody was allowed to vote and they basically created this unitary state
where all these formerly self-governing nations and peoples were brought under a
single government called you know the South Africa they described it as the
rainbow nation bill Jasper my colleague at the new America the senior editor
actually predicted exactly what was going to happen you go back and you read
the stuff he was writing in the 80s and early 90s you think he must have had a
crystal ball but you know change then began right they put all of these
different very very different nations under one single government the South
African government very powerful centralized government with a very
leftist left-wing Constitution and you know a lot of people thought that things
were going to get bad really quickly and it took time right change took time the
Communist had a very interesting strategy for their revolution in South
Africa and the first step was actually to keep in place some of the economic
structures that then existed because they knew that South Africa of course
was the richest country by far on the continent that was very advancing and it
was a first world nation they wanted to keep this in place because it would help
advance their communism so they didn’t want to just outright come out and
destroy the economy like they had done in so many other countries
to give you a sense of how interconnected South African authorities
were with the deep state consider that in 2012 even when there was this
genocide alert that we talked about earlier the socialist international
which is the world’s largest Alliance of socialists communists and Marxist
political parties they run dozens and dozens of countries around the world
they decided to host their Congress in South Africa Jacob Zuma was elected as
one of the leaders and you know they talked about how great this was the UN
and we need to move toward a global system of government need world
socialism in 2013 and to after the death of Nelson Mandela you actually had the
ANC and the South African Communist Party admit nyjah they had denied this
for many many years because the American people if they had known they were that
their government was backing a communist terrorists would have freaked out but
they finally admitted in 2013 after Mandela passed away that he was actually
not just a member of the Communist Party which they denied all along so that
Americans would be duped into supporting this but he was actually a member of the
Central Committee the decision-making body of the South African Communist
Party which of course controlled the ANC so you know the pictures are everywhere
of Mandela standing in front of the Communist Party banner with the
Communist Party leader Joe Slovo you know anybody with two brain cells to rub
together who was looking at this knew exactly what was happening again go back
and read the new American in the 80s and the 90s and you’ll see that you know it
was it was not a result of ignorance that the deep state did this they knew
exactly what they were doing I 2014 though the South African Communist Party
and the ANC announced the radical second phase of their Communist revolution and
this is where they were gonna actually start nationalizing big sectors of the
economy and start kind of dropping the masks and revealing what was the plan
all along right a communist revolution a communist takeover of South Africa in
2015 you had the ANC’s National General Council proclaim that Communist China
the most murderous dictatorship in all of human history was actually the
guiding loadstar of our own struggle in this document that they put out their
foreign policy document they celebrated the emergence of what was described as a
post Western New World Order this is their terminology not mine right this
comes straight out of the deep just in case you were wondering and so
now you know we’re in a situation where the Afrikaner nation in South Africa is
on the verge of destruction they are on the verge of being wiped out a huge
proportion of the population has already escaped maybe 20 30 percent of the
Afrikaner nation has already fled the country basically anybody that could has
left you now have racist laws that banned them from working jobs so they’re
being fired from all their jobs they’re not allowed to get government contracts
and the government there is enormous so you know how can you have a business if
you can’t do business with the government they have they call it the B
legislation which is basically the overwhelming majority says the minority
is not allowed to participate in these sectors of the economy the minority is
not allowed to do business so you have the majority passing these very
oppressive laws against the minority you now have shanty towns where hundreds of
thousands of afrikaners who can’t work who can’t do anything who can’t access
welfare right welfare is not allowed for them in many cases who are now stuck
living in these shanty towns they can’t get out they can’t work they can’t farm
they can’t do anything and so the Afrikaner nation is on the
verge of destruction it’s a tragedy of enormous proportions
and it is a microcosm of what’s going to be happening to the broader Western
world if the deep state gets its way so there
are different solutions that have been talked about you know there’s people
talking about now a two-state solution where basically Western the Western Cape
would become an independent Afrikaner homeland for afrikaners of you know
Dutch descent and colored afrikaners and so on where the vast majority speak
Afrikaans or the vast majority are Christian and then Eastern South Africa
would would become its own nation and the ANC could govern over there so
that’s one option there’s also a lot of people pursuing
just a mass exodus of the Afrikaner people from South Africa some have
already started arriving in America as refugees some remove going to Australia
Canada the Netherlands actually the the Home Affairs Minister of Australia Peter
Dutton at the time said that hey you know what’s happening in South Africa is
unacceptable he said if you look at the footage if you read the stories you hear
the accounts it’s a horrific circumstance they face he said I do
think on the information that I’ve seen that these people do need help they need
help from a civilized country like ours the people were talking about one
work hard they want to contribute to a country like Australia we want them to
come here abide by our laws and again you know these are America’s closest
cousins if there are any other people in the world who are similar to Americans
in terms of our history our culture our religious values it is the Afrikaner of
people right and Donald Trump talked about this you know Donald Trump talked
about some of the horrors that were happening to South African farmers he
said he had ordered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to investigate this but so
far you know not a lot has happened but I want to talk just for a moment before
we sign off here about the implications of this outside of South Africa right
the Afrikaner people are kind of like the canary in the coal mine for Western
Christian civilization I mean a far-flung you know outposts of Western
Christian civilization on the on the Horn of Africa is now being completely
obliterated and the process that occurred down there is actually very
similar it’s like a microcosm as I said of what they’re doing to the whole world
right so in South Africa you had you know this Afrikaner nation kind of
controlled its own destiny and was forced to surrender control of its own
destiny right they they they were basically ordered to vote themselves
into this situation that they’re in now under pressure from the deep say well
now that is happening worldwide right you had the recent secretary-general of
the UN Ban ki-moon talked about the UN as being this Parliament of humanity
right this this Parliament of humanity well if the UN becomes the Parliament of
humanity what does that mean for Americans right the Parliament is a
governing body that creates laws well what happens if America becomes just one
vote in this Parliament of humanity well the exact same thing that happened to
the Afrikaners will happen to the American people we will lose control
over our own destiny we will lose the ability to decide what happens with our
property with our rights and so on Americans will become quite literally
just like the Afrikaners in South Africa politically powerless right they can
have their wealth voted away they can have their freedom stolen they can have
their destiny taken away from them the control of their own future taken away
from them and so we need to understand that this is the deep state’s plan right
they want to create a world we’re basically America and Western
civilization would become like the Afrikaners in South Africa but just on a
global scale we must resist this right we must maintain our freedoms our
self-government our sovereignty our Constitution and the only way to do this
is to expose the deep state and to go back to a proper understanding of our
own history our own amazing history right let South Africa be a warning to
you America and Japan and Europe and Canada this is what’s coming to you if
you’re not careful I’m Alex new and you’re watching behind the deep state
thank you for tuning in stay tuned for next week’s episode and make sure you
like share and subscribe and god bless

  1. South Africa = Afrikaner Afrikaner = South Africa. The CIVILIZED world MUST UNITE & declare WAR on Communism, & expediently ERADICATE ALL Communist Leaders, supporters, financers & enablers. Civilized humanity/peoples & Nations MUST denounce, Outlaw/ban Sanction #BDS ALL Communists. Communists are ENEMYS of HUMANITY!

  2. Communism is Godless. It has no Soul No ethical purpose or moral compass. This is it's primary attribute. Demons! A Movie that seems to be on America's doorstep as we speak! All the Talking Heads and Celebs who are Anti-Trump'rs – all those HRC fans – this video shows what they ultimately represent! I have to step back a notch because this is how I regard them with no exceptions.

  3. Extremely good, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you can try 🙂

  4. It never was a “Rainbow Nation”, neither was it meant to be … just lies, manipulation & genocide against the whites, farmers in particular. Many Sheeple bought into the lies, with true hope … We were fed BS & lies, as were our forefathers, for generations – and sold out by the bastard traitors. I so long to see the day that Arrests, Forfeiture & Executions finally take place. Mandela / Madiba, however Sheeple wish to refer to him … Was the father of terrorism … People must pull their head’s out of their Southern Orifices … Reality sucks …
    Thank You for exposing the Truth –

  5. I must congratulate you on an excellent report on how it was. People were misinformed by the MSM on what was going on in South Africa. I suppose the Powers behind the scenes pockets are very deep and they are experts on deception. I will die in this country fighting for freedom. I have never heard anyone speak the truth like you did. Thank you.

  6. Spot on comments. I am a eleventh generation South African farmer, and I can warn Americans that they had better look and learn what is on the cards for white Americans. You too will be submerged into a society that we are in now. The video does not exaggerate the situation at all, in fact if anything it just touches the surface of what is going on.

  7. Not to mention the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Soros 👿👽 Illegitimate Monarchy, UN, Free Mason’s etc etc continued involvement. The 13 Bloodlines – Black Nobility, Antifa, Gates, Population Control OF Whites, in particular. Humanoid Trash. Nathan Kirsh funds the, too.

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