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– I’ve just been at this
interesting business conference. It’s insane, all these 19 year
old making 70 grand a month and somebody asked me for
my number one tip for them to make more money. And I said, look, ignore most people. Most people don’t know
what they’re talking about. But when you find a few
people that actually do know what they’re talking about,
listen to what they say. And that’s the secret
of life in all areas. And so I’m lucky because
years ago somebody told me the secret to making six
figures is you’ve got to break it down into simple steps. ‘Cause or else you get overwhelmed. And the simple steps, it’s very easy. You’ve got to make $8,000 a month. If you break that up 30 days in a month, you don’t even have to make $300 a day. You need to make two to $300 a day. Now the question is, you know, how can you figure
out how to make two to $300 a day? I think the biggest trend
and opportunity of 2017 is for you to get small
business to pay you to do their social media marketing. They’ll pay you. ‘Cause these old people
that own businesses, they know how to run businesses,
but don’t know anything about Instagram,
Snapchat, email marketing. So I created a course,
I’m going to put a link. Click the link below. It might be above or somewhere up here. Click it, I’ve got a free
presentation that you can sign up for. It’s quick and easy,
it’ll explain to you this, I think this is the biggest trend of 2017. Especially if you’re starting
out and you’ve never had your own business, you
don’t know what to do, you feel overwhelmed. Trust me, I’ve put like
10,000 people through this social media training since
November and the results are amazing. Now, some people are
doing 30 grand a month, but not everybody is, but
a lot of people are making an extra grand a month,
an extra two grand, an extra three grand. And that adds up over time. So I’m actually going to
see my 99 year old grandma, she turned 99 two weeks ago
so I’m leaving the conference, put the top up ’cause it’s cold. San Diego can be cold. Anyway, click the link, check it out.

  1. Tye is right because I will definitely pay someone to help do our social media marketing.

    I am too old to try to go back and figure this stuff out but I want my business to thrive!!

    Anyone interested can hit me up on Facebook private message Mia Small

  2. Your results with your course have been amazing! Can’t wait to get started to add some results to my personal brand!

  3. Exactly what I did learning from you and others online Tai! Thanks for inspiring me and giving great advice! I quit my job last year doing this!!! Now going to start to give others free advice on YouTube on how I made it happen within months!

  4. I’m moving to LA on April 10th I don’t usually ask for help but could you please help me I’m looking for any work at all to help me out when I get there I understand your busy and probably won’t see this but thank you for reading it if you do

  5. I have an idea that has to do with glasses and I need a shark like you to help me achieve my goals! can you help me?

  6. Desperately wanna join one of ur programs sir…. but M in college and I don't have any money and nor will my family ever give me.
    But somehow I will manage something and will definitely join ur programs bcs I have been watching U since last 3 months.
    And I want to learn.

  7. tai, you are the reason i started my youtube channel! just to learn the ropes and get better being on camera 🙂

  8. He is one of the biggest inspirations for doing youtube !
    Thanks so much! Im now trying to contact him incase he needs music for his channel !
    Im a DJ / producer, I make Tropical house / melodic house!
    Would be awesome if we could get him to take a listen !
    😀 could u vote this up so he might see !=) TY so much guys!

  9. You posted a video of you and your biz partner showing how you can easily set up a site to sell your product (you used Vegan Snacks as an example). I cannot find that video anywhere?? I watched it and wanted to know exactly through what source it was…I cannot recall. Was it Click Funnels? Please, Tai Team, let me know!

  10. He seriously reminds me of Tony Stark. Love your vids. I'm a young kid that knows nothing but would love to learn so I'm gonna start here.

  11. This is great I’m struggling with money for my sport and I would love to have 150 not trying to be greedy but I have to pay for my entry fee

  12. Hi! My name is Blessing Aliyu, I come from Nigeria. I just watched you SMA webinar and I am thoroughly motivated to start my own social media marketing agency. However, I’m a university drop out and I have no money to pay for the 4 month course. Please take a chance on me and give me a scholarship or I could even pay back when I get my first client! I really hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for the video!😁 ? We also publish videos about marketing! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀


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