Walking You Through The Mix Acuity Platform | EP#186

Hey everyone I’m Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness and we’re here again with Jonathan brown who is not actually
the CEO of mix acuity but he is the founder and the creator and the main
well one of the main developers are just the main developer the the primary
developer we’ve got a few other developers helping out with a few bits
and pieces awesome you just explained to me essentially that it’s not a company
so you know it’s important to make that distinction and make it more obvious to
other people that there isn’t a company that they would be working for if they
were going to code its open-source for everyone to to contribute to as well so
today we’re going to be walking through setting up an account and just kind of
learning the ins and outs of mix acuity very recently you guys just released one
point 0.9 correct I’m a few days ago or just very recently I can’t remember when
I just downloaded it oh that that was literally last night okay yeah so as new
as it gets pretty much so so yeah so basically last night so yeah I’m going
to create an account starting from the very beginning I mean I skipped over
actually installing it but it wasn’t challenging to install just got to make
sure you make sure that your antivirus software isn’t attacking this because
it’s there’s a little bit of issues there but you know regardless it’s it’s
safe it’s good to go it’s clearly these centralized software’s are very fond of
very decentralized software so you know there’s a little yeah there’s clearly
there’s clearly some bias there they’re not super fond of it but you know it’s
it’s a bump in the road but uh yeah so let’s get to it yeah yeah I think a lot
of a lot of antivirus software it’s anything to do with blockchain and then
they automatically try to Oren’s Enid yeah yeah yeah and I’m sure
that’s probably a huge issue for a lot of projects right now trying to deal
with that especially more decentralized projects okay so should I start off just
by sharing my screen then yeah yeah up connecting right fingers crossed
okay so yeah let’s just try this again we’ll see what happens Hawaii it worked
yeah like I said these problems are usually just isolated to to me having
these problems I don’t think anyone else will have this problem okay it’s
actually working I’d almost given up okay
I mean it helps I break things and I also I test the stupidity factor and
everything else mm-hm mm-hm all right so it’s deploying
yeah so it’s so the first transaction mind already and then so we’re just
waiting for like for the next block to be mined so on average well there we go
yes it takes 15 seconds on average to mine each block a lot of different count
I can’t she’ll yeah days anyone wants to be
straightforward about their yeah that’s again okay and then this just like link
them to it if I wanted to share that yeah so yeah the button you just clicked
on so that just it copies the the unique item ID for your profile yeah so then so
what you could do is if you post that if you just pasted into the chat and then I
can then I’ll be able to find you yeah so at the moment we have this long
form like 32 byte item IDs I’ll be replacing that with a much shorter item
ID so I’m going to I’m gonna find you okay so I how I did it didn’t save the
fact that I put Candida in unless it was because I didn’t fill out the bio oh it it should have saved that but okay
interesting yeah it saves the bio but yeah it saves the bio but it doesn’t
save the type or the location that’s all maybe I mean I think I can I can change
my name with no problem hmm can you try an image I don’t know if you
have like an image available you would want to to choose I my default profile
upload alright let’s see if these work okay don’t work yeah
maybe yes you need the image or for it all it’s just a little quirk so if if it
doesn’t have the image then it’s it doesn’t display some other fields so
that’ll all get better ah so that’s another thing you also you
have to make sure that you you have the image okay yeah fair enough yeah yeah
it’s a bit of all right well it worked out it worked out all right okay so
should I um should I share is it worth switching if I share my screen yeah for
sure so
you’re able to see me now yep okay so yeah I’m just going to you’re
going to select my my primary account and then I will go back to you and if I
just unlock my account so the padlock turns green and then I will click on on
this little tick box so it’s kind of like on Twitter
except that everyone gets to yes I trust yeah yeah it’s like remember when you
originally explained it yes is very interesting to me how like the whole
network is built around the trust it accounts mm-hmm-hmm so um one thing that
doesn’t happen yet is so you should really be notified that I’ve done this
and then have the option to discover me but I think we don’t have that yet so
I’m just going to copy my the item ID for my profile and then I will paste it
in awe and then so if you go if you click on go to item here I’ll share my
screen again just so everyone has an idea yeah great perfect awesome and then I can add
you to my trusted networks like that then I I assume you will show up right
here yep awesome so you can see I have some feeds
in my profile you can see other people that I trust so if you want you can
expand your your trust network by maybe you want to trust some other
people so the way it works is by default if you’re looking at any Content feed
you only see content from people you either trust directly or you can see
content if you have some intermediate Airy person so you trust them and they
trust the person who published the content
okay so that can be a way to you know you see you can see content from beyond
who you trust directly and then if you discover someone that you liked and you
can trust them and then you will get access to the content from from people
they trust you know okay that’s cool so I think if you go to the like the mix
acuity feed if you if you click back and then so you can see yeah so just like
last night I published this one okay so yeah if you go up to oh you’re subscribe
to that one so if you click on home on the left hand side so this just gives
you everything that you’re subscribed to just in in chronological order so you
can either you can subscribe to feeds so a feed is where your feed has an owner
only the the owner of the feed can publish into the feed or you also have
you have tags so with the tag anyone can tag their content with with with any tag
and then you can subscribe to any tag okay alright that’s cool how do I like
look up tags for example two systems two sub – so at the moment on the page
you’re on so you see where it says on so these are tongues so maybe the one is
the feed and then on is the is the tags yeah yeah exactly
okay click on one of those tags and then well yeah well cause it’s not okay I
don’t know if it’s if it should be a topic or or tag it
kind of it’s kind of like a cross between like Twitter hashtags and on
reddit subreddits I haven’t quite um worked out exactly what it will feel
like but you can tag any piece of contents and then you can look at hash
the contents in a tag maybe you should have like a branded like a mix Opik or
mixed a or I don’t know something like I don’t know then I’m just like a
marketing standpoint I think exactly I mean with you know the way it works at
the moment with the tag so no one really owns the tag whereas you know if someone
can create the like a homepage for a tag and then you know then that kind of
gives them some ability to you know to control the the discussion so it kind of
feels like not completely decentralized in terms of like yeah like that specific
tag yeah but could you have tags with the same name or as a first come first
serve or how does that work so it’s at the moment it’s really like free tagging
so you can just you can tag any post with any you know and any collection of
characters it’s totally free form okay okay cool so that like there’s lots of
and then and then how would I how would i look for like a topic then like how
would i be able to search for an existing topic or is that is that
impossible or how does that work so it’s it’s not possible at the moment what you
have to do at the moment is you start with someone who you know for example
you just you added me to your your trusted accounts and then you can see my
feeds you can see who I trust you can see their feeds and so that that’s kind
of how you that’s how the content discovery process works at the moment yeah search is definitely something that
that we need and it’s very easy to implement centralized search on this
kind of platform you know it’s just a matter of having a back-end that’s
watching the blockchain and then just puts everything into a search engine
whereas what we really want is decentralized search but that’s that’s a
lot harder to do well yeah yeah fair enough I do like that there’s a browsing
history cuz it’s like sometimes like oh I forgot where I was or whatever and
then you can come back and you can see exactly yeah we’re looking at and yeah I
find that that’s really helpful mmm yeah the the download history it’s sometimes
a little bit buggy I need to improve it and also I’ve started you know because
I’m so used to having tabs in my web browser and now when when I’m in mix
acuity and I naturally want to make a new tab and then I don’t have that
functionality yet so I think I think that’s going to be important hmm
so it’ll kind of function like its own browser in a sense like is that what you
think the more polished version will kind of resemble like it wouldn’t be a
browser in the sense that you would be going on random websites but it would
kind of look and feel sort of like a browser I guess like that that’s the
best way to describe it yeah I mean I I think I mean I’m almost tempted to put
the word browser in in the in the wind yeah it makes accuity browser yeah yeah
because you know at least some people they understand what a browser is and
they understand that this is not a service like Facebook a browser is just
a means to you know connect to other content on the Internet
you know so it’s kind of a good work because people kind of they understand
in a sense that a browser is like a decentralized technology you know
because you can just you can decide where you want to go
mmm-hmm yeah cuz I mean as you said you’re not the CEO so it’s not like some
company it’s more like this is like the internet itself but it’s like own
version of it and then this is accessing that I feel like is a good way to our
good analogy so is there anything else like that like what what else can we do
like what do you what else can we go through and take a look at well you
should probably create some some contents if if you want to click on
publish item yeah and then just good it like publish well you could create a
feed first of all yeah why not I’ll just create a feed for my content I guess do
anything keep it simple do you need an image for it or is that just like it’s
it’s probably a good idea to put in an image okay I’m not going to worry too
much about this was throw a rain of damage and yep and one one one little
thing you missed when you when you’re tagging it yeah actually yeah so when
you click on edit at the moment you can just edit the the title in the
description but you can just you can change it so one one thing you can do in
the when you’re editing the description you can actually use mark markdown if
you’re familiar with that okay yeah so anyone who understands steam mm-hmm
should should have a good idea yeah yeah so you can create you know headings and
it’s Halleck and bold and that sort of thing all right yeah awesome yeah okay cool so
it’s kind of like your own little home page or slash like it’s a very editable
feed that you can kind of customize to your own to your to your heart’s content
really it seems like yeah that that’s awesome and I think it’s really good for
people from from the steam Network because it’ll be very familiar for them
because that’s this how I write all any article on on Steam mm-hmm yeah so even
if you like if you change the title you’ll see the the title just updates in
in front of you okay yeah and then when you yeah when you click publish so
you’re actually you’re adding a new revision through the content so that’s
you’ve already published it okay if you click on transaction history under
account yeah just down a little bit yeah so there you can see everything you do
is a non change transaction okay yeah so you know one of the big differences with
with make security compared to a lot of these other decentralized platforms is
that there really is no back-end it’s it’s completely decentralized whereas
almost every other platform they’re kind of they’re decentralized in some way or
not decentralized or they’re going through a process where they they intend
to make it fully decentralized eventually where that’s what everyone
tells me I mean some people don’t even some people don’t even say that right so
yeah so with with this it’s it’s completely decentralized from from the
beginning so I really I have no no editorial control whatsoever okay yeah
that’s definitely that’s definitely key cuz yeah like you said everyone’s always
promising that but it’s not built in how do we know that that’s really gonna
happen you know like yose again like I was griping about them earlier tribe the
people on their most successful social platform which I
isn’t really that successful but it is the most of out of the other es
applications the people on tribes said like over a year and a half ago to me
that they were eventually going to decentralize more cuz currently you
can’t even make a post without an approval and they said they were gonna
get away from and just keep decentralizing and nothing at all has
changed like you still have to get approved for every post and nothing has
changed in the slightest and I feel like if it’s not built into the technology
it’s it’s it’s a it’s a hope and a wish that they’re actually gonna implement
that and all these users have been using this for years now and and it might
never happen and then all of their time is going to be wasted whereas when you
start something out and it’s already built in like everyone can rest assured
that their time isn’t going to be wasted hoping that that will actually
eventually happened so that’s that’s really good to see yeah I mean it’s like
with Bitcoin you know they didn’t take they didn’t start with PayPal and then
kind of gradually turn it into Bitcoin you know with when Satoshi launched
Bitcoin he just he made it an independent application with with no
backend from from the beginning yeah so I think that’s the the approach you have
to take I think with with cos I heard there’s a new project called is it
called voice yeah it’s that’s usually their their big project I don’t know
that much about it yeah I did a review of all of their apps
and everyone kept saying stop hating on EOS voice will come out and it’ll like
redeem it and everything is like well we’ll see you know I mean apparently the
majority of the holders of Yeo’s are all in China and like who knows who knows
it’s that’s just a sketchy project in my opinion now like I I just I don’t worry
too much about us but almost every day I hear about another another decentralized
social media project it seems they’re you know it must be approaching like a
thousand projects just everybody is is trying to do this so I
think it’s I think it’s gonna be huge you know just everyone wants
decentralized social media yeah and I’ve been I’ve been like trying to review
every single platform I have a comprehensive review that I update every
like three to four months and right now I’ve probably got like 200 platforms in
there 99% of them are trashed like unusable almost or like yeah it’s just
99% of them are just awful and only a few of them are you know even worth
checking out and I’m sure I’ll end up including this one in the in the next
review as well because it’s good to get people aware of good actually
decentralized blockchain projects because you know everyone’s always
throwing around blockchain like but they don’t like D live is a perfect example
of a platform that is very popular but doesn’t actually use the blockchain and
it is benefiting off of the hype of blockchain but you know they’re they’re
basically using a point system and they pay people out through PayPal and they
say it’s a cryptocurrency and it’s like well you know yeah I mean even in in the
Bitcoin SV community they’re making all these decentralized social media
applications you know it seems that there’s actually quite a lot of traction
there but the big I’ve only seen yours in in the per Bitcoin SV I mean I think
with yours it’s they’re not really putting the content on the blockchain
that’s just the the payments and that kind of thing but there’s I forgotten
the name of it so that yeah there’s there’s a new social media platform on
Bitcoin sv and they’re literally everything you published including
entire images is being stored directly on the blockchain which MGP yeah and you
know I’m just thinking well this you know this can’t be you know world
scalable yeah so the difference with with what
I’m doing so this project is it’s it’s based on a clone of aetherium so the
reason the transactions are so cheap is because this is the the only project on
this blockchain and also I’m I’m storing ipfs hashes so when whenever you publish
an image the the hash of the image is stored on the blockchain and then the
browser it just it gets the hash from the blockchain and then it talks to ipfs
and that’s where it retrieves the the image and you know the the content
you’ve typed in and that kind of thing so I I think that’s that’s kind of the
best combination of you know using IP FS and unblocked chain together yeah yeah
no absolutely because I mean it seems to be going pretty fast when like from what
we’ve been doing so yeah I mean definitely absolutely a great solution
yeah you’re actually you’re looking at the pending block so even before the
transaction gets mind you’re able to see what it looks like you know so in theory
there could be some like block reorganisation and maybe what you’re
looking at will change but you know in practice you know this is most of these
transactions they’re not financial transactions they’re their content
transactions so the you know people are not necessarily incentivized to you know
perform a double spend you know so maybe they want to they want their posts to
say one thing and then a few minutes later they wanted to change to say
something else you know the the value proposition of a double spend is not so
big you know it’s not like you’re you’re buying something yeah yeah exactly or
like for example like with PIPA super expensive gas fees so it’s like if
you’re gonna edit something you are you’re paying for it you know same with
like sent or there’s a bunch of flying ones that I’ve reviewed where it’s just
so grossly expensive that there’s just no possibility that anyone’s gonna be
like hey like why don’t I go use this platform markets
and all my money just to use it for like one day you know so uh on the page
you’re looking at at the moment so with the fee that you’re looking at that’s in
mix so one mix it’s currently trading at point one u.s. cent and then that fee is
is denominated in mix so you can see how like utterly minuscule the fee is to you
know to update your item or whatever yeah yeah no it’s negligible and I’m
sure it’s it’s much more attractive for people who want an actually block
chaining a graded platform because cuz there’s a lot of platforms that aren’t
and they don’t cost anything but they barely use the blockchain it’s like just
for the crypto aspect like like mines I love mines but the only thing that
mines does with the blockchain is it has a crypto token that you can use for
boosting but aside from that it doesn’t really do a lot with the blockchain so
so it’s good to see like even if there’s a tiny tiny tiny fee attached it’s
better to have actual integration with the blockchain versus like a very very
miniscule amount just to be able to claim that it uses the blockchain to
some degree you know hmm do you want to try putting a piece of content into your
your feed oh yeah yeah so if you go to publish image and then you can see
there’s the feed drop-down so yeah you should be able you can select with the
feed at the moment you can only encode your content in one feed but actually I
need to improve that so you can you know if you have multiple feeds you should be
able to publish the same content so it’s a multiple yes multi Gnaeus Lee so then
so there’s oh I could type in your name in mint yeah so there’s there’s one
little glitch so you see under topics you typed in blockchain but you didn’t
press Enter so you have to provider otherwise yes
doesn’t count fair enough that seems to be a common
little mistake host image of our interview I can find
it nice okay
great cool okay okay so maybe if we switch to if we switch to my screen oh
look I even got a notification from the men today yeah yeah switch thing because
that’s pretty cool yeah I think we missed it for the recording but I can
yeah but okay so what we’ll do is okay okay can you see my screen now yep all
right so if I find you again so where where did the notification pop up like
where would that normally happen so it uses the it’s it’s kind of like in a in
a web browser so you have this notifications API so it just on it
actually uses the it’s an operating system notification so it depends
whether you’re on Windows Mac or Linux but for me it just appeared in in the
corner okay so I’m going to go to your feed and there is your first post oh so
what I can do actually so there’s a mochi reaction so I can you know I can
just give you some reactions like this awesome
okay so that reminds me of like discord where you can have different ones all in
one yeah yeah exactly and I will I will post a comment like this can you can you mention people
and comments as well not yet okay fair enough there’s there’s so much
low-hanging fruit that I need to add the DUI
yeah you don’t know for sure but yeah I just saw it pop up on my screen
oh cool so that’s yeah maybe if if we switch back to your screen let me just
enjoy a mention yeah okay yeah okay so let’s do test
mention I don’t know how this will look like on on Windows okay so you’re in my mentions I’m gonna
press publish and then it’s the transaction it does have to be mined
before you get dimension so at the moment for me it says published just now
and then once it gets mine then it will it’ll give me the timestamp okay
did you get did you get a notification no unfortunately okay okay yeah maybe
that needs a little bit of work but what we can do is so you can actually you can
oh yes so you you did you give me some emoji reactions to my my pose yes so
maybe if you can you give me a reply to that comment oh I see that yeah you
yeah in theory it shouldn’t even be necessary to wait for the the
transaction to be mined before the other person sees it
I can I can make that better but yeah I just got your your post so you said nice
exclamation mark and then I’ll just do another reply and I’ll give you some
they give you an emoji reaction so that should pop up in just a second on on
your screen yep yep there it is okay cool so that’s yeah so that’s working
you can see how there’s the the threaded comments so the the comment hierarchy
this is actually stored in a in a smart contract so every you know every item is
just as another item ID and so it’s I mean the the technical term it’s called
like a directed acyclic graph so it just means every Content item can have
children so they will it’ll point to other other items so for the purpose of
a comment hierarchy that just that just gives you the whole tree of of comments
okay yeah no that’s it’s awesome so how do I go about creating a token cool so presumably this is where I want to be
yeah let me just yeah that’s exactly right okay so you can you
can just enter whatever information you want
so yeah the symbol would be that something like that if you love my work bye – and then for
the initial balance how how would that work like is there uh is there like a
better general balance to start off with or is it kind of just based on how you
would want it to how you’d want it to be by like like if I started it off with
one and then I only took one a day as the payout for example that I’m assuming
if people bought into it then it would be worth more versus if I just started
about a million and and I paid it out a million a day for example like like just
do it just to quickly explain for like some of the people watching as to as to
why they might not want to just start themselves off with millions and
millions yeah I mean if people are going to have confidence in your token on its
ability to have value then maybe you don’t want to just allocate yourself
some you know millions of tokens at the beginning on the other hand if you know
like for example you’ve been you’ve been making these videos for for quite some
time now so you know maybe if you wanted to create a token to monetize this
content you might think well I’ve been you know I’ve already been doing this
for you know X number of days so maybe I want to you know I want you you might
want to give yourself the tokens kind of backdated you know at the beginning of
when you started doing this okay also it might be if you’re if you if you’re
intending to raise money for something specific so let’s say you know you’re
producing like a new album or something and then you already have a fanbase and
you created token for the album and then you’re saying you’re saying to your fans
I need to raise money to record this album and then you you might
pre-allocate enough tokens for yourself to do like a pre-sale or some
thing like that but of course do this at the moment it’s very simple because you
only have two options you’ve got initial balance and daily payout but it could be
you know you could do something a lot more sophisticated in terms of running a
crowd sale or something like that mm-hmm yeah absolutely so I guess I’ll just
start off with like 110 skia simple I guess yeah I’ll just use the same
picture as oh if if it didn’t I don’t know I don’t
know if it was the image or if it was oh there we go
it was just a little bit of a delay there okay awesome
okay okay yes so you have you have an address for your your token so this is
it’s effectively an ER C 20 token running on the mix blockchain instead of
the the etherion blockchain so this actually well maybe it took so long
because when you clicked create it actually did three different things so
it created the item it which is just the content you’re looking at it created
created the token smart contract and then it also created a decentralized
exchange for the token as well and then I can see here you’re able to edit the
description and the the name okay yeah yeah all of that all of the like content
editing and creating revisions there’s a lot more I can add to the D UI so yeah
for the time being you can just edit the title in the description okay but if so
if you scroll down so obviously we’ve got the name you have the date it
started so you’re the owner so as the owner you are getting you’re
the one that receives the daily payout so you can see you have the the total
supply and then you can see it’s slightly more than 100 that’s because
the daily payout you it’s already started paying you so if you actually if
you click on the back button and then click on the forward button you’ll see
higher yeah so you’re actually doing pay yeah continually okay cool and so then
you’ve got a few different tabs so you’ve got sand so you can send it to
someone else so maybe do you want to join I try sending it to me
yeah can I use your name or do I have to use your I have to I have to send you my
my wallet address unfortunately okay that’ll get better but okay so this is
my my wallet address nice and you know confirm yeah and then if you can do one
other thing for me so if you scroll up to the top of the page and then the
little icon beside business that one yeah
just click on that one and then paste that went into the chat for me
absolutely oh yeah you just pasted it ready so Mia
add/remove ah so so actually yeah you should definitely click yeah click Add
so this is actually it actually puts it on the blockchain that yeah so there you
have it that puts it into into your profile so then if I go to yours well I
see mm-hmm-hmm I guess it’ll show up well let me okay
let me share my screen oh but this is the address that I sent to right yeah
yeah okay so yeah so I could just go to your account to get the address and then
send it to you rather than like needing you to send it to me
yeah example okay okay can you see my screen here let me stop sharing okay I can’t see your screen no okay I
think I just need to press that button again so working oh yeah there we go
yep okay okay so yeah so because you clicked adds so it’s that token is on
your profile so actually I can just click on that token and it will say that
I have won because yeah you you sent me one yep and and I will click add up here
so that will put it on my profile as well and that’s but that’s how it lists
on your profile okay yeah yeah so well unfortunately it’s not listing that the
transaction should be listed under transactions I don’t know if that
appeared on on your page yeah when I go to a transaction history it says that I
sent it oh it doesn’t say it doesn’t say to who but it does say that I did send
it yeah okay well that’ll all get better yeah no I’m sorry
so if I go back to holders so here we can see yeah so we are the two holders
of this token so I’m actually I’m going to be making some some changes through
so how this works so the the idea is that the fans are you know they’re
incentivized to buy your token so that they can appear on this list you know so
through the use of the user interface it it gamma Phi’s the purchasing of tokens
so you know fans can prove kind of how big a fan they are based on how many
tokens they have but what what I realized in the past couple of weeks is
that this can actually be much better so I’m gonna add another option where you
can actually once you’ve purchased tokens you can then burn them
so when you burn a token so you destroy the token but the record of you burning
it is that that’s preserved forever on the blockchain so this is kind of this
is kind of an even greater demonstration of your like your your loyalty to the
brand that you’re supporting so you’re not only buying the token but you’re
burning it so that means that you never have the option to sell it and and this
actually this is really good for the content creator because once it’s burned
then you know and because you can’t sell it so that there’s never going to be
that downward pressure on the price because you don’t have the ability to
sell it so this keeps though the the trading value of the token higher so you
can imagine how you know so with this holders tab so it might be replaced with
something like you know top burners or something and you would be able to see
who has burned the most of this token all time or in the past month in the
past week in the past day and I think this is a good way first of all as a
metric of popularity like which you know which brands are like the most you know
this is a civil resistance measure of popularity and also it should be a way
for for content creators to generate revenue so the you know if if their
token is being traded at a high value then the you know the token that they’re
getting paid every day that’s that’s revenue for for the content creator so
that’s that’s kind of the big idea for for how that would work okay
ya know that’s really interesting I I think that once this kind of builds out
and there’s a lot more people using this I think I think having the ability to
make your own tokens and and and gamify it is so so important and I think there
isn’t really anyone else doing this I mean I was approached by
foresting which just launched but uh and they wanted to like do something similar
through their star bit creator program but uh it I didn’t even like the
application I mean and it’s mostly like not English users so I mean it wasn’t
really super relevant to me but um and it wasn’t very decentralized
either so I mean that’s just kind of a toss away but ya know I I think it’s I
think it’s it barely anyone’s doing this so I think it’s really really relevant
it really really interesting to see how this might end up being used by
different influencers and the amount of like opportunities that it could create
I think it’d be really really interesting to see what what comes of
this like things that we might not even imagine people end up doing to prove
their loyalty or what-have-you like I think it’ll be really interesting do you
want to try the unit swap decentralized exchange yeah yeah absolutely so what
you can do is if well let me yeah if you maybe if you share your screen again and
if if you can go to to my profile and scroll down so maybe go to the the top
token the the acuity token so you can see so I’m the owner of this token and I
get paid acuity every day so this is the this is the the token for this for this
browser to try to generate revenue from from this piece of software so what you
could do is if you go if you click on the unit swap tab
so you can see I think that says he said 10,000 over a hundred thousands mix is
yeah and a decentralized exchange so the way unit swap works is that the unit
swap smart contract it stores a balanced both of the base currency which is mix
and it stores the quantity of the the token in this case the acuity token and
then the the price is determined by the the ratio of these two these two
balances so you could try can try you could try to convert some mix into some
acuity token so you see the the third column so yeah in there so I’m not sure
how much mix you have left but maybe try like probably not a lot so I’ll just do
like 0.5 or yeah you could try that and let’s see if this works
yes so already you see where it says your balance up into the left so so you
actually you just purchased some of the acuity token in this unit swap
decentralized exchange now the now the whole UI is that shows my my mix or is
that just not there yet if you your current mix balance yes if you click on
wallet on the left hand side ok yeah so so you can see that line there the red
line and that’s you just paid and you you just purchased some some acuity
token so that that hold the whole user interface for the token so that needs to
be obviously this needs to be improved a lot but you can see how you know it’s
like a slot machine so you can just convert your mix into into the token and
then you know there will be another button so then you can you can burn it
as well okay cool yeah now that’s uh that’s
pretty awesome is there anything else you wanted to uh
to take a look at I feel like we covered I mean I mean I I really don’t know but
I feel like we probably covered a lot of the basics and got our got our basics
down here yeah I mean I think we’ve covered most of it
I don’t know if you want to I don’t know if it’s worth trying to mine any
cryptocurrency in this demo you could always give it a shot so it’s currently
downloading eath minor your as soon as this download is complete your virus
software mime yeah a might guide might move it so yeah maybe maybe that’s a
foreigner but but you know that’s cool that you can do mining within this as
well yeah yeah yeah I mean yeah I think we’ve covered most of the the bases
maybe try clicking on the interactions tab and see if there’s anything in there
yeah so that’s when I mentioned you earlier oh okay yeah okay there’s just my feeds and such all right
yeah and then I could also mention if you go
to if you go to my profile so just yeah I click on my name over there yep and if
you scroll down so obviously you can see who I trust there’s nothing under
trusted that trust so that kind of this like that shows the the intermediate
Aires between us in the in the trust networks so if I went like yeah yeah all
right and then you even you have the visibility override so the the trust
network is completely on chain but you can also you can override it off chain
so the visibility override that’s just that’s just stored locally on your
computer it’s not on the blockchain so you can force that a particular user are
always white listed or always blacklisted regardless of you know of
where they are in the trust network so maybe maybe there’s someone who you want
to you don’t want to see their content at all but a lot of people in your trust
map network they trust that person so it just allows you to kind of you know
override the people that you trust and say yeah I trust everyone that you trust
except except that guy don’t blacklist that guy yeah and then with whitelist
it means you can well it kind of means that you’re you can get content from
someone but you’re not nobody knows that so you’re kind of it’s like you’re
following someone anonymously you know so like even if I wasn’t trusting you
but I had whitelist I could still see your content yeah yeah okay okay yeah
cuz yeah people get under fire for who they follow or they don’t follow and
it’s like it’s better if you can just kind of control that all on your own
yeah no yeah sure and so when like when you’re trusting people you’re kind of
your Kure a list of people for the people that
trust you so if you know if you if you start becoming a unreliable and like
trusting a lot of low quality accounts then people the people who trust you
they might see this and then they decide to to untrust you because you’re you
know you’re not so good at trusting other people so you it’s kind of as if
people are doing like follow for follow but like trust for trust then you might
be like yeah well you’re just gonna have a bunch of spam accounts attached to
your accounts so I’m not going to to trust you anymore but I’ll still
whitelist you because I still like your stuff but I don’t want to trust the
people the own trust yeah okay yeah and then with like with the feeds so that’s
actually that’s separate so you can create any number of feeds so as a user
you trust accounts but then you follow feeds so there’s there’s kind of that
distinction so if okay you know so you might you might create a whole bunch of
feeds to talk about you know your various interests but then if someone
okay they trust you but then maybe they only care about a subset of your
interests so they can you know they can follow the feeds that they might be
interested in but then you know if you you’re you know if you’re interested in
some like obscure topic that you know someone else isn’t interested in then
they can just they don’t have to follow that feed yeah like I just want to see
his baseball card collection not you know crypto or I just want to see crypto
and not the baseball card stuff and ya know that’s really interesting cuz yeah
then then you don’t have to be like ah do I want to follow this person no yeah
I mean you could just follow what you want to see yeah no that’s that’s cool
mm-hmm yeah but I think that covers yeah that covers most of the functionality
okay there’s so so many things that I I want
to add to it but it’s it’s it’s it’s getting there yeah no absolutely I’m
sure you’ve probably just got like a ridiculous amount of things you got to
work on but anyone who is watching though let us know what you want to see
first or like what is the biggest thing that you would like to see come to mix
acuity because this guy is updating it pretty often you know the last update
was last night so you know he’s working yeah all right well I think I think that
pretty much covers everything then I guess we can call it because it’s it’s a
little past midnight here and I’m getting a little feeling feeling the the
tire a little bit but ya know this was really good I think I think this will
definitely get people a great idea as to what they can expect and in how they can
start getting on here and testing things out and hopefully breaking things in a
good way that can help you improve rather than just breaking things to
break them but ya know I think this is really good I feel like that really
helped me get a better grasp on it so then if any of my followers need help or
or whatever it might be then that I could probably lend them lend them a
hand and doing the same thing as well so so yeah I think that’s really cool and I
think people will really gravitate towards the the ability to being able to
create your own tokens I think that’s a really attractive part of mix acuity
right now mm-hmm yeah thanks very much for for testing
out the app it’s it’s it’s really invaluable for me to see other people
use it and then you know understand what what needs to be developed
yeah yeah absolutely yeah and yeah I’ll let you know I’ll be playing around with
it and I’ll let you know if there’s anything that well I mean if there’s a
bug and or if there’s any like things that I think would be cool to have I’m
sure you’ve probably got a ridiculously long list but doesn’t hurt to get
feedback so I’m sure you’ll find some more bugs yeah for some reason like
anywhere I go that’s where the bugs show up but it’s good for helping people
figure out what’s what’s up but but ya know I think I think this is a it’s good
because I’ll I’ll put in a few of my initial struggles for for people to be
aware of so that they don’t do the exact same thing that I did but I don’t think
many people are gonna download it install it create an account
and uninstall it but who knows right like it got a make room for everything but ya
know thanks again for for walking us through this and yeah this was really
great so yeah I’ll uh I’ll I’ll chop this up and probably get this sometime
soon great so yeah thanks

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