[VR Chat] "Our" Communist Kanna *we did it for views*

I think spicy what a die yeah your immersion right now sweetie how you doing you don't sound too well I think I think I killed it this is why I'm still single Russ be right yeah sorry guys really just not feeling the answer on this one this music just doesn't seem to fit but he'll feel the video ha so you guys popular wondering hey we're sorry where is my lolli content why are you doing is a first rapping and looting why is there no Hollies I've been busy Yuki I've been I've been converting the world's up your chat hmm even probably wondering what I've been doing to uh quote unquote convert people um dancer that that's just just let me roll the pitch hey mom I like a perfect communist your eyes are in perfect for communism ego communist join me Conrad let's go do not take over biatch ah only communist Zoe stop breaking yourself I'll step on your toes hmm [Applause] we're preemie can you what is that gonna do to toothpick no no you can have your stupid a capitalist country wow I feel rich Mike this is for you dancing absentee Claudie did you drop this you look like a communist license yours one eternity later me it's like it's heavy man you look like a communist robot come here is that happy you own a communist well now you can but the healthier me we need a communist signs and like you please join us no you just we just need a communist under that's all well be really good now war effort you've you retired please tux rentals are the terms of Tony please spin down and accept this hat as a symbol of concern to doing our Communist Party I would like to hear why I should join first cookie I can go anywhere else [Applause] three hours later I think spice is dying in the core somewhere and listen the real reason is not cuz Afonso it's not because you have cookies it's not cuz he yeah that's it's because sighs man Pat's we also have really really really convincing traps that will also be a part of our party what do you think comrade are you gonna join us no Janet please don't don't miss this opportunity communist parties await is here and I have to appreciate the Oh No in Russia we don't yeah

  1. Союз нерушимый республик свободных
    Сплотила навеки Великая Русь.
    Да здравствует созданный волей народов
    Единый, могучий Советский Союз!

    Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
    Дружбы народов надёжный оплот!
    Партия Ленина – сила народная
    Нас к торжеству коммунизма ведёт!

  2. Still confused cause of you share everything sence you are a communist do you have to share literally every the condoms and such as well?

  3. Speaking of communism, an ad popped up in the middle of the vid talking about a communist china government owned airport

  4. Trapman have not enough COMMUNISM in him he needs our help to convince people to join the COMMUNIST PARTY

    Few seconds later……

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