Voting Is IMPORTANT for the Deaf Community

Why should you VOTE? Why do we vote? Why is it important? I vote… Can you explain why is it important to vote? …because my voice MATTERS! Community organizations like ADWAS get funding from the state. When you vote it helps us to continue to get funding and serve our community. Vote for the person you want for governor, congress, city council, mayor, and so forth. We can decide the best person to represent us. We can find a person who shares our beliefs. Not only president or governor, but local and statewide issues like taxes, infrastructure, services, and programs. Vote for different issues, such as more money for schools, fixing the roads, improving public transportation, and many more. Voting supports our community through accessibility, education, health, and many more! Vote for people who will support us and our community! Vote for the candidates you believe in. Do you want to vote? The deadline is November 5th. Pretty soon! So go VOTE! You should go VOTE! So you can make our community better for all of us. C’mon, let’s VOOOOOTE!

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